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Each glacial period is followed by an interglacial period in which temperatures rise and the ice retreats.
Conversely, when ocean temperatures raise, more CO2 escapes into the atmosphere where it traps more solar energy.
As for the Pole Station it doesn't look like we Americans will be making the trip this year. One thing caught my attention: If the global cooling due to the orbit of the earth is due to start again in 1500 years and the global warming trend of increased CO2 is projected to reach the level of other inter-glacial periods as measured in the past (1000 ppm in 1000 years), wouldn't they sort of cancel each other out? As stated towards the end, the earth will survive and life will adjust no matter what happens. I understand that using up our resources in an unsustainable way in a one way trip to poverty and hunger for people and will put stress on much of the environment, but as for destroying the planet, I think humans give themselves too much power and credit.
Another liberal story, just in 2013 it has been reported that Greenland has gained, not lost miles on it ice sheet. According to a poll conducted by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (April 2013) only 49% of Americans believe global warming is caused by human activity. If science has no clue what is going on, then where did you get the proof about an impending ice age? You cannot pump billions of tons a year of co2 into the atmosphere and say it does no harm. I did look up abiotic oil theory and all I could find were those woo sites you seem to visit. For a less hypocritical approach try saying that without wearing and using hundreds of products made in China.
I like this documentary as it points out that earth (and it's climate) is a dynamic system.
Maybe one day our scientists will address that question rather than regurgitating the politicized "manmade" global warming agenda. Earth has weather cycles yes and so does the sun, Why people do not think pumping CO2 and other gases would make no difference at all boggles my mind.
Fossil fuels are also limited so its never too soon to try and ween ourselves off them, Might be good for our general health too and our children's pockets, who knows what the price of fuel will be in 10 yrs. Earth has weather cycles yes and so does the sun, Why people think pumping CO2 and other gases would make no difference at all boggles my mind. The only thing that will save us is when the oil runs out and we are forced to switch to renewable (which we could already do if we really wanted). Also,when the 30 billion barrels runs out,will be lucky to have any clean drinking water left.By then the great lakes will be on borrowed time.
What will really end us is capitalism, when corporations have billions in the bank and blow up a mountain or rip out another rain forest just to add another billion, now that's insane! Yup your right, if Mother Earth was watching us from the moon I'm sure she would call humans termites, grinding up, blowing up, consuming everything in site, killing everything including each other and rearranging everything that took millions of years to create. They were drinking alcohol and after a while they went to a place called Carlos 'n Charlies. It can't possibly be a coincidence that 2 young women who have crossed paths with Joran died. It's a tragedy that Stephany Flores was murdered because this guy was free to go to Peru and do as he pleased!
I edited this comment because Vincent Verweij pointed out to me that Paulus Van Der Sloot (Joran's father) died in 2010. Here in Canada, back in 2005, news media gave me the impression that Paulus Van Der Sloot was a wealthy lawyer with political connections.
I wrongly assumed he was still alive and could easily pay for all of Joran's legal representation. The TV reporter claims to have "acquired the entire police files on the case" but how does he know? The English narrator sounds more like a gameshow host or a pitchman than a journalist, and why does he make statements of past events in the PRESENT tense.
This film started me on a trail that led me to the book, Portrait Of A Monster by Liza Pulitzer and Cole Thompson and I got the film on Amazon Justice For Natalee Holloway, quite good but I am still not satisfied as to what exactly happened to Natalee, so sad! It really bothers because i have daughter who graduated high school three years and now attends the same university that miss holliway was to go. In the years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, a growing number of skeptics have come forward to challenge the official story of what occurred on that horrific day. The ultimate purpose of the conference was to produce a rallying cry among the masses for a new and objective investigation into the events of that day. On-camera interview subjects challenge the automatic dismissal of "conspiracy" as a concept. Tracy, what about the numerous explosions going off in the building and heard by numerous people including police and firemen. Tracy appears to be the typical plant to grab the numero uno spot with an inane posting to try to discourage others who might view this documentary and maybe start digging a little deeper into the crime scene of 911.
Tracey, the whole point is that it SHOULDN'T have fell, 10% of the building was damaged and 100% fell straight down at the speed of gravity. I remember the cbc doing a piece on the towers in dec of 2001 , in it they showed the molton medal still running after 3 months ?
Tracey, beLIEve me when i tell you it is almost unbelievable what our goverment did that day! Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the rest of the gang need extrordinary rendition to Gitmo, where interrogation techniques can be used to extract the truth.
I heard Larry Silverstein say they pulled building 7 with my own ears on the brainwashing box when the whole sorry affair was unfolding, later he makes all sorts of excuses and denies he meant demolish it - there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that building 7 was demolished - that should be suspicious enough to call it all into question PERIOD!
James, it is people like you who haven't got a clue of what is going on in your own country.
The pieces starts to fall together, independent sources are saying essentially the same thing and it?s all over the net. What is so overwhelmingly alarming is the inability of people to pull their heads out of the sand and actually challenge the abundance of inconsistencies in the official version of events.
Most people are not just sheep but sheep on steroids that will violently scream and shout to protect the evil bastards who use them as fodder. I guess it's not so strange or new, Socrates was burdened heavily by this very sad sheep like human frailty some 2,400 years ago. Wow, that demolition control example was literally enough for me to concede that it was undoubtedly planned, besides the planes hitting. As frustrating as it might be for some, I think it contributes to the "blinders, and earmuffs" that come on to the believers in the "official story" when referring to the "government" as the perpetrators of whatever actually happened that day.. As a former Royal Engineer and Member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers, it is impossible for the buildings to have collapsed as per the official version.
In all fairness to Tracy and others who have probably not spent much time with this information, or have been exposed to the horrors of our policies world wide and internally, it might be good to remember how you reacted to people who spoke of such things immediately after 911. Some people need more time than others to see through the deceptions, but their 'reality' is every bit as real to them as yours is to you.
As a former infantry Marine who fought in Afghanistan, the last thing I want to believe is that all the evidence presented in this documentary is true. I would like to add that I am very proud of my service, and if given the chance, I would do it all over again. If the US government was really set to go to such great lengths to justify war in Iraq, including the very real and almost inevitable risk of it being found out, why would they use bombs which leave residue and would be clearly obvious? I'm not saying that people should have a closed mind on the issue or ANY issue, and I know that the attacks did galvanize support for the war.
