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Artistic impression of latitudinally more widespread aurora as an expected consequence of geomagnetic field strength much lower than today's. Scientists have known that the strength of the Earth's geomagnetic field is already weakening in the past couple hundred years.
This new study reveals how Earth's geomagnetic field is decreasing rapidly however the effects are not long term yet as scientists believe that this field can even repair and build itself in the opposite direction any time. This will not be the first time for the planet's magnetic poles to flip, as they already have many times in the planet's evolution and have the tendency to occur at random intervals. To date, scientists cannot still predict exactly when will the poles flip and pinpoint this flipping period, but the average period tends to be every few hundred thousand years. Scientists are now trying to predict this polarity switch and when the intensity of the geomagnetic field is below its historical and long term average, there might be an impending swap soon. According to lead author of the study Huapei Wang from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) along with researchers from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, they noted how important it is to know Earth's current magnetic field, if it's a long term average one or above long term average. Researchers arrived at this conclusion from analysis of ancient rocks that were erupted from volcanoes located on the Galapagos Islands. As the lava cools, the iron in these minerals can serve as tiny magnets that can align with the planet's magnetic field.
Scientists have discovered that the average intensity of the Earth's magnetic field in the past 5 million years is now 60 percent of the intensity of the field today. Rapper Lil Kim shocked her Instagram followers after posting a collection of selfies wherein she looks completely unrecognizable.
Energized particles and electromagnetic waves are filtered through it towards the Earth, colliding with the ionized atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, and helium in the atmosphere, generating interactions and  chemical reactions in the atmosphere. This interaction will have a plasma convection behavior as well, as energized parts will be pushed towards Earth, while less energized particles seek out the field of the Earth, being trapped by the magnetic field.
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2-Part Video Series On the Decline of the Earth's Magnetic Field and an Impending Pole Reversal  - A Must Watch!!
Peter Olson Johns Hopkins UniversitySays the Earth's Cores ability to generate the magnetic field is faltering. Magnetism is something we are all familiar with Its seemingly magical ability to attract and repel delights and baffles children and adults alike. Clues for what is happening deep in the earth's core is found in the volcanic islands of Hawaii.
South Atlantic Anomaly weakening Earths Field Like current flowing in the wrong direction South Atlantic anomaly began at beginning of 20th century - clear evidence of magnetic anomalies.
21st Century Epidemic - Magnetic Deficiency SyndromeOn December 4, 1976, the Japan Medical Journal (No.
The axial-dipolar part of the Earth's magnetic field, with field lines emanating from near the south geographic pole and converging near the north geographic pole. Geomagnetic field decay is based on observations regarding the strength of Earth's magnetic field for over the last 150 years.
Even if they generate a self perpetuating magnetic field, it would have been jump started by the Earth's or some other external magnetic field.
The way the theory is illustrated [4] is with present magnetic field direction and reverse magnetic field direction in nice neat strips [5] across the ocean floor, as produced by the theory.
It gets worse when you look vertically, the tendency is for positive and negative to be mixed up. The orientation of the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune, both the tilt of about 60 degrees with respect to the rotation axis and the field's source being about one third of a planetary radius offset from the center. The existence of the magnetic field of Mercury, since the field's source is a decaying current in its core and it is not related to spin.
The residual magnetism on the Moon and Mars, despite the lack of planetary magnetic fields.

