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It’s accepted that Drive-by download attacks continue to be many attackers’ favorite type of attack. This is because the attack can be easily launched through injection of a malicious code to legitimate websites. In short, vulnerable computers can be infected with malware simply by visiting such a website, without attempting to download anything. New data and findings has high-lighted the relative prevalence of drive-by download sites, hosted different web server platforms. Certain representations made in the article via figures gives a fair idea of the concentration of drive-by download pages in countries and regions throughout the world at the end of first and second quarters of 2013, respectively. The Drive-by Download concentrations were tracked by Bing at the end of the second quarter of 2013. This TechNet article features steps for developers and IT Professionals to be taken for managing the risk related to drive-by download attacks.

Avoid browsing the Internet from web servers or using them to open email and email attachments. Register your site with Bing webmaster tools and Google Webmaster, so that search engines can proactively inform you if they detects something bad on your site. And finally, develop a habit of safe browsing and be selective about which sites you browse regularly.
Drive-by download attacks occur when vulnerable computers get infected by just visiting a website.
Once injected, malicious code may exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems, web browsers and web browser plugins such as Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash. Accordingly, the measures taken by the search engine to help protect users from drive-by download attacks include analysis of websites for exploits when indexing them and displaying warning messages when listings for drive-by download pages appear in the list of search results.

Web servers can be compromised if they are not kept updated with the latest security updates. Findings from latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report and many of its previous volumes reveal that Drive-by Exploits have become the top web security threat to worry about.
Even the EU cyber security group, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) agrees. But once it lands on your computer, it will contact another computer and pull the rest of the malicious coder to your system.

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