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It's evident today that corporations raise and spend huge amounts of money on the political campaigns of the presidents and congressmen. The founding fathers were very concerned about the use of political power to benefit special interest groups, what they called factions - small segments of society that had their own selfish concerns that didn't relate to the benefit of others. The system of "interventionism" that we have today serves the interest of the lobbyists and they represent the international corporations, because they have influence. Have we allowed corporate power to influence the creation of laws that fail to benefit the people? Most of what you say is so true, but to just sit back and say well that's just the way it is is like answering a question with "because". In the 80's when money was falling from the sky in bucket fulls i hit my 15, minutes of fame and made bunches of money, lived right on the ocean, I mean right on the ocean. This conversation isn't going anywhere i just thought i would post some truth instead of the fifty cent articulate words on a ten cent budget that i have to work so hard at. One good thing about TDF as apposed to YouTube, on TDF Avatars get to know Avatars and now and then a personal conversation is in process and the rest of us get to ease drop?
I still think about some of the Avatars on TDF back when, remember Oz he was a trip and always had some good input.
I have a daughter that went to university to study finance, something she was good at as I was a self employed electrician before my heart attack and she had done my books since she was 12, by the time she was 15 she was an expert in tax, I obeyed her every word, so when she got her A levels off she went to university to formalise what she had done in the past for me with a degree, after two years she said to me "dad I have learnt a lot more since just doing your books, there is another level to all this and it is corrupt, they force boom and bust to just strip people of assets, the whole system is destine to fail" she then said " I am not dishonest enough to continue and I want to change my degree to just maths", I was shocked but after knowing just how clever and good she is I said "ok my love you do what you feel is right", she had done enough to get a diploma in finance but she then changed her degree to just maths and managed to achieve that, she now works for a major bank as a credit analyst so at least one bank has one person that will do their job honestly.
Anyway she woke me up and I then watched every vid and read all I could on our financial system and she is as I thought spot on and dead right. People from the higher cost state drove to my state to buy goods and others from my state drove to the higher priced state to work. What was happening there between those two states on a personal level is no different than what companies are doing.
I propose that had the explanation for this disaster been accepted , as you suggest universally , then the entire worldwide insurance system would have reassessed all high rises with people in them ? And Yes, they are trying to save a Buck, BECAUSE if the CEO and board members do NOT, they ALL get fired ! The only reason Capitalism has worked so well, is because it broke up the centralized nature of things into parts.
So, also if your Corporation is not automating with Cmputers and Robots (saving money through labor costs and efficiency) your Corporation will FAIL, because the Corp across the street ( so to speak ) DID automate and so MADE MORE MONEY. We will all try to be honest, yet find out that you can not be honest in a system that is designing itself away. Some are starting to write books about automation and the hidden secrets that no one wants to admit to.
Now of course Marketing has developed and no longer are a pair of paints just a pair of paints but now they are "Jordash Jeans" And now some of us don't even bother to make and sell anything we just crap shoot on paper money itself. I've heard of Stan, and there is Denny Klein and a few others who claim to easily extract H from water. 1) A few power elites pumping Oil making a few families rich which the earth Burns and Radiates?
2) Or the unleashment of clean tech of abundant energy with no limits other than our imaginations and everyone benefits, even our mother earth. This is a tidle wave of super clean, efficient wonders of tech that we will marvel in just as they marveled at the State Fair that exhibited electric Light bulbs for the first time lighting an entire city. The original Book had Silver Slippers, but the powers that be changed it to Ruby, thus distracting the real story which was about Dorthy in Dream land, wishing to save the family farm, going to a Wizard which was nothing but a man behind a Smoke and MIrrors Fear machine. It was Toto, a simple dog that pulled the curtain back, explaining that even a lowly DOG can reveal the great Oz and the Great Hoax.
It does appear that the current system is trying to place the burden of technology induced unemployment on the unemployed themselves. The blood that runs through David Rockefeller is the same blood that ran through Grand Father John D. To give you a little of my background, I remember the 1990s and i could feel things change though there wasn't much you see, hear, smell, or measure. Very precarious, but in 1990s the economy seemed strong and crime was greatly reduced following the '80s, My job allowed me to earn a good living but there was always an apprehension concerning the future. The super rich OWN the media--all of it--except the little bit on internet that struggles to survive. Not to mention that all 3 towers went down like an implosion, and the owner got rid of his asbestos problem; Cheney got his profitable wars, Israeli's Sharon got American military might on his side, and all the other signs and symptoms of sheer evil, greed and sheer stupidity which has brought on global warming and thus all species to the brink of extinction.
Greed should be decreed a crime, and people with insane amounts of money and no conscience-- and all other psychopaths-- must be hospitalized for life in a very secure mental home. Me, too, and all the others who know you can't have economic growth forever on a finite planet. And there's always the work of helping others, healing others, teaching others, protecting everyone from the violent, etc., etc.
And there're are too many people on the planet to survive, and we're also increasing global warming. It is a Nationalized Public School system, and that is what they are trying to do with America's Medical System, to nationalize it. In America, the Insurance system is ALL corrupt and inefficient, but at least it is not run by the Government. THe BEST method, is to have a single payer system, but that the single payer is not run by a corrupt govnt.
I'd hardly call anything in the USA remotely socialistic, or equitable, never mind communist.
Ah, well, our corporations politicians have figured out they can socialize their losses, so there's that. That's why the Koch Brothers give funding to major universities with strings attached that basically allows them to pick who educates these students. I agree that the Rockefellas, Rothsschildren Koch-a-roaches and the other selfish, self-centred mega-rich thugs need to change. The so-called 'founding fathers' were a truly remarkable group of idealists who set the world on fire.
Voting does nothing the polititions are already bought before we pick anyone the whole election and campaigning is a show not and election. How did it come to be that America's prison population is the largest in the civilized world, and what hope is there of changing the course of this troubling trend? The abuses suffered by victims of the United States prison system are myriad, but the motivations behind these atrocities can usually be whittled down to one key factor: money. The Biggest Prison System in History also explores the roles that poverty and race play in maintaining our status as the world's largest prisoner population, the system's deficiencies in caring for the mentally ill and failure to adequately invest in productive rehabilitation services. It is well know study that men are 19 times more likely to get longer sentences and death penalties for the same crime committed by women.
The US has a large prison population because a large proportion of its population commit crimes which justify them being taken out of circulation to protect the law-abiding public, in fact many criminals who should be imprisoned are not. The more we ignore the child like tantrums of these individuals the more we can focus on keeping the real problems in our field of view.
