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CLICK THE COVER to visit the book’s Amazon page.ZONDERVAN is jumping into the new world of comic books with a dramatic splash! Comics Are Booming: Read our other story today that explains why comics are booming worldwide. In April 2010, when I received this new translation of the Book of Revelation in the mail, I was immediately fascinated with the possibilities. CHRIS: He would give me his script for a chapter of Revelation and we would then call and email back and forth, discussing the final concepts for the panels I would have to sketch. MATT: The sketches were really just to make sure we were looking at each scene from the same viewpoint before we finished each panel. CHRIS: Once each sketch was approved and locked down, I would work with models and props and produce the photos I would need to create the final artwork for that panel. DAVID: It is a tribute to both of you that the book carries a strong emotional message from start to finish. 100 Questions and Answers About African Americansby Michigan State University Journalism Students100 Questions and Answers About African Americans” is part of the Michigan State University School of Journalism series on cultural competence. Subscribe to our mailing list and get free email notifications when new posts are published.
The Book of Revelation consists of probably the most horrifying, wonderful, shocking, and positive paragraphs in all of Scripture. With much more than 2 hundred illustrations in every, Parts I, II and III may include the great scope of this .
A chance to send premium Revelation art sections to friends by way of Twitter, Facebook and email is a vital feature of this application.
The iPad has proven itself a game-changing medium in many ways, not the least of which is in being a medium that Christians can use to share the good news of Jesus Christ. To be honest, at first, the idea seemed (to me) laughable because of its ambitious scope and complexity, and then the prospect simply became paralyzing.
There has been no shortage of things I’ve enjoyed in the app so far, but let me point out a few favourites. I can’t deny that I was slightly surprised and even a little disappointed at your treatment of the Nicolaitans.
Let me start off by saying that each step of the way throughout illustrating the book is very much thought-through and heavily discussed among myself, Matt Dorff, and Mark Arey. I might also add that some of the images were actually more explicit in their initial state, and we did exercise discernment in what to show or not show, what to suggest, doing our best to thoughtfully consider our more sensitive readers, while not shying away from what the text seems to be getting at. What are some of the ways that working on this app has been important in your spiritual walk? So in these ways, through basically a very prolonged meditation on this Scripture text, I see and feel the Word confronting my own faith (or lack of faith) in God and in the testimony of Jesus, who is the both the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the Lamb Who was slain. But the Israelites knew that the Egyptian and Canaanite cultures believed that to get what you want in life, you have to learn how to manipulate “other gods.” These “other gods” were associated by an object that represented them.
To be perfectly honest, I really don’t like having to visually represent Jesus Christ or the invisible God! Jesus Christ was a hard-working Jewish carpenter who totally loved kids and outcasts and who eventually was tortured and killed on the same earth we find ourselves on.
The visual medium is very, very powerful, and perhaps especially so in our culture where it seems to be preferred to the word.
God and I both know that I’m goofing up left and right (I joke with friends that John must be looking down just laughing at me this whole time–”You got it all wrong! It may be a little bit early to be asking this, but do you intend or hope to create adaptations of other books of the Bible? Enveloped in the arresting artwork is a gripping, new translation of the book, the labor of Frs. Very positive, from the publisher, Zondervan, and both the graphic novel community and the community of faith.
The most gratifying thing to hear from Christians is that our graphic novel makes Revelation easier to read.
The idea was conceived of by the adaptor and art director, Matt Dorff, a producer and screenwriter in Hollywood.
As far as the format is concerned, we were aware that no one had ever really tried to incorporate pure Scripture into the graphic novel model. From the Orthodox Christian perspective, there is great pastoral application, especially in connecting believers with worship. More importantly, it represents the living text of a living worshipping Church through 20 centuries of unbroken transmission and usage.
What’s distinctive about the new translation, compared to others that are on the market? As for the English chosen to translate, we wanted to give it the feel of a palimpsest, an ancient manuscript whose writing has been effaced in order to be reused, but over time bears traces of the original text. Knowing that Scripture was first meant to be heard would give any reader the best insight into the translation. Your translation work is part of a larger project, a fresh translation of the New Testament. Zondervan will be inaugurating the graphic novel series, The Last Adam in the Fall of this year, a multivolume harmony of the Four Canonical Gospels.
