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Diana Ross is an ambitious fashion designer with dreams of fortune that will take her out of the slums of Chicago, but her boyfriend Brian (Billy Dee Williams) wants to stay and better his community.
Diana Ross scored a Best Actress Oscar nomination as the brilliant but tortured songstress Billie Holliday. A stunning film that explores race and class, Ivan Dixon plays Duff, a railroad worker who falls in love with Josie (Abbey Lincoln), a soft-spoken schoolteacher.  Duff fights to overcome a painful past and threats from racist townspeople to keep his love for Josie alive. A single mother of six (Diahann Carroll), Claudine works hard to make ends meet when she meets falls for a sanitation worker (James Earl Jones), who is more than ready to take on Claudine and her boisterous brood. This 1994 classic tugged at the heartstrings as two young lovers (Allen Payne, Jada Pinkett) find paradise in each other as their violent surroundings threaten to tear them apart. Eddie Cook (Sidney Poitier), an American  jazz musician who now makes Paris his home, falls head over heels for the beautiful and  headstrong Connie Lampson (Diahann Carroll).
Director Sanaa Hamri  de-stigmatized the  topic of  interracial dating in this smart romantic comedy.
Director Tim Story assembles an A-Team of Black Hollywood (Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Megan Good, Taraji P.
For this list, we’re taking a look at movie debuts of actors who had no feature film experience prior to their breakout performances in full-length movie hits.
Sharma was just a regular teenager who accompanied his little brother to an audition when he stumbled into the lead role in a blockbuster film.
Although he’d already appeared in a number of made-for-TV movies and a short mini-series, Christian Bale’s big break didn’t come until he landed the starring role in 1987’s “Empire of the Sun.” Thanks to a recommendation from Amy Irving, his former co-star and Steven Spielberg’s wife at the time, Bale nabbed the role of Jim, a British ex-pat stuck in a Japanese internment camp – and he excelled in the part.
Schwartzman snagged the role of “Max” in this quirky and off-beat Wes Anderson comedy after meeting the director at a party.
Curtis wasn’t director John Carpenter’s first choice when it came to casting a lead for his low-budget slasher flick. Norton was working as a struggling waiter-slash-actor and starring in Off-Broadway stage productions before he was hired for his first feature film role opposite Richard Gere. This unknown beat out 15,000 other teenage girls to play the role of “Mattie Ross” in the Coen brothers’ remake of this classic western.
A child star in the making, Portman had no prior acting experience when she was cast in this ‘90s classic. In her first acting role, Paquin plays a precocious kid who acts as the voice of her mute mother. Director Peter Bogdanovich met 8-year old Tatum O’Neal while working with her father, Ryan, on another movie – the rest, as they say, is history.
Unlike the vampire, which has turned up in various guises from romantic love interest (Twilight) to the homeless savage (Near Dark), the werewolf has had to manage with moonlit excursions into dark alleys for dinner of human arm for starter followed by heart and lungs for main. Hammer Films’ attempt at the werewolf movie sees Oliver Reed grow a hairy beard and stomp around Bray Studios trying to eat human flesh.
Based on Angela Carter’s short story, Neil Jordan’s dreamlike fantasy film takes on a fairytale narrative that concludes with a very moralistic message.
Dog Soldiers would inevitably be higher on this list if it had an original bone in its hairy body. When a team of British soldiers find their training mission cut short by a deadly attack from a group of angry lycanthrope, they ditch the blanks for live ammunition and hide out in a secluded cottage. Joe Dante’s attempt at a werewolf movie fails to reach the amusing delights of some of his other horror-comedies, taking more of a straight-edged tone and paying homage to some of the genre’s classic conventions. One of the earliest werewolf movies and still one of the best, The Wolf Man takes the werewolf myth established six years earlier in Universal’s Werewolf of London and adds the silver bullet element to the story.
Renowned horror writer Stephen King tries his hand at the werewolf genre and creates an original story that borrows from werewolf traditions while finding some new ones.
About the AuthorEditor of Top 10 Films, Dan Stephens is usually found pondering his next list. There are really only two on here where I disagree (respectfully, of course, because this stuff is subjective). I love the whole idea of Corey Haim’s sister going round the neighbourhood looking for the guy with one eye.
