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It's an extremely ambitious premise and there's no telling, for now, whether Undead will be able to deliver on it. The mixture of open-world zombie action and base building will bring State in direct competition with DayZ. There's no shortage of zombie games out there but State of Decay looks interesting enough to set itself apart from the pack. DayZ, a popular zombie mod for Arma 2, will allow players to construct bases when it becomes a standalone game this fall.

In order to keep their group of survivors alive, though, they'll need to continually raid nearby settlements for supplies. Dynamically generated content will ensure that the struggle for survival stays unpredictable. In the footage, players dispatch zombies with firearms, explosives, automobiles, and even their bare fists. Throughout the world they'll also encounter other playable survivors who can join their team.

At its core, State is an action game and it'll sink or swim depending on how fun the combat really is.

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