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This CD-ROM collection from National Geographic Interactive brings every exotic corner of the universe explored by National Geographic as close as the computer. For more than a century, National Geographic Magazines have delighted readers with glimpses of the world beyond their horizons. Peruse all the stirring imagery, fascinating reporting, and nostalgic advertisements without sacrificing shelf space. Unmatched in the world of travel magazines, we've brought the far reaches of our planet into the hands of our readers since before anyone alive today was even born.

National Geographic magazines for kids combine science and nature magazines into a delightful reading experience, tailored to specific age groups.
For adults, we have travel magazines that will ensure that you get the most out of your next adventure. Our magazines are available delivered to your home, but also as instant digital editions that you can read on your favorite electronic device.
Don't worry, for those who prefer the good old days, we still offer embossed slipcases so you can keep your past issues in superior condition.

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