Matt, I totally understand what you are saying, and sometimes I too find it hard to believe. Let's entertain the idea that Arab terrorists actually flew into the towers and the resulting fire caused catastrophic failure of the first three buildings in history to collapse at free fall speed, two of which fell in approx. I 100% respect your questions and opinions, for I too had a very hard time accepting the evidence initially. The camera follows Justin Bieber (1994- ) during the ten days leading up to his August, 2010, sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Feature film for release Spring 2011 following four superbike riders through their dramatic British Superbike Season. From The Ashes is an uplifting and remarkable tale of a summer that changed English sport forever. BBC Earth Films bring the most astounding stories from the natural world to the big screen. Ozzy Osbourne's four decade track record as a culturally relevant artist is unprecedented, but his personal struggles have been shrouded in secrecy, until now.
An examination of the life of acclaimed 'horse whisperer' , who recovered from years of child abuse to become a well-known expert in the interactions between horses and people. The life and times of the rock band Queen - told in two parts covering in part one the 1970's and in part two the 1980's and beyond.
An unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's really going on in our world by following the money upstream - uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.
A nature documentary centered on two cat families and how they teach their cubs the ways of the wild. During the most tumultuous time for media in generations, filmmaker Andrew Rossi gains unprecedented access to the newsroom at The New York Times. A documentary shot by filmmakers all over the world that serves as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010.
A freewheeling portrait of Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster's fabled road trip across America. For two years the crew of 3 MINUTE GAPS have followed the world's best mountain bike racers around the globe documenting them as they trained, prepared, rode, ate, traveled, raced, celebrated, commiserated, and made sacrifices simply because of the weight of ambition to be the fastest. A feature length documentary work which presents a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, Paul McCartney travels through the streets of New York and organizes a benefit concert. On February 10, 1990 two cowards walked into the Las Cruces Bowl and changed the lives of many people.
A colorful portrait of Miami's pot smuggling scene of the 1970s, populated with redneck pirates, a ganja-smoking church, and the longest serving marijuana prisoner in American history. This is the story of a tenacious Australian Jet Pilot, David Mayman, as he strives to achieve his childhood dream of building and free-flying his very own Rocket Belt, only to discover he faces a nearly impossible task. From the Oscar-winning team behind MAN ON WIRE comes the story of Nim, the chimpanzee who in the 1970s became the focus of a landmark experiment which aimed to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language if raised and nurtured like a human child.
Revenge of the Electric Car presents the recent resurgence of electric vehicles as seen through the eyes of four pioneers of the EV revolution.
On a trip to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia in January 2000, filmmaker Anne Bass came across a 16 year old boy who moved her immensely with his amazing and seemingly natural charms and grace as a dancer. Just what will motoring be like in a post apocalyptic world that's been blown to bits by nuclear bombs or a massive comet?
Here is the final trailer for the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, which gets a limited theatrical release on May 1st, followed by Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download on July 9th. The crew of the Abigail comes across leftover set dressing from Lost, and power struggles ensue.
In a compelling and at times disturbing series, Dr Michael Mosley explores the brutal history of experimental psychology. Mosley embarks on three journeys to understand science's last great frontier - the human mind - as he traces the history of the attempts to understand and manipulate the brain. Palestinians use these techniques on the children encouraging them to hate Jews and Christians. The next time you see some rich corporate fat cat driving down the road in his Hummer, follow him.
Still, it is a very good documentary and I'm quite looking forward to watch the final part. I'm glad that with neuroscience we can have a reasonable explanation to what happens inside our brain and how it affects our behavior; no offense to anyone who believes in the paranormal, but is not fair to rely in the belief that someone has been possessed by a demon. I think that your respect for animals demonstrates a very real communion with nature and the real world, which as I see it, is a show of true *humanity* and that's something you should never let go of! As far as my compassion for humans, take the time to read the rest of my posts before you make such a broad judgement based on two paragraphs. You might be surprised to know just how much Dr.Mengele's 'research' contributed to modern medical knowledge.
In the split brain patients, when a shape of a letter was placed in their left hand, and they were asked to identify it, Dr. Israelis use these techniques on the children encouraging them to hate and fear Palestinians. That said, anyone that has read my other posts, of which there are many, knows that I am very compassionate toward the human condition and work constantly to do my part in improving it. That said, I don't feel bad at all for saying some people need a good swift kick in the rear as a wake up call. I love how people look for any evidence to validate their "scientific" religion but consider others who believe in the supernatural or "paranormal" as you say to be ill rational. I strongly believe that this need for a purpose is nothing more than a trick of the mind necessary for evolution to take place. Well Rick, I guess I should have started a new paragraph there, as I wasn't referring to Pavlov specifically. On the other hand, a 'soul' is a living being combined with its spirit or driving force, in other words, you & I are both 'souls' (a soul is not a spirit).
I personally think Pavlov was too reserved in his pursuit for knowledge, it's sad that 'morals' used to be considered more important than results. This film investigates the variety of stories surrounding the New Testament account of the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, by interviewing historians, theologians and historical researchers. At the heart of the mystery is the suspicion that Jesus might not actually have died on the cross. One of the most remarkable stories concerns the charismatic preacher Jus Asaf (Leader of the Healed) who arrived in Kashmir in around 30 AD.
There's an interesting hypothesis that Jesus could have actually been the son of Cleopatra and the Ceasar, the Ptolemy XV, nicknamed Ceasarion (little Ceasar), whom his mother, in fear of Octavian's armies, sent to the Red Sea port Berenice with her trusted servants. He was of the age of 17 then & there have been unconfirmed references that he was captured by Octavian and murdered. Given that nobody actually knows when Jesus was born, and what was happening with him for many years before he appeared in Judea as a teacher and a healer, this hypothesis should be seriously considered. Yes, Chris, religious superstitions are more healthy than alcoholism or drug addiction, but also much more dangerous on a larger scale.
And further to what I said above, don't take yourself as an example - you are lucky to either have not been subjected to serious conditioning since you were a child, or you were intelligent or courageous enough to find the 'light' on your own despite such conditioning. I was brought up in a non practicing protestant household,but I went to Sunday school to listen to the lovely stories of the baby jesus and all the other storie's they try and brainwash young children with,untill I was old enough to start asking questions, where did cain's wife come from?, if there was a great flood and only Noah and his family were saved why have we got people of different colour's and religion's?.
