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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Though the genre documentary evolved in the silent era of the movies but its was not popular until the 00s decade.
It was because when the century turned people become more aware or say about the increasing pollution, global warming and green environment.
Here is a List of 100 Most popular documentary films ranging from the old documentary movies to the latest and most recent documentary movies. A NoteI am an aspiring Screenplay writer who mainly works on fantasy, adventure, history and comedy genre.
Feature film examining the existence of films in which people are murdered on camera and the culture surrounding them. Cafe de Flore ????? Love makes the world go round, but it can also turn your universe inside out. Skyfall ????? Sam Mendes brings a stately look with stunning visual touches to the most recent Bond movie. Craig’s harried, stern Bond is as inscrutable and wordless as ever, while his nemesis (Javier Bardem) proves a camp, creepy foe.
In Our Name ????? Suzy, a private in the British Army, returns to a rundown estate in Newcastle after a stint in Iraq and finds it tough to reconnect with her daughter (Chloe Jayne Wilkinson) and squaddie husband. The unfussy shooting style, the casting of actors both familiar from television and unknown and, of course, the dramatisation of a hot-button social issue all recall the films of Ken Loach. The Machine ????? Good British sci-fis don’t come along very often, so this stylish slice of a dystopian near-future should be welcomed by fans of the genre. Touchy Feely ????? In this observational ensemble comedy from US indie filmmaker Lynn Shelton, we meet a massage therapist (Rosemarie DeWitt) with a fear of touching others. Allison Janney’s widowed Reiki practitioner is as warm and soothing as a worn flannel shirt, and even Ellen Page, as the dentist’s anxious daughter, lets her hair down a bit, although the script is on the clunky side.
Detachment ????? ‘American History X’ director Tony Kaye’s dissects of the US school system in this film with a striking ensemble cast – Adrien Brody, James Caan, Lucy Liu, Christina Hendricks and Marcia Gay Harden among others. Enjoy more movie magic with our pick of the best films in cinemas right now and the ten hottest film events in London this week.
Animating female characters is “really, really difficult” because you have to “keep them pretty” while they go through “a range of emotions”? No wonder people are linking this statement with a GIF comparing Anna and Elsa of Frozen, and the main character in Tangled. Also, Disney fans have already noticed a lot of differences between Frozen and its fairytale inspiration, Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen.
If Disney had a good reputation for including a diverse range of characters in their animated movies, this interview quote wouldn’t have made much of an impact.
I dunno, I've been drawing women emoting on comic pages for 14 years & I've never worried abt them looking pretty.
The similar appearance of the lead characters in Frozen and and Tangled only highlights the lack of racial diversity in Disney animation. In the eyes of Disney, there’s a Princess for Black little girls to look up to, a Princess for Native little girls to look up to, a Princess for Arab little girls to look up to, a Princess for Asian little girls to look up to, and nine princesses for all little girls to look up to.
So continues a seemingly endless cycle of arguments among Disney fans on Tumblr and other social media sites. According to Racebending, an online community that promotes racial diversity in popular media, Frozen is just one of many movies that erases people of color—not only from mainstream entertainment, but from history itself. But as Tumblr blogs like Racebending and medievalpoc point out, there’s no factual basis for excluding people of color from historical narratives.

Frozen won’t be out for another month, and to be brutally honest, the criticism of a few thousand adult Disney fans is unlikely to make much of a dent in the movie’s with its target audience of young kids. Left on the sidelines last season, the Greyjoys are finally getting their turn in the spotlight.
Vanessa Marshall reflects on her character Hera Syndulla's growth and the big unknowns of season 3. Porn actress Sunny Leone seems to be enjoying her stay in the Bigg Boss house and apparently she wants to get rid of her bold profession that has been fetching her criticisms and disrespect since the time she landed in India to participate in Big Boss 5. Sunny born as Karen Malhotra to Sikh parents was studying to be a pediatric nurse until things changed in Leone’s life and she ended up being a porn actress.
Meanwhile Sunny has been giving beautiful dance performances almost every day for all the housemates in the Bigg Boss house. It was because in the early days of documentary they were made on film stock, that was not a popular method. Through interviews with former FBI Profilers, Cultural Academics, and Film Historians the documentary delves into the disturbing history and myth of Snuff Films. Here are ten films new to the catalogue in September 2014, all critically assessed by our expert film team.
That much is clear in French-Canadian writer-director Jean-Marc Vallee’s time-skipping drama, which fuses passionate emotions with ecstatic filmmaking to startling effect.
But it’s impossible to argue with the sentiments and churlish to suggest that any voice given to these powerless girls isn’t entirely worthwhile.
Centering on a morally conflicted computer expert working on a robot weapon for his army boss, it’s an engaging story that owes a clear debt to the likes of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Metropolis’. It doesn’t quite work, but the directing style is at times audacious, resulting in a fascinating, hypnotic and sometimes powerful failure. Not great PR, particularly since Frozen features two female lead characters who bear a suspicious resemblance to one of Disney’s other recent princess characters, Rapunzel.
But in the context of an ongoing debate about Disney’s representation of female characters and people of color, it doesn’t look great. Although movies like Pocahontas and Mulan were successful, some fans say that the current run of all-white animated movies makes it seem like Disney fulfilled a quota for various ethnicities, and then went back to making movies about blonde, Western European fairytale princesses.
It’s no coincidence that in almost all promotional art featuring the “Princess Lineup,” Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas are all standing in the back, usually obscured by other white Princesses’ dresses, while the blonde lady brigade stands in the front. In the case of Frozen’s Scandinavian setting, the Sami people were already indigenous to Sweden, Norway, Russia and Finland.
However, the viral spread of a reasonably banal interview with a Disney animator should tell us something.
She was named Penthouse Pet of the year in 2003 and was also named one of the top 12 X rated actress in 2010.
This resulted in a huge fan base of documentary movies and film makers made documentary movies on other topics as well that were well received. Do you like Docufiction (Fictional documentary) or mockumentary or knowledge increasing documentaries? The FBI claims there is no evidence to prove the existence of Snuff and, therefore, Snuff Films are a myth.

Yet it’s a deft self-portrait of her bumbling misadventures, recalling early Woody Allen retooled for a new century.
The Disney Princess franchise is so closely linked with old-fashioned femininity that Brave’s Merida was given a girlie makeover before she could “join” the rest of the princesses.
And if so, does historical authenticity even matter when you’re marketing the movie to a diverse, 21st-century audience of kids who live in a multiracial environment? After landing in India and in Bigg Boss house it seems she has made plans to leave this profession for good.
However from past 20 years Documentary have made there own place in the film industry and they are being awarded and praised by critics and fans alike. This documentary analyzes the relationships between war, cult films, serial killers and pornography to prove whether or not this pervasive myth is, in fact, reality. Meanwhile, Frozen has already come under fire for being Disney’s third major animated movie in a row to feature an all-white cast, following Tangled in 2010 and Brave in 2012. The idea of documentary was to catch real actions of real people on camera thus making it much more realistic than the non fictional films. Infact some of the highest rated films on several popular sites such as IMDB and Rotten tomatoes are Documentary films. Check in here for insider news, tips and deals from the worlds of food, fashion, arts, culture and more. Disgruntled fans have been drawing their own multi-ethnic interpretations of Frozen characters ever since the first character designs were revealed earlier this year. In most of the documentary movies the characters are played by the actual people who are being documented.
Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (1944) 8. Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire) (1922) 16. Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (1944) 21. Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (1944) 51. Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (1944) 68. Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) (Nosferatu the Vampire) (1922) 92. Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (1944) 99.

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