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A problem with physical data security begins when users forget to adequately protect these devices. If you store, transmit, or process sensitive data on a device, you will be held liable if any of that sensitive data is lost.
If there is a compliance guideline behind that data, serious repercussions, including financial penalties could arise. Consider implementing these basic physical security guidelines to your business strategy to protect trade secrets, customer data, and your business.
The best way to control the physical threat is through a physical security policy, which includes all the rules and processes involved in preserving the business. Not allowing devices to go home with their users is an important step to keeping data out of the hands of criminals.
Another solution you might consider is attaching external GPS tracking technology on all laptops, tablets, external hard drives, flash drives, and mobile devices. It’s crucial to document the who, what, when, where, and why of device use to determine the responsible party if data is lost. Oddly enough, it’s also recommended to document what sensitive data your business is trying to protect.
While you care about customer card information, patient data, or your own proprietary data, your employees may not. If a man walked into your storefront and told you he was there to work on your network and needed you to lead him to the server room, would your employees think twice to further identify him and verify his presence?

David Ellis (GCIH, QSA, PFI, CISSP) is Director of Forensic Investigations at SecurityMetrics with over 25 years of law enforcement and investigative experience. He’s such a bad father that he got custody of all three of his children because his former wife had SEVEN kids ALL of which have been taken from her. Anyone that believes that he is anything other than a very mentally ill dangerous person does not know him .
Hahaha his first woman has had all SEVEN of her kids taken from her and you can’t count her jail stints!!! For many organizations such as a local restaurant or clinic, these devices help provide quicker access to information, transactions, and services than ever before. According to Healthcare IT News, 9 of 10 of the largest Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data breaches were caused by physical security issues. Standards like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) or HIPAA include such data protection requirements and consequences for mishandling sensitive information. If you keep confidential information, products, or equipment in the workplace, keep these items secured in a locked area. Many hotels keep binders full of credit card numbers behind the front desk, or piled on the fax machine, for easy reservations access. Some healthcare offices require their employees to check out a tablet each morning and return it to a locked safe at day’s end. Items that should be documented include a list of authorized users, locations the device is assigned or is not allowed, and what applications are allowed to be accessed on the device.

Obviously, that must also be protected, and strict controls must be placed to allow access only to authorized users. A social engineer uses social interaction to gain access to private areas, steal information, or perform malicious behavior…and your employees fall for their tricks more often than you think. He has no regard for the emotional damage he has inflicted on his children and selfishly continues to inflict.
He’s done more than anyone I know to support his meth head mother in law and father in law with vehicles et al, when neither have worked for GOD knows how long. Unfortunately, that also means the collection of files is easy access to anyone within arms reach of the front desk or fax.
I even gave her mother a van once not to mention all the vehicles Cody has bought for them. Oh, and speaking of terrorist threats, Pam, Emily’s mother recently made the comment that if she had a gun, she would go shoot Cody herself. Train employees to stop and question anyone who does not work for the company, especially if the person tries to enter back office or network areas.
How many times has Cody had chain saws, tools and other equipment stolen by people he trusted and rather than go through all the hassle of pressing charges, he just wrote it off?

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