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After all the basics are covered (think the top ten supplies to survive disaster), what else from the modern world would help a person, family, or entire community survive a widespread disaster or global catastrophe?
You may be able to buy several of these items listed below from second-hand stores, but always be sure of the quality of each critical survival tool before you simply buy it and hope for it to come through for you in a future emergency.
A lot of whether you survive or not will also have to deal with traveling — namely your ability to cross over rivers and your ability to cross over mountains and snow, ice, and glaciers.
This section is going to discuss several survival tools that may add more weight to your pack, but may come in handy all the same. With a camouflage wetsuit you make it harder for sea life to spot you when in the water spearfishing. Goggles worn by scuba divers will allow you to see underwater when you want to search for edible sea-life or spearfish. A flood may be headed for your community — rather than simply stopping at your porch this one may be a catastrophic flood that rises another ten feet or more, flooding the bottom story of your home, and forcing your family to evacuate upstairs to safety. A kayak is an efficient and fast way to row across the water or travel vast distances along a coastline. Grappling hooks have been used in times of war to trigger wire obstacles and set off land mines before they can take lives.
You might not think of a grappling hook as an effective tool, but really, with some practice and ingenuity, you’re likely to find several uses for it. Organization will give you strategies for escaping an ambush, should enemies suddenly show up on all sides.
Use it on grizzly bears, mountain lions, and crooks (crooks that aren’t pointing a gun at you). Tip: In a time of disaster, put children through some training scenarios to help them be prepared for the day of battle. There’s a great chance that the ground underneath you is going to have rocks, or be hard packed, and simply not easy to dig with a shovel. If you plan to be rooted in place for a period of time, having a few good picks and shovels around can be very useful. A good bow saw has a lot of life in it and can be used to cut through hundreds of large tree limbs and small trees. A good knife will go a long ways — from skinning an animal to cutting rope to simply scaring off a crook with a knife of his own. High winds from a hurricane or tornado may have ripped shingles or even part of your roof or wall to your home away. These things are a lot bigger (up to 55 gallons) and a lot stronger than typical heavy duty residential garbage bags. A good mess kit contains compact pots and pans that are designed to work as a set and pack within each other to compress to take up the least amount of space as possible in a backpack.
Highly accurate (after a few hours of target practice) and good for hunting small animals like squirrels and rabbits, grouse, and other birds.
Deer are highly aware of odors and if they pick up a hunter’s scent will often flee without hesitation. As described above, have plenty of these on hand to aid in baiting deer or elk or even moose to an area within a shooting distance of your stand. If the power is out or your home destroyed by a disaster, a propane stove is an easy way to cook food, and a quality stove will give you many years of use. If you have a large amount of coffee on hand you have a valuable resource for trading with your neighbors. If you want to brew coffee in a time of disaster you’re going to want a percolator that you can use right over a campfire or on your propane stove. While we’re on the subject of weapons for self-defense, if you have the means and the money to stockpile ammunition, have a number of pistols on hand.
Tip: The best survival strategy for a fire fight may be to shoot and run, rather than shoot and stand your ground. There’s a chance that you may find yourself traversing through a snowfield or even up and over a mountain pass with the sun high over head, or simply the snow coming down with winds whipping at your face.
So you find yourself climbing up a mountain pass (maybe it’s the Sierra Nevadas in California or the Rockies in Western Montana) but you underestimated the slope toward the top, just before the crest.
Tip: With a little knowledge of setting anchors and tying rope, you can make it safe and easy to climb for anyone following below you. Whether you’re in rainy, wet conditions, or trudging through the snow, waterproof gear is essential for protection from the elements. These are typically heavy duty waterproof pants that come up above the waist that are worn with attached suspenders. Here’s a modern tool that revolutionizes the idea of cross country skiing and snowshoeing. What if you want to cross over a mountain pass that has an early season snowfall you didn’t expect? If you think that a splitboard won’t save the day when it comes to alpine survival, think again. I recommend a modular kayak specifically for people who live in major cities, like New York City, that rely on connecting bridges to the mainland to evacuate. If you do this right, you just escaped a disaster that might take the lives of a few hundred thousand people. Reaching for a multi-tool is as easy as simply finding one with pliers, and a phillips screw driver, right? If you want a multi-tool for both urban survival and your firearms, you can purchase a Leatherman Tactical Multi-Tool, get superior construction also like the Swiss Tool mentioned above; be sure to get the the 40 bit add-on set (approximately $12). The 5 Best Survival Gifts for Christmas 2015If a catastrophic disaster is heading our way at some point, what gifts could make the difference and actually help our loved ones survive? 137 Survival Gear Supplies List For Military and Civilian Survival KitsA useful list of 137 common and odd pieces of survival gear for military and civilian survival kits.
