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The difference between the two types of flour is in the percentage content of ash, that is the residue that remains burning the flour 550 degrees.
The strength of the flour is the ability to absorb water during the mixing phase in order to form the gluten and thus maintain the carbon dioxide that is formed during the leavening. To obtain a correct leavening, the final mixture before being rested for leavening, must have a temperature of 23-25 degrees, then the water to be used will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Stone-grinding occurs very slowly, crushing all the layers of the grain of rano that will not overheat and impregnates the flour with the oil of wheat germ, the best parts of the grain are preserved and give the pizza and bread to the full flavor of the bread once, further the slow grinding stone preserves all the nutritional quality of food. If you want to know more about the flour, consult the online encyclopedia wikipedia by clicking here.
Additionally, all photos that appear on this site are copyrighted by their respective owners.
Amidst our presidential primary races that can be so cantankerous, it is almost jarring when you come across gentleness and humility. The Greek word for gentleness contains undertones of yielding, kindness, patience, forbearance, and fairness. Jim, for over 40 years has been investing his time in coaching varsity girl’s softball at Carlmont High School.
Pat Gelsinger and his wife Linda are friends of PCC and God has called Pat to play on a whole different ball field than Jim. Throughout his storied Silicon Valley career, primarily with Intel, EMC, and now VMware, Pat has been an outspoken ambassador for our Savior.
This Sunday, Pat will kick off our Hope that Moves Series speaking on Hope for the Marketplace.
Whether it is on a softball field, in the technology field, or somewhere in between, God has called each of us to walk in gentleness. In studying the life of Jesus, you begin to see that the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-8) was central to His life, central to His teaching, and central to His ministry. Many experts would agree with me that this is a perfect summary of living the Christian life. For anyone who wants to understand what Jesus means by spiritual formation, the best place to start is the Shema of Judaism and His amended creed, found in Matthew 26:36-40. I look forward to this weekend and being led by and hearing how our team of 160+ students and adults lived Shema on their mission trip to Mexico.
April Event at the Network (20’s-30’s) – The Network Goes to the Giants Game, April 19! Congregational Meeting on May 11 Please save the date for our upcoming congregational meeting on Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00pm in the Worship Center. Before Our Very Eyes The PCC Mission Team would like to invite you to Redwood City’s Human Trafficking Awareness event, Before Our Very Eyes, on May 14.
I was humbled and grateful for the time and my final question was this: “Can I come back and glean further from your wisdom and experience?” He chuckled, made a self-deprecating comment, and welcomed me back anytime I wanted. And the chair relationship continued … there were memorable conversations in chairs on Catalina Island, in chairs at Starbucks, in chairs in my office, in chairs at the Community Center, in chairs in my home.
For a good part of a decade, when I was in the pulpit, Walt would sit in the pew and cheer me on through his countenance and after the service go out of his way to encourage me. As I write this from the chair in my office, I am aware that ours will still be a relationship of chairs, only Walt is occupying a chair with the great cloud of witnesses that Hebrews 12 speaks about. I am compelled to exhort us all to the lessons I learned from Walt: Love people, live authentically, side on the side of extravagant grace, laugh often, believe that God is a good, good Heavenly Father, and by all means, leave room in your life for an open chair! A celebration of Walt’s life will take place on Thursday, April 14 at 2:00pm at the Menlo Church. The choir singing on the patio; one man didn’t enter because he was enthralled with the choir and thought that was our Good Friday service. Communing as a body around the tables on Friday night and the prayer times I was able to experience with people. Entering the Gym in darkness on Sunday morning at 5:30am to pray with the team who would serve all day long producing five Easter gatherings.
Experiencing my first sunrise service – having the sun rise behind me as I spoke about the resurrection! Allowing the Word of God to do the work of God: watching God fill the room as we interacted around the theme of Hope That Moves. This Sunday I have the honor of wrapping up the Gospel of John study teaching in John 21:1-14! There have been a handful of times in my mere five decades of living that I have been overwhelmed at being face-to-face with unthinkable evil and atrocity. Many aspects of our time there were unnerving, but it was the Children’s Memorial that was my undoing that day. As our group left the Children’s Memorial and entered back into the sunlight, there were no words, no movement, mostly tears.
Most of you are reading this the day after another senseless terrorist bombing in Brussels. Once again on Good Friday, we will gather to reflect and experience the brutal death of our Lord, a death that we ironically call good. The bottom line is this, friends: Our hope is not found in some nebulous dream of world peace, nor given this election year, in the person we put in the White House!
