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A tree expert has said the biggest threat facing UK trees is likely to come from a disease currently unknown to science.The warning came as a leading UK citizen science programme launched a tree health monitoring project.
Britain's population of 80 million ash trees provides shelter and food for a wide range of wildlife, mostly birds and insects.
A rich ground layer beneath the ash means plenty of food for birds such as warblers, flycatchers and redstarts. The brown hairstreak butterfly, the largest of the UK hairstreaks, is also a frequent user of the ash. The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) wants the government to go further and ban imports of the three tree species, all of which have been the victims of potentially devastating infections overseas. There are no plans to make immediate redundancies at high street chain BHS after it fell into administration, business minister Anna Soubry has said. In perhaps her most stark message yet, British Home Secretary Theresa May warned that Britain is facing its greatest terrorism threat in its history. The new bill, introduced last week and touted as being tough, will be brought forward in order to try to stamp out home-grown extremism.
Since the attacks on July 7, 2005, about 40 terrorists plots against British targets have been disrupted by the police and intelligence services, May said.
The message from May today was clear: The country is engaged in a struggle that is being fought on many fronts and one that will go on for many years. The motorcycle decals are designed for outdoor use, screen-printed with fade resistant inks on top quality clear vinyl, die cut to the exact shape of the designs.
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Our Lethal Threat motorcycle stickers fit every type of motorbike - touring bikes, cruiser motorbikes, sport bike motorcycles, Vespa scooters, and many more. Our decals are printed on high performance vinyl, screen printed with fade resistant inks to withstand all weather conditions and then thermal die cut to the exact shape of the design to give a painted on appearance once applied.
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There are also vinyl decal glue available from your hardwares store my manufacturers such as 3M. Five British yachtsmen held for a week in Iran after their boat drifted off course, have been released. During negotiations for their release, a court on the other side of the world handed down 25-year sentences to the Burmese killers of an East Sussex businessman murdered in Thailand on a round-the-world yachting trip. He and his wife Andrina, 72, were on the homeward leg of a 12-year round-the-world voyage in 2002 when armed robbers boarded their yacht.
And in 2001, the champion sailor Sir Peter Blake died at the hands of Amazon pirates who boarded his yacht. Climate change poses as grave a threat to the UK's security and economic resilience as terrorism and cyber-attacks, according to a senior military commander who was appointed as William Hague's climate envoy this year. He argued that climate change was a potent threat multiplier at choke points in the global trade network, such as the Straits of Hormuz, through which much of the world's traded oil and gas is shipped. Morisetti left a 37-year naval career to become the foreign secretary's special representative for climate change, and represents the growing influence of hard-headed military thinking in the global warming debate. The link between climate change and global security risks is on the agenda of the UK's presidency of the G8, including a meeting to be chaired by Morissetti in July that will include assessment of hotspots where climate stress is driving migration. He said governments could not afford to wait until they had all the information they might like.
The increased threat posed by climate change arises because droughts, storms and floods are exacerbating water, food, population and security tensions in conflict-prone regions.
There is a reason why the military are so clear-headed about the climate threat, according to Professor John Schellnhuber, a scientist who briefed the UN security council on the issue in February and formerly advised the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.
The military has been quietly making known its concern about the climate threat to security for some time. Morisetti said there was also a direct link between climate change and the military because of the latter's huge reliance on fossil fuels. Morisetti's former employer, the Ministry of Defence, agrees that the climate threat is a serious one. Quote: Originally Posted by WalterThe farce is that people think we can do anything about it and that it's mostly our fault.So climate change is a farce because some people say we can do stuff about it and it's mostly our fault?
Quote: Originally Posted by L GilbertWho says it's mostly our fault?You just learn how to read? You're wasting your time petros they don't believe the sun has anything to do with climate change, they're totally hooked on cow farts as the reason. The rising sea level is pure BS and they have change labled a problem in a dynamic ecosystem. Quote: Originally Posted by petrosGo ahead, push the button but be ready to esplain jorself pendajo. Hand flapping and running around going OMG OMG OMG!?The ozone traps green houses gases, which traps moisture, by your theory the ozone is weaker and should exhaust some of that heat into space..

