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This resource was part of AHRQ's Public Health Emergency Preparedness program, which was discontinued on June 30, 2011, in a realignment of Federal efforts. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. The recent mudslide in Oso, Wash., showed the power of social media during times of crisis.
Washington Air National Guardsmen methodically make their way through the mud and wreckage left behind by the March 22 mudslide in Oso, Wash. Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Crisp coordinates arrival of the Search and Extraction element of the Washington National Guard at the site of the Oso mudslide on March 26.
After pulling on a thin red string buried in a pile of debris from the Oso landslide, Staff Sgt. A search dog waits by the feet of Washington National Guardsmen to be washed after working the debris field created by the Oso mudslide. Like other emergencies in the past few years, the March 22 mudslide in Oso, Wash., showed the power of social media during times of crisis.
With that first announcement on Twitter, she not only showed that the social platform would be used to post up-to-date information, but Mishler also started the #530slide hashtag. In addition to press releases, new pages were added the county’s website and kept up-to-date with information related to the emergency. By watching #530slide, Mishler could see what questions people were asking on Twitter as well as what stories and information were being published by the media and other sources. Posts on social media were used to aid situational awareness to an extent, according to Mishler, but it was hard to determine if the person was credible and if he or she was posting information that had been directly observed. After the response is over, the county and other responding agencies will discuss lessons learned and develop an after-action report. However, it’s hard to know exactly what will be needed when the next emergency strikes.

Managing Editor Elaine Pittman has nearly a decade of experience in writing and editing, having started her career with The Coloradoan daily newspaper in Fort Collins, Colo. Y en las salas de cine se presentaba la pelicula Jurassic Park de Steven Spielberg, y nada volveria ha se igual. Una de las escenas de la pelicula la toma dice en un rotulo “San Jose” y es filmada en la playa, hasta una cerveza Imperial sale en la pantalla. Y asi pasaron los anos y la gente siguio preguntando por la playa de San Jose en Costa Rica. Casi 20 anos despues las cosas han cambiado un poco y la gente ya sabe que San Jose no tiene salida al mar y menos una playa. Todavia creen que el aeropuerto esta en San Jose pero eso es otro dinosaurio que cazar. Ahora todo el evento se recuerda como un chiste, pero para los que vimos venir y desaparecer la informacion nos preocupo un poco. Pues la informacion erronea se seguia esparciendo como un mal rumor y nada peor que un rumor o informacion mal transmitida.
Pasa en muchos campos entre ellos el de Primeros Auxilios en donde muchos instructores no se ponen al dia con la mas reciente informacion. No se si es por pereza o por alguna razon pero pasa mucho que nos encontramos personas que dan clases y que no se han puesto al dia en anos. La informacion de los cursos de Primeros Auxilios cambia a como cambia la tecnologia, hace 20 anos no teniamos las reglas y precauciones de proteccion personal que tenemos ahora. Estamos ante una necesidad de calidad en la educacion de atencion pre-hospitalaria, y a como hay tecnicas que mantenemos tenemos tecnicas que cambiamos con el pasar de los dias. Especialmente si se va a invertir en un curso es importante que la informacion y las tecnicas esten al dia, pues no han nada peor que comprar algo ya vencido. En Emergency Care Costa Rica podemos decir con orgullo que nuestros instructores estan todos certificados como tales y pasan un proceso de educacion intenso. When Bronlea Mishler got the call that there had been a mudslide that Saturday afternoon, her first thought was about how to get the information to the media and public as quickly as possible.

She then followed up with another tweet, requesting that people use the hashtag for information related to the mudslide emergency. It also was receiving 15 times more tweets than the #OSOslide hashtag, according to Pierce County IT Director Linda Gerull. During the response to the mudslide, the county followed what it has noticed in the media: Start with information on social media platforms and follow up with a story.
The county’s Facebook page also was used to post updates and photos and refer people to more detailed information.
In regard to public information, Mishler said they will look into the use of social media and what was effective (or not) and how its use can be refinedin the future. No estoy hablando del uso subsiguiente de la tecnologia de dinosaurios generados en computadora sino mas bien lo que le paso al sector de turismo del pais. Nuestra alianza con National Safety Council hace que seamos una entidad seria de educacion, no solamente un curso para salir del paso. As deputy director of communications for Snohomish County, which includes Oso, Mishler sent out a tweet about the situation, before heading to the EOC. That approach worked well, Mishler said, and allowed for information to be made public quickly. Based on experiences to date, she shared two ideas that would be helpful in the future: having a PIO live tweeting from the field to share verified information and having someone looking at the insights on social media platforms to see what demographic is being reached with the messages, so the information can be tailored to those who are viewing it.

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