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One important thing about lightning, it DOES NOT constitute a severe thunderstorm!  As stated above EVERY thunderstorm has lightning.
At one point we were listening to the trees cracking and falling down in the woods across from our street. But even with all of the amazing, tremendous help my family received, it was still ultimately up to me and to my crew and to my God to find a new patch of solid ground. As God and I meet each morning before the day begins, He stills the residual storm in my soul and gently pushes me forward to survive another day.

But I rest assured tonight, at 2:30 am after being awakened by a rough dream, I rest assured that my God is the sustainer of my life. Price for one photo (4 EUR or 5 USD or 3 GBP) multiplied by quantity is the total amount to be paid. And we look at the mess created and even with the sun peeking intermittently through the clouds, it looks like a disaster zone–a war zone.
As purpose of payment please indicate the name of the website where the photos will be used.

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