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A Beautiful Planet review: Life in space shot by astronauts in IMAX… what more could you want? Back in the early days of computing, the most common way to get a computer virus was by sticking a compromised floppy disk into your PC. That’s the world from Bastille, a cyber security startup that believes it found a critical flaw with today’s wireless rodents, Reuters reports. Newlin and Balint Sabeer, another researcher with Bastille, set out to see how far away they could be from one another while still hacking the other person’s system. As Newlin explains it, an attacker could send data to a wireless mouse’s dongle that spoofs the mouse but is actually a keyboard.
This only works wireless mice that connect via a USB dongle; Bluetooth rodents aren’t susceptible.
Microsoft takes a mulligan Seemingly out of nowhere, Microsoft earlier this week quietly added an entry to one of its support pages announcing that it was no longer accepting Bitcoin currency for purchases in the Microsoft Store.
Original Post by Paul Lilly, Reposted Courtesy of Maximum PC – Covering everything from hi-end gaming PCs to tablets, peripherals and home theater rigs, Maximum PC’s print and Web editions stay one step ahead of the fast-changing world of everything computer and computing related. The latest addition to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Surveillance Self-Defense series is a set of tools and instructions aimed specifically at LGBTQ kids, who have unique threat models (being outed) and adversaries (homophobic friends, parents, pastors). EFF's guide gives already marginalized and threatened kids the ability to explore information related to LGBTQ issues with a much lower risk of censorship (by parental or school censorware, which typically blocks information related to sexuality) and discovery by snoops. Tips and tools to help you more safely access LGBTQ resources, navigate social networks, and avoid snoopers. If you lack proper support and access to LGBTQ resources, this guide teaches you how to explore such resources online in a safer way to help avoid accidental outing to your peers, family, or online advertisers as a result of online tracking or nosy snoopers.
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Sponsored by NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division Defense Against Terrorism program of work, the exercise, held 20-23 March at La Spezia, Italy, focuses on the protection of military forces, shipments, and critical civilian infrastructure in ports and harbors during times of high threat alert.
NURC has developed computer models of new and existing technologies proposed for safely enforcing security stand-off zones on the waterside in ports. Ships and aircraft from the Royal Australian Navy and Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) have completed the bilateral Exercise NICHI GOU TRIDENT off the coast of New South Wales.
The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor opened the 2016 international shipping season today with the arrival of the M.V.
Guidance Notes and Guide provide information for choosing monitoring techniques and insights for achieving classification.
The security of information systems (IS) depends on many factors, however, numerous technical advances alone cannot always create a safe and secure environment.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. But in the Internet era, remote hacks are all the rage, and it turns out your wireless mouse could be yet another vector for attack. The flaw is that wireless mice from companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Amazon, and others don’t take advantage of encryption.
This would be the same as if the attacker was sitting at your computer typing on the computer,” said Marc Newlin, a security researcher at Bastille. If the attacker then sent keystrokes at 1,000 words per minute—easy with a macro— it could take control of the PC or infiltrate the network within just a few seconds.
Bastille says that some companies are now pushing out firmware updates to prevent these types of attacks, though the bigger issue is the need to rethink cyber security to take into account all wireless traffic.
Hard-drive maker Seagate Technology said on Tuesday that it now has the speediest solution to date. Whether its the latest on building your own desktop system, reviews of the latest laptops and accessories, or roundups of the games and software that make your machine go, Maximum PC brings it to you with news, reviews, and years of expertise.

Using serious gaming with cutting-edge modeling and simulation methodologies and technologies, the Centre’s cadre of scientists and engineers address emerging security challenges and anticipate solutions which will enable Smart Defense through better cooperation and interoperability. These technologies will be exercised in dynamic attacker-defender tactical vignettes, played in a virtual port environment. Security incidents related to patients’ data in healthcare organizations continue to increase due to human behaviors causes serious concerns. TechnoBuffalo is thrilled to bring you the best of Maximum PC right here on our own pages to keep you immersed in all things digital. HTP2E will develop concepts of use for the new technologies and will provide a preliminary assessment of their overall effectiveness in realistic action. This study attempts the exploration of security culture in Health Information Systems (HIS). The scope of this paper is confined to the literature review on existing models on security culture. A conceptual model was constructed in identifying the antecedents that could influence security culture in HIS security effectiveness. We found that education and training, and communication may contribute towards a more effective implementation of security culture for HIS users. This in-progress work will then proceed to the next phase in evaluating the proposed model. In: Information Security South Africa (ISSA), Johannesburg, South Africa, July 10-12, 2002, pp.

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