Profiting from the industrialization of human incarceration is in every sense a conflict of interest, and a crime against humanity. If this documentary was about the innocent people that had their lives ripped away by those inmates, people would be demanding more severity for them. I agree with Kadijak - no guns for a starter - then humane treatment & look at other countries that treat inmates with humanity - after all inmates are human beings.
We need to find another form of action for we are playing right in the people who are in the genocide department by placing non violent people( criminal) in the prisons where they will be easy pickings. Unless we begin to treat our fellow man with dignity and respect, no matter their station in life, there is no hope for mankind.
A brave documentary, which has failed to evoke the tiniest bit of compassion and pity for prisoners in some of the above people! Ofcourse there are problems with most everything in our society, especially with a microscope and tunnel vision.
Someone stealing everything of value from your home while you're at work earning a living is a non-violent crime.
And don't forget that nearly all people who go to prison get released, released from a system that doesn't seem to stop them from committing another crime - in fact they just seem to get worse, prison seems to be a criminal activity producing factory.
In 1971, the prison had a riot which resulted in 39 deaths after 10 guards were taken hostage. The jail mostly holds local offenders, those who couldn t post bail, and anyone serving a sentence of one year or less or waiting for a transfer. The biggest point a lot of commenters are missing is the fact that the prisoners are being used to do labour for huge corporations.
During this time I looked for work but in the area I lived the only real jobs were in coal mining, most of those were underground and I had no desire to do that type of work. I made a mistake again because of the pressure of not working and the probation officer's threats of locking me up because of my not working. I thank God that I live in Canada looking at this one cannot think that the US is a country to live in, cripes I don't even lock my doors and I live in a big city a very big city Montreal Qc, and I don't have any fear for my life or being robbed you guy's need to get your shit together. Entangled, mangrove forest on the Bay of Bengal is the kingdom of a creature rarely seen by humans.
More than a decade ago, cameraman Mike Herd captured the swamp tiger on film for the first time. This first tiger footage was tantalizing and all-too-brief, but for Mike it was enough to stir a passion. Four mighty rivers rise in the Himalayas and pass through Bangladesh, dividing into small streams and channels to pour into the sea in the Bay of Bengal. Flood waters carry human victims downstream; corpses are washed onto the muddy banks of the Sundarbans giving some tigers the taste for human flesh. On the muddy bank there is the first tell-tale trace of the tiger - a recent set of pugmarks leading deep into the forest. You know you're in for a good doc when the 3 minute mark is of tiger feces being poked with a stick. Why did you just spend the last hour doing what your speaking out against, which is sit and watch a documentary.
An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary film about the water fluoridation controversy which arises from moral, ethical, political, and safety concerns regarding the fluoridation of public water supplies.
The controversy occurs mainly in English-speaking countries, as Continental Europe does not practice water fluoridation.
Those opposed argue that water fluoridation imposes ethical issues, may cause serious health problems, is not effective enough to justify the costs, and has a dosage that cannot be precisely controlled. The weight of the scientific evidence have found that at the dosage recommended for water fluoridation, the only clear adverse effect is dental fluorosis, which can alter the appearance of children's teeth during tooth development. This effect is mildly cosmetic and is unlikely to represent any real effect on public health.
I was talking to my friend who works at the water filtration plant and he says that there's a certain amount of fluoride that naturally occurs in the air, so if you think that 0.% is harmful then you'd better start breathing in air from a mask. And a lot of people don't realize that fluoride can occur in groundwater, as well - I had a drilled well and it had enough fluoride in it that I didn't have to give my children the drops. It's important to know that any cavity prevention effects from fluoride occur as a result from ingesting NATURALLY occurring fluoride. Once I found out that Edward Bernays was hired to promote flouridation of the drinking water I realised this was serious. Our teeth would be a whole lot better if we didn't eat rubbish - that's the best way to improve health. The dental association cannot give any positive evidence to the benefits of fluoride just as this video does not give you the evidence you say was not presented from those opposing fluoridation.
This video did not give any ammunition that I could use in an argument against fluoridation. To highlight this point, in our food we have genetically modified food, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals.. Perhaps, and this is only a hypothetical argument (no hard data), that the true motive for fluoridation is to numb the wider population into subservient subdued populace.
Whether it works, is toxic or ineffective, there is one argument that ought to be mentioned. Most of the UK does not add fluoride to its water and the decision to do so lies with the local health authorities. If they care about our health so much, why dont they put vitamins and minerals in our tap water as well. I was looking for information about fluoride in water and found out that the water we drink contains amounts of it that are within the safe parameters that present no danger to human health (although higher dosages are poisonous).
Children, the elderly and any person with impaired kidney function (which includes many AIDS patients), are in the high-risk group for fluoride poisoning and must be warned to monitor their fluoride intake. If "they" wanted a passive population why are "they" so dead set against the population smoking pot. I believe smoking pot won't make people passive unless they just lay on couch while they do it. Can the person responsible for writing the "description" at the top of this documentary please back up this statement. As far as I can tell there have been NO studies to date that back up ingestion of fluoride as being beneficial in any way, shape, or form.
It would be nice to see the documentary description posted rather than the biased viewpoint of one person. However there are many good points there and authors consider the data compilation and joint analysis an important first step in evaluating the potential risk. Furthermore, the hypothetical success of fluoride in subduing a populace must certainly rely on its subtlety and far reaching dynamic; something weed couldn't do, even if its effect were truly subduing, which I don't believe is the case.
So yes, the manipulation and control of mass population is certainly something many take into consideration, history is a testament to this need of a subdued population.. If you are unable to see the controlling apparatus that is all-present in many aspects of your daily life (marketing-advertising to name but one) then they have been, at least for you, successful.
So ultimately, I feel it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to believe that the possibility of fluoride in the water supply might be just another form of population control. You have taken incidents and people of history (Roman gladiators and Joseph Goebbels etc.) and have applied this to what you see today.
The owners of my local professional baseball team could care less whether I have a political conscience of not. You have not provided any data, evidence or link which shows that fluoride has enough of a mood altering effect to render the population passive enough to control. I go weeks without watching any television or sports so to claim that I have been successfully manipulated has little or no foundation.
In addition, you need not be isolated to TV or sports to be influenced by Advertisement; simple things like word of mouth, reviews, banners, stickers, logos all subconsciously manipulate you to buying a certain brand or product. However, these types methods and techniques are not isolated to advertising, but also governments, news, special interest groups, corporations.
