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The dipole magnetic field of our planet remains about the same intensity for long periods of time. While it is conventionally thought that the reversal process is done in thousands to millions of years, a team of scientists has shown that the last instance of the magnetic reversal occurred really fast, in less than 100 years. The scientific paper will be published in the Geophysical Journal International next month, though it is already available online. Recently, it was suggested that the decrease in intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing much faster than usual. The magnetic field generated by our planet provides great protection to its inhabitants against the harmful solar and cosmic rays. Also, if the reversal were to be preceded by instances of unstable magnetism, life on Earth might be endangered.
The researchers of the new study focused on layers of ancient lake sediments in the Sulmona basin in Italy. The results also revealed that the sudden flip happened after a period of instability that spanned over thousands of years.
The scientists are positive that the results of their study will potentially be of great help in finding out the reason behind the Earth’s polarity reversal.
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Data collected by the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites has indicated weak spots in the magnetic field. The first set of high-resolution images generated from the constellation reveals dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere.
The Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from solar radiation, has grown weaker over the past six months, according to satellite data. However, the field has strengthened in other areas since January, including over the southern Indian Ocean.
Scientists are unsure why the magnetic field is weakening, but one reason could be that the magnetic poles are preparing to flip, Swarm mission manager Rune Floberghagen told Live Science. The latest measurements, made by magnetometers on board the three Swarm satellites confirm the movement of magnetic North towards Siberia.
All India Roundup is all about Latest News, Updates, Jobs Updates, Admit Cards, Movie Reviews, Politics. According to new study, The Moon may play major role in Earth`s magnetic field permanently protects us from radiation and the charged particles. The early evolution of temperatures of the planet with the geochemical studies of the composition of the oldest carbonates and basalts which do not support cooling conditions.
Around the poles the Earth rotates in the inclined axis, where as the earth has a slightly flattened shape. Xiaomi Reveals Launch Date of Mi Max Phablet – All You Need to Know!April 25, 2016, No Comments on Xiaomi Reveals Launch Date of Mi Max Phablet – All You Need to Know!
Some physicists have therefore forecast the next reversal to happen in a time period of just several thousand years. Scientists say the National Centre for scientific Research (NCSR)and Universite Blaise Pasccal in France suggests on the contrary its temperature has fallen by only 300 degrees Celsius.

According to that theory the Earth would have had to be totally destroyed four billion years ago, and its core would slowly cool from around 6,800 degrees to 3,800 degrees Celsius by today. The Researchers proposed another theory of Source of Energy while the high temperatures are being ruled out.
Researchers say that there is an effect that could continuously stimulate the motion of the earth and liquid iron alloy making of the outer core, that which forms the Earth`s Magnetic Field. This can happen through the gravitational and rotational energy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.
Well, surprise, surprise: this has occasionally happened in the past, and can happen yet again, earlier than we would have thought. If the field were to weaken or to temporarily ‘disappear’, the rate of cancer, for example, might increase.
Shades of red represent areas of strengthening, while blues show areas of weakening over the 6-month period. The Magnetic Field that is produced by geodynamo the rapid motion of huge quantities of liquid iron alloy in the Earth`s outer core. About 1000 billion watts is thought to available to bring the motion around the outer core. The age of the ash layers was also determined using argon-argon dating, in order to know approximately the time when the last reversal happened: the reversal was concluded to have occurred between 770,000 and 795,000 years ago.

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