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It’s quite obvious how African American actors have taken a prominent place in mainstream Hollywood movies over the recent decade.
Talk about movies like Training Day and Monster’s Ball that won both Denzel Washington and Halle Berry Oscars in 2002. With their incredible talent it’s not hard to understand why these African American actors are receiving so much love from movie fans all over the world and raking in big bucks from movie theaters. Here’s a list of some of the highest paid and consequently richest African American actors in Hollywood today based on the net worth from Celebrity Net Worth, Forbes and other sources. Mention ‘Will Smith’ and movies like Men in Black and Hancock will immediately come to mind. Born to humble parents working as a school admin and refrigerator engineer, Will has come a long way with all the success he has earned.
Samuel’s most recent box-office appearance were for the Marvel hit flicks Iron Man and Avengers, where he is said to have signed a contract for movie appearances in some nine other Marvel-related comic book movies… hello big bucks! With no interest in acting, Samuel was active in black student movements for civil rights in his younger years.
Denzel’s striking good looks and amazing acting skills are definitely paying off by the millions.
Denzel is the second African American actor who ever won a Best Actor Oscar; he won for the movie Training Day.
Thanks to Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent had one of the biggest debut albums in rap history. All the teachers who told Christopher Wallace that he'd never amount to nothing were certainly wrong about Biggie Smalls. After beginning his career in the '80s with DJ Eric B, Rakim gave birth to a lyrical style that was all his own by approaching the mic with a laid back delivery. Kate Upton gets patriotic in a red, white, and blue bikini on the cover of GQ's July issue, on newsstands June 26. Maxim's "Hot 100" list of 2013 was released Thursday and we weren't surprised by many of the beauties that snagged spots on the countdown. Complicating the matter even more is the fact that Manti Teo's non-existent girlfriend even snagged a spot (#69) on the coveted list of hotties.
Although our frustration won't magically get those ladies on the list, we hope Maxim's nominating committee will make more of an effort to inject some diversity into their selections in the future. Check out the full Maxim "Hot 100" list here, and our slideshow below featuring all the beautiful black women who we think got robbed this year.

Quality films with meaty-roles are now casted to African American actors that have proven to draw hordes of fans to the box-office. Tyler Perry, who’s the richest African American in Hollywood with an estimated net worth of $350 million, didn’t feature in our list mainly because he is more of a producer and director. Incidentally, Will pocketed a whopping $20 million talent fee for the latest installment of the hit Men in Black III, and around the same amount for the 2008 superhero film Hancock.
But his career kicked-off after hit action movies Bad Boys and Independence Day, with the latter earning revenues of more than $800 million. Born and raised in New York, Denzel began his acting career in theater and slowly moved to made-for-TV-movies where he landed a role in St.
Denzel is an actor, scriptwriter, producer, and director with an annual pay of around $40 million. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
The movie told of drugs, violence, kidnapping and revenge and featured stellar performances by Louie Rankin and DMX as Lenox and Tommy Buns. Now, the record is often used as the standard by which new artists measure themselves, though few have even come close. Marshall Bruce Mathers III forever changed our ideas about rappers' looks and lyrical content.
Though his star quickly rose, its light went dim way too soon: the Thug Life rapper's career came to a screeching halt when he was shot in 1996. Since then, Nas has given us hit after hit, has been awarded The Source Magazine's 5 Mic rating twice and has taken on one of rap's biggest stars, Jay-Z, in a high profile feud. Thanks to his critically praised flow and lyrics, he's been consistently ranked among the best MCs in the game. Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint have been hailed as classics of the genre, while his lines, verses and songs have been studied by hip hop heads worldwide. Beyond Beyonce and RiRi, the only black women to make the cut were Zoe Saldana and NBC's Hoda Kobt.
This is not an affirmative action plea, this is simply asking that credit (or in this case, hottie validation) is given where credit is due. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction, Morgan Freeman’s Million Dollar Baby, and Oscar-winning Jennifer Hudson’s Dreamgirls—all top grossing Black films. Will also took home Grammy Awards for his rap music, and produced several films including Seven Pounds and I am Legend.

As a solo artist and with his G-Unit crew in tow, Fiddy made hip hop interesting again and demonstrated his willingness to take on any opponent or challenge. Fortunately, Tupac left a legacy of socio-politically charged music that would forever alter the sound of hip hop. With his empire state of mind, Jay-Z has sold millions of records, topped multiple charts and won many Grammys. Beyonce (#14) made the list, of course, although we're not quite sure how Taylor Swift (#13) ranked higher than Queen Bey?
All of these famous Jewish American actors and actresses were born into Jewish families and so are Jewish by birth. Some of his important roles were in the movies Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction where he received an Oscar nominee, and Die Hard III. Around the same year, he received his first Oscar nomination for the film Cry Freedom, and the following year won Best Supporting Actor for his amazing performance in the film Glory. Rapping with an eloquence and dignity that many of today's artists lack, Common is a true wordsmith who can flow with the best of them.
And with over 90 million albums sold, it's little wonder that he's been deemed one of the greatest artists ever.
In addition, he's transformed himself into one of the most successful businessmen America has ever seen. Some of these American Jewish actors have grown up to believe and practice different religions due to their parents' interfaith households or their own marriages. Others are strictly famous Jewish actresses and actors like Natalie Portman, Woody Allen, and Mila Kunis.
Click on the actor or actress you're interested in to see how else they rank on Ranker lists. Christopher Lee Rios paved the way for Latin rappers with the massive club anthem, “Still Not a Player.” And with two platinum albums, there's no telling how far Big Pun would've taken the rap game had he not succumbed to a heart-attack at age 28.

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