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But charging handles are important, especially if you do any sort of shooting beyond casual plinking.
And if you put a scope on your Black Rifle, youa€™ll discover that operating a standard charging handle can become difficult to the point that youa€™ll wish you had a third joint in your thumb, or fingers like a Madagascar aye-aye.
Some AR-15 fans go to radical extremes to improve their riflea€™s chargeability by opting for a side-charging upper.
Luckily, the charging handle is one of the easiest parts on an AR-15 to upgrade, and there are plenty to choose from.
There are so many that I will wind up omitting some very good charge handles from this list.A If you have a favorite model that I left out, let everyone know in the comments below. This charge handle has a standard-looking latch on the left side and a much larger latch sticking out the right side, to clear the forward assist. Ita€™s very intuitive and the extended right-side latch is easy to reach and gives plenty of leverage. This charging handle has a large, ambidextrous latch that works equally well for both righties and lefties or, in an injured defense situation, with your foot. Even if you dona€™t use a suppressor or dona€™t shoot rimfire, ita€™s still a robust, high-quality upgrade over the standard AR-15 charging handle. This is another ambidextrous charging handle, but one with almost-symmetrical latches sticking out. If you want an ambidextrous change handle that has clean lines, and isna€™t noticeably lopsided, then the Raptor is the one for you. Consistently one of the most-popular charging handles, the BCM Gunfighter is available with small, medium and large latches, letting you achieve the exact feel you want.
Plus, the design helps keep the handle traveling straight back when you yank on it, which makes for smooth, easy function. The modular design of the AR-15 means that many of its parts can be quickly and easily replaced by just about anyone. Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. On the CBS hit show Survivor, contestants do some pretty disgusting things to make it out of the wilderness -- like eat insects. It's too bad that the Donner Party (early American pioneers making a trek out west who were caught in the mountains of California and turned to cannibalism) had to go through a horrific slow starvation that U.S.
With shows like Survivor in recent years, television has desensitized a lot of us to the idea of eating insects. Could you get your family and friends to eat insects in a survival emergency, if it came down to it? Although Survivor over dramatizes the plot lines, the fact remains that surviving extended periods in harsh conditions requires you to make some tough decisions that may include whether or not to seek after and eat various insect species in order to survive and live another day, week, or even month, if insects were all you were able to get your hands on. Many people -- especially those of us that live in North America -- shake our heads in disgust at the thought of eating insects. When would you retire your entrenched belief that consuming insects represents one of the most distasteful things that you can do?
In a survival emergency, realize that you can safely eat many types of insects as well as other creatures like snails, maggots, and even slugs. Any snails, slugs, or maggots that you do find in the wild should always be cooked thoroughly to kill any bacteria and parasites -- more on this below.
And that brings us to insects, as well as snails, maggots, and slugs -- which are not insects, but we mention them here because they are a possible food source often found in the same places as insects and commonly looked at with the same disregard.
But why go hungry in a survival emergency when literally at your feet could be your next meal, and it might not be as bad as you think.
At some point creatures like these may become your only option to survive other than cannibalism and we hope that you and others would never consider that, especially when insects are so readily found. On top of that you have 15 varieties of insects and those snails, maggots and slugs to choose from that are easy to capture and provide nutrition and calories to help you get through the day and week ahead. Edible crickets and edible grasshoppers - - Crickets and grasshoppers provide abundant calcium.
The nocturnal insect's cousin the grasshopper prefers more arid and open living environments like meadows and fields, where ever grass is plentiful. Edible locusts - Similar to crickets and grasshoppers, locusts also contain rich amounts of calcium and protein. Edible ants - The hardest working insect repulses many people for consumption, but ants are easy to find and capture. To catch and round up ants, dig into an anthill and use a large scoop or scoop-like device to push the ants into a container. Most survival experts recommend boiling ants, but before doing so, you need to shake the container to remove any dirt and mud clinging to any ants.
Three and a half ounces of red ants produces 14 grams of protein and 5.7 milligrams of iron. Edible beetles - As a common insect species, June bugs are beetles (Phyllophaga is the technical name for this genus of beetles) and thrive in arid climates, such as climates found in Denver, Santa Fe, and Phoenix, but beetles themselves can be found in many regions.
