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Global Thermonuclear War developer Henry Smith has been dobbed into the coppers after his letting agent became concerned he may be planning some sort of attack on the USA. You know how, right, you sort of live on the Internet in this highly-informed bubble where everyone has a basic understanding of technology (if not basic social graces)?
And then sometimes that bubble is punctured by meat space and you realise 99% of the world is populated by – by – muggles? Developer Henry Smith is hard at work on the project, and as a result of this has a white board in his house with a scribbled diagram of a European attack on the USA. The agent called Smith to discuss their concerns, and Smith explained the project and the sketch. You can visit Smith’s GitHub page to keep tabs on the project, or just go watch war unfold. But, on a more serious note, I suspect the reason nobody has done hard sims of nuclear war is because it wouldn't be interesting or fun. I think these are 'fun' to game partially because its a worse case scenario where the stakes are mind bogglingly high. It's not at all what you're looking for, but there's actually a pretty decent official Wargames game that came out for iOS a year or so ago.
And I honestly think that Crawford cribbed some of the ideas from that game and put them into Balance of Power. I found Bravo Romeo Delta and wow I need to find a guide or manual that convinces me there is a sim there and it isn't putting on a random display that seems like one. Ok so unfortunately no physical copy has arrived and of course that means no actual play has occured. One of the most interesting mechanics in the game is the SIOP and I wish more could have been done with it. If you go over to consimworld you can find Bruce and some aars of at least the game based on 1962 and probably this one as well. The computer error that indicated an American launch is believed to have taken place September 26 1983. Where they did get really nervous and depending on what account you believe, the closest we've been to a full on nightmare Cuba included, was during the Able Archer exercises in November.
Vyshka has pointed out that the designer has made a '62 version of First Strike adapted to the technology and political situation of that time. I got some time with Bravo Romeo Delta and my memory of it being not much of a game holds up. During my research I've heard rumor of a fantastic multi-faceted World War III game for A Sega system. I would still like to see something along First Strike lines or a successful Bravo Roneo Delta.
Academician Glazyev dissects the Association Agreement (AA) between Ukraine and the European Union, the last-minute rejection of which by President Victor Yanukovych in November 2013 triggered the coup process that ousted him three months later. A one-man project, it draws on Google Maps data to simulate an apocalyptic conflict between nations. The agent wasn’t satisfied, though, and later emailed Smith to say the matter had been referred to the police. Nobody is planning an intercontinental ballistic missile attack by Russia on Washington from a rented house in a Bristol suburb. You may choose to play either for the US or the USSR and the computer will play for the other side.

It seems like a pretty detailed and fairly thoughtful simulation of 'toe to toe nuklear combat with the rooskies' minus Slim Pickens.
Humanity's annihilation in a mushroom cloud of hubris, I can see how that would be distasteful but I take a pragmatic view and don't have any problem playing missile command. Not feeling too good about the victory I had but it did remind me of what a nice little experince DEFCON is.
It seems to give something of an overview as to how the game is played, and I intend to go back and watch the whole thing at some point. I got all the nations to get rid of their nuke's and all I got was fired because I pissed everyone one off because I made them get rid of their nuke's. The advantage of this golden age of gaming is that I have rifled through the virtual box so to speak by reading the rules and supplemental tables from boardgamegeek and consimworld.
I'm not exactly sure how to parse that but I'd say it's got about as much going on as maybe Twilight Struggle or similar designer game.
I don't know if I just can't learn things like I used to, probably, but it seems to be missing some clarity and the organization is a little spotty. It is a projection of the Northern Hemisphere with the north pole in the middle Russia on one side and the United States on the other.
Well maybe not, the rules do seem to make some kind of sense and it's begging me to play it and see how it turns out. The messy rulebook and DTP production values are slight obstacles that I hope won't impair the actual play too much but I think there's potential here. When you look at the player sheet you see that this particular SIOP when you fold in those optional ones gives you close to free reign.
No American missiles were approaching and the computer detection system was malfunctioning.
I am trying to remember if Rod Humble had at one point hinted about an air command game where you're some kind of Bloc commander fighting WWIII. The article by economist Glazyev, who was closely involved in Russian diplomatic and economic cooperation efforts with Ukraine in recent years, provides a unique window onto Russian strategic thinking about recent months' events in and around that country, viewed in terms of both the interests of Ukraine's population and Russia's own national security concerns. Your contributions enable us to publish, sponsor conferences, and support other activities which are critical interventions into the policy making and cultural life of the nation and the world. You are supposed to launch Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) at your opponent, who will respond in kind. It's also interesting to see what the designers do with victory conditions when pretty much every resolution is some degree of horrific. You researched and built specific weapon systems, played out global affairs, and eventually someone would get bored and push the button, at that point the game turned into a hex-based strategic wargame. I wish more of this would get ported over but in this tripple A time they wouldn't have compelling sales projections. The game is DTP or after I looked it up Desk Top Published so I am assumeing it doesn't have the benefit of editing and quality assurance that oh say GMT or Fantasy Flight would be able to provide. The options avalible are weighty and the victory conditions present an interesting goal to work toward.
Every weapon in the game is assigned to a SIOP you choose and along with it it's target package.
It was subsequently determined that the false alarm had been created by a rare alignment of sunlight on high-altitude clouds and the satellites' Molniya orbits. When mass destruction is not the most memorable thing about a nuclear war sim something has gone wrong.
I get the impression that the game is not focused on the actual nuclear war event as much as the leadup.

