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In addition to the home invasions, a cheating husband who makes really bad real estate related choices, a moody (and very dead) daughter and bitchy Baby Jane-like neighbors – the long-suffering Vivian Harmon was also the victim of an unexpected pregnancy – by a dead teenage serial killer!
And the birth of her demonic spawn ranks as one of the most insane pregnancy-themed horror sequences to ever unfold on mainstream television! Movies On Demand Gets Spooky for Halloween MicroFear Dioramas Prove Spooky Things Come in Small Packages! Part of the fun this season is how many major unanswered questions there are, and last night’s episode managed to increase the number of questions exponentially without answering any of them!
Zoe was shocked to discover that her attempt to reunite good-hearted Frankenfrat boy Kyle with his loving (as in make loving) mother didn’t go so well. I find it hard to believe that FX would bring in a big name star like Emma Roberts just to play a dead girl in lingerie for most of the season. The obvious guess is Zoe, which would be great because it would mean she has additional powers other than fornikilling. Everything considered, here is my American Horror Story: Coven Next Supreme Probability Pie Chart.

As bad as Jaws The Revenge is, I'll take it any day over Jaws 3, which I find to be largely boring.
After discovering her golem beau tub thumping his bloody skull, Zoe consoled him and went about making him a nice tuna and rat poison sandwich. But, in this case, knowing the answer doesn’t mean the question doesn’t still make the Top 10! I assume that in order to be on The Council of Witchcraft one of the requirements is that you be a witch — so are penises and witchcraft not diametrically opposed? But, with a show as well-conceived as American Horror Story, I would assume that the obvious choice would not be the correct answer. Below are 10 of the best (well, my favorite) scenes from the series’ first three chapters. But fans have grown to love how the show lifts elements from traditional horror film scenarios and inventively twists a tried and tested terror trope into something new and a little subversive.
But, when she finished the sandwitch (see what I did there?), FrankenKyle was out the door and gone!

And what woman in the world who hated a man so much she wanted him to die would want to give him the satisfaction of having sex with her before he died?!?
Was it the furiously frustrated horn-rimmed spectacled Council of Witchcraft redhead Myrtle Snow? Some of the Beyhive’s private investigator drones have identified Becky as fashion designer Rachel Roy, but a spelling mix up has some of B’s bees swarming on Food Network chef Rachel Ray! Luckily for him it was Halloween so his awkward stumbling and blood-spackled visage fit right in. Or has he succumbed to his rapist douchebag body parts and is making a beeline to the frat house looking for booze and unsuspecting sorority girls he can drug? Keep reading to see a huge selection of the hilarious comments left on Rachel’s most recent Instagram photo of a pulled beef sandwich.

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