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Frustration and exhaustion were common sentiments among those still in the cold without power, days after a strong ice storm hit the GTA. It didna€™t feel like Christmas as Vic Baniuk and his wife, Gisela, woke up shivering Wednesday morning. Normally, their children come down from Barrie to mark the holiday with a big family dinner, but with the lack of heat paralyzing activity in the house a€” Baniuk said his toothpaste is frozen and his joints have tightened up a€” the plan for Christmas supper this year was a can of chicken soup, boiled over a gas camping stove. The Baniuks are among thousands of people in Toronto that are still in the dark after a violent ice storm ravaged the area Saturday night. As power trickles back into blacked-out neighbourhoods, some of those left without electricity are frustrated it hasna€™t returned.
Baniuk added that he hasna€™t seen any Toronto Hydro trucks in his neighbourhood, and that hea€™s had trouble getting in touch with anybody with the municipal government.
Chris Walder echoed Baniuk, describing how he and his parents seem stranded on their frozen street in Scarborough, near Orton Park and Lawrence Ave.
On Christmas Eve, she said she and her husband Mike went to stay in a hotel on Christmas Eve. On top of the interrupted festivities, Bolman said she was annoyed to discover weeks could pass before the trees are removed from her property. For Baniuk and his wife, not to mention many others left in the cold and dark, the ultimate relief would be to spend the holiday with family in their own warm home. A new report shows last year, about 3,500 power outages impacted more than 14 million people. The offices of New York, at Varick and Canal Streets, sit right on the border of Zone A and Zone B, in a corner of downtown where the lines on the evacuation map synced uncannily with the boundary between wet and dry last Monday night. An improvised newsroom was soon up and running, with 32 editors, photo editors, designers, and production specialists squeezed around a conference-room table, down the length of which snaked a tangle of power strips, extension cords, and chargers resembling similar arrays sprouting across the city.
While the freezing rain is forecast to taper later this morning, increasing winds could cause further outages as ice covered trees and power lines are put under additional stress.
The storm peaked late Saturday leading into the overnight period, during which time a thick layer of ice has formed on all manner of surfaces across the city.
No matter what the weather is, you can always count on Toronto Hydro's electric system to fail! Mark's comment demonstrates how little people think things through before opening their yaw.
There's something called climate change too; extreme events have far more oomph than what systems, including humans, have been so far been able to react to, apart from just making it worse. At least it gave Derek something to write that didn't involve him jerking off over Rob Ford.
When you are dealing with the GTA with millions of people all in a small area effected and trying to get around it is a bit different than North Bay getting a big storm and having a 1000 people effected. Try driving on the highways here with millions of people trying to get around at rush hour with a crazy ice storm. The non-troll way to say what Mark was trying to say would be to be grateful that the city is slowly upgrading its infrastructure to put power lines in older neighbourhoods underground.

