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Gary Lineker has revealed that Manchester United’s iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson pulled out of appearing in the BBC documentary paying tribute to Wayne Rooney, reports┬áManchester Evening News.
However, Lineker has recently stated that the Scotsman pulled out of the interview, which suggests that an agreement was in place at one time or another. Sir Alex has a notorious relationship with the BBC having vowed to never speak to them again during his time as manager at Old Trafford. The recently aired documentary praised the current England captain, who spent nine years under the stewardship of Sir Alex after signing for the Red Devils back in 2004.
Rooney was awarded the captaincy by Louis van Gaal, having been an integral part of the squad for many years, however, the forward’s form has dipped recently.
Van Gaal has stuck by the striker but the requests and disappointment among fans is making Rooney’s life difficult at the moment, despite the incredible achievement with England. After eight league matches last season, Rooney had bagged three times despite missing two of those matches. If you see a comment not adhering to rules 1 & 2 please email [email protected] and this comment will be reviewed by a member of the Squawka editorial team. This comment section is here to let football fans talk about football, not to allow people to sell or push products. You must not insert links to websites or submit content which would be an infringement of copyright. Please respect these rules when commenting on Squawka News; people will disagree from time to time but please try to see each other's point of view before getting all worked up, that helps no one.
An interesting take on how China battled the West's economic recession in the post lehman bros. China is now the second largest economy in the world and for the last 30 years China's economy has been growing at an astonishing rate. It is a story of spending and investment on a scale never seen before in human history -- 30 new airports, 26,000 miles of motorways and a new skyscraper every five days have been built in China in the last five years. This has now left the Chinese economy with huge debts and questions over whether much of the money can ever be paid back. Anglophile Alert: British Airways Launches Spring Sale – Great Deals on Fares to London! Paul McCartney, The Stones, The Who, and Roger Waters on board for the biggest concert in history. Check Out Our Slang Dictionary!Check out Anglotopia's Dictionary of British Slang - Your Complete Guide to over 1,000 British Slang Words and Phrases.
Hard X-rays can penetrate solid objects, and their largest use is to take images of the inside of objects in diagnostic radiography and crystallography.
The roentgen (R) is an obsolete traditional unit of exposure, which represented the amount of radiation required to create one electrostatic unit of charge of each polarity in one cubic centimeter of dry air.
The rad is the (obsolete) corresponding traditional unit, equal to 10 millijoules of energy deposited per kilogram.
The sievert (Sv) is the SI unit of equivalent dose, which for X-rays is numerically equal to the gray (Gy). X-rays are generated by an X-ray tube, a vacuum tube that uses a high voltage to accelerate the electrons released by a hot cathode to a high velocity. In crystallography, a copper target is most common, with cobalt often being used when fluorescence from iron content in the sample might otherwise present a problem. X-ray fluorescence: If the electron has enough energy it can knock an orbital electron out of the inner electron shell of a metal atom, and as a result electrons from higher energy levels then fill up the vacancy and X-ray photons are emitted. So the resulting output of a tube consists of a continuous bremsstrahlung spectrum falling off to zero at the tube voltage, plus several spikes at the characteristic lines. In medical diagnostic applications, the low energy (soft) X-rays are unwanted, since they are totally absorbed by the body, increasing the dose. To generate an image of the cardiovascular system, including the arteries and veins (angiography) an initial image is taken of the anatomical region of interest.
A specialized source of X-rays which is becoming widely used in research is synchrotron radiation, which is generated by particle accelerators.