This slow moving insect requires little effort to catch and the reward is a tasty snack or meal after grilling or slow boiling the insects over a fire.
You find June bugs on plants during the late evening hours and under plants and along the forest floor during the day.
Edible caterpillars - A hairy insect doesn't seem an epicurean delight, but caterpillars contain high levels of iron, niacin, protein, thiamine, and B vitamins.
Edible scorpions - Found in the desert regions of the American southwest and open, rugged frontier across states such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of California, scorpions are the quintessential insect to raise and harvest for later consumption. Because of a high concentration of protein, several body building supplement products use scorpion extract to enhance protein content.
Edible termites - Your body needs protein to build and repair skin, bones, muscles, and most important blood oxygen, and termites are rich in protein. If you can find a termite mound, you may be able to feed several people at just one sitting. You have to eat a large amount of the tiny insect to enjoy the protein benefits, but termites typically are found in hordes. Edible snails - No, you don't need a slab of butter, cup of white wine and a few shallots to enjoy what the French call escargot.
Snails tend to consume toxic fungi and vegetation, so the best way to consume the easy to catch Gastropod is by steaming the entire shell and then removing the tender body from the shell. One hundred grams of snails gets you over 16 grams of protein, which represents a protein number near the top of the insect consumption list.
Edible centipedes - Found throughout North America, centipedes are one of the most abundant forms of insects for consumption -- and they're typically easy to find. Especially after a steady rain, turn over a large log or rock and discover several centipedes scampering away. For survivalists that need a sudden burst of energy, centipedes should comprise one of the go to insects for consumption. Edible cockroaches - Stay away from cockroaches that swarm into dark spaces within your home -- we're talking about cockroaches found in the wild. During an emergency, where you are nowhere near your home and there is no food available, be on the lookout for wilderness cockroaches that feast on highly nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. Edible bees and edible wasps - - As an elusive insect to capture, buzzing bees and wasps often zip in and out of view hundreds of yards from where their bustling nests hum, where bees are busy at work serving the hide. Yet, the effort put into locating the home of bees and wasps is well worth the survival effort.
Edible earwigs - Many survivalists prepare earwigs the same way that they prepare termites.
Edible maggots - Revolting as they are, maggots might be one of the few insects that you find during an emergency. Edible slugs - Slugs possess many of the same nutritional benefits offered by their cousin, the ponderous snail. Edible beetles - Though we discussed June bugs earlier in the article, it's worth going into more detail on beetles as a whole as many are edible and easily found. A giant water beetle produces around 20 grams of protein on just a 3.5-ounce serving of the crunchy insect.
You can find beetles in the same places that you find many of the other edible insects on this list: under fallen tree limbs and other timber that sit in damp conditions. Although each species of insect present varied edible warning signs, a few general rules apply that should keep you safe during an emergency.
Survival experts state you should avoid insects with bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Insects tend to snack on food sources that leave us a bit sick, after consuming the insect raw or cooked.

Virtually every North American edible insect should spend some time fattening up on grain for a couple of days to clear out the remains of potentially harmful feed in their systems.
To learn more specifics about edible insects, consider Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet by Daniella Martin available in hardcover, audio book, and digital format. Though many insects and other creatures mentioned are edible and can help you survive, as mentioned some are toxic or have dangerous bacteria or parasites present, and to really consider any of these as a viable food source it really is worth reading more on and developing experience with hands on practice. Part 2: (History) In order to better understand the capabilities of the modern AR style rifle and how it can be an invaluable tool in the right situations, it’s important to understand its origins and history (both good and bad). Knowing these facts can help you make a more informed decision as you purchase or build your ultimate survival carbine.  The history of the carbine in our society and the part its played in military applications has a very long and sordid past. Some of the positive aspects of the M16 were the lighter configuration, ergonomics and expanded magazine capacity. Some of the nice features of the M4 carbine are that it is lighter, more compact and has a number of attachment options which allows for greater flexibility in use.