The Top 10 Survival Foods - Following A CollapseHave you taken the time to consider just what makes the best survival foods for an emergency? 18 Essential Items for Your Get Home BagWhat You Can Learn from John Rambo and Other Green Berets Just Like Him. Emergency Supplies Essential to Survive Any DisasterWhat you have on hand for emergency supplies can and will most likely save your life when a major disaster hits.
50 Critical Items to Survive DisasterHere's a list of 50 Critical Survival Items that can each play a key role in long term survival following a catastrophic disaster.
The Top 10 Survival SuppliesWhat are the top ten essential items to have on hand in a survival situation? Resourceful tips and survival gear that can save your life in an extended winter emergency and help keep you warm through a long, harsh winter.
If terrorist attacks, a solar flare, or other widespread disaster destroy our nation's power grid and knock us back to the 1800s, how would we survive? Chosen a "Top 5 Survival Tool of the Year" by Popular Science, the OmniLite Ti Stove by Primus can burn several common types of fuel -- gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel (just to name a few)-- surviving in a post-apocalypse, this may be the best invention yet. Each community should have a plan to storehouse food safely and be ready to feed thousands and possibly tens of thousands.
Planning for a Community Emergency - Water and Sanitation in the Days Following DisasterThe goal for every community should be to develop a contingency plan in case the very things we dread actually happen. When you live in areas that frequently experience blizzards, it’s important to know what different winter storm advisories mean. Food and Water: Ideally you should put together a winter survival kit for your home, office and car.
You should never use a generator, grill, camp stove or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal burning devices that produce carbon monoxide inside. First Aid Supplies: For easy preparation, you can buy pre-prepared home emergency kits, office emergency kits and even school emergency kits that include basic first aid supplies. Additional Items: A shovel is always helpful when the snow gets high, and rock salt is perfect for melting ice on walkways. Natural disasters occur with relative frequency in certain areas like the eastern coastal and inland regions in the United States, Japan, the Oceanic islands like Thailand, Malaysia, etc. So, we still advise you to prepare yourself, even if chances are low for such a natural phenomena to hit your area. And after all, a disaster preparedness kit doesn’t cost much, and you can assemble it yourself. Most of the items we’ll include in this kit are of basic importance and you should already have them at home (or can buy from the local store or pharmacy).
Besides clothing and boots, you should prepare warm blankets (ideally one per family member). To begin with, always prepare extra batteries for all your tools you would use – flashlight, emergency radio and cell phones. Ideally, practice some survival skills by exploring the area using the map and compass and do some 1-2 days of camping in the area. Prepare also a tent (depending on how large your family is) and find a tent that has extra space. This one may seem like it is an entirely different kit, but actually, no disaster survival kit should be left without a first aid kit.
Some items for the first-aid kit must be bandages, band-aids, thin thread and needles, painkillers and other appropriate medicines (also, prescribed medicine for any of your family members). Don’t forget to prepare any feminine supplies, including plastic bags where to keep the used supplies. Don’t forget the high-energy bars, protein mixes, granola bars and such similar products. You are also highly advised to store some vitamins and food supplements, since you’ll lack fresh food for days and this means fewer vitamins from fresh supply.
Gather all important documents like IDs and social security cards, passports, bank account contracts and other bank details in paper form, including stocks and bonds. Among the extra items keep a pair or two extra eye glasses, especially if some of your family members (or you) wear eye glasses and your vision is impaired.
The preparedness plan should also include discussing how you’re going to communicate during the disaster. Preparing for a disaster may be an unpleasant activity (after all there’s nothing fun or nice about a disaster), but you may as well make the preparation process somewhat interesting.