There has been genetic research done showing that we all come from one man, they found this looking at the y chromosome in men. Would it be fair to say that since you believe that science to be true you would also believe in the science which says humans are hundreds of thousands of years old?
Nothing I've read has been conclusive in stating that we are fundamentally different on a biological level.
I also second allan's request regarding a source on your claim that there are 3 different types of people. World religions are even more simple (people can create one any time they like); the real one is Christianity proper. The Gospel of Luke says that Jesus will expose the thoughts of men, amazing that he can still do it after 2000 years. Many and most scientists are atheists, doctors, teachers, parents, motivational speakers, etc are atheists.
BBC: If you're going to post a link about the male Y chromosome, did you know also that they've said the same thing about women? According to Spencer Wells there was a common female ancestor around 160 000 years ago if I remember correctly. How can you say that 'most scientists are atheists as well as doctors, motivational speakers etc'? There are plenty of scientists out there that are Christian including my local Pasteur who has a Phd in Chemistry. You should have a look at a magazine called Creation for its contributors are all scientists and yet they all endorse the story of Creation and write from a objective and scientific perspective. In regard to what Joseph said, I do not agree that scientists do not offer hope for they do. But religion does and there are ancient stories written by numerous scribes over period of a milenniuem who wrote and recorded stories about God, the one who does offer hope and salvation. Nice documentary, was abit skeptical when I saw it was done for the bbc but its actually quite good. And no, before you go mental at me for being a 'religious nutjob' (your defence again just about everything) I'm agnostic. I see here a bunch of brainwashed atheists, who have no original thoughts but are forwarding the word of their childish leader named richard dawkins . Ultimately if you don't accept the idea that Christ is the messiah, then what does it matter whether he died on the cross or not? Teachings and essence of Jesus died when, many years later, zealous followers twisted his wisdom and turned him into a god of a new religion.
Infact Jesus christ fit the characteristic of a demi-god pretty well, Human mother divine father. In fact, there aren't any passages in the Bible that even hint at any type of sexual desire by God in a natural or physical sense. In mordern societies women have shown they can be as good with their men counterparts in all the fields that they venture. The difference is that many of us deal with christianity being pushed on us and so it creates resentment. You obviously don't understand how evolution works, I don't mean to be insulting here but, you don't.
Another to keep in mind is that in a large group of people (say 7 billion) extraordinary things happening becomes expected. As for morality and what not, it's easily explained by evolution as moral people would lead to better tribes which would lead to those tribes succeeding. Yes, most Christians are poor, but I'm glad about that as it would be horrible if we had to be wealthy to have God's favor and to gain eternal life.
I assume by your word "ecliptic" religion, you mean a later religion that says all religions that preceded it are now made void.
Well, I would argue that Christianity is not "ecliptic" and it's the very God-intended development and conclusion of God's eternal plan for mankind.
Much later, the revelation of God's will was recorded by Moses in his writings, and expanded upon by prophets for the Old Testament writings (Judaism). Now that we have a completed work of Christ, we have the set standard by which we can know God: The Holy Bible (inclusive or exclusive of a few manuscripts in question).
I see an unbroken continuity of faith and "true religion" from the dawn of man until now, and not an "eclipse" of a former one. If by chance you think that other "older" religions were before Judaism Proper, then I would argue that none were before Adam and Eve's time and many errant beliefs can offshoot from truth in just years, so there is no surprise that "Pagan" beliefs abounded from time to time before the Word of God was standardized. The problem I have with faith is that people believe something simply because they were told it from a young age or they experienced something improbable and seemingly fantastic. This again I think is the reason why jews and muslims reject the idea of jesus as the son of God. In my opinion the aim of religion is not to get anyone closer to any God or anything like that.
Can you imagine if religion did not exist, there would be an uproar on this planet, people would demand equal rights - not only on paper but in real life, people would not fight by the rules for there will be no fear of hell or any kind of damnation for that matter beyond this life. Before Jesus was "incarnated" in Mary's womb, He eternally existed as part of the unmutable and unchangeable Triune Godhead. I agree with the point you made, but how do you see this hypothetical "no-religion" situation in terms of it's outcome?

I personally dont know what would happen if there was absolutely no organised religion whatsoever in this world. Excuse me but am just gonna go right ahead and say it, I wouldnt be surprised if Dawkins somehow gets paid by the Vatican itself. In fact, if there is no god then the good as well as the bad ideals in the bible were manmade. Long story short: Religion is a terrible thing and the world will be a much better place once it is gone. What I meant is that if Jesus' credibility is because of the number of his followers as you mentioned, then Mohammad is as credible and so are the Hindu gods. However, I found that the bible is nothing more than the same as astrology and other forms of what you would call pagan religions. Also I find it interesting how therre are so many different denominations of the religion itself. If people are honest with themselves, they will find themselves justifying some of the things they do. I think it should be a conscious decision on part of every individual to try and better their lives.
Combine this natural spiritual tendency with a real God and a real Devil (Satan, who's sole purpose is to lie, kill, and destroy), it's no wonder there are similarities with religions world-wide.
With so many factors at play, each swing of the climate pendulum has produced its own unique conditions. They found that from 2003 to 2009, Greenland lost about a trillion tons, mostly along its coastlines. Using the base of 250 ppm, you contend that our present 350 ppm can also be attributed to natural causes outside of man-made CO2. I have a co2 ppm meter and out here in Los Angeles the ambient ppm never goes over 310, its around 300 most of the time.
Even when oil runs out, the planet will suck up all of that nice delicious carbon into plants and trees which future people will use for energy causing all of that carbon to be shoved back into the atmosphere along with the heat capturing abilities of forests and cleared land.
