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Mythology Entertainment kondigde gister aan het boek A Serial Killer in Nazi Berlin: The Chilling True Story of the S-Bahn Murderer te gaan verfilmen, zo meldt Variety.
Het verhaal focust zich op een detective die hartje Derde Rijk zoekt naar een moordenaar die zich zijn pijlen op vrouwen richt. A guest at the party somehow brought a gun (with bulky light attachments) along, despite wearing a tight-fitting shirt, tailored pants and having no place to conceal a weapon. The press kit lists a theatrical trailer, but one wasn’t present on the review copy I received. Harrier & Zinnerwell (Late of the Pier) return with another night of musical experimentation.
Whilst Broadway as the host venue and Harrier & Zinnerwell as the event creators will endeavour to ensure that the auditorium and event is as safe as possible and will take all measures they can to ensure safety, there is always a possibility that an accident could occur in a completely darkened space. Dit Nazi-lid stond in de ogen van de buren bekend als een man die veel tijd met zijn vrouw en kinderen doorbracht.
Ook is er nog geen regisseur of acteur aan het project gekoppeld, maar duidelijk is wel dat Jon Silk zal produceren.

Thankfully, more fearsome foes shamble along later, though unfortunately they’re also a combination of half-priced Halloween costumes and CG rendered using technology from 1993. But The Blackout isn’t even within miles of the quality of that film, dramatically or otherwise, and never finds anything worthwhile, coherant or entertaining for its characters to say or do. Parents send their child alone to explore a dingy, darkened basement to retrieve their Christmas present(!).
It’s suddenly just there in his hand, pulled from non-existence as if a magic pencil-wielding hand descended from the sky to draw it in like a Daffy Duck cartoon.
The only real compliment I can pay the film is that the production budget that wasn’t used to hire actors or competent effects was clearly pooled towards a decent camera, as it looks sharp at all times. An apartment building high rise is home to a lively party of young dysfunctional go-getters, while down the hall the Pierce family are settling down to dinner. Things take a downward spiral from there as we’re subjected to bickering stock characters borrowed from a Z-grade daytime soap opera played by actors who just flunked their first semester of drama school. Monsters somehow emit an elecromagnetic field which kills the city’s power, but only causes flashlights to flicker dramatically.

There are no other bonus features, but the film itself is only 75 minutes long with credits; not having to suffer more of this dreck is the best bonus you could ever hope for. Blackout gigs take place in total darkness allowing you to focus on every subtlety of sound around you.
Ook zijn producenten van David Finchers ijzige thriller Zodiac betrokken, wat goede hoopt geeft voor een lekker grimmig moordmysterie. Festivities are cut short, however, when tremors and quakes begin to rock the city and the power soon flickers out. Populated with indistinguishable, personality-free characters, inept writing, horrendous acting and terrible effects which muddy any monster action to the point of indecipherable boredom, it’s a film best left to live unseen on the 4am schedule of bad cable TV.
The darkness brings with it a battle for survival as a species of bloodthirsty, subterranean nasties burrow up through the earth and pop out in the basement.

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