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Here are my thought and some articles I had read and found interesting on weight in animation. What it means is that if you push on the ground or the wall, the wall or ground pushes on you with an equal and opposite force.
On the subject of balance, here’s an interesting site about physic in animation by Alejandro Garcia.
In the same vein, here is a little montage of two tutorials I found to relate well to each others.
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Because as soon as we have good slow-out, slow-in and overlapping action for instance, there is necessarily weight.

Then Richard Williams have some interesting pages on weight and pressure (as touching a desk, pressing on a desk) in his Animator’s Survival Kit at page 262-263. Therefore, if an object weights one hundred kilo and that your character would like to make it moves. In the tutorial section I suggest you to check the Physic of Balance tutorial at page fifteen where's talking on the relationship between the Centre of Gravity and Weight.
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But for the purpose of this article, lets first take a look at a compilation of different animations I found and where all the points mentioned below are obvious. Then the pose of the character will need to represent the application of an opposite force greater than the friction force exert on the ground by the one hundred kilos object (which is pretty big).

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