Furthermore, there are other myriads of population control not isolated to merely advertising. I guess I get dragged into discussions with individuals who make outrageous claims too often.
The attempt to use different techniques to influence the thoughts and desires of others is a many layered topic.
This video uses the fear that we all have about unseen dangers and then uses a logic that is difficult to refute to support that fear. It's a known scientific fact that fluoride and the fluoridation of water is detrimental to a humans health and has been for a long time.It's an atrocity to see certain governments sticking by their fluoridation programmes to the point that it almost looks like an agenda to cause harm to their populations. Industry has been dumping this toxic substance into the public water supply for too too long. While I like this documentary for how clear and concise the speaker is in relating the dangers of fluridated water supplies, I would like to offer criticism. I work in a water treatment plant in Canada, and the fluoride room is so corroded just from the air inside the room which holds two big tanks and two small metering pumps, it is the ONLY chemical room in the Plant that you can not see through the glass of the door because it is so etched. Actually "they" are not against people smoking pot; that creates enormous economic gain for lawyers and big budgets for prisons and law enforcement. With the help of a hammer-wielding scientist, Jennifer Aniston and a general anaesthetic, Professor Marcus du Sautoy goes in search of answers to one of science's greatest mysteries: how do we know who we are? While the thoughts that make us feel as though we know ourselves are easy to experience, they are notoriously difficult to explain.
He learns at what age our self-awareness emerges and whether other species share this trait. Having survived that ordeal, Marcus is given an out-of-body experience in a bid to locate his true self. Finally, he takes part in a mind-reading experiment that both helps explain and radically alters his understanding of who he is. Suit yourself, but all it meant was they are measuring the reaction in peoples brains when they veiw a picture of their favorite celebrity, then loooking for the same reaction when veiwing things they may associate to this celebrity. This was brilliant, the question of what consciousness is and what makes us who we are is truly fascinating. This is an incredibly fascinating documentary - so much so that I could only watch just over half of it (I stopped at the point where Marcus travelled to Sweden to see Henrik Erikson) - because my brain could not take any more information in!
100 billion nerve cells in the brain!- 100000000000 - thats an incredible amount, and this man put himself through 'sedation' by way of anasthesia to contribute to trials on the constant activation of the cortex - conciousness. The reference to Descartes was indeed pertaining to his work on the soul, and whether it exists. The last part of this doc is really surprising, but i think the 6 seconds are relative to what we are doing. The experiments with dolphins, elephants and magpies in mirror tests showing they have self-awareness seem pretty 'compelling' to me. It’s always so enjoyable to watch someone so excited about what they are exploring and explaining to the viewer that they don’t quite have the time to let anyone else in on the secret at the time they’re shooting the documentary. I do wonder how long it will be before we as a species really understand the complexities of human interaction, with both the external and internal worlds we experience with one mind. What caught my attention-mainly-was the fact that the brain knew the switch he was to press, 6 seconds Before he actually did…mindboggling! This is a cool documentary that hopefully clears up a lot of the pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo that is invariably associated with any discussion involving the word consciousness! A lot of interesting experiments, not-the-least in moving Marcus' awareness out of his body and into the body of the someone else.
Marcus is a bit arrogant though; his monologues are littered with 'I did this' and 'I did that', maybe that’s the curse of the maths nerd. What I think is most important, is that Marcus and many of the scientists featured in the docu, are making clear distinctions between the subjective and objective worlds: the subjective (or inner) world of ’I’, and the objective (or outer) world of ’it’. Personally, I would like to see science attempt more and more to tackle the subjective world of inner consciousness to the best of its ability. Just Erica: no it is not clear at all that there is a god, bible quotes, other ancient texts, the sensation of a godly pressence, pressence of ghosts can actually be explained, i dont remember which docu i saw it in, but it was about ghosts. But then in reality the room starts to get hotter and hotter, would your mind believe that the room is still cold or would your other senses kick in telling you that the room is hot? If the Tibetan monks had such large prefrontal cortex because of meditation, would they be smarter than a person like Albert Einstein?
The time delay and the lighted up parts of the brain that was being observed to coincide with it, are the areas that are involved with memory and the memories associated to that particular stimulus. Hasn't it been said that knowledge is knowing information and wisdom is the application of knowledge. I do not think the brain is receiving consciousness, but like it was stated it is enmeshed with the mind.
There have been many people who have tried to explain consciousness but to date it is an unsolved mystery, we can only speculate because there is no definitive proof either way and if you can solve this conundrum of the 'ghost in the machine' you will be very rich.
If my "I" was really separate from my body, drinking alcohol could not change the way "I" function, i.e.
It's interesting how 6 seconds occur before an act implying it was predetermined on the brain level.
We all have the answers, but opening up and listening is the lesson we are all here to learn. I also wonder if those consciousness tests should be expanded to accommodate different levels. At first glance the landscape could not seem more desolate, a handful of a burnt out islets, almost a 1,000 kilometers away from the nearest coast. Winds and water currents broke up the volcanic rock in a gradual process in which enough level of soil was formed for seeds to germinate. All the living creatures that inhabit Galapagos Islands had to cross thousands of kilometers of sea without fresh water and exposed to the equatorial sun to reach these new desert islands. After a prolonged dry period there is a toxic flush of toxins consisting of phosphate, nitrate, heavy metals etc into the lakes, rivers and oceans. Calculate what the volume of discharge from a major city like Los Angles, Peking etc and much will be understood as to the effects of this little studied source of pollution and its effect of the world's waters.

The lack of understanding this matter is well exampled in the West Coast Canadian city of Victoria, BC where they are spending a billion dollars to treat the city sewage while ignoring or unaware of the principal and far greater source of pollution from storm water drainage coming off the highways and byways of their city streets. Recent studies by five universities have demonstrated that juvenile salmon completely lose their ability to identify their natal waters when coming in contact with heavy metals, copper in particular due to the impact on their olfactory sense. However, the same scientist were unaware that urban storms coming from city streets were unaware the principal contributor to heavy metal discharges. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels are alleged to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances which fall beyond the boundaries of human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters.
A substantial body of documentation shows numerous incidents to have been inaccurately reported or embellished by later authors, and numerous official agencies have stated that the number and nature of disappearances is similar to any other area of ocean.
First part of the video talks about Flight 19, the American aircraft that went missing after flying over the Bermuda triangle.
A good one's for the beginner's to start with, concerning the 'World of Mysteries' that we live in..!!
