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Join James Cameron and some of the world's foremost Titanic experts in the ultimate forensic investigation into the most infamous shipwreck of all time.
Drain The Titanic – The most famous shipwreck in the world, RMS Titanic, lies nearly 2 half miles (4 kilometres) down in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean nearly 400 miles (650kms) from the nearest land. This is only possible because of the detailed survey of the entire wreck site by an expedition of top oceanographers, maritime archaeologists and visualization experts under the aegis of one of the legal steward of the ship, RMS Titanic Inc. We will see the bow and stern as they sit 2,000 feet apart intersected by a debris field of the ship’s contents and passengers’ possessions. 1) The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia declared RMS Titanic, Inc. 2) RMS Titanic’s trials were scheduled for 10am on April 1st, 1912 but high winds called for a last minute cancellation and postponement. 3) On the 10th of April the Titanic departs Southampton and arrives at Cherbourg, France later that day. 4) The RMS Titanic had three classes in which to house the 1,316 passengers on board - first, second, and third. Second class included mostly those who had been successful through their own labour, such as tradesmen, teachers, and farmers (285 altogether). Third class was for the poorer members of society and included a large number of Europeans and others emigrating to the United States (706 people combined).
5) First class passengers aboard the Titanic had a swimming pool, Turkish Bath, squash court, and gymnasium at their disposal. 6) The class in which a passenger travelled greatly affected their chance of survival during the Titanic disaster.
7) The expression, 'women and children first' was taken seriously on board the sinking theTitanic.
8) It had been suggested that the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg during a year that was particularly dangerous for icebergs in the North Atlantic. 9) In 2010 the discovery of a new species of bacteria found on the wreck of the Titanic was announced. 10) The RMS Titanic had two sister ships (ships of virtually identical design) the RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic. 11) British shipping company White Star Line created the RMS Titanic and her two sister ships.
12) At least 7 major feature films have been made on the sinking of the Titanic, the first one “Saved from the Titanic’ being produced and released only 29 days after the sinking in 1912 and starring actual survivors. The lounge was described at the time as "a magnificent salon, pronounced by many persons as the finest room ever built into a ship.

Since the discovery of the wreck in 1985, there have been numerous expeditions to the site, but until now, no one has ever recorded the full extent of what really remains on this remote area of seabed.
Where previously only small areas of the wreck site had been studied, with the entire area scanned by side scan and multi-beam sonar, AUV’s (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) mounted high definition cameras the true mystery of how the Titanic lies on the seabed is revealed.
Virtual fly-pasts enable us to explore the wreck site and re-examine some long-standing mysteries. From Cherbourg she travels to Queenstown (now Cobh) County Cork, Ireland, arriving on the 11th at 11:30am.
The first class swimming pool on F Deck was heated and one of the first ever to be installed in an ocean liner. According the British Board of Trade Inquiry, out of the 325 first class passengers onboard, 203 survived, a survival rate of 62%. In 2014, scientists revealed that, after consulting a century of iceberg counts, 1912 overall was an average year for frozen obstructions. The new species was named Halomonas titanicae and is one of a group of highly specialized and diverse extremophile bacteria that live by consuming iron and other minerals from the sunken ship's metal structure. The Olympic enjoyed a long career which included service as a troopship during the First World War and as a civilian ocean liner. The company was founded in Liverpool, England in 1845 and originally focused on trade between Great Britain and Australia, spurred on by the discovery of gold in Australia.
In 1935, when the Olympic was being broken up on the River Tyne in the North East of England an enterprising hotelier bought the panelling, mirrors, ceiling and stained glass windows from the Olympic’s first class lounge and parts of the aft first class staircase and incorporated them in his hotel, the White Swan in Alnwick, Northumberland. Now, over a century on from her tragic loss we are able to reveal the overall wreck site: we will virtually drain the Titanic. New science is painting a clearer picture of how the Titanic actually sank: different theories are emerging on how and when she actually broke apart and what has happened to the wreck in the course of a century underwater.
The Turkish Bath on F Deck included a steam room, a hot room, a temperate room, a shampooing room, and a cooling room. These bacteria are part of a complex group that form one of the most characteristic features of the wreck, the rusticles, so called when they were first discovered in 1985 because they had the appearance of icicles but were made of ‘rust’.
The Olympic was retired in 1935, due in part to profit losses incurred by the Great Depression. Towards the end of the 19th century, immigration from Europe to the New World began to surge and White Star Line capitalized on the trend. And ‘Titanic’, James Cameron’s spectacular movie produced in 1997 and re-released in 3D in 2012, is one of the most expensive films ever produced at US$200 million but earned that back and much more in huge box office receipts.
Identical to the design found in the Titanic this is this probably the closest people can have of experiencing the high life that is so much part of the Titanic story. Spectacular new visualisation techniques will depict this ‘draining’ process – and offer viewers a ringside view for the emergence of the wreck from the waves – the first time since April 15th 1912. And with this information not only do scientists have a phenomenal resource for tracking the status of the wreck it also means we can look into the future and see the eventual fate of the ship they thought was unsinkable.
The Titanic is on route to New York City, but strikes an iceberg south of Newfoundland at approximately 11:40pm on April 14th. Children in first and second class were the luckiest of all passengers, with a near 100% survival rate (though there were only 30 children in those classes) although one first class child, Lorraine Allison did in fact die.