The most commonly known methods are photographic plates, photographic film in cassettes, and rare earth screens. Before the advent of the digital computer and before invention of digital imaging, photographic plates were used to produce most radiographic images. Since photographic plates are sensitive to X-rays, they provide a means of recording the image, but they also required much X-ray exposure (to the patient), hence intensifying screens were devised. Areas where the X-rays strike darken when developed, causing bones to appear lighter than the surrounding soft tissue.
Contrast compounds containing barium or iodine, which are radiopaque, can be ingested in the gastrointestinal tract (barium) or injected in the artery or veins to highlight these vessels. An increasingly common method is the use of photostimulated luminescence (PSL), pioneered by Fuji in the 1980s.
The PSP plate can be reused, and existing X-ray equipment requires no modification to use them.
For many applications, counters are not sealed but are constantly fed with purified gas, thus reducing problems of contamination or gas aging. Some materials such as sodium iodide (NaI) can "convert" an X-ray photon to a visible photon; an electronic detector can be built by adding a photomultiplier.
A homeless man in France will be charged with animal cruelty after police found over 80 abused cats in his squat, several of which had been beheaded, a police source said Monday. The following day police, accompanied by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), went to a shuttered petrol station in Rosny-sous-Bois east of Paris where the man was squatting, and uncovered chilling scenes of cruelty. Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is set to become the Middle East’s largest integrated theme park destination on its opening in October this year, has revealed details of its annual pass programme, which will be available from Tuesday. The Annual Passes are available to purchase online at company website as well as the theme parks respective websites. Annual passes are available to purchase for each of the three theme parks, and offer visitors a host of exceptional benefits including unlimited access to the individual parks valid for 365 days from the first visit, as well as invitations to exclusive preview days, 10 per cent discounts on food, beverages, merchandise, additional park tickets and separate ticketed shows. By purchasing an annual pass now, visitors will guarantee their place as one of the first to experience this world of fun and adventure, as the passes will include exclusive preview access to the parks. Motiongate Dubai has announced its annual pass at Dh865, Bollywood Parks Dubai at Dh755, Legoland Dubai at Dh765. Visitors can choose to top-up their single park annual pass to include annual access to the Legoland Water Park which has 20 water slides, attractions and Lego building experiences including a wave pool, Build-A-Raft-River and a Duplo toddler play area. The annual pass also offers a 15 per cent discount on food, beverages and merchandise and many more.
Those looking for a luxury VIP theme parks experience can purchase the exclusive VIP Annual Pass.The VIP Annual Pass is priced at Dh6,995. Mohit Sharma bowls an excellent final over as Mumbai Indians finishon 189 for six after being put into bat.
Rayudu is on the charge hammering a six and boundary off Axar to complete his half century off 31 balls.
Shocking start for Mumbai as skipper Rohit Sharma is out for a duck second ball flashing at Sandeep and giving a nick behind.
Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and elected to bowl against Mumbai Indians in Match 21 of IPL at Mohali on Monday. His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, today launched an ambitious strategy for smart self-driving transport as part of Dubai's strategy to become the smartest city in the world. When implemented, His Highness added, the strategy will reduce transportation costs by 44 per cent or Dh900 million, saving Dh1.5 billion through reduction of environmental pollution, and Dh18 billion through raising efficiency of the transport sector by 20 per cent. It will increase productivity of individuals by 13 per cent and save people up to 396 millions of hours wasted during travel on roads yearly.
A joint venture between the Roads and Transport Authority and Dubai Future Foundation, the strategy focuses on four pillars: individuals, technology, policies and legislations and infrastructure. Please refrain from insulting other users, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you shout the loudest, doesn't make you more correct or valid in your point of view. While Britain has been in the grip of the worst recession in a generation, China's economic miracle has wowed the world.

But, in a situation eerily reminiscent of what has happened in the west, the vast majority of it has been built on credit. Interviewing key players including the former American treasury secretary Henry Paulson, Lord Adair Turner, former chairman of the FSA, and Charlene Chu, a leading Chinese banking analyst, Robert Peston reveals how China's extraordinary spending has left the country with levels of debt that many believe can only end in an economic crash with untold consequences for us all.
This process produces an emission spectrum of X-ray frequencies, sometimes referred to as the spectral lines. The intensity of the X-rays increases linearly with decreasing frequency, from zero at the energy of the incident electrons, the voltage on the X-ray tube.
A second image is then taken of the same region after iodinated contrast material has been injected into the blood vessels within this area. The contrast compounds have high atomic numbered elements in them that (like bone) essentially block the X-rays and hence the once hollow organ or vessel can be more readily seen. In modern hospitals a photostimulable phosphor plate (PSP plate) is used in place of the photographic plate.
In addition, annual pass holders who use their passes in 2016, will be given an extended validity until December 31, 2017.
The strategy is projected to generate economic revenues and savings of up to Dh22 billion a year," Sheikh Mohammad said. China's debt burden today stands at double its GDP and this documentary is an eye opener for those who believe that shiny buildings and metro rails are a sign of economic boom.
The spectral lines generated depend on the target (anode) element used and thus are called characteristic lines. These two images are then digitally subtracted, leaving an image of only the iodinated contrast outlining the blood vessels. Photographic film largely replaced these plates, and it was used in X-ray laboratories to produce medical images. In the pursuit of a non-toxic contrast material, many types of high atomic number elements were evaluated. After the plate is X-rayed, excited electrons in the phosphor material remain "trapped" in "colour centres" in the crystal lattice until stimulated by a laser beam passed over the plate surface. Electrons accelerate toward the anode, in the process causing further ionization along their trajectory.
The radiologist or surgeon then compares the image obtained to normal anatomical images to determine if there is any damage or blockage of the vessel.
In more recent years, computerized and digital radiography has been replacing photographic film in medical and dental applications, though film technology remains in widespread use in industrial radiography processes (e.g. For example, the first time the forefathers used contrast it was chalk, and was used on a cadaver's vessels. This process, known as a Townsend avalanche, is detected as a sudden current, called a "count" or "event". When the film is developed, the parts of the image corresponding to higher X-ray exposure are dark, leaving a white shadow of bones on the film.
Photographic plates are mostly things of history, and their replacement, the "intensifying screen", is also fading into history. The metal silver (formerly necessary to the radiographic & photographic industries) is a non-renewable resource. Thus it is beneficial that this is now being replaced by digital (DR) and computed (CR) technology.
Where photographic films required wet processing facilities, these new technologies do not.

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