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Though the genre documentary evolved in the silent era of the movies but its was not popular until the 00s decade. It was because when the century turned people become more aware or say about the increasing pollution, global warming and green environment. Here is a List of 100 Most popular documentary films ranging from the old documentary movies to the latest and most recent documentary movies. A NoteI am an aspiring Screenplay writer who mainly works on fantasy, adventure, history and comedy genre. Support NonficsAt Nonfics, we're trying to build a the best place to come for commentary about nonfiction entertainment. Given the circumstances, I have to say that I’m very proud of our coverage of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. With a temperate climate, majestic waterfalls, and an abundance of playful monkeys, the Kingdom of Swaziland would appear to be heaven on Earth, yet Swaziland has the highest prevalence of HIV in the world and only one doctor for every 6,000 people.
Ruled by King Mswati III, Sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch, the citizens of Swaziland are taunted by the King's $200 million bank account and numerous palaces occupied by his 15 wives. With the country in fiscal crisis and its former wood pulp and mining industries exhausting the last of Swaziland's natural resources, Doctor Ben Dlamini has a few remaining solutions to attract foreign investors and protect the country from economic collapse. Africa produces more cannabis than any other continent in the world and Swaziland, despite its small size, dedicates more hectares of land to cannabis cultivation than all of India.
And also this doc could actually endanger some lifes out there, it is illegal and they do not pay tax on it. Yeah mate, the tric's are where most of the THC is produced and where you'll find the most concentrated cannabinoids for sure. I agree with you about CBD, depending on what one is after, CBD is the 'body stone' and is what is most medicinally useful to me.
I agree mate, proper testing would have killed his main 'claim to fame' and proved his 100% THC claim wrong.
I agree dmxi, smiling even though his '15 minutes of fame' probably had a very real, negative impact on the people forced to try to survive that way. I've tried the same, also no nutrients and a good flush a few days beforehand I've found helped with the flavor, as you say, much smoother. My understanding is that his claim was not that it contained a higher concentration of thc but that the ratio of cannabinols contained was 100% thc and 0% other cannabinols. The best film I saw this year at SXSW was not a documentary, but it was made in the style of one. This is a constructed documentary in so many ways, but its heart is something that’s completely natural. Impressive in its immediacy and, given its quick turnaround, its biographical and historical insightfulness. This essay film produced by Laura Poitras, written and directed by Iva Radivojevic, takes us on a tour of Cyprus and introduces us to a handful of subjects, all of them seeking asylum in the Mediterranean island nation, which sits near enough to the Middle East to be a place of refuge for political immigrants. A white American lives among a native pygmy tribe in the deep jungle of the Central African Republic. The Home Team – A small, rather insubstantial doc about a substantial small town basketball team that still probably had the finest direction I saw in any of the nonfiction films this year. It makes me happy that even if I thought it was a weak year for the docs, you found it to be strong. One thing Netflix is quietly doing very well is streaming some of the best documentaries of the last few years. For his documentary-directing debut, Gary Hustwit did not follow the local basketball team through its championship tournament.
In a cautionary tale of corporate greed, negligence and diffusion of responsibility, the leaders of Enron defrauded employees and investors out of millions, encouraging others to stay aboard a sinking ship while they were quietly bailing themselves out. The 1990 horror flick Troll 2 features listless acting, klutzy special effects and not a single troll. In the early 20th century, Albert Barnes rose from his blue-collar beginnings to considerable wealth, assembling what would become the most impressive collection of post-impressionist art in the world (181 Renoirs, 59 Matisses), currently valued at over $25 billion. Since his breakthrough feature, 1988’s The Thin Blue Line, every one of Errol Morris’ features has essentially been about searching for the truth.
The always entertaining Times reporter David Carr could easily have been the focus of the entire film but director Andrew Rossi smartly uses Carr as an appropriate voice of experience, albeit an unabashed defender of the paper.
