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Days before the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, rays slant into the Holtún cenote. SODAThings go better with bubbles—or so it was thought by spa-goers, who often drank sparkling mineral water as part of the cure for what ailed them. On a photo excursion to Costa Rica, Lorenz wanted desperately to photograph red-eyed tree frogs. C-Boy (front) and Hildur lie side by side during an afternoon rain shower in Serengeti National Park.
Guide Angel Canul is the last man out of Las Cala­veras cave, having made sure every tourist has emerged safely at the entrance some 60 feet above the water. Infrared light illuminates Hildur and a lioness from the Vumbi pride as they rest after mating. Archaeologist Guillermo de Anda descends into the Holtún cenote minutes before the moment on July 19 when the sun is directly overhead. CUPCAKEThe downsized cake made its American cookbook debut in 1826, says food historian Andrew Smith. Older cubs like these Vumbi youngsters are raised together as a crèche, or nursery group. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Download ringtones of cardinals singing, lions roaring, and blue-footed boobies doing whatever it is they do. Shop for guidebooks, feeders, binoculars, and other great items in the National Geographic Store.

Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs. Containing some 600 paintings, Lascaux Cave in France's Dordogne River Valley is home to perhaps the world's most incredible array of Upper Paleolithic art. Explore 120 years of amazing discoveries, fascinating maps, and the world's best photography. Reclining but alert, a gray wolf lies in new-fallen snow in the International Wolf Center’s live enclosure. The minke whale's missile-sleek shape helps it speed through the water at up to 20 miles (32 kilometers) an hour.
The green of a lone plant lends stark contrast to the empty expanse of sand in this desert scene.
If anyone holding the copyright to any of the images on this website objects to their presence here please contact us and the offending images will be removed immediately. The 18th-century discovery that carbon dioxide put the fizz in fizzy water led to systems for producing soda water, then to sweet drinks like root beer, ginger ale, and cola.
This once powerful city was built in about the ninth century, likely aligned with four sacred cenotes and with the sun’s seasonal movements. C-Boy feasts on a zebra while the Vumbi females and cubs wait nearby, warned off by his low growls.
Vumbi females, stressed and fiercely protective of their young, get cross with C-Boy, though he’s one of the resident fathers. Cupcake gentrification spread in 2000 when Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw nibbled one topped with pink buttercream. Pride females, united in the cause of rearing a generation, nurse and groom their own and others’ offspring.

Local Maya got their drinking water here until about 30 years ago, when divers found bones. Prehistoric artists created the depictions of bulls and other animals on the cave's calcite walls more than 17,000 years ago.
The institution promotes knowledge about wolves’ ecology and their relationship with humans and the land. It also gives it a variety of common names, including little piked whale, pikehead, and sharp-headed finner.
Rain rarely falls on the Atacama's coastline, but dense fog known as camanchaca is abundant. The photographer used the sweep of the dune to frame the plant and applied the rule of thirds in composing the landscape. Because good territory is a precious resource, fighting and displacing competitors are part of the natural struggle. De Anda believes the ancient Maya built a structure at the surface that caught the rays the same way. In the current TV series Cupcake Wars, dueling recipes feature ingredients like sweet tea and chocolate seltzer. Archaeologists have recorded the remains of more than a hundred people, usually shrouded by the water’s primordial darkness.
Packaged as a whole-grain health food in the late 1800s, cereal began to evolve in the 1920s into sugar-coated flakes, pops, and puffs.

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