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What if you could effectively secure the entire production network, including your carrier network infrastructure, mobile, cloud, and video networks along with the data center and corporate IT environments? The growth of video, mobility, the Internet of Everything (IoE), and cloud services presents both business opportunities and security challenges. Legacy security approaches have not kept pace with evolving network architectures or the changing threat landscape. And point solutions limit integration, reducing security effectiveness by leaving gaps in threat visibility and correlation.
Cisco threat-centric security solutions are integrated within Ciscoa€™s open network architecture for service providers. Enhanced Agility: Get responsive security protection with rapid provisioning and automatic adjustments for changing workloads and threats. Reduced Expense: Cisco and our partners are integrating best-of-breed security services to reduce the burden of costly integration projects. Increased Revenue: As enterprises move to the cloud, service providers like you have an unprecedented opportunity to profit from the trend while better meeting your customersa€™ security, management, and budget requirements. Cisco threat-centric security solutions can enable service providers to enforce effective security everywhere across the production network and corporate IT.
Our advanced security solutions provide visibility and protection across your extended network - before, during, and after an attack. Our unique security approach delivers consistent security policy across physical, virtual, and cloud environments by combining the power of open and programmable networks with deep integration of Cisco and third-party security services. Additionally, you can extend these security capabilities as service offerings to your customers to strengthen their businesses and reduce demands on resources while protecting them from advanced threats before, during, and after an attack.
Security is a foundational building block of Ciscoa€™s open network architecture for service providers, including the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) and Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP), solving the security challenges that have plagued legacy architectures and have put service providers, customers, and their data at risk.
Cisco provides one of the industrya€™s most comprehensive advanced threat protection portfolios. Ciscoa€™s Firepower 9300 Security Appliance (Figure 3) is a carrier-class, multi-service security platform that is purpose built for service providers.
Cisco Cloud Security-as-a-Service solutions can help you offer cloud-based, CPE-based, and hybrid security services to multiple customers from one platform.
Cisco Hosted Security as a Service (HSS) Solution is based on a Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center (VMDC) architecture, which allows the service providers to deliver bundles of cloud services, including security, collaboration, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and application services. Cisco Virtual Managed Services Solution provides a rich set of secure cloud-based network services enabled via pre-packaged software over any access technology including: Cloud VPN, for automated and flexible delivery of secure virtual private network (VPN) and internet access services, complemented with an open, modular set of firewall, network address translation (NAT), intrusion protection, content filtering, and Web and email security applications. Cisco provides threat-centric security solutions that protect service provider workloads as they are provisioned and distributed across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
Threat-centric security solutions are available for Ciscoa€™s open network architecture for service providers, an architecture designed for web-speed agility with an open, elastic, and application centric network infrastructure that protects service providers and your customers from advanced threats. Recently the widespread fire of data breaches impacting privacy of millions of hapless people across the globe has become the stirring news. There was a common theme among all the recent data breaches shown below and that is the amount of time for initial detection, which is in weeks and months.
According to Verizon data breach report, 85% of cyber attacks compromised the network within minutes where as the detection of such attacks may take months and 59% attacks may not be able to contained for weeks or months even after detection. Next Generation Cisco Cloud Security 1.0 architecture answers the challenges service provider is facing today by bringing a continuous security model with next generation cyber threat management, complete end-to-end visibility, and guidance on industry regulatory compliances Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
Today, secure corporate networks require multiple layers of protection and implementation of a unified, system-wide, security strategy. The above layered approach provides continuous end-to-end patrolling of the entire data center to detect, monitor and remediate any cyber threat in a very timely and efficient manner. Cisco Cloud Security Architecture is built upon a robust well-proven virtualized multi-services data center (VMDC) infrastructure that on its own mitigates a lot of base security challenges, such as data and tenant segmentation, access control, and high availability.
Detect, analyze, and stop advanced malware and persistent threats across the attack continuum. Consistently enforce policies across networks and accelerate threat detection and response. Access global intelligence using the right context to make informed decisions and take fast, appropriate action. Cloud providers in a multi-tenant data center environments facing a huge challenge in terms of containing and remediation of a cyber threat even when they have end-to-end visibility. Cisco Cloud Security is a validated and tested end-to-end environment with key components such as, next generation firewall, Intrusion prevention system (IPS), Cyber Threat defense (CTD), centralized access control system (ACS) and Security Information and event monitoring (SIEM) system (Splunk). To prove this security architecture is the best of its breed, Cisco consult independent 3rd party auditor SecureState, to audit the deployment using combination of proven techniques and best practices and assess it against industry standard regulations, PCI 3.0, HIPAA and FISMA version 4. I would highly recommend you to please take a look at the design guide that will provide complete architectural details, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to achieve different compliances in the most efficient manner.
