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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Individual, family, and community recovery from a disaster is often expensive and can take months or even years.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Pet dogs lie listlessly under an overturned truck near a pool of contaminated water a week after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.
Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods: Unless you've got a crystal ball handy, it's probably going to be tough to predict when a natural disaster is going to strike. Whether natural disasters or manmade errors are the cause, outages and failures are a part of IT reality.
Revisiting disaster recovery and business continuity plans offer an opportunity to reduce your exposure to risk, while lowering costs.
A disaster recovery plan requires an understanding of the interdependencies between systems. Complicating every disaster recovery plan is the number of locations that require regular data protection and potential restore operations.

Today, organizations are consolidating data centers, centralizing branch servers and storage, and moving from tape-based backup to WAN-based data transfer and replication. As storage and data volumes grow, companies struggle with the rising cost of protecting that data on premise.
When an outage occurs, every hour of downtime costs your business in lost revenue and lost productivity. Fortunately, planning in advance for recovery can help better to cope with these challenges and get back to normal faster.
However, that doesn't mean you can't be prepared for when Mother Nature does indeed decide to make a spontaneous, aggressive visit.
More than 250,000 pets, including cats, dogs and fish, were left stranded by this storm and the subsequent flooding by owners who thought they would have returned in a few days but were unable to do so. Let's look at some of the precautions that can be taken in advance, as well as what to do when time is truly nonexistent and spur-of-the-moment decisions must be made. But business continuity plans are anything but “set and forget.” With data volumes growing 40% annually1, applications becoming more complex, and changing infrastructure economics, what worked for you two years ago may not be ideal anymore. With 55 branches per the typical data center3, branch office locations are the biggest contributor to disaster recovery planning complexity.

As a result, they have more data in fewer data centers – with large data sets transferred between data centers.
If you're a pet owner, taking your four-legged friends into consideration should be an integral part of creating an emergency game plan. Which systems need to be recovered and operational to meet your recovery time objectives (RTO)? Fast but reliable performance between data centers is challenged by high latency, packet loss, limited bandwidth, congestion and competition among applications.
In order to take advantage of these cloud economics, however, IT organizations must integrate with cloud storage offerings, ensure security requirements are met, and solve the bandwidth challenge for uploading to the cloud. Keeping employees productive and customers engaged requires architecting key applications to run seamlessly from secondary data centers or cloud data centers. And yet, only 30% cite preparation for disaster recovery planning as a main driver for adopting automated discovery and dependency mapping2.

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