As a matter of fact I know of 4 other friends that have these meters and show the same readings. Fossil fuels are on almost every major celestial body in the Solar System, never could figure out why. She had just graduated from high school and together with her friends she was just having a good time. Before going to Carlos 'n Charlies they had met Joran van der Sloot at the casino table and had asked him to come along. On the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, these witnesses and researchers gathered for a four-day conference hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto. The panel, which consisted of an esteemed group of academics, would submit to the government an official re-investigation request based upon what they believed were the most convincing findings presented in several categories including structural engineering, physics, chemistry and world history. Others contribute additional confirmation of this theory, citing the existence of specific explosive elements hidden within the debris. They point to other incidents throughout history - including Watergate and the lone gunmen theory in the assassination of President Kennedy - as key examples of widely held conspiratorial views. It brought forth the troublesome war in Iraq, and a seismic shift in the arena of public policy - from the enactment of the Patriot Act to the increased prominence of invasive surveillance to the slow erosion of certain civil liberties. It is inconceivable that these highly educated men and women, who have time and time again shown that we have not been told the facts of that terrible day, have not had their day in front of our Congress.
Very interesting and I was going to say shocking but I am not surprised in the least at the measures these people will take and the lengths they will go to so they can justify war.
Any one with a bit of brain knows that the destruction of the towers was something planned by the US government, and one day, perhaps not too far away, the guilty people who planned and directed the destruction of the towers , will be taken to court, to pay for the horror the committed to the whole world and the wars due to this action. Coming home from Viet Nam, I was assigned to the Demolitions Mine Warfare Section at Ft Belvoir, Virginia.
The meaning of conspiracy has now successfully been redefined to mean that it's utterance will reveal a mental disorder that causes a person to defiantly step out of line, like they have some over the top paranoid obsession to challenge the powers that be.
I question the editorial decision of this website to post docos by conspiracy peddlers or speculators or wackos (they are not 'theorists' by any reasonable definition of that word). But the planecrash itself didnt take down WTC, atleast not WTC7 but you are a sheep (i cant blame you, but i can blame your ignorance), nothing is wrong here. I voice right then and there, that we as a nation were fucked, that the powers that be had all they needed to reek havoc on 'we the people' and the world. How would you have reacted to me, say in December 2001, when I told you 911 was a staged farce by people who care only for power and greed? I have lost friends, almost been killed on multiple occasions, fought in direct combat, and in doing so, assumed myself and my fellow Marines were fighting for a righteous and just cause. The men I met and became life-long friends with through hardship and turmoil is absolutely priceless. I love that I served my country, and as stated earlier, the last thing I want to believe is that individuals within the government that I put my life on the line for and my friends have died for, have a vagrant disregard for their own citizens, and citizens of other countries. More importantly, why after all that, would they admit that none of the hijackers had anything to do with Iraq? It wouldn't make sense that so much evidence would be prevalent in suggesting it was an inside job if it really was, right? In response to your question about the government admitting there were no WMD'S in Iraq, if I were a criminal, admitting some wrong doing would absolutely make me look innocent in the implication of other crimes. All one has to do is remove the questions and supposed allegations surrounding this terrible event.
But if you are looking for some new knowledge - you can read a book or watch a documentary film. Footage of these ten days of concerts, rehearsals, and down time with boyhood friends, his mom, and his entourage is inter-cut with home movies, old photos, and interviews showing a musical prodigy who loves to perform, comes to the attention of an Atlanta agent via YouTube, impresses Usher, and rockets to international stardom soon after his 15th birthday.
They are the new GLADIATORS, battling at 200MPH, riding through torturous conditions and risking life and limb at every race meeting. Audiences are invited to join us on a journey of new discovery, meeting extraordinary characters and following their incredible adventures.
Featuring never before seen footage uncovered from the archives and interviews with Paul McCartney, Tommy Lee and others, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne is the first documentary to take viewers inside the complex mind of rock's great icon. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. For a year, he follows journalists on the paper's Media Desk, a department created to cover the transformation of the media industry. There is no truer, more accurate and intimate depiction of the hallowed worlds of the very best World Cup rider's than 3 MINUTE GAPS. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical "life ground" attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a "Resource-Based Economy". Besides being popular, they have also been deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant," by the Library of Congress and listed on the National Film Registry. Xtreme, a 33-year-old security guard officer by day, but a goon's worst nightmare by night. Seven people inside the bowling alley were forced at gunpoint to the floor and told to put their heads down. Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, we are sicker than ever by nearly every measure. Collaborating with the world's leading Rocket Belt engineers David risks life and limb to become the world's next Rocketman. Following Nim's extraordinary journey through human society, and the enduring impact he makes on the people he meets along the way, the film is an unflinching and unsentimental biography of an animal we tried to make human.
Having been a longtime devotee to the world of dance herself back in the United States, Anne felt compelled to give this young boy the opportunity to leave his home and follow a dream that she felt he hadn't even yet seen for himself. It's a burning question that's on literally nobody's mind, and we give you all the answers in this brand new, incredibly cheerful Top Gear DVD. Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews with key financial insiders, politicians, journalists, and academics, the film traces the rise of a rogue industry which has corrupted politics, regulation, and academia. Experiments on the human mind have led to profound insights into how our brain works - but have also involved great cruelty and posed some terrible ethical dilemmas. To begin, Michael traces the sinister ways this science has been used to try to control our minds. In this film, Michael investigates how scientists have struggled to understand that most irrational and deeply complex part of our minds - our emotions. Dr Michael Mosley concludes his series exploring the brutal history of experimental psychology by looking at how experiments on abnormal brains have revealed the workings of the normal brain.
They are taught that the Jews are apes and pigs and Christians are dogs and that we should all be killed. When he gets out of the car- beat him repeatedly amongst the head and shoulder area then flee the scene.
It is wrong for many reasons in my opinion, but I don't know what you mean by it not being fair.
Mosley says that "this clearly demonstrates that *language* is solely a left-brain function". They are taught that the Palestians do have and deserve to have no rights that need be respected, and that the Palestinians violent reactions have no basis in self-defense of those rights, or in consequence of the loss of those rights.
I love human kind, it is when I have to deal with the individual humans that make it up that I get frustrated. Just because science can show the processes of the brain and how they affect us does not mean that anything outside the physical world doesn't exist. What makes you believe our purpose is any different than the purpose we are able to observe in "nature" around us (Destroy. At the end of the day, we should be able to agree that in our present circumstances we are accomplishing nothing more than ''retards throwing ice cubs at the sun" and we have a lot of f***ing work ahead of us! This means that by "science's" own confession, non-visible or non-observable things are not considered by science. The Bible says that a spirit doesn't continue after the host body expires because it describes a dead person as 'asleep' and 'aware of nothing'. When we met her in person, she was film knowledgeably wizzy and we definitely spoke the same language. Eric splits his time between his home base in Montreal, NYC, and is a regular at Sundance, Cannes and TIFF. This exploration of the latest theories about what really happened to Jesus 2000 years ago uncovers some surprising possibilities.