Some of the individuals posting to this site, including the moderators, work for Cisco Systems. Attend this free virtual conference on how to identify and develop risk management strategies specifically tailored to mitigate the threats your business will inevitably face.
This Virtual Conference focuses on the big changes impacting today’s cyber security practices. Join experts in the field as they discuss the impact that cloud computing, the deployment of the Internet of Things, BYOD, and the increasing reliance on advanced analytics and monitoring all have on today’s cyber security landscape. Session 1: Company Infrastructures are changing with the Cloud, Cyber attacks are on the Rise-Is it Time to Rethink Cyber security? Data has become as valuable as cash in the digital age, and dramatically increased cybercrime threats have forced companies to rethink cybersecurity processes to protect their assets.
Advanced cyber criminal threats have led to an increase of InfoSec events being captured and analyzed.
This dramatic increase is forcing organizations to automate their InfoSec monitoring and alerting platforms. It is now critical for organizations to automate and analyze their monitoring and analytics platforms in near realtime.
Today, we are standing at the doorstep of Internet's next big evolutionary leap, namely the Internet of Things (IoT).
Although threat intelligence networks have been around for years, with an annual growth rate estimated as upwards of 50%, they’ve recently reached an inflection point.
The explosion of new entrants, plus the shift from threat intelligence to threat, risk and compliance intelligence is causing many organizations to reassess their providers.
Session 1: Companies infrastructures are changing with the Cloud, Cyber-attacks are rising.  Is it time to rethink cybersecurity?
Describe the virtual conference experience.You (and several hundred of your peers) will enter a vibrant interface to experience expert informational sessions, peer interaction and the sharing of technology solution insights. How will I be reminded of the seminar?We don't want you to miss this live interactive broadcast. What will I get from this virtual seminar?Walk away with proven techniques from top experts on managing enterprise risk for improved results.
To attend this event you will need a Windows PC with Internet Explorer 7.0 (minimum), Firefox 10 or 11, or Google Chrome 18. Attention Internet Explorer 10 Users: A browser setting change is required before accessing your CPE Certificate.

A resource center, complete with additional information and materials such as white papers, ISACA Journal articles and speaker materials, will also be available.
Exhibit Hall—Stop by vendor booths to learn more about products and services important to you and your organization. Auditorium—Make yourself comfortable in a virtual auditorium where speakers and presentations take place. CPE Information—Complete the Post-Event survey and learn how you can earn your CPE Certificate. THIS WEBSITE USES INFORMATION GATHERING TOOLS INCLUDING COOKIES, AND OTHER SIMILAR TECHNOLOGY. ThreatStream’s approach is simple: leveraging data science to map out the relationships between adversaries and targets in real-time creating a feed of actionable intelligence that can be fed back to existing security defenses to have real-time awareness of the external threat landscape. We don’t believe Cyber Criminals should have the advantage in the war against your information. We further believe that in order to defend against modern cyber attacks you must react as quickly as the attacker. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Grappling with large volumes of surveillance video footage, public-safety agencies seek new storage solutions to keep pace with growth. HPE networking switches offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity that dramatically reduces network complexity and lowers cost of ownership. Cisco® Meraki® access points are high-grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience. This e-mail is intended for the purposes of researching or purchasing products for sale by CDW.
In addition to offering an unprecedented network visibility foundation, a NGFW must also be threat-centric to stop advanced, multi-vector threats, both known and unknown.
This means offering integrated threat defense for better control to combat these attacks across the attack continuum—before, during, and after an attack. In complex environments, delivering integrated threat defense means ensuring that best-in-class capabilities, such as third-party tested and market-leading Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), and URL filtering work together to protect against threats coming from multiple vectors.
Other NGFWs have not offered best-in-class network security capabilities in their devices, but rather, rudimentary versions of them. Integrated threat defense integrates across a complete range of security layers detailed in the diagram. Layering these capabilities together with intelligence and contextual awareness between security layers across the network and endpoint enables users to detect and protect against multi-vector threats. These threats are often difficult to detect since they combine multiple threat characteristics that bypass traditional security measures (for example, a threat can originate from a malicious IP address, propagate through risky application, and contain a zero-day threat).
NGFWs must now be adaptive and threat-focused with superior threat protection across the full attack continuum.
Enterprise-class granular AVC, oversees 3,000+ applications and uses risk-based controls that invoke custom-tailored IPS threat detection policies.
When considering threat-centric network security, it is vital to understand how devices fare in third-party testing to understand if they are market-leading—Cisco brings extensive leadership in threat and malware security effectiveness. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services provide administrators with the integrated threat defense required to protect organizations from evolving threats. Ciscoa€™s Threat-Centric Security Solutions for Service Providers gives you the solutions to do so. To monetize the new opportunities, youa€™re adopting open and programmable network architectures that increase your business agility and lower your costs. Until now, the only viable security approach for service providers has been deployment of scalable point solutions.