For those who do not know, The harmonization of the Four Gospels is an ancient presentation that predates the canonization of the New Testament. The harmony that forms the The Last Adam series is one that I constructed based on the original Greek, omitting only repetition, and trying to omit only those repetitions that were exactly the same in the original.
Again, the reigning principle is only Scripture — the visualization is there to reengage the reader, or maybe capture a reader for the first time.
More than two years of development went into the lavish, movie-like, full-color graphic novel based on the final book in the Christian Bible: REVELATION.
I’ve written about 30 movies over the years that were produced for ABC, CBS, NBC and cable networks. Chris is a deeply spiritual Christian and he knew even more than I did how difficult this would be.
So, by the time I was doing the final artwork, I had very detailed notes and I completely understood our concept of how to stage each part of the story.
This book isn’t just a parade of strange symbols, which is how Revelation often appears to first-time Bible readers. This guide has sections on identity, language, religion, culture, customs, social norms, economics, politics, education, work, families and food. Figures such as valiant Lamb, the prophetic Two Witnesses, the mercenary Four Horsemen , the Satanic Dragon and also the ruthless Beast have tormented yet motivated the creativeness of artists for ages. All of the text of The Book of Revelation, with out remarks or notes, has been integrated both outside and inside the images. Just go to the section art gallery with a touch, choose a panel and select how you want to share it.
A few weeks ago I came across a fascinating app called The Book of Revelation App, a graphic novel adaptation of Revelation.

The big decision to create a graphic novel adaptation of The Book of Revelation was a very thought-out, much-discussed collaborative one. Gradually our long-distance conversations began involving friendly discussions of our personal lives. A fully-illustrated, moment-by-moment visualization of the entire Book of Revelation had never really been done before. Was this purely logistical (so you wouldn’t have to license the use of an existing translation) or was there some ideology behind it? They were introduced to each other through actor Chris Diamantopoulos (producer), with whom Matt had worked on various film projects. Deciding how to depict the seven-horned, seven-eyed Lamb in a fresh but meaningful, reverent, appealing way was extremely challenging, the result of hours of discussion and debate between myself and Matt Dorff.
At the same time, in some of our research, overindulgence and polygamy were among the possible sins cited by some sources. On one level, just the immense challenge of the workload itself has caused me to feel utterly dependent on God for mental and physical stamina. Yahweh had made it undeniably clear to His people through the plagues and the miracles of the exodus that He was in sovereign control over every aspect of creation.
Fire, smoke, earthquakes, wind, darkness, an epiphany of jasper and sardius, a loving father, an unblemished lamb… the list goes on. So that’s something to be reminded of, visually, however imperfectly, to help us love Him more. It is a sad (and potentially disastrous) thing to be more interested in a shadow than the true Substance, and that signifies a lack of knowledge of God and misplaced worship. I worship and serve as a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario, and am a co-founder of Cruciform Press. Whether it’s biblical scenes in catacomb art outside Rome or fully illuminated manuscripts like the Rabbula and Lindisfarne Gospels, Christians like to visualize holy stories and characters.
This was our very purpose — to provide a visually immersive narrative to the words of Holy Scripture. Matt and I were introduced by the actor and my close friend, Chris Diamantopoulos, who had worked with Matt earlier in his career. Our graphic novel contains all 22 chapters of Revelation, every one of the 404 verses, and over 570 separate illustrations to accompany the text.
There had been attempts at comic book formats, but these were most often paraphrases of Scripture at best. The Book of Revelation is the only book in the New Testament that is not read in the yearly liturgical cycle. Philemon Sevastiades, and I conceived a project to translate the entire New Testament into fresh, understandable and precise English. I think most Christians are probably unaware of the variations in the over 5,000 manuscripts that form the basis for the New Testament. In fact, the Diatessaron of Tatian was used to establish the authority of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as he did not use any other in his harmony. The arrangement of necessity has new chaptering, but every verse, or even half verse is identified, so that the translation can be cross-referenced.