Lennon and McCartney allegedly said that Nilsson was their favorite group, thinking he was a band, not a man.
After several years of fine and varied documentaries on Iraq, Ferguson came along to sum up the American side of the debacle—the fear, hubris and missed opportunities—with great efficiency. Lauren Greenfield only meant to take a few pictures of a very wealthy family in the midst of all their opulence. During the early ’70s, there was a group in Houston that was acclaimed by some as the greatest funk band in the world. A heart-wrenching wake-up call about the complex problems with our healthcare system in America. CNN has called the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan the deadliest place on earth, and that’s where filmmakers spent time embedded with a platoon of U.S.
People of the African nation of Sierra Leone practice an ancient ritual of family talk called Fambul Tok in this incredible documentary. Screenshot of Davids and Goliath, documentary movie about organ harvesting from live prisoners of conscience.
In March 2006, two witnesses testified that practitioners of Falun Gong were being detained in Sujiatun, a suburb of Shenyang City, in northeastern China’s Liaoning Province. Falun Gong is a spiritual practice that’s been banned and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party in China since July 1999. Matas and Kilgour conducted an independent investigation, collecting additional evidence and testimony, and published a report in July 2006. The Matas-Kilgour report found that between 2000 and 2005, approximately 41,500 organ transplants were performed in China for which the source of organs is unexplained. Matas and Kilgour were separately nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize for their work on Chinese organ harvesting. The documentary director, Li Yun Xiang, expressed his shock when he first learned of the crime of organ harvesting. Nathan Fleet expressed his wish that the film can inspire more people in the world and stop the crime against humanity.

More in CanadaHalf of Young Voters Cast Ballots in 2015 Election: ReportCanada in Brief, Apr. Looking for ways or best places where you can watch free movies online – without breaking the law?
While there are tons of torrent sites where you can readily download movies, chances are most of these sites promote piracy – which is illegal.
YouTube is said to be the king of online video clips and boasts an outstanding collection of viral cute babies and cat videos. YouTube is also available on Android and iOS, so you can watch movies while you are travelling. Moving Image Archive is a part of the Internet Archive that houses different digital movies uploaded by their users. SnagFilms believes that everyone should have free access to their carefully selected collection of high-quality entertainment. Can I Stream It is a free service that allows users to search for any streaming movies available online. Subscribe and get the latest tips, tricks, news, and updates delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. Wiz TechieWiztechie is your techie friend, the head admin, and editor-in-chief of this blog.
It was because in the early days of documentary they were made on film stock, that was not a popular method. This was our first year, given that we’ve only been around since the fall, and we mostly only had one critic on the ground in Park City, and he was only at part-time capacity for us. We’ll probably be adding some to this list over the next week as we finish out our coverage. In the past he has contributed to Indiewire, MTV News, Movieline, Paste, Spout, Documentary Magazine, Cinematical, Screen Crush, Pajiba, First Showing and The Documentary Channel Blog. Additionally the plants are rumored to be completely devoid of the cannabinoid CBD, but Hamilton wanted to test this for himself.
But the market is no longer dominated by the original six-months Swazi Gold and there's now a demand for fast-growing hybrids imported from Europe.
One interesting thing about cannabis growers in Swaziland is they never get high on their own supply. I don't think these peasants knew what they were in for, no one told them that the entire world would see them in action including any officials of their own country.