The deepest longing of our soul is the all-satisfying love (translated above from the Hebrew word hesed in 107:1) of God – not in the abstract, but first-hand knowledge and experience, a tasting of God’s hesed, His fierce, loyal, and abundant commitment to our best. As we enter Holy Week and focus on the sufferings of Jesus, my dear brothers and sisters in the PCC community who lament, may we be a community of grace, truth, and comfort. This weekend we will be looking at the trials and sentencing of Jesus the night before He hung on Calvary. Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to him, went out and asked them, “Who is it you want?” “Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied.
This weekend we come to a hinge in the book of John and leave the upper room discourse that culminates in the longest recorded prayer of Jesus.
We are about two weeks away from Holy Week and I wanted to invite you now to be prepared to celebrate history’s greatest comeback!
Three events occurred in dramatic succession on that Easter weekend: the arrest and trials of Jesus, then the death of Jesus, and finally the resurrection of Jesus. While I cannot wait for Easter, I am consumed in planning this week for this Sunday and John 18 – looking at the arrest of Jesus.
Join us for one of the five worship gatherings on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the hope we have in Christ! Specifically designed for families with kids 3-10 years old, this Holy Week worship experience includes four stations: foot washing, art response, communion, and a garden prayer room.
Jesus, just hours before His arrest, told His disciples that very soon, their journey would take a decisive turn, He would no longer run the race as their pacer by their side.
A simple contrast between the disciples before Pentecost and after Pentecost gives us a glimpse. In short, the Holy Spirit plays an essential role in taking the raw materials of Gospel potential and turning them into the sweet fruit of Gospel impact. We see this throughout the Scriptures but perhaps nowhere more clearly than in the life of Peter, especially in Acts 2. The presence of the Holy Spirit leads to confidence and courage, even in the face of opposition. After the Holy Spirit fell from heaven upon that early group of 120 disciples, they all began to speak in foreign languages. So striking and loud (apparently) was this event that thousands of gawkers came running. This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. Last week, a disciple of Jesus disguised as an NBA basketball coach was given a national platform through bearing such fruit. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA basketball assistant coach Monty Williams’ wife, Ingrid, was killed in a car crash earlier this month in Oklahoma City. Last Sunday, we listened to and were challenged by Jesus’ teaching in John 15 and remaining in him.
This week we will pick up in Jesus’ Upper Room discourse and look at what Jesus taught about what one author called The Forgotten God – the Holy Spirit.
The centenary of this departure has already generated something of a media frenzy – and more than 60,000 spectators are expected this weekend. Readers may find this short list useful in retaining a grip on reality as the media storm begins to swirl around us. Despite the efforts of several prime ministers to direct our national gaze away from Gallipoli and towards the Western Front, or the fall of Singapore, the events at Gallipoli between April 25 and December 20, 1915 will remain the foundation of the Anzac tradition. This peculiarity of a national wartime experience is a fundamental reason why Anzac has been perpetuated. Anzac is iconically represented through the stereotype of the digger, initially the volunteer civilian foot soldier of the first world war. Whether in the past or the present, the digger is portrayed as a fierce but fair fighter, distrustful of military authority, inclined to larrikinism and, generally, a kind of improbable rough diamond. This will make no difference to the ongoing appeal of the digger for the broader Australian community because Anzac has always been a popular national as well as a military tradition.
Anzac is a cultural space in which otherwise awkward religious as well as emotional expressions are temporarily allowed.

But Anzac Day, like the national community that maintains it, otherwise refuses the public religious effusions favoured by many other nations in commemorating their war dead.
A far from comprehensive list includes returned soldiers, their families, friends and community affiliations, the military, federal and state politicians and historians. A truism has developed about the decline of Anzac from the late 1960s and into the early 1980s. This may be because people were reluctant to participate in the official, strongly militaristic display of Anzac, while the less formal “dawn service” retained much of its community appeal. This thesis remains to be tested but the same research also indicates some volatility in Anzac Day attendances between and during wars.
This apparent pedantry is another indicator of the emotional significance of the word and the concept.