It has always struck me as comical when a ship or airplane lost at sea is described as having "vanished" or "disappeared" as if there's some sort of grand mystery as to where they went.
If everyone gets confused, why don't they erect flag poles on the uninhabited islands and then people would have a marker to reset coarse by? The problem with this documentary is that it is missing a lot of good things that was in it when I watched it on Cable TV. I was in the US Army “Rangers” for over 30 years, and I know the mindset of Officers (Be it Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines) over the years.
Thare are a lot of things they could have done to get a true north for a Course, but did not! Good, neat film, but it was just more about Flight 19 rather than about the science and the hundreds and hundreds of other incidents that have occurred there. Powerfull magnatic rocks such as Magnatite and Elamanatite rocks responsible for this mystery. Continentel drift theory of earth tells that the world continents was a only one big continet.
This documentary should be renamed, "What We Think Happened To Flight 19" not "The Bermuda Triangle", what a waste. The most logical explanation imo are seizmic farts releasing a huge amount of gas and sinking ships.
Due to the offset of the sound, and video quality, this documentary may drive a sane person nuts! Firstly, the briefness of something that has been a mystery for hundreds of years was rather startling. Secondly, the information provided within the documentary has not be proven as fact, only the best interpretation via the researchers best judgement. Lastly, there was no prior follow up towards the previous expeditions conducted by the featured researcher and the other associates involved. God's Throne is above the Heavens according to Islamic believes not on Earth, so you probably mean the devil's throne when he got thrown out. Each year the authorities remove as many as 100 bodies found hanging at the country's suicide hotspot - but others can lie undiscovered for years.
After the novel Kuroi Jukai was published, in which a young lover commits suicide in the forest, people started taking their own lives there at a rate of 50 to 100 deaths a year.
The site holds so many bodies that the Yakuza pays homeless people to sneak into the forest and rob the corpses. The authorities sweep for bodies only on an annual basis, as the forest sits at the base of Mt.
This is so sad, yet such a reality of our dualistic world, you can find great joy and great sadness.
When he says he wonders why they would choose to kill themselves in a place like this, I honestly think that might be close to the point some of them were trying to make. Most of us can't help caring about one another, which is one of the best things about the planet and why suicide can be such a hard subject, I guess. In times of great turmoil such as depression, sickness, the loss of a loved one, many people are tempted to kill themself but most stay alive because they don't want to be found by their kids, family, friends. A old friend of mine has said many times, if i ever get real sick, i'll walk up the woods behind my house and dissapear in the mountains. The notion that it wasn't was propaganda put out by the emperor of the time to inspire the kamikaze pilots of the second world war. I think the Romans probably had a bigger culture of honour suicide than both the others mentioned put together.
However, as with everything i say it might be complete bullsh1t, so research for yourself before you take my word for it. I was thinking about this last night, it is a beautiful place but underneath that beauty is the knowledge that you're following in the footsteps of a hundred other dead guys.
Hey Irish, that's true, but we don't expect to find our dead hanging from trees, not so many in one place anyway. He did mention in the film that they used to take the old folk and ditch them on the mountain when they couldn't afford to keep them. The only scenario that I could see that I could do this would be one similar to Az's friend. Anyways, heres hoping that none of the readers of this post ever feel the despair that leads to suicidal thoughts.
Dear dewflirt, you are such a nice human being and you hold wisdom that I often see concealed in your humorous posts here. I can imagine especially right now after having gone through what my dad just went through for 1 month.
I spent a week alone in my mums house just after she went, on my way to bed I met a huge house spider on the stairs. Is it true that in the past, people would abandon their elders because conditions were made so hard they could not adapt to 'the demands of Society' any better then, than now? The 'curse' idol on the tree upside down man 'in contempt of Society' is the same as the Peace Symbol: death of man. Up until the late 1800s, death by hanging was recorded for both failed and in some instances, successful suicides who were convicted of spectacular crimes.
So apart from the religious 'sin' of suicide (it's alright for someone to murder you but not to take your own life) was complimented in the law.
Who dies of 'natural causes' these days or from the dawn of that Society's Civilisation where war, plunder, rape, starvation and torture first began? Every graveyard could rightly proclaim in marble and brass 'Murdered by the Medical Mafia' and still, mankind rushes to extinction in minor suicides every decision they make to obey the rules, regulations and ultimately orders of Society. We have been cut off from our knowledge of life and death, whilst being relieved also by the pressures of 'right' and 'wrong' or good and evil. If anyone can bear it, there's a unique book available called Jacobs Ladder which is the true diarisation of a man contemplating and successfully passing on through his own conscious will. When you look at it all, this 'living' in a constructed hell, it is the living who are the cowards, the irresponsible, the blind. People who calmly plan their death in full awareness are to be as 'canaries in the mine' - huge warning neons that we really must wake up and live or die fighting.
The spate of reported suicides in Wales is still a mystery to all except those involved but we can deduce that psychotropic medications, lack of incentives (unemployment) and NLP types of 'reframing' in addition to physical abuse, certainly provide some clues. I sat next to my mom's bed in the hospital, after she died, for about two hours, when I was told to leave so that she can be prepared for the morgue. Honestly, I was a bit surprised by one of your posts about liking me, but I must admit that, although I was flattered, I didn't think much of it.
It is my wish that those who have embarked upon their last journey into that forest have found peace in some way. I think what we fail to realize is that when this old man talks about how we are losing our true nature of face to face humanity to technology, it is so gradual we fail to notice that until we see something so heartbreakingly touching like this.
The talk we have with loved one does not have to stop with their death, in fact sometimes we end up talking more for a while.
My students told me that because of the volcanic rock compasses don't work in that forest, so people used to go in there with the intention of getting lost and never coming out. The suicide rate in Japan has been above 30,000 for the last 10 years, the highest in all industrialized countries, though I think S.
Occasionally the topic will come up in my classes (suicide) and my students have told me that because Japanese people tend to take personal responsibility for their own problems and rarely seek professional help from psychologist, counselors, ect and because suicide is seen as an almost historical tradition in Japan people chose to end their lives that way. I apologize for not answering sooner to thank you for your encouraging words, I just didn't see it until now.
I somehow know your words to be true although I cannot pinpoint to a specific reason as to why do I believe that. Suicide would be my last choice on ways of leaving but preferable over lingering in a hospital with no hope. A person very close to me attempted suicide with pills and was found before death, survived and is a happy person.