I haven’t seen a lot of werewolf movies, but remember seeing Teen Wolf and Silver Bullet when I was a kid. Great list and I am in total agreement with your number one choice of An American Werewolf In London.
I do take issue with an omission from this list that I beleive belongs here ahead of some others. If the writer of this article had bothered to realise that Dog Soldiers is a Soldier film with Werewolves.
Three young women from disparate backgrounds have one thing in common: They are bombarded daily by a culture that is saturated with sex -- from rap lyrics to the fashion industry to cyberporn.
Winnifred, 12, a precocious New York City girl on the cusp of adulthood, wears fish-net stockings and low-cut tops, striving to emulate her musical idol, Lady Gaga.
Laura, a 22-year-old kindergarten teacher from Alexandria, Va., saves her money for vaginal plastic surgery, convinced reducing the size of her labia will change her life. Nichole, 32, of Clearwater, Fla., was once Nikita Kash, a stripper and pole dancer, but now, all she wants is to have a baby with the husband she met in the porn business. Perhaps they do not represent typical American youth, but they all feel the pressure to be beautiful and to be sexy. All three stories are intertwined in "Sexy Baby," an award-winning documentary about how technology and pornography are shaping the sexual identity of young girls.
With Facebook, smart phones and instant access to the Internet, a generation of children is getting their sex education from online porn. The film, a first from former Miami Herald journalists Ronna Gradus and Jill Bauer, opens Oct. The idea for the film began when Gradus, a photographer, was shooting a story on college bars and she noticed even the mainstream ones had stripper poles. In the film, viewers watch the maturation of Winnifred, the oldest of the three girls of Jeni and Ken. Winnifred's 4-year-old sister Myrtle follows in her older sister's footsteps, lip syncing to Britney Spears and writhing her little body on the floor. Their mother Jeni is part-amused, part-horrified raising her old-beyond-their-years daughters. The young men who influence women like Laura have an unrealistic picture of what is normal, according to the film makers. Laura never hesitated to participate in the film, even allowing them to film vaginal surgery, according to the directors. Because of their own age differences, Bauer and Gradus say their own lives are witness to the culture change.

Even Nichole, the jaded stripper, who with her husband recruits talent for the industry, laments the prevalence of Internet porn. The directors were happily surprised by the positive reaction to their documentary, especially from Winnifred's mother Jeni, who exposed her family to intrusive cameras. In honor of Black History Month, check out our list of 15 of the most iconic Black films ever made. Boyz in the Hood is a sobering look into the harsh realities faced by young men in South Central Los Angeles, where gangs, guns, drugs, money, and death are a daily impediment to achieving any betterment. Roots gave viewers a look at slavery in America through the firsthand perspective of its characters from colonial times to the post-Civil War era. Actor Mario Van Peebles’ directorial debut in 1991 doesn’t miss a beat in its gritty depiction of the mean streets of New York flooded with crack cocaine. A favorite in the African-American community, Love & Basketball gave viewers genuine multidimensional characters. The Black romantic comedy, about a young poet and a young photographer who fall for each other but have to figure out their feelings, set a standard for Black romance films.
The film made by actor Forrest Whitaker in his directorial debut is significant to cinema in that it represented the plight of Black women in romance and depicted the solidarity of sisterhood among women. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.
From war movies to sports flicks to biopics, there are a whole slew of genres that incorporate patriotic themes.
With no previous acting experience, the 17-year old Schwartzman impressed the director by showing up to his audition in a homemade prep school outfit. Playing an altar boy accused of murder, Norton’s intense audition blew away casting directors and his two-faced performance in the film landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
Steinfeld had previously found work in commercials and short films before reportedly auditioning eight times for the role of a young girl looking to avenge her father’s death.