We have been fighting over the significance, value and ownership of Anzac from its earliest development. Other conflicts have included whether or not businesses should be allowed to open and whether it is appropriate to play sports on Anzac Day. The need for commemoration of the war dead has always been matched by the need to celebrate the “birth of a nation”. From its inception, Anzac Day featured mourning and festivity in the somber morning observances followed by drinking, eating and two-up playing in the afternoon and evening. While “two-up” playing is possibly in decline, Anzac Day afternoons are nowadays characterised by sporting fixtures and frequent partying. Like Ned Kelly and Waltzing Matilda, Anzac is never going away, no matter how much some might wish it would. Do the holes in the banner carried by these Vietnam veterans during an Anzac Day parade in Canberra make any difference? The Irish government is presented with a difficult task of how to commemorate the Easter Rising, 100 years on. Sydney Ideas - What is a Teacher in the 21st Century and What does a 21st Century Teacher Need to Know? A few weeks before the beginning of each new school year my heart beats a little faster and the excitement builds. The main purpose is to always be ready if anytime you get new inspirations or ideas for your next designs or sketch design fashion 2013. With this operation determine various types of flour: Type 00 with lower ash, the type 0, type 1 and type 2 with an ash content higher. A strong flour produces a dough aciutto, elastic that does not stick to hands and can withstand long rising.
If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish for them to appear here please contact us and the images will be promptly removed. In the above passage, God calls us all to countercultural gentleness, but what does gentleness really mean? The gentle person Paul has in mind in Philippians 4:5 does not insist on his or her own rights or privileges. It is his conviction that God has called him to serve as the lead pastor of the 19,000 employees who call VMware home. It would have been the first verse he learned, a verse spoken over him multiple times a day as a child and spoken by him multiple times daily as an adult. Most, if not all, of the people who heard Jesus quote part of the Shema had repeated those words that very day. In these few sentences, we are given straightforward instructions on the most important parts when it comes to living out our Christian faith before our families, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the world.
As part of our BIG WEDNESDAY SERIES, five times a year VOWS, taught by Brian Rhen, provides an experience of teaching and couple time based on one of the five key vows. We will come together to vote on the nominees for the Leadership Team and our 2016-17 ministry budget. This is a morning set aside for people who are considering deepening their relationship with PCC through membership. Join other leaders, faith communities, and civic groups in actively responding to the injustice of Human Trafficking. Soon after I called Walt, who had recently retired from his long and successful tenure at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.
I marveled at Walt’s heart for ministry and have incredible memories of Walt and his wife Metta serving in and through our local schools.
He always would speak of grace, of his love for people, of his utter disbelief that God would use someone like him. There is a generation of men and women behind us all who would benefit from the relational investment we make in their lives.
In other words, the farther away from God we get and our culture gets, the less hope we have.
The last time I experienced this was in Jerusalem with members of our PCC community two years ago. The Children’s Memorial, hollowed out from an underground cavern, is a tribute to the approximately 1.5 million Jewish children who were murdered during the Holocaust.
After a while of silence and reflection, we boarded our bus and headed to the Garden Tomb, an authentic first century tomb in a garden like setting that is beautiful and tranquil. That and other headlines that fill our homepages have raised within me a compulsion for what awaits us all this coming weekend.
The degree to which we have known the presence and power of God’s love is the degree to which we get a sense for how devastating it must have been for Jesus to lament as He bore the judgment of God against sin. The physical pain was excruciating (literally!), yet it was nothing compared to the shock and horror of being forsaken, for the first time of His whole eternal existence, by His Father. When He said this He identified with all our laments, for underlying all our laments are two questions: “God, where are you?” and “God, if you love me, then why?” For the first time in all of eternity, Jesus felt the absence of the Father’s presence and the uncertainty of His love. May we step into each other’s laments, not to give answers but to lift each other into the presence of our Jesus, who lamented Himself and who, through His Holy Spirit, can alone bring comfort, perspective, hope, and healing. One commentator wrote that in Chapters 13-16, Jesus scattered the seed of His Word with the disciples, and in Chapter 17, He watered that seed with prayer!
In that one night, He was brought before Annas (the father-in-law of Caiaphas), Caiaphas (the high priest), the Sanhedrin (the religious Supreme Court), Pilate (the governor of Jerusalem), Herod (the governor of Galilee), and then back to Pilate. Can I encourage you to make what we are offering during Holy Week part of your Easter celebration plan? If you’ll be at one of the morning gatherings, click here to let us know which one you plan to attend.
Our desire is to help families encounter God as we remember the last events leading up to Jesus’s death and resurrection. A booklet and pen will be provided as the Holy Spirit guides you through ten designated spiritual experiences throughout the PCC campus. Yet by the end of Acts 2, they are well on their way!  And the reason is clear: the Holy Spirit had landed.
The presence of the Holy Spirit spurs Christians to stand up to those who would disparage truth and to stand up for the cause of Christ and the Gospel. The Spirit and Scripture always go together: the Spirit of truth breathes out the Word of truth.