I think we're only a generation or two away from the realization that as sentient beings we have the right to determine when and how our lives end. If your life was to last 100 yrs or 1 day only, your life would have lasted almost the same amount of time as you realize that the world has been for eons. The production of the vdo is a bit too dramatic and definitely balancing on 'romantic' visions of suicide. Never thought of it but yes, the remoteness of the place would make it difficult to be found. It was hard to watch, I wish they had more forest rangers so more suicides could be interrupted.
An Australian-produced documentary for ABC television, Battery Powered Homes takes a peek into a not-so-distant future where clean and renewable energy can alter the way of life for countless millions. There's Josh Byrne, the congenial host of the popular television program Gardening Australia, the battery he's using to power his home is complimented by an energy management system. The film also introduces us to the scientists and researchers who stand on the front line of these emerging technologies. Battery Powered Homes is an eye-opening and inspiring look into a future that can have a positive impact upon all of us.
It doesn't matter how wonderful the technology is, if the price can't compete with existing products, the consumer will not buy.
But if they can make a 12 volt battery, the same size as a group 27 or group 31 that has twice the amp hour capacity for no more than 10% over the cost of a standard deep cycle battery, then I know the solar supporting RV community would buy them up in a flash. All seems like a dream coming through but don't underestimate the power of oil companies and their delay forces. These corporations also spend huge amounts of money hiring former government officials to lobby congress to pass laws that mainly benefit their interest. So they wanted as much as possible to restrain the ability of the general government to engage in that kind of behavior. Some say that what we need is a lobbying reform to keep the lobbyists away from lobbying, but that is not the answer because lobbying is petitioning the government and we have the right to do that.
One, if we had the right people in Washington, the right members of the Congress, who would not yield to the temptation of being influence by money, but that doesn't seem to happen. I believe him to be a very astute , moral person and again, I believe that what he stated about the corrupted economy through multinational corporations to be true as he understands it. I am no genius but it IS obvious to me that the Jobs are going DOWN, yet efficiency and profits are going UP. Disinfo: USA is not different from the world when it comes to driving on the right side of the road. I don't think all those 'robots' are going to rush out and purchase the latest 'gee whiz' gadget or even food, clothing, or transportation. NO, just the idea of MONEY will become a fable we will teach in school as the kids laugh at how it USED to be done. Hum, if no one does something about it, it may well be because there ain't much to do about it? I remember the toys but by the time they made the movies I had long since lost interest in toys.
It's just that I knew that the USA was on a downward slide and I envisioned this dystopian United States.
There is no bands of roaming cannibals or even ubiquitous zombies hungry for cerebral rape and pillage. Yes, corporations have bought the political system and the politicians simultaneously extort money from corporations. The aptly titled new documentary The Biggest Prison System in History, produced as part of the provocative The Empire Files series, examines the origins of this epidemic and boldly points fingers at the institutions and power brokers who profit from the incarceration of more than two million American citizens.
Even the phones provided for prisoners are devices for generating obscene amounts of profit. This hard-hitting and unflinching film provides valuable insights into a system that operates largely in shadow from most Americans, and points to a variety of cultural and societal ills that contribute to its continued dominance. The US constitution sets a high standard of individual responsibility for its citizens but a large number of them fail to live up to that standard. Not worth watching unless you enjoy hearing about conspiracy theories with no backing whatsoever.
If you have studied US prisons enough to have authored books on them, you should be aware that there are some scary people who have perpetrated some pretty horrible acts to get what they wanted with no compassion whatsoever for their victims.. Data in Australia for 2011 shows that about 60% of the prison population have a previous custodial sentence. Is this what we want, a never ending stream of repeating offenders coming out of the prison system? This brought the installation of a tear gas system for any violence that came in the future. One of the most efficient predators on Earth, this animal is feared as a killer and a man-eater - the legendary swamp tiger.
It was an extraordinary breakthrough, the first glimpse into the secret life of the least known tiger in the world - the swamp tiger of the Bangladeshi Sundarbans. They form an intricate mangrove delta, a collection of sand banks and mud held together by entangled roots. Every year up to a hundred people are killed by tigers, yet for the poor there is no alternative. Despite opponents' concerns, water fluoridation has been effective at reducing cavities in both children and adults. The good flouride compounds are often misrepresented for the toxic flouride compounds when using blanket terminology.
Considering the above-mentioned intake level, it is likely that skeletal fluorosis already affects a significant portion of the population.
Also at high risk are people with immunodeficiencies, diabetes and heart ailments, as well as anyone with calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C deficiencies. My own experience is that pot make's people thinking new ways and it's fun with excercise or sport too. That is probably the most recent systematic review of studies, which unfortunately has pretty much the same flaws.
Honestly if the government did legalize pot, you won't see soccer moms and joe the plumber type Americans jumping on the hippy-dippy pot smoking ban-wagon would you? Things like growing inequality, wars, financial instability, environmental disasters, political disconnection (insert problem) are just some of examples that might incite mass movements creating a potential melting pot. Certainly the trend has continued and evolved profoundly and is all present in our daily lives. There's plenty of conspiracy theories on world depopulation and the refusal by governments and their scientists (if that's what you can call them) to abolish water fluoridation gives the theories credence. I'm 18:30 in and still have no idea who the speaker is or what his sources are besides the one statistic from the CDC, which contained no link or the name of the study. So, in order to find out where they come from, Marcus subjects himself to a series of probing experiments. And in Hollywood, he learns how celebrities are helping scientists understand the microscopic activities of our brain.
In short they are trying to determine the routing of human thought, what part of the brain accesses what other part and how does this create consciousness. They only mention that neurons are activated when people think about familiar thigs eg celebrities. I was 'hooked' from the moment Marcus explained about the time when (on a train between Paddington and Oxford) he suddenly had a 'FLASH' of realisation - and the subsequest solution to a problem that he had been pondering for ages. That was my main facination with this doc., the question of do we indeed have a soul, not so much in the religiouse sense but a seperate entity that is us devoid of physical form.
If nothing else it will make you ask questions that may lead you to a whole new perspective on what reality really is and how the "I" in us all experiences that reality. Probably, sometimes its 2 seconds, or another time the unconscious and conscious mind are totally balanced and respond at the same time. I would love to see experiments with the artificially induced out-of-body experience taken even further.
In fact they have scanned some monks for a period of time and observed the effects of meditation. Are you insinuating that it is infact you that has the definitive final say on its existance or lack thereof? I prefer to see Marcus sticking to his field of Prime number research and not dabbling with the applied world of experiments. Testing Marcus is interesting, but how about testing the consciousness of tibetan buddhists in various meditative states.