This article is very detailed and in case you area is really hit by a disaster you’ll just need to follow the paragraphs down the text. If you live on a remote hillside or in a valley, prairie, or forest where flammable vegetation is abundant, your residence could be vulnerable to wildfires. This 15 inch survival knife with drop point blade features a thick quality stainless steel blade with serrated top edge. Depending on where you are when disaster strikes, and what kind of disaster and how big it is, you may or may not be able to load up your car, truck, or ATV and make the drive into the countryside. It can be used both on-road and off-road to transport heavy gear or a carcass weighing hundreds of pounds (following a successful hunt where you’ve taken the life of a deer, elk, antelope, bear or other wild animal). Regarding the ocean, make sure you know how to escape riptides (which occur periodically along shorelines) before simply throwing on a wetsuit and diving in. Now add a weapon that will take down sea life that ventures into your line of fire: A speargun. Tie your kayaks to a fixed anchor point so that sudden flood waters don’t sweep them away and prevent you from making your escape.

Your aim will greatly improve, your ability to judge a location for hooking into will get better, and the speed at which you can climb (or descend) will get faster. Small knots at regular intervals in this second rope (every 18 inches for example) will give you an easy way to climb or descend (for example, onto a highway overpass or bridge, where there is no wall for your feet) as each knot will provide leverage. They have also been used in naval warfare to tie on to enemy boats or to dredge along the bottom of a lake or coastline for items that have fallen in the water. It is easier to hunt with a rifle as you can be further away (with less risk of your scent being picked up) than a person with a compound bow or crossbow, who typically needs to be within closer range of an animal in order to get a good shot. Teach your team what an ambush might look like and different ways to react and adapt to the terrain.
Pepper spray is a last resort weapon as it’s typically only effective in close encounters when an animal or a person is closing-in.
Break up the ground with a pick until you have plenty of loose dirt, then shovel the loose dirt away, and return to using the pick. Digging is one task that you will appreciate having multiple people with multiple picks and shovels at work beside you.
Don’t use the axe on anything but wood and never whack through wood without something else made of wood underneath it.
The chainsaw is going to be most effective in the early weeks and months of a widespread disaster, when there is still fuel to be had. When it comes to survival, tree limbs and small trees can be used to construct everything from small cabins to defense walls around the perimeter of your camp; sharpen the points to help keep out dangerous wildlife as well as intruders. Use it to carve markings in trees to mark your path and signal others in your group to specific locations.
You can do repairs with plywood as well as shingles you find around the neighborhood after the storm has past (use roofing nails for the shingles).
You’ll find many uses for these bags and will appreciate having them around in a time of disaster. Someone may have spotted your group and is calling in bandits or gang members for an attack.
You can also use it on the shore to signal ocean going boats that you’re lost or stranded. Great way to slash at the face of a dangerous animal though most people will end up maimed or killed if they try this.
Cook with maximum efficiency to conserve propane as well as get the most heat out of an open flame. The longer you stay in a fire fight the more chances you have of one of your team members being shot. Ski goggles will give your eyes relief from the sun (get goggles with specialized tint) as well as your face relief from the wind chill and possible frost-bite.
Without proper protection for your hands from the severe cold, they’re just not going to be of any use for very long. The act of clearing brush with a machete also calls for work gloves — the moment your hands are blistering from failure to wear gloves is going to slow down your chopping through heavy brush, until you simply quit due to the pain and destructive forces tearing at your unprotected hands. Cotton, when wet, in cold conditions can be deadly, as it quickly depletes the body of heat, leading to hypothermia. A cold weather sleeping bag can be made for different temperature ratings, so choose one that’s going to do the job based on record lows your area of the country is known for. These are great for fly-fishing in rivers (you can stand in the river and not get wet) or fishing with a net or just a fishing pole down on the coast in an area of shallow salt water. How easy will it be for dangerous people to follow you into the snow if they don’t know how to move in the snow nor have the proper tools?
This particular modular kayak holds two people or simply one person and a large backpack of gear (be sure to strap down your gear bag before making a water crossing). What happens if terrorists attack Manhattan with a biological weapon, infecting tens of thousands with a contagious and deadly virus, and authorities respond by shutting down all bridges and tunnels to people fleeing the “red zone”? With than in mind, keep two pieces of your modular kayak (it breaks into 3 pieces) in a large duffel bag, and carry the other piece in your hands or a second duffel bag. You're sure to find a survival tool from this list if you know what it does and what it's used for. If you only had two survival foods on hand to last you two weeks in the event of a major emergency, what would they be?
This paper introduces ceramic water filter cartridges, which provide a low-cost, low-tech, well proven solution that enables clean water to be produced from just about any fresh water source.
Doesn't matter if seas have risen around the world or if its just your region of the world suddenly under water.
