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The second in a series of talks hosted by the Friends of Crescent Beach will be held on April 27, 2016 at 6:00pm at Farm Market Kitchen, 520 Parkway St. But first, let us reintroduce Sustainable Susan as our 21st Century update of Rosie The Riveter. But the true impact of these advocates is how their work is a spark-plug for the millions of small daily changes that add up to the solutions that, in the final analysis, are needed to make Chicagoland a leader again. Susan also symbolizes how little daily changes everywhere add up to millions in our large region. We will start with those groups already acknowledged for their success by having been awarded the prestigious Burnham Award from the Metropolitan Planning Council. Because these recipients are our metropolis’ great innovators, we will learn a lot from them. With an important new regional plan to be unveiled for discussion in June 2010, we now apply Chicago’s program to the region. We selected Beyond Burnham book because it is the best and most current explanation of today’s juncture in history.
These early conceptual drawings illustrate the central planning goal of the Games: tie together the Olympics stadiums with the updated transit infrastructure of a global city.
The only mini-exhibit in CAF's Model City that focused exclusively on the future, the Blue-Green Olympic Games also continued Daley’s goal of Chicago becoming the biggest “Green” city. The Bid’s other contribution to sustainable community development was to make more compact communities near three venues. In an effort to overcome the 1960s' model of perpetual government-dependence for renewing communities, the left photo of a preliminary plan for the Olympic Village (on the Reese site) shows improvements also moving southward. The bill was initially publicized in January and recently modified and simplified to a certain extent. The issue of CME reporting in the federal government's Open Payments database has been controversial.
Topics covered: EHRs, interoperability, analytics and the use of big data, HIPAA, security, vendor activity, mobility, innovation and telehealth.

Topics covered: Reimbursement, payer-provider integration, insurer market moves, public payer policy changes, member engagement, subsidies and exchanges. The left photo explains crosswalks and jay-walking and then, in the right photo, asks about pedestrian safety. Human actions have changed the lake in many ways and continue to influence the condition of our beaches, water quality, and fisheries. For example… if we use cars less, then households save more while government can reduce road maintenance costs and transit subsidies; and the savings can all be invested to make future savings. Behavior changes -- as simple as using autos less -- often start as the ideas of citizen groups. Our review will reinforce the lessons learned so the entrepreneurial energy of other citizens in multiple communities will have a better chance of repeating the original success. With the benefit of hindsight, we will analyze what they did right and the obstacles they were up against; and perhaps still are. 1 Book, 1 Chicagoland is modeled after Chicago’s annual program in which all residents are invited to read and talk about one book as a community.
We ask all staff and citizens to read one book and discuss how the region should work together as a community so it grows best. But the “Blue” Games added a helpful dimension because the rest of the world is far closer to water shortages than Chicago (since we tap the world’s largest supply of freshwater.) So by highlighting water conservation, our Blue-Green Games countered the global impression of resource-rich Americans as slow to conserve natural resources and strengthened Chicago’s image as a global leader in sustainability. This offers a framework with a mixing of land uses (mostly commercial and residential and its retail) that increases the chances of future renewal with minimal government support.
The Chicago Architecture Foundation sponsored this forum so Executive Director of the Bid, Lori Healey, could organize further support. On the other side, however, some experts contend that CME is a key route to marketing drugs, and that if CME reporting is rolled back, it could also lead to rolling back other reporting requirements. You may enjoy this feature on the 4 big changes providers need to know from the new 21st Century Cures draft. In this instance and in future instances to be described, CAF proved this classic theory of how innovations are adopted.

Given that our auto-dominated society remains an unsustainable cost and that public safety is the chief rationale for government, these two photos help the exhibit pose the two fundamental questions of our era. The tour starts by showing how one late 19th Century transit entrepreneur united four elevated lines by building the elevated Loop.
She also oversees this activity’s historical reviews of citizen groups who have received awards as regional and sub- regional advocates. We will try to analyze one recipient a month; backing up our research with interviews and synthesizing a short essay of lessons- learned.
But no story will be as great as the ones we will have to write over the next two or three decades… if Chicagoland is to become a global leader in the emerging economy. Last year’s book was The Plan of Chicago to coincide with the Centennial of Burnham’s plan of the same name. If we are to produce a Plan that will serve us as well in the 21st Century as Burnham’s Plan did for the 20th Century, we must understand the last 60 years of regional planning in Chicagoland.
The photo on the right (a video screen) is, perhaps, an optimistic rendition showing how the Washington Park Olympic venue (which included the main stadium) and the University of Chicago Hospitals would compactly build-out whole blocks that, today, often are more than 60% vacant. This is the first public exhibition dedicated to LEED-ND and adds Neighborhood Development as a new standard for green community certification. The portrait of Daniel Burnham appears to be observing the 21st Century rendition of his leadership.
Asking if the mantel has passed to the composite we call Sustainable Susan, this author assigns hopeful symbolism to this photo.

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