A better question is how are we able to be conscious of thoughts and thinking of consciousness simultaneously?
What if you were trapped in a giant freezer and you wore that head set that made your eyes believe you're in a room filled with snow. For those of you who found the topic of consciousness interesting you will be happy to hear that this documentary comprises about a 1 hour lecture in the consciousness course of whole. The more associations the longer or shorter duration it would take to make a reaction [decision] depending on if the experiences were negative or positive or equal in strength, a threshold has to be surmounted.
Perhaps choosing a profession of people who rely on physical appearance for identity is the point?
I'm not sure if I missed something in the 6 second delay experiment as I just kept thinking of video game reaction times and how divergent that is from what's presented here.
Surely all complex life requires some level of consciousness but to varying degrees and thus the tests should be adjusted accordingly? El Nino, a meteorological phenomenon which is becoming notorious all over the world, heats up the waters on the Pacific coast and causes terrible death and destruction to animal species. It seems impossible that life could reach this land of volcanoes and yet from the very moment that they've appeared on the surface, five million years ago, the Galapagos started to prepare themselves to house life forms. Popular culture has attributed some of these disappearances to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics, or activity by extraterrestrial beings. Apart from the spacial disorientation theory nothing in this film is clear about what happenened to Flight 19. Did the aircraft that went in to look for flight 19 and also disappeared along with all the craft that have vanished since also get confused and think they'd flown in entirely the opposite direction and no longer trusted their compasses or superior officers? I have sailed across the Atlantic just this summer and basically covered a large part of Bermudan Triangle avoiding a big cyclone. But this was only the beginning of a series of difficult conclusions throughout the whole documentary. Yet the narrator continued to phrase "it is now known." continuously, making it rather annoying when there was no facts actually discovered within the whole documentary itself. It is understood that films like these are educational non the less, but it is in my sole opinion, that this specific documentary fails to uphold the true mystery that veils itself around the title; The Bermuda Triangle. So the research team stopped their investigation after concluding that those planes were not Flight 19?
So dense is the vegetation at the foot of Japan's Mount Fuji, it is all too easy to disappear among the evergreens and never be seen again.
What a beautiful place, it would seem harder to kill yourself surrounded by such awe inspiring scenery.
We're social animals and most of us fear death to one degree or another, two facts that might incidentally "explain" a whole lot of human history, with the rest only being "commentary," lol. I don't know about hanging though , if I was ever in that frame of mind (and hopefully won't be), I think I'd go for something nice and relaxing washed down with a bottle of Powers Whiskey.
Surely that must skew your decision once you arrive, doesn't seem as if many leave on their own to feet. When you go where people have died, battlefields, knowing it taints the thoughts you have.
In its own brutal way it makes sense I suppose, they've lived long enough to be of any use. You'll dream about her a LOT, you'll never forget the sound of her voice, and you'll see her soul when you look in the mirror. It is true that I had a friend, a confidant and encouragement in my mom, most of us do I guess.

On entering, the last straw would be the placard extolling the value of life, family, friends and the telephone number of the Japanese version of Samaritans. Suicides, who had been interrupted and apprehended by some meddling neighbour, faced stinking horrible confinement, court, sentencing and guaranteed death. Euthanasia and Capital Punishment will be two important developments in furthering these aims, politely, legitimately and profitably for Society. How then, can one remain sane, healthy fit and full of the joys of life, when everything is polluted by and through our subservience and support of them.
For given the option of changing the hell to one of life, or suicide, we duck out and opt in paying more and more to keep the whole machine running smoothly and profitably for the insane. We are confused by media events whereby parents or others go on a killing spree against their own or others children then kill themselves, but many of these stories have huge back stories and are often not suicides at all, but mass state sanctioned murders. It is now apparent to me that the more we go into the future, things DO get very complicated. I think in some ways it is much easier to live here as a foreigner since I don't have to really conform to Japanese society and can be myself.
I am not a religious person in the sense that I don't subscribe to teachings of any organized religion and in the case of those I know a bit about, I.e.
If the gods are merciful I will drop in my tracks one beautiful day while still active and in control of my faculties.
While I agree that teen suicide is tragic, consider how ghastly are the prospects of a 70-year-old with bone cancer. Instead of going on the boat ride to enjoy, you are the one in the front, saying it should be this, why isn't that happening.
But in the past few years, advanced technology has made this dream a reality for over one million residents in Australia; a number that's expected to grow exponentially over the next five years.
Josh and his family, like most users of these technologies, expend most of their power needs at night. For example, the price of these systems will continue to drop as they become more widely used. They're working to create more efficient and durable batteries that can run longer and create a full charge in a matter of minutes.
When oil wells aren't needed anymore,who will ensure they are sealed,and is that even possible.
The real solution is getting the government out of the business of being able to pass out favors, so there is no incentive for the businessman to come and lobby the member of Congress.
And a close detailed diagnosis of the sum of human history on this planet shows that democracy has very much existed in different forms in different times among different cultures at many points in human history. After all, a 47 story , steel high rise ( the infamous " building 7") collapsed not only through simple office fires, but also defying the laws of physics. You better wise up and think up a new system, and it is not going to be Capitalism in it's current form.
Only in four European countries do they drive on the left side: Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom.
In such a tax system the choice of legal tender, be it dollars, pounds, gold, silver or bitcoins, is not important, as the focus is on returning value, taken from the common wealth by individuals, corporations and monopolists, back to the common purse. If we, the poor can't win fairness, then should we the poor just capitulate to crapitalism? The thing I notice is that you seem to have your finger on the pulse, but keep up your voice strong. I like to think of it all as a very simple but very dirty process, or a process of transition, a shift from one set or rationale to a more mature(?) and adult reality though the children of anger seem to hold sway. On close examination, I notice that trees are far different though you would never notice unless you were there to measure the changes over the decades. But Corporations have a second line of defense, behind the politicians themselves, that prevents reform. For me 'globalism' (you can contrast that with 'globalization' however you want) is what we DO want in a free world. According to data presented in the film, America's prisons are now largely equipped with pay phones that charge for every minute of use.