Stocking up on emergency supplies like food, water and first aid items, as well as supplies for communication and heating, helps ensure you’ll remain safe and as comfortable as possible during winter storms.
The most basic supplies necessary include a 3-day supply of water (one gallon per person, per day) and a 3-day supply of food. If you want to prepare your own kit, make sure you stock up on essential items like bandages and gauze, disinfectant, antibiotic ointment, over-the-counter painkillers and any prescription medication you need regularly.
A solar or battery powered radio is an ideal way to hear weather updates and keep up with the news. You shouldn’t leave your life to the chances and hopes that nothing is going to happen (as most people believe). These three are very important when it comes to your connection to the world and your chances of being found and rescued. This will get you more used to it and you’ll feel much better prepared (both physically and psychologically).
It would be best if they are plastic or paper items, since they weigh insignificantly little.
You first-aid kit should also contain gauze and abdominal pads, plastic strips, sanitary tissues and antiseptic ointment.
If you don’t have the important items here, you may risk diseases like dysentery and other such illnesses caused by low hygiene. Keeping your home or place, where you are located during the disaster, is as crucial for your health.
You need to prepare water for each family member, and at least 1-2 liters a day per person.
There are some very quick methods for purifying water and most are in the form of tablets (iodine- and chlorine-based). They give plenty of energy for small amount of food, and are also very light and you can store loads of these without that impacting the total weight or room of your kit in any way. If you can’t see without eye glasses, you should always have an extra pair in your disaster kit. In case your electricity or power supply is gone, you may have no other way of cooking or boiling water.
If you’re stuck at home for several consecutive days, it may get pretty boring if you have nothing to do. Some extra towels, pampers, blankets, dry milk and baby formulas, purees, additional sanitary items and lots of clean and warm clothes. Getting into the core of the plan and the actions gives a better perspective of the situation and all the steps – from preparing to drilling and to the actual disaster event.
By involving everyone in the process, you not only make sure everyone is aware of the situation, but you also spend more time together as a family. But seems to be a perfect checklist even for such peaceful family activities as several days trekking, for instance :) And having read the article I will definitely make a little inventory to store things that are useful to have at hand in case you need to grab them and rush out.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have to walk, and have too much gear to carry on your back, you need to consider getting your hands on a tow-behind cart — the same kind of tow-behind cart popular with big game hunters. In different parts of the world, primitive people (including Native American tribes near the North American coastline) have been spearfishing for thousands of years. Then rig a pully system and either ride it down like a zip-line to the other side, or first send your packs down, then ride it down. They don’t have as much of a learning curve as a traditional bow and arrow or a compound bow. Organize a formation (train, train, and train some more with your group days and weeks beforehand), be able to move and fire in unison, while covering angles of incoming fire. Shoveling is hard work — especially when a task takes many hours or even days to complete.
Tarp also goes a long way to repairing roofs and walls that have been damaged by high winds or even fallen trees.
With water and sewer lines broken throughout the area, working toilets will be a thing of the past for many.
Have fuel on hand as well for your car, should you be in a position where your automobile can be used for travel, such as in an evacuation, or if you simply live in a rural or semi-rural area that is not heavily congested by millions of people in an evacuation.
In other words, from his stand he shot deer pellets in several directions up to 100 yards or so away, rather than walking around, and leaving his own scent.
One trick is to wrap aluminum foil around the base of a pot — but far enough away from the flame as to not actually burn the foil. Protect your homes and campsites the same way that many do currently in countries where mosquitoes are a daily threat. There are different spear tips for fishing and then others for taking down wildlife such as boars and lions.
If you’re living in an area of lawlessness, why shoot it out with the bad guys, especially if you’re possibly outnumbered and out gunned? Soldiers on alpine missions are typically equipped for severe cold weather survival; take a lesson from these soldiers. Rather than risk sliding back down the snowfield you just climbed up, use the ice axe in an overhead swing to grab on to the ice just ahead, and pull yourself forward. Also, become familiar with the dangers of crossing over glacial ice (many climbers have been lost their lives while crossing glaciers). Wool was a clothing worn by many of America’s early pioneers, especially those living in cold conditions. In other words someone living in Western Washington isn’t going to need a sleeping bag rated for 40 below zero, but someone in North Dakota or Alaska would.