The film concludes that it was perfectly possible to survive crucifixion in the 1st Century - there are records of people who did. Just before he died at the age of 80, Jus Asaf claimed that he was in fact Jesus Christ and the programme shows his tomb, next to which are his carved footprints which bear the scars of crucifixion. We are all conditioned one way or another, it takes some courage to get out of the magic circle and, believe me, not many are that brave.
Man is the key word their, the "man" that we came from was much different biologically then men today. However this doc onlt touches the surface and barely that of the issues that I research and the historical data that has been uncovered. The only historical data that is consistant with anything about jesus and his life are the connections between Horus and Jesus.
There is no accurate historical data to show that Cleopatra ever bore children at the tender age that she would have been to birth Jesus at the time of his recorded birth. The Ceaserion Eygptians were forbidden to travel at length from Eygpt alone and therefore could not have passed through most of the Canonite villages that surrounded what was then known as Eygyt.
It absolutely forbidden in the days of Cleopatra to have traveled the route you suggest to what we know today as India. Are there serious historical accounts that India at that time was under the religion of Buddism?
Speculation is never a good way of considering a hypothesis to be a serious contender of validation in any historical accounts on anything. She was half Kickapoo Indian, but when she married, she married a white man and had four blonde-haired blue-eyed children; all four of them. Look in to cryonics - I think you will have a much better chance at achieving it through them then Jesus. Yet, for all the scientific advancement of today, science offers very little about the BIG questions of life for example the question of how we came to be.
If you can get "hope" from that then you can get hope from any fictitious novel which offers answers.
Makes the bible atleast the death and so called resurrection of jesus christ seem belivable.
I believed that Jesus did exist, every myth and legend starts somewhere, I just do not think that he lived in the form that the bible would have us believe.
People who claim this , should check their own lineage they wouldn't even know after ten generations, who was their great grandfather. As far as did Jesus died is concerned , he lives in the hearts of minds of billions of people and inspires them daily , only a great man like him can inspire the people of world not any hopeless philosophy which takes human beings in the abyss of meaningless existence. For an atheist, or even an agnostic, or even a non-Christian, the question is entirely academic and irrelevant.
I'm not saying it SHOULDN'T be criticised, but it'll be really nice when we can get to the point where all religions can be considered targets of equal opportunity. Honestly I have never read the Bible, I used to go to church when I was young and I found it dangerously boring sitting there for like 2 hrs hearing some guy talk and talk and talk some more so I stopped and I just dont think it is condusive to modern life, religion that is. He wasnt only a man, no man could perform miracles like he did, no man could do what he did..
The aim of religion is to give people false unprovable hope in a world where there is almost none for those of us that are unlucky to get born on the wrong side of the fence(that is why the stories of the bible are filled with ppl that suffered that somehow through there belief in God overcame there suffering).
The poor the oppressed, they would not waste there time in church praying for a better tommorrow, no sir, they would be doing everything in there power, good or bad to get on an equal footing with the so called elites of this planet.. I enjoy to play video games every once in a while, and while playing a real-time strategy game I had an uproar in my capital city because of low taxes for the nobility and high taxes for the peasants (the peasants didn't like it). Doesn't it bother you that according to your religion, 1.2billion of them living today are going straight to hell for not accepting Jesus as the son of god? The bible, old and new testament, are stories that existed in other cultures and other religions that predated them. Overy: There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man and that is why religion is world-wide. Take, for example, the last interglacial, known as the Eemian, from 130 to 115,000 years ago.
That's one reason scientists today are intensively monitoring Earth's frozen zones, including the ice sheet that covers Greenland.
The Farmer's Almanac has been right on about 80% of its weather predictions because it follows the solar output. What you fail to include in your math is that at 250 ppm the same natural processes were occuring.
And it is how this sealed system deals with energy from the sun that is the important factor.
I don't think they like they idea of such a large factor in climate change being out of they're hands. They acquired the entire police files of the case and they show several likely sequences of events of that night and who may have been accountable for Natalee's disappearance. Natalee insisted to get into the car and according to eyewitnesses, she yelled 'yoo-hoo Aruba', and they drove off to the beach. There, they collectively delivered their strongest evidence of conspiracy to an international panel of judges.
Survivors and family members of the fallen provide emotionally raw accounts of the events which led them on their own personal crusades for truth.
That is until you consider that our Congress is made up of insider trading, war profiteers. Congratulations on your ability to see nothing that is real but only what your fearful and small minds will allow. Then when the first building drooped, I said that building was 'pulled', demolished by controlled blasts. The fact is, however, the empirical evidence and laws of physics DO NOT coincide with the official report in regard to what took place on September 11, 2001. For something so immensely time-consuming and complex, literally THOUSANDS of people would have to be in on it, in which case it would eventually have been leaked in great, undeniable detail for SURE. How could they leave so many clues to suggest it was an attack by our own government to justify making billions and going to war in order to occupy foreign countries, establish American systems, and utilize their natural resources?
People would automatically suggest, "Well if he is telling the truth in this instance, then he seems like an honest person and could not be lying about other alleged crimes." It is a logical assumption.
His manager emphasizes the importance of social media and of Justin's work ethic and personality in making him a star; the camera emphasizes Bieber's look.
On the playing fields, England was 1-0 down after two tests against old enemy, Australia, and iconic all-rounder Ian Botham, had resigned as English captain, hours before being pushed. BBC Earth Films combine great storytelling with awe-inspiring HD film footage and moving scores from the world's greatest composers to connect audiences with their planet. Emerging from a working class family in war torn England, Osbourne and his neighborhood friends formed Black Sabbath and invented heavy metal.
To make matters worse, lions, unlike elephants, which are far more numerous, have virtually no protection under government mandate or through international accords.