Ultimately, because we know that his words are spirit and they are life, we want the reader to delve in more deeply. I had been meaning to read The Book of Revelation for a minute, and I finally did last month. So I was hoping that reading the graphic novel translation would help me better understand it. This places Zondervan on the cutting edge of creating and marketing comic books—most famously promoted these days by DC Comics.
Graphic novels are likely to continue as an important genre for Zondervan, even though the publishing house is in the process of merging with Thomas Nelson under the overall ownership of HarperCollins. One of his specialities has been made-for-TV films about the lives of celebrities, including the Osmonds, the Brady Bunch stars and Robin Williams. Then, I could adapt the scenes into a graphic novel script that was a lot like a film script. We would call and email some more until we would approve each one, panel by panel for 575 panels. For example, in the ancient era when Revelation was written, the writer was reacting to the Roman Empire as a great evil force dominating the world. If you look closely throughout the book, you may be able to catch a touch of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal at one point. DeMille, illustrator Chris Koelle’s electronic convergence of ink, pen, woodcut, and modern-day unique effects generates both a gritty and grand visual function for this current translation by Philemon Sevastiades and Mark Arey.
I have been enjoying the app and recently got in touch with Chris Koelle, the artist, to ask him about the project. I was open about my personal life of faith and my relationship to Jesus, the Gospel, and the Church, just as Matt, who considers himself an open-minded skeptic who loves a great story, was growing increasingly interested in these things—faith, the person and work of Jesus, the Apostles, etc.
In the end, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and after some time I agreed to take up the challenge.
After Matt read the translation, he proposed to Father Mark the idea of creating a graphic novel of the text for the digital age. You had to draw 12 brothers, one portrait for each of them, and without any physical descriptions to go on. The introduction of the Dragon and the subsequent events in Chapter 12 were quite a painstaking, time-consuming process. Sometimes just knowing what to draw, or how to draw it, feels like running on a treadmill in my heart and mind, and a year-long project such as this is indeed a marathon of marathons!
The concept of idolatry would inevitably come up in discussions about representing God in visual art (which people have been doing for centuries).
He was not confined by aspect of creation or physical form, and so ought not to be represented by any object for the purpose of worship. Do you think there’s any concern that people might read this graphical adaptation of the Bible and prefer it to the Word that God gave us? Now comes The Book of Revelation, a graphic novel adaptation of John’s Apocalypse executed at the highest artistic level. As anyone who has read the Book of Revelation in any translation knows, it is at various times quite difficult to follow, as it cuts back between Heaven and Earth, the future and the past. It was really one of the those moments where three people come together to discuss a whole host of ideas, and one just jumps out. Think of a reverse illuminated manuscript, where, instead of illustration on the margin of text, the text is embedded in the illustration.
Rather, the heavenly worship described in Revelation is enacted on earth in the local community Sunday to Sunday. We chose for the Greek text the official liturgical text of the Orthodox Church authorized in 1904 by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Using the official text of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, whose communities still worship in the language of the New Testament, provides a different perspective on how text is transmitted and received.

Firstborn will recount in lush visuals the annunciations of both John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus, the nativity of each, the childhood of the Lord, and the beginning of the ministry of John.
It is our fervent hope and prayer that our graphic novels will be a gateway to deeper commitment and study of Sacred Scripture. For good reason, Revelation is the most difficult book  for me to understand, and thus the book I read the least. In 2011, DC (publisher of Superman and Batman since the 1930s) made literary history by cancelling all of its existing comic book series and relaunching 52 comic book titles with dazzling new full-color art and fresh storylines. One earlier project was called Battle Surgeon about the heroic adventures of a medic in the U.S. In a series of telephone interviews, Matt, Chris and David talked about the unique production of Revelation.
During the 2007-2008 Writers’ Guild strike, a comic book publisher contacted me out of the blue, saying he really liked one of my movie scripts and wondered if I would consider turning it into a graphic novel.