Hip waders are also a good tool for keeping your feet and clothing dry when crossing shallow rivers, or trudging through swamps or pond areas, or areas that have been heavily contaiminated by sewage or an industrial disaster, where you want to avoid coming in contact with chemicals or contaminants.
With a splitboard a person can effectively snowshoe (but much more efficiently than traditional snowshoeing) and also cross-country ski through a snowy area. Now your stuck in NYC with millions of panicked New Yorkers and the possibility of a much larger terrorist strike with a WMD in the coming minutes or hours. A Phillips screw driver might come in handy on several occasions but there are a lot more screw head types that call for special fittings. If you could only have ten survival supplies on hand, and survive with the most success, these 10 may be the best items to have.
Whether you usually only experience light snow a few times a year or you expect to be hit by heavy blizzards, we’ve come up with a list of the top items you need to prepare for winter storms.
Winter Weather Advisory means the weather is not life threatening, but it’s expected to cause significant inconveniences.
If you can, stock up on even more long-term, non-perishable food in case you’re stuck for more than 3 days.

If your CO alarm sound does sound, you need to move to an open door or window, or better yet go outside if you can, call for help and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. If you have older kids, make sure you have board games or some other forms of entertainment that don’t require power. After all sleeping bags are manufactured to keep the body warmth much better, and you can also sleep in them of course.
In this regards, we also recommend that you get acquainted with using a map and a compass together. Also, if you prepare some canned food (which we advise you to and will get to that as well), you should prepare a can opener.
There are thousands of recipes on the internet made entirely with foil which wraps the meal.
Don’t forget that if your water supply (during the disaster) is cut and you have no access to any water, you must plan your preparedness kit accordingly. Purifying tablets can’t remove them, as they kill only bacteria and viruses, so plan accordingly.
There are lots of dry food products on the market, and also lots of recipes on how to make your own dehydrated food at home. A disaster event is hard on the mental health and stability, as much as on your physical body as well. This may be a huge problem since you will have no warm water (either for eating or for sanitation). Most portable stoves use the power supply, but there are some (used by hikers and campers) that are gas powered.
If all of your family members are well prepared, physically and mentally, none of you would let panic confuse them. They will know the details of the plan and it will be easier for them to apply it in action (when a disaster strikes). You learn more about each other’s understanding of the situation and observe their specific behavior. David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur. In an urban setting — dangerous people and sometimes dangerous wildlife (loose, dangerous dogs for example or even loose exotic pets or animals that have escaped from a zoo). While you’re at it, grab yourself some good fins, which will give you more strength to propel yourself while swimming underwater. The price for the boat, trolling motor, and battery is extremely low, considering how useful this boat could be in an evacuation; such as getting from an island to the mainland (if ferry service is down) or simply getting across a large lake or river, if a water crossing is part of your evacuation plans.
Calculate the speed of the river by how fast you’ll be able to move, and then go upstream quite a ways, jump in the river from there, and by the time the current carries you back downstream hopefully you will have made it to the location you hoped to land at. The closer they let the animal or person get, the better chances they have of the pepper spray striking it’s target with maximum impact.
When cut the guts are revealed, which can be unwound and used as individual thin strings for everything from emergency fishing line to shoelaces. Your group will have to turn to chamber pots for solids, and these solids can then be dumped into large contractor garbage bags and then tied shut and even buried. In the inner cities street gangs or simply criminals can use whistling to signal that a victim (you) has come into their neighborhood. Regarding slingshots, there are toy slingshots then there are others such as those made by Trumark that can project shot at a speed up to 200 miles per hour and a distance of 225 yards.
You can cut fishing line out of parachord (just cut off a length and pull out the guts, and tie yourself a fishing line). Hint: Those same spear tips for taking down boars would work great against people should your life be at risk. Let your team members in front lay down fire while you’re guys in the back drop out of sight. It may be slow going toward the top, but at the least it can get you over that crest, plus also allow you to make a safer descent down the other side, should it also have a steep grade.
Many of America’s early pioneers had to cross over mountain passes, as well as other explorers in earlier centuries. Conditions are brutal when you work outside in the cold for very long without some protection for your hands from the frigid temperatures.
Today there are both wool products as well as synthetic materials designed to do essentially the same thing and may even have more life and longer use than normal wool. There are now pants made for hunting that are waterproof that have been designed to make as less noise as possible. Make sure your kayak paddle is also collapsible (modular) and keep it hidden in one of your bags until you’re ready to use it. These special fittings can quickly take parts off vehicles, remove hardware around locking mechanisms, and remove ventilation coverings.
