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Keywords: Alex Webb, Brain, Brunelleschi, Canada, Carl Zimmer, Dave Yoder, Erika Larsen, Florence, Garrison Keillor, India, Laura Spinney, Minneapolis, Paul Nicklen, Robert Clark, St.
Keywords: Andrea Bruce, Anne Barnard, bats, Black holes, Brian Skerry, Carolyn Butler, Damascus, David Quammen, Erika Larsen, horses, Kennedy Warne, Kenneth Brower, Lynsey Addario, Mark A. Everyday, editors of National Geographic receive thousands of photos from all of the world. National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 18,000 entries from around the globe for its 2014 photography contest.Now the judges have chosen the winners.
Grand Prize – The Independence Day, by Marko Korosec, Julesburg, Colorado, USA: "While on storm chasing expeditions in Tornado Alley, USA, I have encountered many photogenic supercell storms.
Winners and honorable-mention photographs were selected fromA three categories: nature, people, and places.
The shot above was taken by photographer Hasan Baglar at Nicosia, Cyprus of two mantis, who look a lot like flamenco dancers. Hundreds of photographers wait for the perfect moment to make these wonderful and breathtaking photos.

This photograph was taken while we were approaching the storm near Julesburg, Colorado on 28 May 2013.
National Geographic is going through their selection process but we’ve picked a few of our favourites from Nature, Places and People. You can see more of the photographs from the photo contest at National Geographic and see some of the best shots, week by week, here. There's diminishing returns when it comes to adding more blades to a wind turbine, however fewer blades mean the turbine would have to spin faster, which is apparently not a very good thing when it comes to controlling a turbine.
Cardistry wizard Zach Mueller is back to show us his floating card routine, which may or may not be the product of ghosts. One grand-prize winer (and the runner up from their category) scores a trip to Washington D.C.
This exploded view of a record player plays down the specialness of its sound and breaks down what's inside and how it works. Photographer, Montse Gilo, says of this photo, “I find myself devoting much time to these curious creatures.

Petersburg, Florida, USA Sandy Scott, the photographer of this stunning image, has been watching this same beautiful osprey bird for a while. She fondly calls him Fleck, and has watched him build a nest in the same location for the last 4-years.
This phenomenon, which lasts only a few weeks, covers the hiking trails, meadows and trees.
When he scooped this fish out of the water with his talons, Scott was there to capture the whole thing on camera. Croft was visiting Big Sur in hopes of photographing the gray whales migrating from the advantageous cliffs.
Croft made lemons out of lemonade, and decided to hike up the Baronda Trail, above the fog.

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