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This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. The Kakadu National Park  is located 171 km east of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia . The Kakadu National Park was due to its outstanding natural and cultural values ??in the list of UNESCO as well as world natural heritage as well as a world heritage site recorded. The park is a cultural landscape, which lent the spiritual ancestors of the indigenous people during the time of creation form (Creation Era). Canoes are vital for transportation on the rain forest rivers of the Republic of the Congo. Limited space in dense rain forests results in many unique plants, like this fig tree in the Philippines, which produces fruit on runners that come from its trunk instead of on its branches. Streams on Costa Rica’s remote Osa Peninsula flow through one of the world’s outstanding examples of lowland tropical rain forest, protected here by Corcovado National Park. A species of mushroom called Amanita muscaria or fly agaric dots the floor of a temperate coastal rain forest in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The rhinoceros hornbill is named for its characteristic “casque,” the strange structure situated on top of the bird’s bill.
Brazil's Atlantic forest rivals the Amazon with its eye-popping array of unique plants and animals, yet its proximity to Rio de Janeiro and other cities puts it at even greater risk. The National Geographic Society aims to be an international leader for global conservation and environmental sustainability.
World globe map of Europe,Africa and Asia colored with national flags and all countries names. Everyone should know when Earth Day is and everyone should know the history behind it and what it stands for. I didn’t have any reason to walk past Old Main on Tuesday so I never even knew that anything was going on!
The park is due to its unique flora and fauna as one of the most beautiful national parks in Australia. The park contains one of the finest and most extensive collections of rock art in the world – an indication of how long the connection has lasted the natives of this area. The Congo Basin’s 500 million acres of tropical forest, second-largest in the world after the Amazon, are known for an incredible array of wildlife including great apes, forest elephants, and some 700 species of river fish.

Costa Rica’s signature park boasts an array of colorful flora and fungi and an amazing variety of larger animals, from estuary-dwelling crocodiles to secretive jaguars. Identified by the white patches on its cap, this species of fungus can grow up to a foot high with a top as big as a dinner plate in some regions.It is referred to as the fly agaric because people have been known to use pieces of the mushroom to attract and kill flies. Unlike these familiar faces, the majority of rain forest species are yet to be named, formally described, or analyzed. The uses of this “horn” aren’t fully understood but casques may play a role in attracting mates or amplifying bird calls. When individuals pledge to use less water in their own lives, our partners carry out restoration work in the Colorado River Basin. I have spent many years of my life trying to spread the “Happy Earth Day!” message on April 22nd.
This day came into existence because one man, Senator Gaylord Nelson, noticed issues in the environment and a lack of effort to stop them.
The Kakadu National Park is located in the Alligator Rivers Region of the Northern Territory of Australia.
The park has magnificent scenery, from the wild and rugged sandstone flanks of the plateau over the vast forest areas to the vast wetlands. The purpose of this day was to spread information and increase the public knowledge about air and water pollution, forcing environmental protection onto the national political agenda. His encouragement was brought on by a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. For anyone who is naive enough to think that science will advance far enough for us to just set up shop on a new planet, you need a dose of reality.
It covers an area of approximately 19 804 square kilometers and stretches almost 200 kilometers from north to south and 100 kilometers from east to west. The national park also protects the entire catchment area of a large tropical river, the South Alligator River, and examples of all habitat types of the Top End of Australia. They typically live in pairs and are known for an amazing nesting strategy during which the male seals up the female inside a hollow tree, leaving only a tiny beak hole through which to feed her and their young. Rain forest plants, for example, produce chemicals to combat insects and disease that have led to the development of many beneficial drugs. On that first Earth Day in 1970 college students and American citizens across the country gathered together to protest oil spills, pollution, extinction, pesticides, and toxic dumps.

In fact, all day Tuesday, I received text messages wishing me a “Happy Earth Day.” It seems that I have successfully integrated the national day into the lives of some friends back at home, but that is not enough! They aim to protect the interests of traditional owners to preserve the cultural heritage of the park and encourage visitors to the park to make use of its services and to enjoy his.
But rain forests around the world are being deforested at alarming rates—even as many of their species and secrets remain unknown to humans. Believe it or not, the enactment of Earth Day, a day devoted completely to our planet, our home, led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. The Eco Action club even held an Earth Day celebration outside of Old Main in which students could listen to music, tie dye shirts, participate in a trivia game, and plant flowers. Surprisingly, not many of my friends here at Penn State even knew that Tuesday was Earth Day until I mentioned it. Nearly forty one years later, and the ill acts against the environment and our planet are not going away. In addition, students seemed to just avoid Eco Action’s festivities instead of taking a chance to participate and learn a little more. We all need to take care of the place that we call home, or it simply won’t be here anymore; and if our home is gone, we will be too.
More of society needs to care a little bit more about our planet because it is slipping through our fingertips and right out from under our feet. Earth day is a day to celebrate our home, the place that gives us life, place of beauty and wonder and awe. Take your own reusable grocery bags to the grocery store, and ride a bike or walk instead of driving.
Spread the message of Earth Day and be sure to partake in the celebration the next time April 22nd rolls around.

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