The skill of turning a conversation to Christ, of turning any interaction into an opportunity to explain the Gospel – that’s an effect of the Holy Spirit. That is, a life that abides in Christ and allows the power of Jesus to grow His supernatural character through His followers in such a magnificent way that people take notice.
Ingrid died from injuries sustained when a car crossed over the median and hit Ingrid’s SUV. We use a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives licence, so you can republish our articles for free, online or in print.
Now, as we move towards the centenary of the Gallipoli landings on April 25 2015 we are gearing up for an extravaganza of Anzac-ery. The town was the last sight many young soldiers had of Australia before sailing to fight at Gallipoli.
Anzac is intensely connected with its origins at the Gallipoli landings and subsequent Australian experiences in the first world war, and in conflicts since. First, last, worst and the like have immense popular appeal and will be mercilessly exploited by all media. The military events that originated Anzac, and those that have since nurtured it, occurred mostly outside Australia. The emotional effect of the nation’s war dead lying elsewhere produces reverential pilgrimages, an annual spectacle and a massive national shrine. In the modern era these have tended to become idealised types, such as the French poilu or the British tommy. There are sacred (mostly but not solely Christian) elements at Anzac Day events, in the Australian War Memorial’s role as a national shrine and in memorial services in churches and other religious buildings around the country.
For all of its existence, Anzac has been deployed, manipulated, interrogated, attacked and defended by political, military, cultural and vested interests of all kinds. While the federal and some state governments were initially slow to appreciate the community power of Anzac, by about 1919 the message had been embedded and we have never heard the end of it.
Recent research suggests that while numbers participating in and viewing official marches and parades on April 25 fell away during this time, attendances at dawn services may not have declined to the same extent. The original term was a telegraphic address for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps – ANZAC. The organisation currently known as the Returned and Services League (RSL) made an early claim on ownership.
And there have always been controversies over the message of April 25 – does it glorify war and militarism or does it commemorate the sacrifices of the dead?
It would certainly be notable if we could get the balance right in the centennial celebrations and commemorations.
Some mothers are feeling guilt about not getting to every single thing all the way to the end.

We want our children to really learn what they are studying and gain skills for the future. As we journeyed through our home school years, I learned to lighten up and ask myself if my children were learning. Since I learned a long time ago that putting stuff like this on paper gets it out of my worrying head, I like to schedule the whole year out ahead of time. Each Sunday night or Monday morning, I look at our calendar and think about the different children, consider illness, my monthly cycle schedule, and other mitigating factors. I re-study Proverbs 31, 1 Corinthians 13, and some of my favorite teaching passages from Mason, Montessori, and Suzuki. What is more, people will easily notice you and your work or designs if you can create something different. In one case, you can make a signature from the pattern you always use in your designs or sketches. The flour is produced by grinding the wheat and we can easily distinguish it from flour (white and impalpable to the touch) for its characteristic straw color and increased grain size. This classification, drift gives a lege 2001, example: flour type 0 must have a maximum ash content of 0,65. The dough prepared with these flours give bulky products are characterized by a very large bubbles developed.
Pizza flour ideal is to use a type 0 good quality with at least one w 280, possibly with the addition of durum wheat semolina. Practical help on choosing the temperature of the water can come with reading of this article: The rule of 55. It is on the doorpost of every Jewish entryway, and many devout Jewish men have it placed in a small box (phylactery) strapped to their head.
It is the daily prayer of recommitment that has been recited morning and evening for many millennia by Jews all over the world. We will cover our mission, vision and values, denominational information and membership expectations. A Stephen Minister will meet with you once a week to listen to you, care for you, pray with you, and provide emotional and spiritual encouragement.
I just have this recurring vision of Walt, in whatever eternally outfitted body he now occupies, walking into the Grand Hall of Heaven, wide-eyed and soul-filled at the overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, repeating to himself, “I knew this would be good, but I had no idea it would be this good!” I see him clapping at the presence and sight of the Savior he loved so much.
Memorial candles, a customary Jewish tradition to remember the dead, are reflected infinitely in a dark and somber space, creating the impression of millions of stars shining in the firmament. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are needed this year more than ever, and I don’t want any of you to miss it. For many others and for me, it is this service on Good Friday that makes Easter Sunday so impactful. All lament should lead us to Jesus, in whom our sorrow and pain finds ultimate identification and hope. On the cross, the wrath of God was poured out on Jesus as the whole weight of the world’s guilt bore down on His shoulders. He could have stopped His arrest and trial at any moment; He knew He would be proven guilty and put on the cross – but He allowed it to happen. The spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude, reflection, prayer, Scripture reading, meditation, and journaling will be your means.