Hell and Back Again is a cinematically revolutionary film that asks and answers these questions with a power and intimacy no previous film about the conflict in Afghanistan has been able to achieve. Through this prism, a complex view emerges of a media landscape fraught with both peril and opportunity, especially at the Times itself. Filmed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, and every round of the 2009 and 2010 World Cup Series and World Championships. These Amazing Shadows tells the history and importance of The Registry, a roll call of American cinema treasures that reflects the diversity of film, and indeed the American experience itself. After stealing thousands of dollars from the safe, the killers shot all seven multiple times at close range, execution-style. With each of these celebrated actors Shatner explores the pressures and pitfalls that came along with donning the Starfleet uniform and reveals for the first time his own embarrassment over the role which made him a household name.
ROCKET COMPULSION will take the audience on a ride that shows point blank why less people have flown Rocket Belts than have walked on the Moon. What we learn about his true nature - and indeed our own - is comic, revealing and profoundly unsettling.
2006) has had unprecedented access to the electric car research and development programs at General Motors, Nissan, and Tesla Motors, while also following a part time electric car converter who refuses to wait for the international car makers to create the electric cars the public demands.
From the serene countryside of Southeast Asia to the halls of the New York's School of American Ballet to the stage of the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, DANCING ACROSS BORDERS peeks behind the scenes into the world of dance and chronicles the intimate and triumphant story of a boy who was discovered, and who only much later discovered all that he had in himself. It was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China.
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He finds that the pursuit of mind control has led to some truly horrific experiments and left many casualties in its wake. Michael meets survivors - both participants and scientists - of some of the key historical experiments.
He meets remarkable individuals like Karen, who suffered from a rare condition - alien hand syndrome - which meant that one of her hands constantly attacked her. I know people think that something is wrong with those of us that identify with animals to the point that I do, and maybe there is something wrong with me- but I am this way and I can't help it.
And with the climate the way it generally is in much of the world right now, should that be in any way surprising? All those doctors had to do was wait around a bit longer, collect case studies and make use of advanced statistics. That doesn't mean that I like people, in my experience they are usually dishonest, selfish, lazy, and overly concerned with appearance and how what they say sounds or how they look. But it would seem to me that since the left hand (which is controlled by the right hemisphere) is still able to sign the correct answer, that the right hemisphere is obviously still fully capable of understanding language. I despise serious violence as well and of course never intended anyone to take my suggestion to hit someone simply because they are being a selfish pig and driving a hummer seriously.

If we all knew the answer nothing would ever get done, we'd all just sit around in a big permanent orgy and breed like we were cancer cells.
That's sad because there's a whole other dimension other than what you see yet you're 'blissfully'(?) ignorant of it all. I'm sorry, but Rick Hall is right - I ADORE science but also believe in the non-observable world & by this very definition, science cannot answer everything - including the existence of your crappy Easter Bunny. The spirit may be assisted by electrical stimulation (defibrillators etc) while it is still attached to its host, but once it dies or leaves the host, it appears to exist no more.
We were so captivated by someone embarking on an antiquated treasure hunt in modern-day that we started writing the script, filling in the gaps of who she was and how she set out on her journey, and building the story from there. She was drawn to the character and her adventure in the script, but she also had the right attitude necessary to carry Kumiko, especially knowing that it would be a challenge being in character under some brutally cold conditions. The hypothesis further speculates that, if he travelled to India, he would have been introduced to Buddhism & that's where the hypothesis converges with this doc at some point. Being conditioned by a dogma is much more dangerous than being stupid - stupid ones don't have an ideology, they're just stupid. I don't think that it would be the only man of the time but one of many of that sub species.
If Cleopatra was his mother wouldn't you think her trusted servant scryb would see to it that there was some kind of historical data left behind? There is only a minimum amount of accounts that only suggest this hypothesis and there has never been anything concrete ever found to prove it. So if jesus did not actually die in the classical sense of the word and went away after regaining his health and I can only assume lived a normal family life where he eventually died in the classical way then what does that do to christianity?? Something this documentary tried to prove only a lot of you couldn't hear that over your raging self importance.
Also , people calling Bible a fairytale should grow up and stop watching disney cartoons now.
In greek mythology and all other different mythologys there Gods desired human women and regularly procreated with them and produced off-spring that were known as demi-gods. Hmmm I think God one day saw mary and lusted for her and decided to you know, have her and who was she to deny him, could she even if she wanted to??.
And it's not even a good guess because Book of Isaiah is talking about the fate of Israel and it's neighbouring nations. Jesus' mother was human and his father was God - it doesnt matter the method of conception, his dad was still GOD not joseph or any mortal man! Because it is a contradiction to the very definition of your religion which is a monotheistic religion. So in conclusion I disagree with the people that say without religion there would be less wars, I think its the opposite, I think there would be more wars - is it any wonder why kings and emperors of old attached themselves to God - giving themselves such titles as divine rulers??
As a solution, I built churches and the peasants suddenly ignored their money-problems and were happy again.
One is that humanbeings through science alone and nothing else will somehow manage to bring up there living standards for everyone across the population in the whole world that there would be no need to rebel or fight for resources or freedom or humanrights (a naive view in my opinion).
Every non-Christian today(5billion) is doomed for hell for knowingly or unknowingly rejecting Jesus as their savior. You can't prove them wrong because once you've thrown logical thinking out of the window comes in "faith" and every one is "right". In the Old Testament there is Joseph who carries around the same characteristics as the New Teastament Jesus. This is because it gives you the power to decide what to believe and not to believe as it fits for your belief system.
Here goes: When you give the masses a tool or a list of instructions how many in those masses do you think can follow the instructions perfectly?
A decrease in solar energy hitting the Arctic allows sea ice to form in winter and remain over summer, then to expand its reach the following year. This happened at a time when CO2 was at preindustrial levels, and global temperatures had risen only modestly. By 2012, summer sea ice coverage had fallen to a little more than half of what it was in the year 1980. Ten years from now, when the whole global warming bandwagon has come off its hinges, you guys are gonna look like the earth is flat m*rons. Keep in mind, that this is the most densely populated, urban city in the world, with a ton of cars everywhere.
2 billion years of fixing carbon to hydrogen(anoxic or through anaerobic decomposition) does it really matter?
Fear of that which they cannot control yet they fail to prepare for what they know is coming.
