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Yesterday I told you about the signs pointing to Legendary Sword's upgrade, and the day before about PoptropiCon.
Call me old-fashioned, but I was replaying Legendary Swords the other day, and as usual, I was let down by the cliffhanger (almost literally) ending.
To celebrate Germany's championship win in the FIFA World Cup, the Creators have released a new free costume to all Poptropicans. Click here for the full Mission Atlantis episodes 1-2 Guide!Click here for the exclusive sneak peek of Survival ep.
Many of you, especially long-time Poptropicans, are disturbed by the new episodal island format being tested in Survival and Mission Atlantis, and soon to come to PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights. Today I've got even better news: the Poptropica Land Prototype is also going to be upgraded to the big screen, but with a Norse mythology-style twist. I showed you scenes, items, and the storyline of the unreleased episode from Poptropica's files. In it, your rescuer Myron Van Buren offers a hot meal and a comfy bed, but you're not his guest — you're a prisoner.
I'm referring to the second flying glitch on Poptropica -- and this one works on the modern islands! I was horrified at first as well, but it's here to stay, and I'll tell you why that's not such a bad thing.
Can you escape the wilderness lodge before his next hunt begins?!UPDATE: The full written walkthrough is now complete, click here to read!
It's only available for a week, so get it fast!Can you believe it -- a new Store item available to all Poptropicans?
To recap, the first one was using the Back Lot Island promo clapboard item, pictured right.
By clicking and holding the mouse above your Poptropican's head and repeatedly clicking the SPACEBAR, you could fly as high as you wanted!
Items and other important parts seem to be missing though, except for the the first 4, which look nearly done.
The other tip-off is the old wizard guy holding a glowing hammer (more on that later).Why is that a tip-off, you may be asking?

The thing is, you can memorize a story after the first play through, and then the island holds little for you. John Adams wrote that the Fourth of July "ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other." And today we'll be doing just that (well, probably without the guns). Historically, this has been okay, because Poptropica was very story-oriented and an island was like watching a movie: you don't replay it for months, maybe a year.
Here's the only thing I found inside (link to it on Poptropica): Notice the resemblance to the Mjolnir from Poptropi-con? Credits lost their meaning, too, especially when the Creators stopped selling credits for money like they do for Membership, stopped selling Early Access passes for 500 credits, and made each island worth 50 credits instead of 100. He's even got an official shout-out from the Poptropica Creators, and may be working on a replica of the red rocket. With any card that has a special action that only works on the ground, you can fly again (albeit more awkwardly).
They are extra-wide because the new islands have a wider screen and now Poptropica is only going to design ads for the bigger screen, so for older islands to be able to show the same ads there will have to be even larger ad spaces on them.
The Back Lot clapboard will work, or the Virus Hunter sneezing powder, or non-Members can try the fish from the Hammerhead Shark costume. The FIFA World Cup is in full swing this time of year, and now there are only 8 teams left in the tournament! It looks like you're going to use this hammer (called Svadilfari) to transform the land in Poptropica as a god, like Populous.Interestingly, that's not the name of a hammer, but of a stallion who helped a builder construct a wall around the gods. It's going to be released in episodes, and the first episode will likely come after Survival episode 4 (so that means July 31st). Kind of appropriate, as this lets a huge number of players design islands for Poptropica -- crowdsourcing, anyone?Sadly, Lands is not free (either that, or it is free but Members-only). Make each goal more and more tangible, and you the player will gladly put up with the toughest of puzzles.
I can't wait until we get the upgrade, since the Creators have confirmed it -- until then, you can still play the old Land Prototype! So without further ado, check out the scenes for the first episode (there are only four main scenes, and three ad scenes): There are only exterior shots so far, so it seems that we spend the whole episode just trying to get in.

After seeing the new look's much more obvious POP-iness, like chunky islands springing out of the sea, the old one looks like a paper cutout! Here are the items that you can collect in this episode: Sadly, you do not get to fly the jetpack.
We'll never forget Poptropica's first banner, but let's face it, a change was due, and a change was done. Throughout the rest of the episode, you go around asking people for tickets to Poptropi-con while they ask you for favors, such as finding them a jetpack or the Mjolnir, etc.
It's made its way into other places too, as well as the iPad app, and it looks like the future logo.
And let's face it, a slow burn increases suspense and delays gratification, as well as removes pressure (if you're trying to make the Players' Map top lists). It's such an important part that you're offered to save your look to the Costume Closet if you're a Member before you start. And the Fremulon, by the way, are a (fictional) alien race whose language and customs you have to learn.Aside from that, Poptropi-con sounds like it has a fun, happy, light atmosphere with minigames and Costumizing gold.
A bigger screen and better framerate will definitely do the high-action Legendary Swords some justice! Whether or not the Arena will be back is dubious, but there are some Sneak Peeks still unaccounted for.
Even more interesting: Members will get to print a copy of their own Poptropican on the background of a Poptropi-con themed poster.
Trick: You can talk to the conspiracy theorist on Virus Hunter without getting the Resistance Band with this. This is despite the fact that the item card that gets you this poster is Members-only.So all that and more is coming to Poptropica next week.

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