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Categories: Auto Survival Kits, Deluxe Survival Kits, Emergency Kits, Preparedness Packages, Survival Kits. This Package is designed to fill all of the preparedness needs of 1 individual by providing emergency supplies for the home, car, and one other location. The food and water in this kit will comfortably provide you with adequate nutrition for 72-hours without access to additional supplies. With looks that do more than slightly recall a VW bus, the Dub Box Camper ($22,000) is a proudly retro way to hit the campsite trails this summer. In an era long gone, but hopefully not forgotten, our fathers and grandfathers fought for our freedom in, “the war to end all wars,” the term some used to describe World War One and “the great war,” used by my father to describe the Second World War.These rifles were manufactured by craftsman and fired powerful ammunition, their actions were steel, their stocks were wood and if you listen even today, they will speak to you. Whether for hunting or fending of your urban survival retreat from the hoards of gangs and looters, we believe this rifle is perfect for what it was meant to do. If you’re expecting complete chaos and anarchy in your area post SHTF, we suggest you get this weapon along with proper training and practice. Today steel, aluminum and polymer play a vital part in tactical firearms construction, especially AR-15 buttstocks.
The shotgun is an incredibly versatile weapon that can come in many configurations and shoot an even greater variety of ammo. Be sure to get practice and good training with your pistol as it will definitely be worth it post SHTF. Available in specific models for motorcycles, (mostly) on road use, off-road use, and use anywhere your vehicle can make it, these hand-crafted trailers offer terrific build quality, full-size galleys, plenty of creature comforts, and sparse, no-nonsense looks that will make you the star of the camp ground. Available in Classic and Pro models, the ZBoard relies on foot pads instead of gyroscopes, but otherwise allows you to lean forward to move forward, lean back to slow down, and lean to either side for turns. Wood stocks are rarely seen in this area and remains popular with hunting rifles and even those are slowly turning polymer. If you have a family at home, be sure to teach them how to use this weapon for home defense.

It also features a 400W electric motor, a 40-inch deck, a top speed of 17 mph, a range of up to 10 miles, and a recharge time of just 5 hours. Well fortunately we’ve done the work for you and narrowed it down to 5 firearms that cover all the needs you would have in an urban survival situation. Today’s stocks pull double duty holding cleaning gear and tools but also spare batteries, parts even spare a magazine. They are multi positional for LOP (Length Of Pull) and to adjust for armor and gear and some are more highly specialized for sniper rifles.Some stocks have hand wheels that allow the user to adjust length of pull, cheek rest, eye relief, recoil pad adjustment, and have QD (Quick Detach) sling mounts, impressive huh? They are also built for the harsh conditions of the battlefield and like all things AR the choices come in good, better, best, you must decide how broke you’ll be after it’s all said and done.Something to also consider when purchasing your new buttstock is the buttstock wrench to do the job right without marring your rifle or buffer tube. The stock is made from extremely tough, fiberglass-reinforced, injection-molded nylon and will stand up to the elements very well. Wouldn’t it be great if they made a buttstock with an extra 10 round magazine that stores in the stock? The GL-MAG comes with and stores a 10 round magazine for those unforeseen emergencies and will also accommodate 20 and 30 round magazines, “They will stick out further of course,” but 10 or 20 spare rounds is better than having your back to the enemy. You can even carry specialty round such as armor piercing, tracers or extra hunting rounds with quick access. The stock features a quick release for the magazine and inverted positioning lever to adjust LOP (Length Of Pull) that blends into the contours of the stock. The GL-MAG fits Mil-Spec and commercial diameter tubes along with integrated ambidextrous QD sling connectors and is finished off with a thick rubber buttpad with positive none-slip texture. The CCS is a two position stock, just pull to extend and it locks in place, retracting requires the manipulation of the locking mechanism. The CCS is constructed from 6061 T6 Aluminum, 4140 steel and has a durable polymer buttplate.

Make sure you read the complete description of the product and get the correct tools to make your conversion effortless. He has served in both active duty and reserve component of the United States Army as an Infantryman and was honorably discharged at the end of his service. Moving to Arizona, he began assisting his long time friend and mentor Bob Shell, an accomplished writer and author in his own right.
Norman is freelance contributor with Handguns Magazine, Canadian Firearms Journal and Manzano Valley Outdoors.
He is also a member of (POMA) The Professional Outdoor Media Association, the (NSSF) National Shooting Sports Foundation and a Life Member of the (NRA) National Rifle Association.
We need Judges that will apply the Constitution and declare laws invalid or the law of the land is dead. Requiring permits in its self is an infringement as you are not allowed until you PAY TO USE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.
No Compromise no more gun control laws they don’t even enforce attempted purchases by felons.
Cpt., (Not sure if their loss was a good thing as things stand now!) We will not yield on this. Anybody know where the cheap AR kits are?Reply Tate Hennelly says: January 27, 2016 at 1:55 PM in the top photo with the GI Mag survival buttstock, what kind of pistol grip is that?

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