An interesting fact is that ArmaLite sold the rights and designs of the AR10 and AR15 to Colt in 1959, from which Colt started designing the M16 assault rifle and later the M4 carbine. Some attractive features of the AR style rifle is that: with a simple barrel and receiver switch, this rifle can fire numerous different calibers and sizes of ammunition. The boutique options of the modern AR carbine such as those listed above make it a very attractive survival rifle. As I mentioned before, I am partial to the AR platform, I have been conditioned to like it.
Recently, several manufacturers seeking to create a more reliable M4 carbine have revamped its legacy direct gas impingement system into a gas piston operated alternative.
If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. You may opt to scale down the offerings at your party - we will offer suggestions along the way. Many are on iTunes, and if they aren't, use this handy site to convert the videos to MP3s for you. We had them play our daughter's game - a hybrid of Angry Birds and Minecraft where you smash block towers and baddies by throwing Steve and whatever other paper people you get from Pixel Papercraft. The cutting, folding and taping were a little beyond the scope of the 6 year old guest list. We have already recycled this craft when some other kid friends were over and wanted to do a Minecraft activity.  It was a hit! There were 4 different colours and the kids had to go downstairs with their torches and picks and each collect all 4 shades.
After that, it was a matter of creating a torch handle using a blown-up torch image from Pixel Papercraft and printing it. Paint is great because it allows you to put the swords up to dry and avoid actual sword fights breaking out at the party. I learned my lesson, so when I came to create swords, they looked more simplified and analog. I also imagined that they would be able to trade tickets with each other (trading is another game feature) but that never really happened. It sounds lame to play a video game during a birthday party - but that's only lame to us grown-ups - the kids loved playing around each other and hollering out the "amazing" thing they were doing then.
A standard charging handle is just long skinny bit of roughly T-shaped aluminum in the top of the rifle.
Not only do they help you chamber a round, charging handles are your main tool to clear a double feed, or to remove a round or empty case that wona€™t eject cleanly for some reason. Those of us who like to shoot FALs or SCARs already know how easy it is to use a left-hand, non-reciprocating charge handle. Left-handed shooters would typically use their supporting right hand to manipulate the charge handle, especially if theya€™re trying to shoot fast on the move. Gives both left- and right-handed shooters a tactical advantage in combat or competition to clear jams quickly, and operate the handle even if one hand becomes incapacitated. It offers plenty of surface area on both sides, and you can quickly get your fingers on it, even if you have to maneuver around a scope or a folded-down backup sight mounted behind a red dot or holographic sight.
Built with thicker dimensions than standard charging handles to withstand wear and rough use. If you shoot suppressed rifles, or rimfire AR-15s, you might rank this one even higher, as both types of firearms tend to spit more gas back at you than standard, non-suppressed ARs. You can get it with your choice of a flat latch with a nice, curved gripping surface, or a military-style latch with plenty of real estate to grab. The right side is a little longer, in order to clear the forward assist found on most AR-15s. Dual, over-sized release levers are mirror images of each other, with deeply grooved surfaces that ensure positive contact so you can operate the handle in one fluid, fast motion with wet or gloved hands. Ita€™s designed for right-handed shooters, and thus has the latch sticking out to the left, for easy reach by the supporting left hand.
Ita€™s designed to take the force and stress of rapid manipulation off the tiny little roll pin that holds the latch onto the charging handle. The charging handle is one of the easiest parts to upgrade, as removing the charge handle is a simple process and a standard part of breakdown during standard cleaning and maintenance. Calorie count, nutrition, bulk pricing, and finally shelf-life are each factors to consider. North Americans despise the notion of consuming edible insects, but the fact remains that nearly 80 percent of the world's population includes insects in their daily diets. Yet, who said you have to go all in and ingest copious amounts of crickets to prepare for the inevitable prolonged disaster.
Each of these can also be considered as a food source -- though they should be found in the wild, not near any area of possible industrial pollution or agricultural contamination or even near a neighborhood due to the widespread use of chemicals aimed at killing these commonly viewed "pests".
Not only does Jimmy John's not deliver Freaky Fast in the wilderness, you might also not have a way to hunt or trap wild game or forage for wild edibles. The easy to catch insect also contains 20.6 grams of protein for every 100 grams of insect that you consume.