Read with me about the Pentecost experience and let’s learn how Peter (and we) live with an advantage because of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit works, we’re ready to forget the failures of our past and take on the day for Christ. After the segment aired, the ESPN SportsCenter hosts were in awe, and so were the NBA and multiple media outlets around the world.
The accident report said the other driver, who was traveling at 92 miles per hour in a 40-mile zone, swerved to avoid another vehicle and hit 44-year-old Ingrid’s car head-on.
The combined processes of official meddling, hype and community sentiment are already at work.
Subsequent conflicts, no matter how horrific or significant, only add greater lustre to the foundational event rather than displacing it. These all aim to compensate for the imperceptible but aching hollowness at the centre of the tradition. The Australian equivalent is the digger, whose image was based on the volunteer civilian foot soldier of the first AIF.
When the term passed into popular parlance, as it did fairly quickly, it became a proper noun. If we are always dragging the children through every book on the list to satisfy an imaginary deadline or an imaginary dictator, will they see education as a chore that must be finished or an excellent thing to pursue? Once again if Mother is being a drill-sergeant instead of a firm, kind encourager, she may not be building the type of relationship with her child that she wants for the long run. When I say this, I mean that we only need to answer to our own ideals or goals or what have you. Sure some days will not go as well as other days, but to spend our time re-making or second guessing our decisions again and again is a sure ticket to anxiety. I wona€™t brag about the cool schoolrooms of my past, because quite frankly, our studying is just as successful at the dining room table, on the floor, or on the couch. Reminding me of my eternal and earthly goals, these resources serve to bring an element of peace to my anxious mind. Every professional and well-known fashion designer always has his or her own characters after all. Contrary to what everyone believes, flour 00 is not the best, but depends on the quality of the grain which is produced, and the amount and quality of gluten (protein) that it contains. For fresh pasta is good to use a flour type 00 while for doughs for the fillings is preferable to use a type flour 00 with good strength w 250.280. They stand out with their consistency, smiles, generosity of spirit, and faithful, steady walks with our Lord Jesus.
A thought has dawned on me here in the Holy Land: should I not intentionally make the Shema central to my life as well?
And I can almost hear the applause of heaven from the many people Walt led to Christ who preceded him in death. The names of murdered children, their ages and countries of origin can be heard in the background. If Jesus was God’s answer to the laments of humanity, how did He end up in the most lamentable position of all?
In the coming weeks, we will enter into historical narrative, looking at the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. So Anzac is the correct form to use unless referring specifically to the original telegraphic address. But when there is no separate room, things can get to be quite a mess without some basic organization, habits, and rules. So about a week before we intend to have our first official day of a€?school,a€? I begin getting everyone up 5 min.
For some types of bread and for the fresh pasta that require a finer particle size, you use the semolina.
The greater the nutrients contained in the flour and organoleptic, and the greater the residual ash. I honestly forget the specific issue I was having, but some PCC members were upset with me and threatened to leave the church if I didn’t do such and such. As Peter reflected on the resurrection hope he mentioned that it is a hope that moves, a hope that is alive. The times are too desperate to play it safe – let’s be bold and invest in relationships and invite people to join us at one of our gatherings.
Others will passionately argue that this is not so and that ANZAC is the appropriate rendering.
It is better to learn a little bit of a variety of things really well than a whole lot of things in a vague sort of way. Here's why the flour type 00 is not the best, it does not contain the noble parts and nutritionally rich wheat grain, such as bran, the aleurone and parts of germ. After I laid out the whole situation, Walt, who was between bites of sourdough bread dipped in olive oil, looked at me and said, “That’s it?
While perfect execution is part of our goal, we want to achieve it through calmness and kindness not worry and strife. If you decide that 29 chapters of history instead of 32 is enough for your school year, so be it. Do we live in such a way that a son or a daughter may say, a€?I want to follow my dad,a€? or a€?I want to be like my mothera€?? Are you kidding me?” He then laughed (he had the best sense of humor!) and said, “Gary, you think that will do you in? Although we do not want to emulate the public schools or make excuses, we should remember a few examples from our old public school teachers. Unlike the book on the library shelf, the covers of which shield the contents, our lives cannot be closed. Let them infect another church with their venom.” He then proceeded to share with me from his wealth of wisdom about church dynamics and how I will never please everyone! Bringing their box into the dining room each morning, the children each kept their box in their bedroom closet. Montessori type equipment is stored on shelves in the childrena€™s rooms, dining room, or in a nearby closet.

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