She had turned down offers for child modeling in pursuit of an acting career, and she sat as an understudy alongside Britney Spears for an off-Broadway stage play before landing her first movie role. However, she had never acted before, and after tagging along with her sister and her friend to an open casting call for “The Piano,” nine-year-old Paquin charmed the director and got the spot. For every An American Werewolf In London there’s a My Mom’s A Werewolf to brings us back down to earth. A genre that has stuttered its way through the decades with films ranging from the sublime (An American Werewolf In London) to the distinctly average (Cursed) to the ridiculous (My Mom’s A Werewolf). Perhaps writers just haven’t found the scope in the mythological character to pursue interesting and unique stories. This convoluted tale isn’t without its highlights, especially Oliver Reed’s performance as the cursed Leon. Fox becomes a hairy beast in this family-friendly coming-of-age story that arrived at a time when teen comedy was at the heights of its power. The Company of Wolves is like none of the other werewolf movies on this list but its influence can be seen in the teenage turmoil that resurfaces in Ginger Snaps. This entertaining, fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek werewolf movie sounds like a lot of fun (guys with guns fighting a pack of man-hungry werewolves) and is a lot of fun but borrows heavily from werewolf films such as The Howling and Silver Bullet and other action-horror’s such as Aliens, Predator and even The Blair Witch Project. But soon the werewolves are circling the insecure haven and the tired infantry men are running out of bullets.
Wolfen takes a different stance on the werewolf myth, shedding much of the traditional conventions for a more modern look at the beast. With a fantastic cast that included Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, Ralph Bellamy and Bela Lugosi, The Wolf Man is classic werewolf movie which has had a major influence on the genre ever since. Sisters Ginger and Brigitte find themselves in a spot of trouble after Ginger gets attacked by a werewolf and begins to slowly change into the bloodthirsty beast.
It is, without any doubt, the finest werewolf film ever released thanks to a wry sense of humour, a sparkling, original script, some astonishing make-up and prosthetic special-effects, and Landis’ foreboding, icy cold sense of direction that makes fantastic use of the English setting (including London and the countryside moors where the first werewolf attack takes place). An unhealthy love of 1980s Hollywood sees most of his top 10s involving a time-travelling DeLorean and an adventurous archaeologist going by the name Indiana.
An American Werewolf In London is a damn classic, and one that will never get old no matter how many times I see it. And because I find the werewolf myth to be extremely cool- it’s a built in character arc.
I thought Silver Bullet was downright bad, and The Company of Wolves didn’t do much for me.
The Wolf Man is the only classic Universal horror film from the iconic trio that I thought was any good.
Dog Soldiers is one of my favourites from recent years but I felt Neil Marshall went one better with The Descent. And the bit when the werewolf grabs the baseball bat off the red neck and starts beating him over the head with it. Was kinda looking forward to seeing The Wolfman from last year but the reviews discouraged me.
I have only seen The Michael J Fox movie and I remember that I liked it back then, because it is a light story. It should not really be in this list, also its the most realistic depiction of British Soldiers i have ever seen in a movie. Filming for three years, they heard from tweens, college students and parents who feel a sense of confusion in a world where sex means power.
Anthony and Ruth Bader Ginsberg," she says confidently, acting out her own play in a middle-school theater group.
Her parents, who are separated, ground Winnifred eight times in six months for abusing her computer privileges. While the number and quality of Black films have grown substantially in the last 40 years, not every film bears artistic, historical, or cultural significance.
The 1991 film had such an impact that director John Singleton received an Oscar nomination for best director, making him the youngest person and the first Black person to be nominated for this award. The eight-part miniseries was, at the time, the highest rated entertainment program in TV history. The film offers intelligent characters and dialogue as we get to see the war on drugs unfold up close between Nino Brown, a rising drug dealer and crime lord, and the  narcotics unit hellbent on bringing him down. Sanaa Lathan’s portrayal of Monica Wright, a female basketball player who loves the game and falls for her best friend Quincy (Omar Epps) offered a representation of black women both feminine and independent as she dealt with the pressures of being an athlete. It approaches love in an intelligent and passionate manner with smart and stimulating dialogue. Four friends support each other as they faced abandonment, infidelity, unrequited love, and motherhood.

Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. In this video we're looking at movie debuts of actors who had no feature film experience prior to their breakout performances in full-length movie hits. Her standout performance garnered critical acclaim as well as an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress. Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 2014   [1] ReplyFollow Email FB share Tweet Diva! There has always been something more terrifying about the werewolf than its more popular mythological cousin the vampire, but whereas the bloodsuckers have been shown in all manner of lights (from comedy to character-study to postmodern revisionism) the werewolf has continued to get a bad reputation. But a few have appeared such as the seminal horror-comedy An American Werewolf In London, the teenage-angst and sexual frustration of Ginger Snaps, the detective murder-mystery found in Wolfen, and the bedtime fable The Company of Wolves. Amidst the John Hughes and Savage Steve Holland movies, Teen Wolf stuck in to show high school life from the point of view of a teen who can’t help but howl at the moon.