Although the legs and wings do not possess much nutritional value, you might want to consider mixing the parts in with the torso to add a crunch to each bite that you take. Crickets live under rocks, boulders, and large logs that sit near meadows and fertile pastures.
Learn specific details about crickets here and learn specific details about grasshoppers here including as edible insects. The primary difference between locust and their insect cousins involves size and the fact that locusts travel in swarms, which makes it easy to build a large inventory of locusts for surviving prolonged emergencies. Depending on where you live, you may have come across these for several years, thought they were simply beetles, but now you have a specific name for this species of insect, June bugs. At 13.4 grams of protein per 100 grams of June bug consumption, you receive an ample amount of protein as they are found and consumed. Some types of caterpillars are not fit for consumption and we discuss the common traits to look for in unhealthy insects at the end of this article. To avoid the painful scorpion sting, use a glass bottle and push the scorpion into the bottle. Since scorpions live in rocky environments, you also benefit from a strong source of minerals, such as iron and magnesium. Termites come to the rescue, because the oft-maligned insect contains an abundant 14.4 grams of protein for every 100 grams of termites that you consume. Harvesting snails only requires a container that contains the traditional grain feed that snails like.
The same amount of snails provides 90 calories and about four milligrams of iron, which equals the iron produced from a six-ounce serving of beef. Remember that besides possessing fewer legs than millipedes, centipedes also differ from their leggy cousins by not emitting toxins. Cockroaches love damp environments, especially those that bustle under the cover of darkness.
You also benefit from an incredible 65.60 grams of fiber by eating just 100 grams of cockroaches (which you'll get in just a handful). Some survival experts suggest tying a thin, long silk thread to a captured bee or wasp and then follow the bee or wasp to its buzzing home. However, gardeners have found that a capture method makes the prefect food preparation method as well.
Rotting animal corpses produce copious amounts of maggots and the fat content alone helps you survive food deprivation.

Rich in minerals that maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen, slugs also deliver the protein required to keep a brisk pace during survivor mode.
Cook slugs thoroughly the same way that you prepare snails, except you don't have to remove the body from the shell. To cook beetles properly, skewer the insects on a shaved stick and slowly roast the bugs over an open fire.
Like most acquired tastes, it takes a little time to integrate insects into your outdoor diet. Some insects flash the bright colors to thwart attacks by predators, but to ensure your health, avoid the bright colored insects. You should also avoid insects that live near farms and outlying rural neighborhoods, as pesticides make the insects a terrible option for obtaining calories.
The way to avoid coming down with insect caused nausea involves not only slow cooking edible insects, but also taking steps to harvest the insects for consumption. You can easily build a small cage from twigs and sticks to keep the edible insects from running away.
The calm, sunny day that you enjoyed today can easily transform into a raging crisis tomorrow. MK14 and SOCOM 16) that allow it to accept many modern accessories (scopes, laser sights, weapon mounted lights,  etc).
So, you definitely need some inspiration of how to repurpose them and guess what you are on the right place for that.
I actually started out this world as a pure-survival self-world, but I decided to do some creative work on it. The kids loved the party and our daughter has announced that she wants a Minecraft Party for her birthday.  So, I guess we nailed it! Sometimes you yank on it, often only to load the very first round of the very first magazine during a range session. But side-charging uppers on AR-15s can be pricey, and they preclude the use of some standard parts.
But Ia€™m a rightie, and I like to shoot slowly from pone, and I love this charge handle on one of my rifles.
Large diameter coiled spring pin absorbs shock and flexes so it wona€™t fail under extreme conditions. Machined from billet aluminum with extra metal reinforcing the stress points to stand up to hard operational use.
From palaces to spaceships to entire continents, here’s a look at 15 of the most mind-boggling creations to date. We're used to consuming three substantial meals a day, sometimes more than that, with one or more snacks filling in the caloric schedule throughout the day. The crunch effect makes consuming the insects more palatable, which means you should pull the legs and wings off. Locusts migrate all over the world, mostly between regions that have fertile soil to grow plants and trees. Cooking scorpions involves skewering the large insect and holding the skewer over an open fire. Anyone that has been the recipient of termite destruction knows where to look for the body-repairing insect.