It is very important to go into the facts presented with an open mind, NEVER a predetermined for or against opinion. If the gang are guilty of this criminal conspiracy, a public trial can be held and punishment decided by the public. I know it is frightening to believe that your government would kill hundreds of it's own citizens and see them as collateral damage, but they were determined to attack Iraq and needed a good excuse to get the the public onside. It is a painful and confusing epiphany; that the events before, during, and after September 11th were highly orchestrated and carried out by individuals in supreme positions of power, not a handful of Arabs from a third world country. It is a hard truth to swallow, especially for someone in my position, but history must be recorded accurately, and those responsible must be brought to justice. You would think that after going to such great lengths, simply misleading the public about what may or may not have been found in Iraq would be child's play!
Regardless of these questions, all one has to do is look at what the official story is saying versus the irrefutable scientific evidence and laws of physics. In any other crime being investigated, if stories did not align and what was being said did not coincide with where the evidence is pointing, an ongoing investigation into the matter would ensue. You can find top documentary films at our site, among which are films about physics, astronomy, world history, educational films for children of all ages, non-fiction films which explain various physical and natural processes and so on. The film follows the great British hope, Tommy Hill, a fearless racer who cheated death at 14 years old. This is the jumping-off point for a disturbing, well-researched and beautifully made cri de coeur from husband and wife team Dereck and Beverly Joubert, award-winning filmmakers from Botswana who have been Explorers-in-Residence at National Geographic for more than four years. The current list of 525 films includes selections from every genre - documentaries, home movies, Hollywood classics, avant-garde, newsreels and silent films. Xtreme on his nightly patrols through the streets of San Diego, as he tries to stop evildoers and protect the innocent. About half of us are taking at least one prescription drug and major medical operations have become routine.
With the help of his fellow captains Shatner learns to respect his work on the original Star Trek and finishes the film with a new perspective on life, death, and the legacy he will leave behind. As more models of electric cars than ever before start to arrive in showrooms and driveways across the world, Chris Paine's film offers an inspiring, entertaining and definitive account of this revolutionary moment in human transportation. And amongst all the nuclear carnage, we also tackle the ultimate petrolhead's dilemma - what cars would you take for a final drive if there was only one barrel of petrol left on the planet? Many of these extraordinary research projects were captured on film - an eight-month-old boy is taught to fear random objects, baby monkeys are given mothers made from wire and cloth, and an adult is deliberately violent before a group of toddlers. And Julia, who seems to have recovered from her stroke - until experiments reveal she is unable to recall the name of any object. Why is it that there is always some politically correct uptight person, for lack of a better term, waiting to jump on every little thing anyone says in an attempt to look more sensitive or politically correct than everyone else?
Do I have a problem with some one getting a good beating now and again when they deserve it, no- not at all. I guess it is not fair to the person accused of being possessed in that it denies them the benefit of real medical diagnoses and treatment in some cases, could lead to severe mental issues during and long after the so called exorcism, etc. So, in reality, all this experiment demonstrates is the physical disconnection between the right hemisphere and the speech center, AND an apparent total unawareness by EITHER hemisphere that the disconnect even exists. I think it is a testament of just how d*mbed down the world has become that I have to explain that about a statement that was such an obvious joke, but apparently I must.
Absolute pacifism and total political correctness leads to a stagnate world that never changes, refuses to admit the truth, and is lacking the concept of justice. The fact is that Jesus (supposedly) introduced new notions, of love and compassion, previously not known to the followers of the OT, the Jews. Remember that most of the Egyptian elite had scrybs of there own that wrote in plain Eygptian language but also in code as well?
This is proven time and time again by the artifacts that have been found and are still being found to this day, from Canonite to Greece. Mostly the religion of that time in anceint Persia and such was the religion of either, Krishna, Mithra or anceint Dyonisis. Nobody cares if you offend a Christian, nobody's going to issue a fatwah, nobody's going to accuse you of anti-semitism. I disagree with religion as I think its a way of mass control and by this I mean the poor suffering sector of the population who have no choice but to be religious in the hope that somehow there situation can get better, not only in this life but maybe even the next. It also follows that a demi-god is mortal unlike a God atleast while he lives on this planet and also that he has superior abilities to that of a man, and jesus had superior abilities. They need something to give them hope and make there life somehow not feel worthless and that I believe is what religion is there for. We have so many rules imposed by our secular society we don?t really need the ten commandments to keep us in-check. I for one consider myself a good person although not politically correct but that is besides the point. However if you as a person have average moral standards it will be hard for yourself to justify murder, rape or a criminal deed. But with higher solar energy striking the north, temperatures rose dramatically in the Arctic. While the ice rebounded in 2013, the coverage was still well below the average of the last three decades.
They are full of raw snippets of intelligence, bad reports, and secret data, and who knows what embarrassing or revealing information may have been REMOVED from the files. If that does not cause a building to collapse you have too much time on your hands to be paranoid freaks.
What about building 7 being pulled as the owner said, as it also came down around 5:20pm with very little damage. Only then will your common sense and intuitive gut feeling start to shift toward the truth. Please step out of the herd of sheep and start to think for yourselves - before it is too late. And now whole Europe are flooded with refugees, from Middle East and Africa the politicians are opening the borders like there is no tomorrow, a coincidence? As I watched the plane hit the tower and the destruction that followed, my jaw hit the floor. I cannot tell you how many times for years people threatened to do me harm at the mere mention that 911 was an inside job. The laws of physics do not allow certain events to take place, and according to the official report, those events took place entirely against the laws of physics. In the form of cognitive dissonance, there was no way my government founded on principal and freedom could ever do this.
Fire cannot melt steal to the point of causing a small portion of multiple buildings to cause large portions of undamaged structural steal to fail as well to the point of being reduced to rubble and fine dust. Yet we have a scenario where the story being told and the evidence do not add up, and seemingly everyone is okay with that. It tracks James Ellison, the northern heartthrob who came second in 2009, and HAS to win to save his career. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne will relive the highs of his triumphs as well as his journey to sobriety, which Ozzy regards as his greatest accomplishment. We'll also meet the New York Initiative, a fantastic foursome of real life superheroes living together that tackle crime fighting, one Brooklyn borough at a time.
Dead at the scene were Amy Houser, Steven Teran, his step-daughter Paula, and Valerie Teran. Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the country's three leading causes of death, even though billions are spent each year to "battle" these very conditions.