Rusticles on the Titanic were the first investigated in 1996 by Dr Roy Cullimore, then of the University of Regina in Canada. The Britannic was launched in February 1914, but because of the outbreak of the First World War, never actually carried paying passengers. By the early 1900s White Star Line had transported thousands of migrants across the Atlantic. The 1980 film, ‘Raise the Titanic’ wasn’t so successful, its relative failure at the box office is said to have contributed to the demise of British film producers – ITC Entertainment. She was requisitioned by the British navy and converted into a hospital ship going into service in 1915.
In 1907, in response to ships being built by their biggest competitor, the Cunard Line, the White Star Line developed the Olympic class liners which included the Titanic. When asked about the finances of the film (which had an estimated $40million budget but only realised a fraction of that when released) producer Lew Grade, remarked ‘Raise the Titanic, it would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic’.
Less than two hours later, RMS Carpathia (which is sailing from New York) begins rescuing survivors from Titanic's lifeboats. Despite the loss of the Titanic in 1912 White Star Line continued to be at the forefront of the ocean liner industry. The gymnasium on the Boat Deck included an electric camel, electric horse, cycling machines, and a rowing machine.
On November 21st, 1916, Britannic hit a submerged mine allegedly laid by the German submarine U73 in the Kea Channel, off of the Greek Island of Kea. However, when demand for ocean travel sharply declined in the years leading up to the Great Depression the company faced serious economic losses.
British government officials are satisfied that the Titanic is ready for sea, and the ship is given a Passenger Certificate.
RMSPC also ran into financial troubles and in 1933 in order to save both companies White Star was merged with their former rival, Cunard, In 1998 Cunard was acquired by the Carnival Corporation & plc, which is now one of the world's largest cruise ship operators. Sadly, every since the discovery 20 years ago, people like film director James Cameron and others have visited this holy site where over a thousand people died, some of their bodies have never been recovered. At 8pm the anchors are hoisted up and the Titanic departs for Southampton for final provisioning of coal, water, food, bedding, & table service. She now lies in 120 metres of water, and is the closest that most people can ever get to diving anything equivalent to the Titanic. I remember the film that aired right before the special and I still have that tape believe it or not.
Titanic, never spent so much money, I remember the closing shot of the film and Titanic's deck chairs in the snow-capped ocean.
Like a one time beauty queen who left the limelight, Titanic has become older, frail, and taken by time and the elements.

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