Unsurprisingly Ford uses one of the few powers council couldn't take away from him (the power to declare a state of emergency) in a totally selfish way. During the recent ice storm (December 21-23, 2013) a large branch from a city of Toronto tree fell l off and fell onti a feeder line and in turn torn the stand pipe from my house cutting power to my home.
I am sure there are many decent and ethical electrical contractors doing quality ice storm damage related work in the gta. This year the couple shivered by candlelight in their Toronto home, which has been without power for four days. People told the Star Wednesday that theya€™re tired of battling the relentless cold by huddling at warming centres set up by the city, shacking up at local hotels or spending hours on end in restaurants to savour the heat.
He said hea€™s seen no sign of hydro workers, and all his neighbours have left for warmer pastures. The next morning, she hopefully returned home, and was distressed to discover her house still frigid and dark.
You come back to make sure everything is OK, and you basically go someplace where you can eat and stay warm.
She called the city and was told that, since her trees are privately owned, she would have to hire an arborist to deem them unsafe or unsound, then file an application with the city to green light their removal. Tayaba Jafri sat with her cousins and mother in the lobby of the downtown Sheraton Centre Hotel on Wednesday. E., Ed Pottinger decided to open shop to fry up some special Caribbean-style jerk turkey and other delights.
Instead, after Christmas dinner, Baniuk said he planned to hunker down by the fireplace, and try to get some sleep.
That location also put our building in the part of the city that would spend the rest of the week without electricity, an eventuality that the magazine proved unprepared for, especially when Sandy severely complicated access to our backup servers in New Jersey. Toronto hydro estimates up to a 72 hour wait for those currently without service, while the TTC has yet to determine when streetcars will once again return to the streets. Toronto Hydro has not pinpointed areas that have been hardest hit, saying instead that outages are distributed across the city. Yes , I'm sure you guys up in badassville don't give a shit about downed power lines, trees falling on cars or power outages at all. But when I want to prune away and remove dangerous branches, it suddenly becomes the city's tree and it seems I have to jump through rings of fire in order to get someone from the city works department to do the prunning and cutting!
However there seems to be a few roaming our streets who would not hesitate to take advantage of home owners who are desperate . Our line came down, no power, you have not internet, TV or radio to find out what you need to know.
She booked a room there for her family when her mother, who suffers from heart trouble and undergoes three dialysis treatments per week, lost power at her Pickering home during the storm. Here's how you can be fully prepared.? RTV6 News brings you the best breaking news coverage in Indiana.
The first order of business Tuesday morning was locating staffers, several of whom had woken up in what were now cell-phone and e-mail dead zones.

Staffers spent them scrambling to secure writers and photographers as well as exchanging personal e-mail addresses to make it possible to transfer files (our servers were still down), arranging car pools, finding rooms at three different hotels for colleagues from darkened neighborhoods, and draining our hosts of coffee and soda. Widespread delays and cancellations have also been reported at Pearson International, and travellers are advised to check all departures before heading to the airport. They have yet to update their outage map, which currently reports only modest blackouts across the city.
If a tree fell on dereck flacks car last night I'm pretty sure he would say its rob fords fault.
We are paying their salaries with our tax money and I do not see that as a money well spent. A storm like this is usually cleared up in hours in places like Montreal, Chicago and even Atlanta and Dallas. We went to a coffee place to watch numerous news updates on CP24 , but at no time when officials were sitting down and congratulating their colleagues on their efforts, did I hear anyone say, " if you don't hire an approved licensed contractor, through the ESA, Hydro will not restore power.
Saturdaya€™s storm knocked out power to her home and knocked down four elm trees in her front yard, scattering debris across the snowy lawn. That afternoon, a group of editors met in midtown in space loaned by Wasserstein & Co., the firm that owns New York Media, to begin plotting our coverage of the storm and to deal with an even more urgent question: Who would volunteer to go down to One Hudson Square bright and early Wednesday morning to retrieve the computers?
The easiest part of a harried three days came Friday around noon, when we met to settle on the cover. I am very fortunate that my house in Etobicoke was safe all night throughout this Ice Storm. As long as the project would come to be one day and eventually pay itself off thru its benefits. A photograph taken by Iwan Baan on Wednesday night, showing the Island of Manhattan, half aglow and half in dark, was the clear choice, for the way it fit with the bigger story we have tried to tell here about a powerful city rendered powerless. With your ford brothers, terrible "pro" hockey and basketball teams, streetcars and hipsters! Why dont you look into how many times we've been through severe weather like this and how much the damage costs are estimated at. I am mad because I shower in cold water, I am dragging my children around for two days already while my food is rotting in my fridge and my fish are dying in my tank. We crammed back into the conference room, raced to finish our pages, and hoped, like other New Yorkers, that everyone would find the lights on when they got home.
All the while I ma passing malls and Cineplex and building showered in full splendor of Christmas lights. So, can I please have the same representative taking care of my building that is taking care od Cineplex? And for my tax payers money, all I want is to feel equally well treated, at least for Christmas!

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