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Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you going in Minecraft for every platform the game is on, including the Xbox One and PS4.
Minecraft has been out for awhile, and players have discovered a wide array of tips and tricks during their forays into its vast and wide open sandbox environment.
You can get the maximum effect of a potion by throwing it in the sky and having it land on your body. In your inventory screen, you can use the hotkey numbers on your keyboard to choose where you want things to go.

You can create a pool of water that can be infinitely used by putting two water sources in two corners of a square and taking water from each of the corners. While in water the following things give a little airpocket: fences, nether fences, iron bars, glass panes, fence gates, trap doors, ladders, slabs, doors, cobblestone walls, and signs.
You can sneak while climbing up and down ladders so other players won’t be able to detect you. When growing jungle trees, birch trees and spruce trees place them two blocks away from each other so they can grow.

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