There is some in the leaf, if you pick a plant even before it flowers there is small amounts in the leaves. Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows is a hilarious mockumentary about a foursome of vampires living together as flatmates in Wellington, New Zealand. I didn’t love any of the jury award winners (some at least make my honorable mentions spotlight below), was disappointed in not only the quality of many premieres (especially the absolutely worthless Wicker Kittens) but also the lack of many bigger buzz titles from Sundance in the festival favorites section (it baffles me that Simon Chinn was in town but without The Green Prince). I don’t think I even caught more than ten features, and I saw about the same number of shorts. 29-year-old Enea is a virgin, so his filmmaker friend Carlo takes him on a road trip to get him laid and also record the whole adventure. Nearly all of our favorite documentaries of 2013 are now available on the streaming service. It stars a whiny 10-year-old named Michael Paul Stephenson—who, two decades after the movie’s release and titanic flop, is still grappling with that disastrous first brush with stardom. He housed it all in an impeccably civilized foundation on private property outside the city of Philadelphia as an act of defiance against his lifelong enemies, the Philadelphia art establishment and city government. It’s been a wide-ranging exploration, one that’s been equally fruitful delving into the mysteries of the universe and displacing common beliefs about Vietnam. Her subjects were the Siegels—the self-made billionaire, the trophy wife, the eight not-as-maladjusted-as-you-might-think children, the monochromatic menagerie of animals.
Amazingly enough, it was made up of high-school students, the Kashmere High School Stage Band. Director Peter Nicks chronicles patients who are waiting for treatment in a saftey-net hospital in Oakland, Calif.
Citizens whose lives were horrifically changed by civil war, where family members became killers of their own families, where torture and cruelty were every day occurrences, demonstrate a remarkable amount of tolerance and forgiveness as they gather to heal the emotional scars of war.
The movie contains interviews with a number of patients who received transplanted organs in China. They said the detained practitioners were being held as a kind of live organ bank and would have their organs harvested when they matched a patient seeking a transplant. Millions of its practitioners are estimated to have been detained in China, where they typically are subjected to torture and brainwashing. They concluded that Falun Gong adherents were the most likely source for these transplants. The film is currently available to view for free on the festival’s domain between Nov. Davids and Goliath, a documentary movie about organ harvesting from living prisoners of conscience, won best documentary at the Hamilton Film Festival in Canada on Nov. Most likely some pirated films uploaded by malicious users may impregnate your computer or laptop with viruses. While the videos do feature ads on it, it still one of the best site where you can watch compelling movies. While most of the movies are classic and older, you do have choices from wide variety of full-length films, daily news broadcasts, concerts, cartoons and many more.
Their service also provides rental and purchase services where you can check or  be notified in case a movie you wanted to watch is available online. In here we share the latest technology news and updates, computer tips and tricks, SEO, games and gaming news, and other tech articles that aims to help you with today's technology.
This resulted in a huge fan base of documentary movies and film makers made documentary movies on other topics as well that were well received. Do you like Docufiction (Fictional documentary) or mockumentary or knowledge increasing documentaries? So stay tuned for that, and also be sure to note my ranking of all the 2014 Slamdance Film Festival docs below. I just personally did not want to continue watching people suffering as much as the filmmaker’s mother suffers here.

He began writing film criticism and covering film festivals for a zine called Read, back when a zine could actually get you Sundance press credentials. Farmers report, the iron rich soil is ideal for growing cannabis without the use of synthetic fertilizers. The whole point of the documentary was to test the legitimacy of the claims that that Swazi Gold strain is a pure THC strain with no CBDs.
I mention it not only because I think most doc fans appreciate a good mockumentary but to note the irony since the best documentary I saw this year at SXSW was made in the style of a narrative. I didn’t hear a lot of talk of docs I missed, though I left still curious about Yakona, The Immortalists, Print the Legend and definitely PULP, which is pretty much the only music doc I heard any positive chatter for. But I can vouch for the following five titles with a bit of additional praises for parts of other docs below.
For a profile piece, it’s so finely focused on the past, the present and the future all in the simple story of a complex young man and what he meant and means to the world. What sounds like the plot of some cheesy ’80s fish-out-of-water comedy is in fact a very thoughtful look at two extremely different ways of life on the planet and a contemplation of why the one has been preferred over the other. Beck, even though a poster person for transgender, mostly wants to be accepted as just a human being. Only a few years ago did Stephenson—by then an aspiring filmmaker—realize how oddly popular the movie had become, winning the strange hearts of B-movie aficionados worldwide.