Tree officers suggest urban trees, already under stress from city living, are among the most susceptible.
The species' loosely-branched structure means plenty of light reaches the woodland floor, allowing a variety of plants to grow beneath them. Norfolk’s Lower Wood, in Ashwellthorpe, famous for its spring display of bluebells, is among those areas where ash dieback disease has been discovered. Hole-nesting birds, such as owls, woodpeckers and the nuthatch, are also frequent visitors.
It includes a set of new measures to prevent radicalization, making conditions difficult for extremists to operate, giving the government greater power to disrupt those wanting to travel abroad to countries such as Iraq and Syria to fight. The threat level was raised from "substantial" to "severe," meaning an attack on home soil is highly likely. AtTankpads24 we can provide you with a huge variety of vinyl stickers and decals for your motorcycle, motorbike, ATV, dirt bike, quad or car. We sell stickers and decals for Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Ducati Motorcycle, Triumph etc. Lethal Threat decals are made in the USA, our Blue Moon Graphix range is made in the UK and Germany.
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And talks continue to secure the release of Paul and Rachel Chandler, kidnapped by Somali pirates in October.
The Gulf of Aden leads to the Suez Canal, the shortcut between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean. They were 30 miles off the east coast of Somalia when two boats pulled up alongside and 12 men clambered aboard to loot the vessel, taking valuable equipment and $1,000 in cash.
America's top officer tackling the threat from North Korea and China has said the biggest long-term security issue in the region is climate change. The science is pretty clear, we are causing it and we could do something about it, but because of the farcical politics we're unlikely to.
If I had known there was this many stupid people I would have bought carbon credits soon as and unloaded them faster on the demented greenhouse gasbags so they could save a planet that don't know they exist. Last year's arrival of ash dieback threatens to change the nation's treescape forever, ecologists say."Firstly, it is important to say that is very difficult to prioritise what are the main threats," explained David Slawson, head of plant health public engagement at the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera).
Because ash bark is alkaline, the trees also support a wide range of lichens and mosses and attract snails. Because ash is very long-lived, it can also support specialist deadwood species, like the lesser stag beetle. All decals are manufactured to the highest standard, designed to last 3-5 years in outdoor life.
The aim is to heat up both the surface of the sticker as well as the glue underneath it – ideally to a temperature so that both can be removed simultaneously when you peel off the decal.
He penned a hugely influential account of this journey, Sailing Alone Around the World, fuelling countless fantasies of life on the high seas. The pair, experienced sailors who have lived on their yacht for several years, were 400 miles off the troubled nation's coast when their attackers struck. Going the long way around means trading the threat of pirates with the perilous buffeting of the Cape of Good Hope. Because there are so many clues from all over the world, we know that climate change is already happening today. Just as backpackers have a round-the-world route that tends to start in Europe before taking in Asia, the Antipodes and the Americas, so the sailing fraternity has its global circuit - only the other way around. On Wednesday, after a week in custody, Iran freed a five-man British crew who had strayed into their waters while taking a racing yacht from Bahrain to Dubai. Seasoned travellers have long relied on Foreign Office advice to help them decide which countries are too dangerous to set foot in.
From November to April, a stream of yachts cross from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean before the hurricane season starts up in May.
Why should I go looking to find stuff you are too lazy to find in order to back up your statement?I give up. When you come into a port you are not treated as a tourist by locals, you are a sailor and they respect that.
Those who cruise the tropical isles before returning to the UK via, perhaps, the Azores, face little risk from pirates these days. As well as pirates, the Red Sea is notorious for its vicious headwinds and perilous shoals. You are also part of an amazing community - every other long-distance sailor is your friend. But those pressing on are cautioned of recent piracy attacks off the coasts and on rivers of some South American countries. The Foreign Office advises sailors to steer clear of the heavily militarised waters off Israel and Gaza.
There be piratesSo why do people risk everything to traverse the open seas, especially when it's quicker, easier and probably cheaper to go by air?