They think that having failed to provide for themselves and their families by legitimate means such as hard work they think they have the right to make a living from crime. We must find why they committed the non violent crime then insist them in there social or financial problems along with some community service in a career or job setting or social experience that particular offender may need to fit back in society. I find it hard to believe that anybody with their head screwed on properly can take what's being said here seriously. Since you are the authority on compassion and prison perhaps you have better ideas on how to deal with these problems that you are keeping a secret? The street I want to walk down has people who aren't going to commit a crime and if they are capable of making a choice towards criminal activity, they've been helped or are being helped to stop this and make better decisions. California s only death row for male inmates, the largest in the United States, is located at the prison. A medium security prison for males in Atlanta, Georgia, USP it is primarily used as a transfer prison.
These tigers are so elusive that all attempts to track them in these impenetrable swamps ended in failure.
The fishermen spend months on-board their boats trying to avoid the bandits who steal their catch and their belongings. Look at some of the products that use it as ingestion (Prozac; if I recall included high doses). If fluoride truly works then fine, swish it around in your own mouth but at least give people the option.
My local council is against it on the grounds that mass medication is against a European convention on human rights, fluoride is available already in toothpaste for those that want it, there is no clear evidence that adding it to drinking water improves dental health, that it is an hexafluorocillicic acid made from by products of the fertilizer industry, that there is considerable evidence that fluoride (more toxic that lead) increases the chances of cancer and tumour growth rates, and lastly that calcium levels in the body fall as fluoride increases. Consequently these huge social movements can becomes game changing for those interests that benefit off the status-quo. Since I was small I have broken my arms 9 time, my back twice, my foot 3 times and thats not counting broken toes.
I generally agree with what he says because I have heard it elsewhere, but without the proof supporting him being introduced as he speaks (or before he speaks) many viewers shall remain skeptical, as we all should in an era where many say things (and quite well) which are unsure and sometimes entirely untrue. Do your own research while gathering data and information from multiple sources to find the truth. This documentary also touches the problem of free will, which I find both fascinating and scary. If so how does it experience the physical world, obviousely through our five senses for one. However, although he makes perfect sense talking to the camera, the way in which he interacts with those on screen (even when not under the effects of drugs or optical illusions) is a little bizarre. Is it not possible that to you it is a cigar, but to me it is the center post of a Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy apparatus? However, when outside causes effect our life, for example the enviroment, would you not say that is experiencing an external world to the relms of our consiousness?
Perhaps we should be putting spiritual adepts to the test and challenging their and our own ideas of the self. Or in other words brains cells were being activated, turned on and some were purposely off. And I am sure another experiment of a different type could easily put this theory into question. I hope that consciousness will not equate into a math mathematical formula, that would be as depressing as finding out our genome wasn't very large. An animal will not set aside its food when it is hungry and convey thoughts in order to point out fallacies in another animals logic because they dont use logical thinking.
Perhaps the nature of this particular test is, as stated somewhere in the comments below, dependant more on processing memories and hence the longer delay. Not that they only eroded the rock to create soil but they also brought real specialists from the continent that accelerated the process. The Plate tectonic theory tell us that the separation of this area is happend for diverging plate of america and africa.
But I think if it wasn't for capitalist pigs trying to make money from everything the answer would become public knowledge and close the lid on this b.s. It must be something cultural that has inspired this phenomenon, thats my best guess any way. But no, this morning i talked to my dad who is back home now for two days, he was joking about not having enough time to mow the lawn (which he is not doing).
Couldn't bring myself to hop over it (they bite legs off you know!) so I got a cane from the shed and challenged it to a sword fight. A self sufficient people would ensure provision and care, unless they were driven into another's control dictating otherwise.
For no matter what they did or did not do to help the triumphant one, the event has to knock at faith, hope, charity. I mean I bet the 80s were carefree and beautiful , but we never realized it until we think back and I am pretty sure that is how ANY time frame may be into the past. That's the closest I ever get to prayer and to god if there is one so I will send some good will and healing on the wind. Unfortunately, we all go through it and the only thing we can do is to carry on with life and keep the memory of people we loved.
I heard from a friend about his friend’s brother throwing himself off an apartment building, before he jumped, he doused himself in petrol, set himself alight then jumped, just to make sure in event that if he survived the fall he would burn to death anyway, he did die too. The person says there is always this vulnerability in times of difficulty that comes back to the memory.
I promise you, if you give this woman to Him to handle and leave it with him, He will surprise you. The film introduces us to several of these homeowners who have embraced the energy revolution from its earliest incarnations. The management system regulates itself to recharge during the day as his solar panels take over to fulfill his power needs.
In turn, after the social bills have been covered, the remainder should be distributed evenly to all as a citizens income. Allow voluntary euthanasia, only allow the rich to breed and have large harems as in the past. We need a system of local production and law, with a central global apparatus for the development, spread, and access of technology and education. However, what was good for Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Payne, et al is good for the world. The phone coverage provider kicks back a whopping 42% of its revenue to the states, which exceeds a staggering $150 million dollars annually. Unless you believe that every cop, prison worker, judge, politician, and successful entrepreneur are all in cahoots and coordinating a secret racist scheme to enslave the rest of society there's no way the 'conspiracy' this documentary is attempting to uncover can be real. It has a gas chamber, but since 1996, executions at the prison have been carried out by lethal injection. Somewhere in those 6,000 square miles, 10,000 square kilometers, are a few hundred tigers, yet the only way to track them is on foot.
In fact, for dentists to introduce this to the water supply to supposedly help teeth growth, it would effectively loose millions of potential customers in the future. It has been shown that there is a higher incidence of hip fractures in the elderly in fluoridated areas. One can't just watch this documentary and say "well, there's no sources so I have to discredit this completely." It's not hard at all to find sources backing up all of the information being said.
Marcus demonstrates at one point in the doc that if your sense of sight tells you that "you" are here then that is where "you" are- so to speak, no matter where in physical reality your body is. He has not espoused any religious beliefs about consciousness, but simply is seeking to understand the nature of the self through modern, Western terms. There have been hundreds of experiments that have wielded a bunch of these factoids that make you go hmmmm. Anyone who has lived with a cat would agree with that, they don't freak out when they see an image in a mirror, they recognize what it is!
The arrival of El Nino is just a part of the ancient cycle of death and rebirth, a reminder of its genesis and a repetition on an infinitely smaller scale of how life colonized these islands and transformed them into an Earthly paradise. Using the lastest technology, these researchers will go down into the bermuda triangle to film and investigate. I think there's something else causing the phenomenon and this doc is an attempt to put the mystery to bed!
Compass did not get confused though there is a difference between true north and magnetic north but that is common knowledge. 45 minutes later he was under the kitchen table minus a leg and I was in bed picking splinters from my hand.
