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Click the Banner Below, to get your Copies of my book international top selling book the  Indigo Child’s Survival Guide. This excellent website really has all of the information I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask. I am so glad I found the Indigo Adults board and this book through the people I have met there. Grab My International Best Selling Book The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide 2nd Edition. Indigo Child's Survival Guide: A Guide To Discovering and Unlocking Your Supernatural Powers. I am the proud author of “The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide – A Guide to Discovering and unlocking your Supernatural Powers.
You will begin to open up to your true supernatural powers in a manner that feels great for your soul and will truly make an impact in your life in an uplifting and inspiring way!! Aso feel free to like our FB page to stay up to date on the latest positive and inspiring messages from the universe. I’m having a great time seeing people use this book and it being of major help to them on their spiritual journey!!!

I wrote in a previous post on my other well-known blog , what an Indigo Child Is here.Excited because so far we are getting some good sales, and also really great reviews from our growing FB Page (We hit 46 likes in under 2 weeks since starting the page) !! This book is filled with the most helpful techniques that can truly make a huge difference in your life on an energetic level. Below are the two things you need to take action on if you are my friend and support my epic work. If you can’t buy the book at only ($4.99)  for whatever reason, share this video link to others and recommend it. Be one of those people that benefit from this book that will help and inspire you as well on your journey.
You will see that as you go through the technques yourself and share this with your kids (if you have any) that the energy centers in your aura get cleared.

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