This makes it very challenging to ensure that sophisticated threats are identified, contained, and remediated without inhibiting service delivery, network flexibility, speed or scalability. Our solutions help service providers to deliver web-speed agility with an open, elastic, and application centric network infrastructure that protects Service Providers and their customers from advanced threats. By allowing security to dynamically follow workloads and data flows, you can take full advantage of open and programmable networks and avoid the problems traditional security service silos present. Our dynamic orchestration eliminates todaya€™s need for over-provisioned, siloed, and manually administered security services. You can deliver effective, differentiated, security-enabled services to customers to create incremental revenue streams.
You can strengthen and automate your threat intelligence to detect, analyze, and respond to attacks as workloads are dynamically provisioned and shifted across topologies. Our threat-centric and operational approach to security reduces complexity, while providing superior visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection across the extended network and the entire attack continuum. It provides tight integration of best-of-breed security applications from Cisco and third parties, unprecedented performance and scaling, and advanced orchestration and management.
You gain economy of scale by operating services for multiple customers from a multitenant service-delivery platform that can reduce expenses while maintaining competitive prices and offering new revenue-generating services.
Cisco HSS helps you to host and operate virtual security appliances in the cloud to deliver managed security services and offer multiple services - such as email protection, web protection, and firewall services - to each business customer from a single multitenant service delivery platform. And Cloud Security, for open, modular delivery of hosted firewall, NAT, intrusion protection, content filtering, Web and email security applications that your business customers access via your wide-area network (WAN) and data center interconnect (DCI) infrastructure. With consistent security policy and orchestration across topologies, Cisco and third party partners can deliver highly-effective security in open and programmable networks. The days of over-provisioned, manually configured, and siloed security services are coming to an end.
This spree of cyber attacks unveiling the fact that information security industry, organizations and even governments are vulnerable to today’s persistent, well-organized and sophisticated cyber threats.
This will provide step-by-step guidance on how to protect, detect, monitor, remediate, and contain any cyber threat in a timely manner without affecting the services of other tenants. To earn points and badges for participating in the conversation, join Cisco Social Rewards. Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not of Cisco. The reason is clear: cloud and mobile are radically transforming both the work and IT landscape.
The day’s agenda is expressly designed to identify and develop risk management strategies specifically tailored to mitigate the threats your business will inevitably face. As cyberattacks continue to threaten companies and individuals all over the world, the call has grown louder for the development of international cybersecurity regulations and standards.
Traditional approaches to InfoSec monitoring and analytics have failed because businesses are moving faster than ever - IT, InfoSec, and IT Audit teams can't keep up with the new cadence business drivers are setting. One would expect that in integrated systems that operate so closely with man, security would be a fundamental design decision. These networks provide, typically as a subscription service, InfoSec professionals with advanced warning on emerging threats and their signatures.
As companies shift from worrying solely about threats to considering the broader issue of risk and risk management, these networks are evolving to the next level.
This session sorts through the different categories of providers, from pure-play vendors to services emerging from more traditional vendors.

Attend sessions with security and compliance experts, visit vendor booths for product information and speak with representatives to answer your questions, download background information on enterprise risk management best practices, and interact with your peers. We will send you email reminders with a link to the environment the day before and the morning of the event, and an Outlook calendar invitation to block out the time on your schedule. This is a great venue to network with hundreds of peers and leading information systems experts, as well as ISACA staff.
Start a discussion, meet new people or capture the latest information from your peers in this live, dynamic environment.
To combat this growing problem, we created the first platform (Optic) to combine the latest in security data analytics with the power of community to create the largest and most actionable set of vetted cyber threat intelligence in the world.
Our latest tool (Optic Link™) connects rich, cyber threat data from the Optic platform into your existing tools and infrastructure thus bringing real-time intelligence into your existing security infrastructure. Cisco's Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the industry's first fully integrated, threat-centric NGFW. The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage and fewer support calls.
Cisco's advanced threat-centric approach to security covers the entire attack continuum — before, during and after an attack. In addition, these solutions are poorly integrated and cannot share intelligence between security layers, making advanced threat detection and remediation difficult, if not impossible.
Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services integrates trusted ASA firewalling, granular application visibility and control (AVC), reputation- and category-based URL filtering, AMP, and Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS), to provide comprehensive protection from known and advanced threats. Industry-leading FirePOWER Next-Generation IPS provides comprehensive threat prevention and full contextual awareness, as we have discussed in other posts, to detect and stop multi-vector threats and automate a defense response.
In our case, we provide industry-leading security effectiveness in stopping advanced malware, enabling organizations to discover, understand, and stop emerging, persistent threats missed by traditional security defenses.