The film also features one of the earlier uses of an in-camera effect similar to that used in Predator to display the perspective of the werewolves themselves. The opening sequence in which a news reporter tries to trap a psychotic is nail-biting stuff. Brigitte frantically tries to find a cure but Ginger’s appetite for human flesh is growing and time is running out.
Landis also concocts a horror-comedy, the first of its kind, that makes complete use of both genres. I enjoyed An American Werewolf in London but wasn’t quite as enamored with it as most. I think there’s just something a bit more appealing about werewolves, at least to me. I certainly think it’s a film werewolf and horror film fans should see at least once. She primps for a seductive photo shoot with her girlfriend Olivia, later posting the images online.
The film was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.
Films such as New Jack City and Boyz in the Hood paralleled the rise of a new gangsta rap culture and informed many viewers on the invisible war on drugs.
All of the characters in the ensemble cast feel real, and their interactions ring true among viewers. Rick Snyder To Present Plan Of Action On Flint’s Water Crisis, Refuses To ResignNewsOne Now Celebrates The Life & Legacy Of Dr. From mind-blowing child actors to seasoned stage actors who made the leap to the silver screen, many of these debut performances earned the actors Oscar recognition. Teen Wolf steps on similar ground as Ginger Snaps but has a much lighter tone, in that the werewolf curse afflicts the boy when he reaches a certain age thanks to his Dad being a werewolf too.
But Haim thinks he’s onto something when he gets attacked by the werewolf, escaping thanks to firing one of his fireworks into the creatures eye. Ginger Snaps offers an original look at the coming of age teen drama through the trappings of a werewolf curse. And now I wish Halloween was here so I could watch it without feeling nostalgic for that time of the year. That was a gnarly movie, mainly for the stuff you didn’t get to see, and that priest was a DICK, man!
Atypical of most Black films, Love Jones explores the lives of urban, artistic, literate, middle-class African-Americans, showing the positive aspects of the Black community.
Many people name these ladies to be the dream girls, while others name them the divas of beauty. It’s silly stuff and diverts into a sports movie by the end but Teen Wolf will remain a favourite for 1980s audiences wanting a dose of nostalgic high school comedy. Albert Finney is great as detective Dewey Wilson who is given the unenviable task of unearthing the culprit behind a series of bizarre murders.
Now all he has to do is find the person in town with one eye to reveal the werewolf’s identity. It makes for a interesting and suitably gory horror film that is a cut above the teen horror movies of the late 1990s and 2000s.
An American Werewolf In London also features the best werewolf transformation scene thanks to David Naughton’s spirited performance and Rick Baker’s sensational use of make-up and prosthetics. The film provided viewers the type of love they could aspire to, and it became a cult classic. And, of course, we must not forget Griffin Dunne’s slowly decaying corpse who turns up to scare both Naughton and the audience throughout the film, as well as Landis’ inspired use of moon-related rock and blues songs for the soundtrack. It is due to her charming and attractive look that she is dominating the viewers of Hollywood since a long. We see a haze of murky smoke and the frantic shuffle of trees as a hairy werewolf arm reaches into the night air, the baseball bat in its clutches, and brings it down on the man with a bone breaking thud.
Some people call her Lara Corft.Doubtlessly, all these ladies have been the dominating Hollywood divas not only due to their talent and success graph but also because they are kind natured and attractive.
But since the day Emma entered into her young age, she got casted both in theater and movies as the leading actress. No doubt, Emma can be named yet another most beautiful and talented Hollywood actress of 2014.3.
This beautiful and charming lady started stepping forward towards a successful acting career in 1993 and since that day she has won so many golden and academy awards.4. Her fantastic appeal and wonderful acting add a plus to her level of success in Hollywood.5.
She is a multi-talented lady, famous for her acting, modeling, singing and most importantly prettier outlook. The graph of her popularity kept on touching the skies and now she is one of the hottest and most beautiful females of Hollywood.7. Whatsoever her titles and nicknames may be, we can not neglect the fact that Cameron is a famous, well versed and gorgeous actresses of USA.

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