Heat packs are easy to use and do well at keeping your hands warm, but they are not ideal for keeping you warm throughout the storms. Some areas though may not be that prone to natural disasters and people suffer much more if something unexpected happens – they are simply not prepared.
The smell and bacteria gathering and multiplying in the bag may be dangerous for anyone who has contact with the contents. It can also be used for purifying water if the cleanliness of the water supply is compromised. Every person in your family should have access to 1-2 liters for sanitation and sticking to their hygienic habits.
Have different tastes in your entire food supply – salty, sweet, spicy and sour (as the most common).
Otherwise, commercial products will also cover your needs for several days during a disaster event. They provide proteins, carbohydrates and fat, which are the three main ingredients vital for the proper functions of the body. In this food group you can also add coffee and tea bags, if you can’t live without any of these drinks. You need to be careful of course when using these stoves since they may cause fire if mishandled. After all, the problem with panic is that it impairs the person to think rationally and clearly. You’re thus getting more tuned into each other and would be a much better team when dealing with a disaster event. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war. Survival kit includes a hollow grip with a compass top to store items within the knife itself, as well as additional pouches on the sheath to hold the rest. Plus a crossbow can be kept loaded and ready to fire — which can be essential for self-defense purposes.
It will go a long way to reducing the stench of human waste that is likely to build up around your camp or property after many weeks or months. Just one piece will go a long ways to getting more heat from your flame and you’ll get a lot of use out of it.
Designed to be worn like a cap right over your head, the netting protects your face and neck from mosquitoes as you trudge through the woods or countryside or fish from the riverbank. Once they have cover, they can fire over the heads of their team members in front, or to the sides of their team members; the enemy may stay concealed for a few moments longer (to avoid these incoming shots) which gives your guys (or gals) in front time to make their escape also. If you want to save a few bucks you can also take a lesson from the homeless and simply sleep under a pile of 8 – 10 blankets, and that will keep you warm even in severe cold temperatures. A good multi-tool is essential to urban survival, is made of stainless steel, and can withstand years’ of use. A Winter Storm Warning should not be ignored: severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours.
Even though flashlights and candles are not good for heat, they are perfect for light sources, so be sure to stock up on them, too. Also, to protect you from rain and moisture, a rain coat or poncho should be prepared for each member of your family. The first three in this list can be used in various situations like repairing something broken using the tape and pliers. Hard soap is better to be kept in a soap box to keep it clean and away from impurities and dirt.
If you use one, keep children away from it and always stay close to it (to observe if everything is ok). They should be able to know what the outside situation is and keep in touch with the outer world. With rope you can tie yourself to light posts, to trees, or other fixed objects if you need to rest from rowing, or if simply the tide is pulling you toward the ocean faster than you can row inland. Better to hike many miles along the bank until you can find a relatively safe place to cross. Make them realize that pepper spray when used at the right moment is a very effective weapon at disabling an opponent and creating a few minutes of time to make an escape — or it simply creates time to grab a follow up weapon such as a knife or spear. You can climb a mountain on these skis and then at the top clip the skis together to form a snowboard.
If you’re going to be anywhere near an urban environment, look, at the Swiss Tool Spirit Plus. In extreme cases, snow can be melted for water – however, even boiling the water will not get rid of certain chemicals that are found in snow.
Giving children some responsibilities will even make them more mature when they have to make some decision themselves. There are two-way radios, which have walkie-talkies and can be used for both receiving and sending information.
The oceans (and a number of lakes and rivers) can provide an abundance of edible wildlife, even for large numbers of people — as early Native Americans new well. Remember, that large, slow moving rivers can have a strong undercurrent — which is why a life vest can be a life saver in a river crossing. Take down elk, deer, moose, dangerous dogs and even African lions with a crossbow or (if you’ve got the experience), a compound bow. If we can teach kids to play baseball and football we can also teach kids how to fight and beat the bad guys when there’s no other escape possible.
They can also be used as a rain poncho (just cut out holes for your head and arms), as well as an emergency make-shift shelter — you may need two or three for that. Here’s a multi-tool with 38 functions, including a bit wrench with 6 bits (important for screw heads that a Phillips or standard screwdriver will not fit). We also advise you to prepare some thermal underwear, since it’s manufactured to be light-weight and keep the body warm.

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