Apparently nuclear weapons were part of soviet doctrine at a tactical level and any outbreak of European hostilities had a good chance of seeing those weapons used.
The EIR version of this article has been substantially expanded, with the author's permission, using parts of his recent interviews in the Russian media to provide more in-depth discussion of Ukraine's economy, its history, and the author's view of the United States. I never got my head around it and I thought I would track it down again but considering its age I thought I'd let it go. I do have a fair ammount of experince with games in general and I'll provide some commentary but they'll only be best guesses at this point.
The choice seems appropriete given the scale of the conflict but it does seem to get crowded in Europe.
For instance you can select a SIOP that focused on Counter Force and you would have bombers and missiles targeting enemy airfields, silos and ports. I think they'll ultimately really only be useful if at all as a way for the player to restrict themselves, by maybe choosing a theater specific SIOP that doesn't reference others, as a way of negotiating limiting strikes. Sometimes ICBMs malfunction and detonate in the atmosphere or veer off course into other counties. But I would like to know if there are any out there taking a more hard sim kind of look at the subject.
You get to appreciate the differences between a SS-18, Minuteman II or III, B-52 'Buffs' and various other ICBMs,IRBMs, subs and bombers.
The rules do seem to make sense and while I had a little trouble with some concepts the general nature of actions and capabilities seemed intuitive. There's a hex overlay for the most part but within europe and some other areas the hex's get fudged into areas.
Or, you're behind and in the biggest FU to the world you choose that Counter Valance SIOP and turn cities into rubble.
Your score is the total number of people killed by the missiles, irrespective of nationality. Now this 'seems intuitive' to someone who played a lot of Microprose sims and is familar with wargames and some military hardware in general so take that how you'd like. You'll have large portions around the map mostly vacant but right there in Europe depending on how thick you make your counters, yep DTP means you get to figure out how to do that, you will have quite a few stacks.
You cannot attack a target not on your current SIOP and you cannot attack with a weapon platform not on your current SIOP. Will one notice they are horribly behind and decide thier best option is to perform a massive 'counter valance' strike and absolutely destroy civilian targets as they're going down. You are allowed to hide the SIOP by writing it down and once the attack is initiated then the SIOP revealed to ensure that it was a 'legal move. The SIOP mechanic starts to lose its significance when you learn that SIOPs can have other SIOPs mentioned as executable within them.
It then becomes a matter of selecting these more or less all encompassing SIOPs and you can pretty much attack as you like. Of course you can just go with the name of the game and on turn one pray you get initiative and level the opposing forces hoping to destroy enough to minimize the retailatory capability. Interesting ideas then you consider that people were actually trying to apply that in a real world situation. You can elect to openly declare your SIOP and if your opponent sees that you are willingly limiting yourself to a theater or to strategic targets that may do something for player to player negotiations.

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