The strengths for the magnetic fields of Uranus, Neptune, and the 4 large moons of Jupiter all fall within the range predicted by Dynamic Decay Theory. The Dynamic Decay Theory is the best model for the Earth's magnetic field and observed data places the age of Earth at 6,000 – 8,700 years.
Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License unless otherwise noted. Right now, Earth has not experienced one in 780,000 years which led to theories that this flip can occur anytime now.
However, this new study is suggesting that Earth is not yet at this point, and this will not be happening any time soon, for the next 1,000 years. Even if the field is dropping, there is still a long buffer that can be comfortably relied on. Since the islands are located exactly on equator, this is a good measuring point of the Earth's magnetic poles as they are halfway from the poles. Scientists have examined and analyzed these rocks to determine the direction and strength of the fields as the lava cools. It has been established that the outer space has an average temperature of 2.7 ° K (helium particles at these temperatures are superconductors) while the corona of stars can reach 1 million ° K.
The magnetic field that has been protecting the earth for 2 billion years or more, is now getting weaker at an alarming rate. And the currents in the core produce the earth's magnetic field.The earths Magnetic Field is generated by this feedback loop between the outer core of the earth and its magnetic field. The idea is that the current is generated by a self sustaining dynamo, powered by the planet's spin.
The Madison Dynamo Experiments from the University of Wisconsin Madison first experimented by using water in a sphere trying to mimic the flows of the alleged dynamo[1]. It is expected to demonstrate how molten iron uses the planet's rotation to generate the self perpetuating magnetic field. No known magnetic field would have existed when the Solar System is alleged to have formed. It consists of variations in the magnetism of rocks, on both sides of the mid-oceanic ridges.
In reality the pattern is not so neat and regular, [6] and the tendency is for the positive and negative areas to be mixed up and this is the case all over the world.
It rotates too slowly to have a self sustaining dynamo and so it should not have a magnetic field.
The magnetic axis of each planet is tilted about 60 degrees, with respect to the rotation axis, so that the magnetic poles are near the equator. Before 4000 years ago there is evidence of significant magnetic field fluctuations, and it is consistent with a date for the flood of 2400 - 3600 BC. It involves the field's source being in the planet's solid core, which could be displaced by material falling into the planet and sinking through outer planetary oceans of fluid.
In fact, the magnetic fields of all planets and moons are less than the maximum predicted by Dynamic Decay Theory. And its still partly a mystery because the Earths core is inaccessible - immese spherical molten core of iron. Not just a simple bar magnet While we are constantly reminded by the pull of gravity we are oblivious to the other force the earth generates, the magnetic field.Space scientists know how important it is.
THE SOLAR WIND and Often the earth lies directly in the path of this onslaught.But Earth's magnetic fields deflect these charged particles and the earth's atmosphere filters out most of the harmful radiation.
Pottery is like a Magnetic time capsule.So if we take an ancient pot like this one, which is from Peru, when it cooled for the first time, it cooled in the Earth's ancient magnetic field and it became magnetized in that field. Thomas Barnes determined that it is decaying and these findings imply a young age of the Earth because if the decay is projected back 20,000 years, the heat produced by the electric current that generates the Earth's magnetic field would have liquefied the Earth. The result is complex currents in the planet's core that causes the field to fluctuate from time to time, and reversing itself about every 500 - 700 thousand years .

The sphere is filled with 200 gallons of molten sodium (at 110o C) and has propellers spinning in opposite directions, in an effort to recreate the same kinds of flows thought to exist at the Earth's outer core. Also these experiments do not reproduce conditions in the Earth's outer core in terms of pressures, temperatures, and electrical resistance.
Some claim that these are not actual reversals, but I have yet to find confirmation of this. Furthermore the source of each planet's field is offset from the center, by about one third of a planetary radius.
Projecting back in time based on magnetic field energy gives a maximum age for the Earth of 8,700 years. So fast that at the Current rate of decline last only to next millennia This is a Puzzle that is challenging scientists from around the globe.
Stray magnetic fields from the sun could have started the dynamoThis is the Dynamo theory in a nutshell and it remains the best theory we have to explain how the earth's magnetic field is generated, sustained and maintained.Without this nuturing and protective field, the earth would over time become a dead planet like mars and Venus. Its even FDA approved for pain, tissue swelling, bone fractures, and depression.With the decline of the earth's magnetic field and an impending reversal, investing in an earth inspired PEMF device may not only we wise, but essential as a survival tool because its an essential element. As of 2008, turbulence in the sphere did not allow an external magnetic field to excite a magnetic field in the sphere that would continue when the external field was removed [3]. The theory is that as lava cools, the magnetic fields of the atoms align with the Earth's field, that as the sea floor spreads a record of Earth's past fields is preserved. According to the dynamo theory, the magnetic and rotation axes should nearly always be closely aligned, except for a very relatively short time during a field reversal. The fluctuations would drain field energy, so depending on the degree of fluctuation, they could reduce the age of the Earth to 6,000 years.
The Dynamo theory cannot consider this possibility since the field-generating mechanism cannot work in a solid. The rate of change is higher over the last three hundred years than it has been for any time in the past five thousand.
Nakagawa found symptoms such as chronic pain and sleep disorders became magnified when the body tests too low for the earth’s pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). Numerical simulations indicated another possibility of using baffles to limit turbulence in future runs of the experiment. When Voyager 2 passed Uranus, the pundits explained that the planet is in the act of flipping. Intriguing problem… Computers solved convection in the core of the earth and how that motion creates the magnetic field.
However, Neptune's magnetic tilt made this highly unlikely, since the odds of two reversals occurring at the same time is too small to explain both fields. At  least 2 billion years the earths magnetic field has existed and has inherited the hot liquid core from its inception. Volcanos of Hawaii erupting for millions of years and building up the islands.This Preserve like a tape recorder the earths magnetic field history. Took 50 years to convince people, but now it is considered a fact that our earths magnetic field has been reversing direction around once every 200,000 years on average.Physical Science textbooks.But its been 780,000 years since the last reversal, so we are around 580,000 years overdue!
100,000 deaths from cancerAlso Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome, which is a recognized condition resulting from insufficient Earth Magnetic fields and frequencies. Also fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have been linked to a deficiency in the earth’s magnetic field.Do you suffer from a magnetic deficiency? Symptoms include stiffness of the shoulders, back, neck, lower back pain, habitual headaches, dizziness, general fatigue, and chest pains for no specific reason. Every hundred thousand years Whenever it reversed, that happened when the field was very weak each time in the simulation.Reversals are heralded by a weakening field.

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