Many natives to termite country eat the insects raw to obtain the highest nutritional value.
Since centipedes use pinchers to bite, the best way to consume the nutritious insects is by boiling or steaming them. The clean and delicious wilderness cockroach taste and feel like greasy chicken say many who have eaten them, but you must boil, fry, or saute the insect to achieve the greasy chicken taste profile and definitely to kill any bacteria that may be present on a cockroach. You fill low-sided cans with about a half-inch of vegetable oil and set the cans on the ground, preferably near vegetation. Many cultures crave the superfood maggot to counter the long-term health detriments of consuming a lean beef diet. Abundant during the rainy season in any North American climate, slugs require little effort to acquire. Beetles of all species supply you with more than enough iron, zinc, and calcium to thrive during a prolong stint living in the wild. Many survivalist experts recommend crushing the bodies and sprinkling the insect over other types of food. Survivalists don't have the tools used by professional insect harvesters out in the wild, but you'll find enough natural "supplies" in nature to make edible insect harvesting during an emergency easy to accomplish. Today, we are bringing to you 18 Genius Ways To Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles and we are sure that you will find them pretty useful.The empty pill bottles are perfect for storing some tiny items, such as buttons, thumbtacks, hair accessories, quarters etc. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Ita€™s easy to find under stress and provides extra leverage to release the latch and cycle the handle quickly. Broad contact points make traditional and tactical weapon manipulation easy, and grooved surfaces help weapon retention and assist positive charging operation while wearing gloves. The best part about the Raptor is you can charge using your fingers and thumb, two fingers, one finger, or even by swiping it with the edge of your palm. Available with Medium length extended latch or Large latch thata€™s A?” longer for an even bigger, a€?cana€™t missa€? grasping surface.
And some of the replacement charge handles also look really cool, too, which is always a plus. Bushman Course Added To Calendar Comments on TDIa€™s a€?Snubby Revolvera€? Class An Agenda 21 a€?Trojan Horsea€™ In Your County?
Maggots offer the protein and carbohydrates that survivalists need to sustain themselves both physically and mentally during an extended emergency.
Remember that many cultures adhere to diets that include insects or exclusively use insects to provide nourishment.
However, some emergencies unfold over extended periods that exhaust most, if not all of the food sources collected to prepare for the cataclysmic event.
The standard magazine is 30 rounds, but aftermarket 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, and 100 round magazines and drums are also available.
I know what types of problems it is partial to having and how to avoid a majority of them based on maintenance, proper usage and configuration.
They can be also perfect storage solution for some of your beauty products when you are travelling and have to pack light. Even a couple of the ones we settled on are a bit sketchy depending on your language threshold. As I get down behind my scoped AR, I can charge it with a simple, quick flick of my right index finger. Battle Latch Charging Handle Assembly fits AR-15s and is designed for right handed shooters. Smoking bee or wasp larvae for several hours represents the best way to ensure robust flavor, without diminishing the nutritional content of the edible insects.
Ensure your long-term survival by knowing which insect to eat that provide the nutritional sustenance you need to live during desperate times. This means that instead of caring shampoo and conditioner bottles, you can put some in pill bottles, which will be enough for several days.
Besides using the empty pill bottles for storage, you can also use several of them to create something new. Learn specific details about bees here and learn specific details about wasps here including as an edible insect. Earwigs offer a substantial source of protein and fiber, something that many survivalists lack by living days or even months outdoors.
For instance, you can make a lamp out of them, or maybe a succulent vase. You can also use the empty bottles as toothbrush holders as well as survival kit or first aid kit.
Scroll down now to see all od the above mentioned ways to repurpose empty pill bottles, as well as many other that we have chosen for you today and choose which one you will try to copy. Tell us in the comments which one of them you liked the best and also let us know if you have any other idea of how to reuse the empty pill bottle that lay around your home.
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other useful ideas of how to repurpose the stuff that you already have a home.

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