Afterwards you either go through with it, having been finally drained of energy by talking to a human brick wall or you're so frustrated, give youself a kick up the bum, laugh and redouble your efforts to make 'Society' work for you. But for those who had no one or nothing, it acts as the final defiance, the poke in the rancid eye of that Society which was ever exclusive to those who pay the price with lives, short or long, healthy or sick, murder or suicide. It has to open a door into the realms of despair gurgliing beneath the structure of Society and counts for a 'living' which is wholly antithical to life. This is Society speaking, as they have been robbed of control, taxes, court fees, pharmaceutical profits and have denied their family of insurance payouts, if they have the means. I don't think it probably had anything to do with her coldness, but that you must have felt that way because it was simply your mother's touch, if you understand what I'm trying to say.
Having said that, I am not not in denial of some sort of spiritual connection between us and everything else that exists in the Universe. The feeling is not the wanting to die but the strong will to live for all the loved ones, for all the ones that love back.
The traditional power companies, which have long relied on the use of fossil fuels, are now faced with a challenge. And what about a multinational corporation, is that even a citizen of any particular country? It will take a ton to change and it will not happen over night, but that doesn't mean don't do anything. Or Prof Jerry Woodall who found that an alloy of AL and Ga releasing H when dropped in water, but I digress) But your ideas find sympathy with me. This would remove the pressure from our lives and all disincentives to improve our personal fortunes. By dominating the media, corporations have brainwashed citizens into equating the corporate concentration of power with their own freedom. We don't need to be saying, 'let's protect OUR jobs and OUR way of life' as if it were more important than the lives of any other peoples. And I am sure they composed their documents with general principles meant for all humanity- despite even the hypocrisy. I don't think the government side of the equation is given nearly enough the blame it deserves for modern U.S.
Corporations work in concert with the prison system, employing inmates for behind-the-scenes production jobs for pennies on the dollar. It really is sad that many people lack critical thinking skills and so they'll watch this and take it as matter of fact. Some indicators were illustrated in this Doc by the mental health statistics of the prison population.
For these same reasons many health authorities that used to add fluoride to water have now stopped.
All sides agree to the fact that healthy kidneys can eliminate only about 50% of daily fluoride intake.
Its facinating to see how we can trick our sense of self into thinking it exists here or there when in reality it is somewhere totally different. In addition he just seems like a really nice guy, for whom I would buy a pint should we ever meet.
To answer the girl with the questions, sometimes you could be deceived [tricked] but sometimes you would definitely be able to tell the difference. An interesting thing occurred to me while watching the video, I had the forethought that atheism biased the subject matter.
The world of conspiracy documentaries will never be sure, because that would take all the fun out of it. Magnatic rocks such as magnatite and elamanatite rock present in the lava as liquid form and when the lava comes solid the rocks navigate his postion as same as true north of earth.
And that connection is what lives on and will continue to connect you with your children, and your children to their own children, and such is how the spirit of your mother lives on eternally.
They smack us in the face of our hypocracies, pretentions and vanities like a wet cod, awaken us to the mysteries of life and death, faith and despair, courage and cowardice.
The insurance agents are part of Society and you have to be killed in the proper, acceptable ways in order to get a return. Actually, surprisingly and ironically, I find some sort of encouragement in my agnostic convictions that do not deny spiritualism in quantum physics because it searches into the basis of our existence, without prejudice, and finds evidence that go against our purely materialistic view of who and what we really are. They must find ways to implement clean renewable energies into their business model, or their services will become obsolete.
You argue that there is a third line defense, and that is the right wing assault on education.
They were bold, and we don't need to go back to any good ol' days- we can be just as bold by declaring a Global Bill of Rights and a World Court to protect those rights.
Prison contracts are awarded to the lowest possible bidders, a phenomenon which severely compromises the quality of everything from food to medications to health care. But that is not all of what constitutes the "I" in us all, our physical or sensed location is only a small part of a bigger whole. Perception is realized in the brain not the eyes or ears or nose or by touch, those are the things that enrich our experiences.
There is also the other factor of frequency in how an animals eyes perceive light in general, and that all are not equal or similar. The experiments are limited to the tools being used, yet imply something else is happening outside of the me, in union with the I. But Drifting of continents the position of rock is changed from the previous position and also the magnatic north is differnt from the true north. Partied like there was no tomorrow and woke up with a hangover that made me wish there wasn't :) maybe I see why they do it after all. Meanwhile, the South Australian government has offered $5,000 rebates to any resident who invests in battery power for their home.
If we are living in a Spartan social Darwinian dog-eat-dog cutthroat society, isn't it kinder to nip everything in the bud?
In short, we Americans are experiencing the long overdue collapse of the illusion of capitalism and for some people this is life or death, but most people are not gonna feel it to the that degree. An engaged, critical thinking citizenry is the only solution to this problem short of letting the concentration of power continue until we end up with another revolution.
Our brains are constantly responding to simuli that we hardly notice and through the interpretation of this stimulus building what we call reality around ourselves.
By definition to be really alive you would have to be aware, other wise you would be in a mental state.
All that this experiment suggests is that the brains of humans, apes, and chimpanzees have a developmental period in which self perception is something we grow into. So in this area compass read the false navigating position and radio activity or radar reading does not work for powerfull magnetic power and also the differnt magnatic dip. Biggest disturbance in radio waves by far is propagation from the sun (solar flairs) which made it sometimes difficult to communicate.
Don't know enough about it but I am willing to help anyone who might give the banking cabal some competition. As long as I am poor, this communist is going to be an angry enemy of crapitalism and only death will shut me up.
The 'I' is a composite of memories and experiences influenced by heredity and environment, that is why we are all unique, but the free will part is debatable. So when ships,crafts and boats goes to this area the compass, radar,radio activity does not work properly and they choose they wrong roout and fell into the hazard area like thunderstrom or dangerous gulf stream at atlantic sea atlast they are demolish and hide into the deep ocean floor of atlantic.
Propagation was not limited to Bermudan triangle but was a constant throughout the crossing. Or put another way, if we want to live then we have to contribute our efforts, talents, creativity and intelligence in sustaining the system.
The days of Independence are long since gone, the paper the Constitution is written on about as worthless as the paper of the dollar bill.
I did work the way I should, to do it the right way once I got away and out where I could do that. But freedom can never be rendered worthless, and to paraphrase Patrick Henry, the freedom of humankind is something worth dying for.

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