Revenge of the Electric Car follows these auto makers as they race each other to create the first, best, and most publicly accepted electric cars for the new car market. Besides, I think they said they were going to show more horrible experiments on animals and people. Here, the puppets that automatically spew such divisive doctrine are primarily intended for ADULTS, of course. Dr Mosley thinks the knowledge is worth it, but of course he wouldn't have let his own children be experimented on. You decided to pass judgement on me after reading two paragraphs that were mainly written to be humorous.
In this documentary the version that make's the most sense to me is that he went to Kashmir. Let's suppose God is giving prophetic visions to Isaiah don't you think, if He intended, His Son will on top of the lists?
And I would like to hypothesis that the reason for you denying this is not that I might be wrong or am wrong or whatever, the reason is that you have been brought up to deny and reject or not even question any facet of your religion and accept all that you are told without question or else you risk eternal damnation. So in my opinion religion was probably an invention by some rich clever person somewhere who noticed how gullable and easily manipulated such people are.
Maybe that is why in europe and even america church attendance and practising christians have declined gradually as living standards got better.
If in all these seperate masses all they had to do is agree with one another and follow these instructions, how many of these groups do you think would actually be able to do that?
The effect was amplified by the lower reflectivity of ice-free seas and spreading northern forests.
Analyzing global data from Grace, one study reports that Earth lost about 4,000 cubic kilometers of ice in the decade leading up to 2012.
This is a very insightful documentary outlining huge differences between what our government said happened, and what actually happened.
But the more I looked at the evidence, the more the facade didn't stand up to logic and reason. Like I said, as a former Marine I DO NOT want to believe this, but as a rational, logical, and intelligent person, I can look at the evidence subjectively and determine that multiple (not just a few) pieces of evidence are not aligning with the official story. Also Gary Mason, an ex privateer now racing on a factory Kawasaki bike who has everything to prove. With English cricket on the brink, bookmakers offered odds of 500-1 against an English win in the 3rd test. Lead by Zimmer, we'll watch as they take to the streets and try to lure criminals out of hiding with their controversial Bait-Patrols.
I simply can't watch stuff like that without getting so angry that I start pacing the floor and ranting on and on- it gets out of hand.
They act like it is the greatest sin since man ate the apple if they get a busted lip or black eye.
Or do you mean it is not fair to call it a scientific hypothesis or theory because it is inherently untestable - unmeasurable? Do you view everyone that asked the world not to do things they consider wrong as self righteous?
I would also like to hypothesis that religion is one of the only institutions that has reached dictatorial nirvana in this planet.
Ontop of that I think it is a method of ultimate control over the human mind of its victim. People just stop caring about this God and the Bible and ironically where else on this world do you get people shouting the loudest about there rights and freedoms(Europe and America). The landscape channels the ice into many small glaciers that flow straight down to the sea.
Rather than making these docs you really should put your money into feeding the poor or something useful rather than this embarrassment.
The owners of this planet are playing with us like it?s a game and we need to put an end to it, and we don't beat them with the same game we invent a new one, open source movements and empowerment of communities around the globe take away these centralized systems it doesn't work and lets share our progress on the net, forget all this psychos we can live without them but not the other way around. Now it's 2016 and some of the same people who thought I was a cynical asshole are coming up and telling me the 'news' as if they knew it all along. A good film can make you child interested in it and for sure main points of the film will be remembered for long time or even for the whole life. And finally black leather clad Josh 'Bad Boy' Brookes, the Australian out to steal the crown from the British hopefuls. Yet, Botham would not lie down and rediscovered his cavalier flair in a series of remarkable, match-winning performances that defined him and saw The Ashes returned home. With over 300 registered superheroes in the United States, we'll definitively uncover the 'Real-Life Superhero' cultural phenomenon and discover what inspired these everyday citizens to take the law in to their own hands as they try to make the world a better and safer place for all. I know something is wrong with me, I should be able to detach myself at least to the point I can watch these documentaries and debate with others intelligently about it, at least that would have the potential of being productive. How about civil rights leaders, the ASCPA, countless humane centers around the country, alcoholics anonymous, etc.- are they all self righteous as well? You could disagree citing yourself as an example, maybe you are not poor, maybe your life is perfect and yet you choose to be religious, well good for you but if we took the whole religious community, the great majority are poor folk who come from developing countries or lower economic brackets in developed country. Or do you mean every other god or demi-god or whatever has to be somehow related to this 1 superior God by blood if you like eg a son of his??? No where else would you see an oppressed people so happy to be oppressed and sooo willing to defend there own oppression! What do you think would make them follow the instructions differently, even though they believe they read them correctly? Now if you go to confession and tell all about your sin you have nothing to worry about, all is forgiven. We usually make biggest steps in this direction when it becomes apparent that the way we live makes us miserable. You have some interesting points in this matter that require some consideration though, thank you for your input.
Explore any documentary film (download or watch it online) to make sure that this genre is one of the most informative and useful genres.
Repass, just twelve at the time, made the heroic 911 call -despite being shot in the head- which saved three lives at the time. A solution so comprehensive, but so utterly straightforward, that it's mind-boggling that more of us haven't taken it seriously? If a few kicks that are normally aimed at defenseless innocent animals find their way instead to the seat of some gangster wanna bees rear, that's fine with me. Its rare you find the well off being as devoted and maybe if they pretend to do is as a means to an end e.g. Do not kidd urself if this was a con-movie, you sir would have been the mark that got conned big-time! It was brutal and very frustrating, because it was sooo obvious to anybody willing to look, but nobody did. Deep down you know it you can try and deny it a million different ways but you can not change the facts..
I could send over some diaper salve and baby powder though, if you think you might lose sleep or something.. In fact they are innocent just like children, I would rather see an adult person get beat than an animal.
He feels anger as demonstrated in so many passages of the bible, he feels pity, he feels joy, he feels sad!!!
I called a lot of people stupid and blind, but mostly I didn't talk about it, there was no way I was going to convince anybody of anything they didn't want to believe. So it is not by the stretch of the imagination that he could also possess sexual feelings aswell just like his counter-parts in other mythologys!! By attacking it, they ensure it lives on, and better yet, not defended by them(the rich and well-off) but by the very people who are held back by it!

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