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At Safecastle today, and only for the next three days: 25%-off a family-size72 hour emergency food kit in a resealable bucket. Free shipping to the lower 48 of course, and a great chance to add to your preps and to your Safecastle year-end Loyalty program rebate. With a total of 17,750 calories, our 72-hour kit provides nine, balanced meals, beverages and staples for 2 Adults and 2 Children.
All you need is water and a few minutes of cooking, and you and your family will experience the difference of being PREPARED. Easy, re-sealable lids that allow opening and closing without unnecessarily exposing the other pouches to air.
In 1974, more than 35 years ago, I published Making the Best of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook.
In the new 11th edition, it is written for a generation even further and more remotely separated from the skills of pioneers of America's frontiers. After 35 years of tenure in the family preparedness industry, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what causes you to need to be prepared.
Get your copy now, you'll find it will help you set your family's preparedness goal(s), enhance your planning, increase your understanding, aid in acquisition of foodstuffs and materials, and ultimately, in the implementation of a preparedness lifestyle that is sustainable and providential for your family. Jim Phillips has been referred to as "A Friend and Advocate of Winter", "The Man Who Loves the Cold", and the "World-class Sub-zero Survival Guru". One of my favorite online resources House Logic has put together a useful list for creating an emergency preparedness kit for your home. Make sure your family is ready for any emergency, visit House Logic online here for the complete checklist and other emergency preparedness tips.

Thank you to Ca.Gov for sharing this important earthquake preparedness information with all of us.
Practice Your Disaster Plan – After you have sat down with your family and written your plan — practice it. Build a Disaster Supply Kit for Your Home – If you are stranded in your car or have to be self-sufficient at home until help arrives, you need to have a disaster kit with you. Prepare Your Children – Talk to your kids about what the risks are and what your family will do if disaster strikes. Learn CPR and First Aid – Contact you local chapter of the American Red Cross today and get trained on basic first aid and CPR. Eliminate Hazards in Your Home and the Workplace – You must secure the contents of your home or office to reduce hazards, especially during shaking from an earthquake or from an explosion. Get Involved, Volunteer – Donate blood, join a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), educate your neighbor, or volunteer with your local American Red Cross.
I am 100% in favor of TRIGGER CONTROL.Your best piece of survival gear is your brain,you should carry it with you every day. These are some of the best filters you can get and they don't need special cleaning tools or have pumps or parts to replace or break when you need them most.
Since retiring in 1999, I have often been cajoled by many of my friends, and former distributors and retailers to return Basics to the marketplace. In this edition, I share a lot of personal experiences, from whom, where, and how the information for Basics came to me, and what it will do to bring an effective plan for preparedness achievement to the unprepared family. Whether your home is vulnerable to wildfires, floods or other natural disasters, you want to be ready.

Start by having family members meet at a designated spot outside your home — like you would after a fire or after the shaking stops. Knowing what to do during an emergency is an important part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count. Born and raised in Lafayette, CA, she continues to live in Lafayette with her husband and children. Jim and FamilyWorx (the organization that he heads) advocate "creating a culture of preparedness in a changing world" with the focus to teach families a principle-based approach to true preparedness that enables them to meet "all eventualities" without fear. The first step is making sure your important papers have been safeguarded — insurance policies, the deed to your home, passports, social security cards, etc. Serving primarily the South Puget Sound, my goal is to provide my clients with first class service and to make the home buying or home selling process as simple as possible.
Know how to respond in the event of any disaster — whether to stay put indoors, or whether to evacuate your neighborhood by car. This blog focuses on topics of interest to people who live in Lafayette and its neighboring cities -- from real estate to lifestyle. I have no connection with the seller but just know ,from actual use,that this is a reliable,simple ,filter ..
If your family needs to evacuate, know the proper evacuation procedures and routes as determined by your local OES office.

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