Then, as a final middle finger to those forces, he clearly demanded in his will that the collection never be sold, loaned or moved, and specifically never to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. With rare footage and frank interviews, director John Scheinfeld fills in much of the missing parts on one of popular music’s greatest and strangest talents.
But once the family began opening up about their lives, the woman behind the camera decided to stick around a little while longer, positing that there might be more to this story than just infinity symbols for account balances. After 35 years, alumni return to give legendary band director Conrad “Prof” Johnson one more concert as he nears the end of his life.
People living without health insurance talk about their hardships and struggles as they to find relief for their illnesses. Dealing with at least four fire fights per day instills a close comradery among the troops that is especially evident when one of them is killed. 138 in Brooklyn, New York, a competitive chess program has helped an extraordinary number of lower-income inner city students improve their standings in life. Even though the fighting was over, rapists and murderers would walk among the victims and victims’ families with impunity.
So it was easy to select that one as the best documentary,” the administrative director of the Hamilton Film Festival, Nathan Fleet, said.
The American researcher and journalist Ethan Gutmann has estimated that approximately 65,000 Falun Gong adherents may have been killed for their organs from 2000 to 2008. There are thousands of brilliant and creative minds out there creating films hoping to catch the attention of different audiences, and this is where some of them submit their works.
You can even watch the movies on-the-go with the SnagFilms Mobile App available for Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices. While not all movies are guaranteed free, there are tons of movies here that will keep you entertained.
However from past 20 years Documentary have made there own place in the film industry and they are being awarded and praised by critics and fans alike. And thank you to Daniel Walber for being able to cover one film made available to us outside of the fest.
Since then he has received a Master's degree in Cinema Studies from NYU, where he concentrated on nonfiction film. In the end, he doesn't get to analyze the plant samples because their gear didn't arrive until about 30 mins before they left? I imagine the path through Europe, from their home in Italy to an Austrian brothel to a sex therapy clinic in Germany, was all pre-routed, and the way the film is shot makes it seem storyboarded in advance.
A key moment occurs on the way out of Africa as the man is told he is doing good by taking his son off to a better place.
They’d thrown costume parties, hosted public screenings, even dubbed it the “best worst movie of all time.” This unlikely cult following is part of what Stephenson chronicles in his directorial debut, a kind of laughing-with approach to reconciling Troll 2’s disastrous beginnings and unlikely cult following. A real eye-opener, The Waiting Room beautifully pieces together disparate stories that make us question our current healthcare system, and point us to reform.
But this documentary is all real, which makes the triumphs and failures of these kids all the more affecting.
But instead of imprisonment, the perpetrators would be reconciled with the citizenry through Fambul Tok. The idea of documentary was to catch real actions of real people on camera thus making it much more realistic than the non fictional films.
Infact some of the highest rated films on several popular sites such as IMDB and Rotten tomatoes are Documentary films. And then there were the films I was able to review through various means, and as always I greatly appreciate all the filmmakers and publicists who were able to accommodate us. Sounds like a lame excuse, I mean, if you're going to to a study why don't you have that stuff ready? However, there is nothing scripted about Enea, a charmingly ignorant yet commonly confused man when it comes to the opposite sex.
It’s like the opposite of films we see popping up about Christian missionaries and adoptions. I’m very excited for people to be able to see this simple but very polished and totally respectful and inspiring doc when it airs on CNN this summer. He also tracks down a number of his co-stars to gauge their enduring relationship to the film; obscurity, thwarted ego and general mental illness plague some, but George Hardy—the actor turned small-town dentist who played Stephenson’s father in Troll 2—becomes the documentary’s de facto star with his guileless, picket-fence grin. In most of the documentary movies the characters are played by the actual people who are being documented. Aside from that it's an ok documentary, there's a lot of weed for sure and I am a stoner so I enjoy a good weed doco, but this one was so-so.

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