We didn’t have finished period costumes for the models, but we might use a bathrobe or towel or something else to show how the ancient fabrics would have been draped around them. When we got to scenes involving Roman power, yes, I wanted to show one visual reference there to Triumph of Will. This guide has sections culture, language, religions, social norms, politics, history, politics, families and food. On the Friday just before Christmas the 22nd, so last chapter of The Book of Revelation can be launched and the whole book will be presented to buy. And so, from coast to coast, through phone calls, Skype, and email, our relationship was cultivated over the year. Matt Dorff eventually proposed the idea of creating a fully-illustrated graphic novel of The Book of Revelation, to be initially released serially on iPad and iPhone, with other formats to follow. The translation really is so colorful and vivid in its language, it was perfectly suited for a graphic adaptation. So God has been very tangibly teaching me to trust Him for strength and wisdom in basically handing over my energies in service of this task that has been given to me for the time being. But it seems clear to me now that idolatry is, at its root, hoping and trusting and being captivated by something other than God to be and do what only God is and does. John says, according to his eyes, “the One Who sat on the throne was like an epiphany of jasper and sardius–deep translucent bloodstones both.” (4:3) What in the world should we be thinking when we read that?
But the experience of God’s presence through these things happened in the presence of real people–the people of God. My job just happens to be imagining these things a little more vividly for the time being.
What is the relationship between this graphic version of the bible and the “real” Bible?
Mark has served in the ministry for more than thirty years and today, along with working as a lead translator for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, directs ecumenical and interfaith relations for the archdiocese. Matt has a deep admiration for the narrative of Scripture, and I shared with him my translation.
It requIred not only conception and creation of the art, but placement and sizing of the text. It bears more of a resemblance to the Received Text as opposed to the Critical Text because the Received Text was based on manuscripts from Constantinople. Philemon passed away unexpectedly on 2004, the project folded until I met Matt Dorff six years later.
Each volume will continue the Greatest Story Ever Told with a different artist, but in the same style of visually immersive storytelling. After all, Nelson has been publishing its own graphic novels, including titles by popular Christian fantasy writer Ted Dekker. I’ve never heard of anyone doing a moment-by-moment, verse-by-verse visualization of Revelation in this format. Then, Page 1 Panel 2 and I could lay out the story from John’s point of view, as if we were making a movie of it. I made several trips out there to see him, but he really was leading the project in Greenville to produce the final pages. I am very thankful to Doug Young, a friend and a great artist who also lives in Greenville.
In your book, it’s the Roman Empire, but that one panel looks a lot like the towering imperial design of the Triumph of Will rally. This brilliant realization of an historical text we hope may activate discussion, problem assumptions and light up Revelation’s a lot of splendors for a world-wide audience. More details on Mark Arey and the translation can be read on the RevelationApp Facebook page here.
But it is a sobering reality that sometimes terrible, senseless suffering is attempted by Satan to destroy the faith of the believing, and often it is by attacking and destroying what is so precious (seen so vividly in The Book of Job). The sin of idolatry is not merely the worship of some physical object or visual image for its own sake. The RevelationApp creators and I would hope that this graphic version of the Word would ultimately compel people to look more intently at the Word itself. I’d hope that some of the imagery, however ambiguous or explicit it may be, would help people to take the Scriptures themselves more seriously, more worthy of deeper investigation and meditation.
Doug is a sculptor so he understands the kind of visual drama we wanted—the poses, the lighting, the forms and the shading that I need to see to create each panel. The point is that these forces described in Revelation stretch through thousands of years of human history.
I love a hot mug of strong coffee, cold, grey sweater weather, experimental music of all sorts, and intaglio printmaking, among other things. At the same time, we cannot help but deeply enjoy things that are beautiful simply for their beauty. There are so many visual metaphors and descriptions from other parts of the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments) that have informed certain aspects of the artwork throughout. Then the team set to work and the result is now in the hands of more than 40,000 people and growing. Sacred images of Jesus grace churches worldwide, but millions of moviegoers picture Jesus from classic films. But I believe He wants to shake us out of our stupor of unbelief and bring us to worship Him, and sometimes that’s facilitated by arresting metaphors and physical, visual experiences and visions. Now, one of America’s most beloved faith-and-film writers invites readers on an inspiring journey, meeting Jesus again through a dozen big-screen stories of Christianity’s founder. A good friend had a standing desk and she let me use that to finish the last three chapters standing at that desk.
It is a captivating retelling of an English teacher who wore a Roman collar, rode a Harley-Davidson and marched with Dr.

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