This integration even extends to correlating Indicators of Compromise across endpoints and networks—no other solution provides this comprehensive capability. The final blog in the series will discuss how this threat-centric platform also meets the third NGFW Platform requirement—platform-based. Our unique approach to security delivers consistent security policy across physical, virtual, and cloud environments by combining the power of open and programmable networks with deep integration of Cisco and third-party security services. But cyber adversaries are exploiting the growing attack surface presented by new services, expanded network connections, and device proliferation.
But this siloed approach is costly and hinders the dynamic protection of workloads and data flows across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Ciscoa€™s Cloud Security-as-a-Service solutions offer best-in-class, flexible, and scalable private, public, and hybrid cloud security services to help you achieve faster time to value and rapidly provision differentiated security services to your customers.
Consistent, central policy management reduces risk, lowers operational costs and capital expenditures on infrastructure. This product delivers high performance and scalable security including Cisco ASA firewalling, along with Cisco Next Generation IPS, Cisco AMP, and Radware DDoS mitigation (available by end of 2015), and additional best-of-breed Cisco and third party security services in the future. We are the first vendor to tightly integrate both our own and partner best-of-breed security services into a carrier class, Network Equipment Building System (NEBS)-ready platform. Security is a pillar of our EPN and ESP capabilities for service providers, enabling the full realization of open and programmable networks to enhance security, reduce costs, and enable new revenue streams.
Without any contextual information, it is very complex and difficult, if not impossible to detect, contain and mitigate any cyber threat within a short amount of time before it contaminates and paralyzes the entire data center.
The content is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by Cisco or any other party. Change of this scale and pace is hard to manage—and from a cyber -security standpoint, this altered IT infrastructure arrives in an era of attacks that are at once more sophisticated and more ruthless than ever. Uniform regulations are hard to come by, however, primarily due to discrepancies between cyberprotection interests on the global stage.
Additionally, bloated legacy IT systems are anchored to lightweight cloud instances, which add an additional burden to IT, InfoSec, and IT Audit practitioners because having complete visibility into actions that are performed using traditional InsoSec solutions is almost impossible. Yet, we are confronted again with a security paradox: the IoT user is tempted to place his faith into a system that is insecure from its foundations. Many vendors and providers are jumping into the space, or modifying their existing offerings to provide insight into the risks posed by various threats, including the risk of noncompliance.
This critical step improves the operational efficiency and relevancy of your current security technologies and strengthens your defenses for the future.
With it, you can deliver unified security software from just one console, so that you can better protect your customers and their employees in this mobile world. Its reputation- and category-based URL filtering offers comprehensive alerts and control over suspect web traffic, and enforces acceptable use policies on hundreds of millions of URLs in over 80 categories.
AMP was also recognized for delivering leading security effectiveness and TCO in recent Breach Detection System testing conducted by NSS Labs – besting established sandbox providers. Cloud Security as-a-Service Solutions allows service providers to deliver highly cost-effective managed security services to customers who face challenges with maintaining a secure infrastructure, complying with regulatory requirements, and controlling costs - and who experience a shortage of security expertise. This includes our proven threat-centric security solutions, which provide unprecedented performance and scaling, deep threat correlation and integration, and advanced orchestration and management from a multi-service and multi-vendor security platform. While governments all over the globe continue to debate potential cybersecurity laws, the public and private sector pursue processes and strategies to protect online data.
A system in which every notion of security, has been applied as a quick-fix to serve the needs of a totally different ecosystem than the one it was originally intended to. Open source integration with Snort and OpenAppID enables access to community resources and allows customers to easily customize security to address new and specific threats and applications quickly. For several consecutive years, these technologies have consistently achieved top performance results from NSS Labs for their exceptional protection, security effectiveness, performance and TCO.
By adopting a managed security service based on Cisco solutions, you can help customers reduce their IT security costs and provide always-up-to-date security protection while offloading security management operations. This talk attempts to highlight the necessity for security being an integral design tenet in IoT. These capabilities are foundational components of the architectures organizations must have in place as they adopt cyber resilience strategies. By posting you agree to be solely responsible for the content of all information you contribute, link to, or otherwise upload to the Website and release Cisco from any liability related to your use of the Website. In this session, learn how digitization is changing businesses' cybersecurity strategy and how your company can efficiently adapt existing infrastructure to protect vulnerable data.
Moreover, it offers thoughtful insights into how IoT security differs from the conventional Internet security and finally provides pointers to where IoT security research needs to be focused. You also grant to Cisco a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and fully-paid, transferable (including rights to sublicense) right to exercise all copyright, publicity, and moral rights with respect to any original content you provide. Access to the internet using high-speed access (Cable, DSL, Network) is highly recommended for the overall environment and required for all presentations.
On entering the seminar, a system check is run to identify computer requirements essential to interact with the virtual conference.

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