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The sentiment, “there are no zombies yet ” often rises in conversations, in books such as Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Guide,” and in products and services like the 10 that follow. Aside from any redeeming emergency preparedness effects of zombie prepping, some businesses might just be capitalizing on a trend. Check out some of the items you'll need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse below and click over to CNBC for the full guide.
According to the Hornady website , its Zombie Max ammunition and Z-Max bullets are “proven”—“Have you seen a zombie?” the text says, by way of backing up this claim.
The idea came from Hornady President Steve Hornady, who is a fan of zombie movies and TV shows.

But when it comes to products and services aimed at surviving a zombie apocalypse, reality doesn’t seem to matter.
An invasion of walking dead has gripped the public imagination and is busy chowing down on pop culture. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention got in on the fun last year with its Zombie Preparedness campaign, which it says began as a tongue-in-cheek campaign but proved an effective platform for educating about preparedness for all hazards.
For example, Sportsman’s Warehouse has a page dedicated to Zombie Survival products—consisting of everyday weaponry and outdoors gear. The site also has a disclaimer asserting that these live ammunition bullets are only for zombie use—never on human beings, plants, vegetables or minerals.

Earlier this year, firearms salesman John Murray explained to CNBC who these bullets are for.

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