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A Discourse of God's being the Author of Reconciliation (1680) "The time of his coming was fixed in Jacob's prophecy about the time of the fall of the Jewish government, Gen. Julian Against the Galileans (363) ""Why is it, I repeat, that after deserting us you do not accept the law of the Jews or abide by the sayings of Moses?
Ambrose (To Theodosius) "Has your Majesty never heard that when Julian commanded the temple at Jerusalem to be restored, they who cleared away the rubbish were destroyed by fire from heaven?

Josephus makes no mention of the setting up of an idol in the Temple, which Hippolytus here relates as the act of a Roman commander named Trajanus.
But he mentions a Trajanus as being prefect of the tenth legion at the time when Jotapata was besieged (B.
Eberle and Martin Trench present a clear understanding of Matthew 24 and other key passages about the events to precede the return of Jesus Christ.

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