Not even a nasty run-in with pirates has put John Cossey, 77, of Cornwall, off long-distance sailing. Below is a selection of your comments.When you consider the number of private yachts sailing around the world, the number of boats actually attacked is very small. I was on a boat that was attacked in this way at an anchorage on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico in 1985. When sailing in the Third World, I would highly recommend maintaining an anchor watch day and night.
Once the pirates have got on board, you've had it - you have to stop them from boarding in the first place.
For those that do not understand, you go prepared for what the sea and wind might do, you mistrust electronics, you trust in your own judgement and believe in and love your boat.
In all that time I never heard much about piracy except for a little of it in the China Sea. Now I see ex-special forces men making fortunes from protecting rich people in a new, growing business for them and the pirates. Meantime, huge amounts of taxpayers' money is being spent in official military deployment of naval and air forces of numerous nations. Until there is political will to put a stop to this with force, it will grow and grow, because crime does pay. To save some money, lone sailors and would-be world sailing tourists should be barred from any area where pirates are active. Jim Currie, Funchal, PortugalThe vast majority of recreational sailors, when they set off into the wide blue yonder, try very hard to be self sufficient and wouldn't call for help unless it was really necessary, and are generally very responsible people. MartynG, HarpendenIt is one of my life passions to go sailing, and I intend to accomplish it even though I'm a student without funds at the moment. The feeling that you get from it is amazing, but I don't intend to go around the world - too risky.Grace, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaI am a life long sailor (albeit inland, right now) and in a few years expect to cut the dock lines and sail the oceans. I hope to never need the assistance of the RNLI, US, Bahamian Defences, US or British Navy or US Coast Guard. However, if I do need help I expect it from good people and governments that understand that the oceans should not be ruled by thugs and pirates but by law-loving peoples of the world. We all must stand up for lawful and peaceful navigation, commerce and adventure on the open seas. If, after my best efforts as a man and a skipper I am snuffed out by a band of thugs - so be it, adventure has it's costs. My hat is off to Coast Guard, Navy and Rescue teams and life boats around the world - you do God's work.Tim L Bass, Arkansas, USAI sailed to Cuba and had a lot of hassle from the authorities because I was carrying an old Naval revolver for protection. Being armed is not an option any longer as the pirates usually have powerful automatic weapons. They know there are valuables aboard yachts and even the food and alcohol is excuse enough to board. I decided that weapons are useless as they know that sooner or later you are going to need sleep and that's when they board. We have been cruising the Caribbean for 10 years now, the only thing we have is an electric wire coupled up to a cattle fence transformer.
We have had no complaints so far.Clive Egginton, CaribbeanSailed on a charter between Panama and Colombia, quite a popular backpacker route.
But as soon as they hit trouble they expect the government or the air sea rescue or whatever to charge to the rescue - paid for by everybody else. If you want a safety net, stay home and pay your taxes.Chris Green, Newport, WalesChris Green, so the next you go abroad for a holiday, you are on your own, right? All British citizens have the right to consular access and help whether you are getting drunk out of your mind in Spain or sailing the world on a yacht minding your own business.
I trust you will opt for the safety net and not abroad again?Martin Smith, YorkIt isn't just the pirates and it really has nothing to do with whether they have paid taxes in their home country or not. Instead of making money for their owners they are required by the law of the sea to respond to any mayday request and they do it quite willingly, but I can tell you from experience they do not consider these folks as kindred spirits. They look on them as naive for believing they can handle whatever Mother Nature cares to throw at them, and as dangerous for often putting their lives and livelihood at risk.
It is from voluntary contributions from the public, quite often watersports clubs.Mark Dale, RamsgateMark, the RNLI are not the only lifeboat organisation within the UK, in fact there are over 100 independent stations throughout the UK, all volunteers and all willing to go and save those in trouble.
Elspeth Hardie, Newport, South WalesMany such victims are retired couples who have spent their life paying their taxes. Don't you think they deserve the support of the country they have supported all their life?
Neil Peggs, LondonI think it's worth noting that anyone who has the money to pay for a boat has probably done their share of tax paying to get there in the first place. More importantly we can't let our own citizens be victimised by states which are not on good terms with our politics.

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