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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. WHEN faced with an emergency – be it medical or accident – the team Joburg residents turn to is the City’s emergency management services (EMS).
Headed by Tshepo Makola, the EMS aims to be “a leading, world-class, African emergency management service”. Operations is a core department, dealing with the saving of lives and property when disasters or accidents happen.
Disaster management and pier (public information, education and relations) division deals with disaster planning and mitigation.
Corporate services and academy supports the EMS with a wide range of services, including training, fleet management, human resources, finance and administration.
Management support focuses on communications and marketing, quality assurance and research, transformation and employment equity, and special projects. The EMS has its headquarters in the Johannesburg metropolitan police department building, at 195 Main Road, Martindale.
For more information, the EMS’s media liaison officer, Nana Lindiwe Radebe can be contacted on 011 758 9546. S2's Magic Monitor is a dynamic digital canvas that allows users to publish video streams, dynamic text and more.

Download the School turns to Mobile Duress Solution to Provide Emergency Silent, Wireless Panic Alert System, from RF Technologies.Download today.
There has been a 10-point drop in the percentage of respondents who say emergency preparedness is a top concern.
A380 , Airbus , loads 500-800 passengers vs 250 odd passengers that PIA transports in long Haul Flights , the A380 Offers more passengers and seats to its customers and most likely more visitors would visit Pakistan consider availability of seats on plane. Toronto , Vancouver, New York , Chicago , Los Angeles , Seattle , Boston or New York which are all heavily populated area by Pakistanis. Working Pakistani Professionals , Doctors, Engineers or Scientist probably would not mind Traveling with little extra luxury for reasonable upgrade price. At the end of 8th year PIA must return 2 Billion Dollars to Government of Pakistan for past assistance.
Among her successes at the helm of the organisation is an improvement in emergency response times and an increasing number of women in the service. It needs to ensure that every disaster is anticipated and that there are plans in place to deal with any eventuality.
It also has two customer information kiosks at Sandton central and at the Alexandra customer service centre, on the corner of Eighth Avenue and Roosevelt Street.
Whereas less than a third of respondents in 2011 indicated Clery compliance was a top concern, now nearly half (47%) of university respondents say this is one of their top issues.

Today, 45% of respondents say this is one of their primary issues, compared to 55% in 2011.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Name any consistant route where PIA can carry in and out around 500-800 passengers in every flight?
With 28 base stations, Joburg’s EMS is one of the biggest emergency services units in Africa. Secondly Emirates can get A380 becaues they get so much traffic that they can actually FILL the plane, do you see that happening with PIA?
It covers an area of 1 620km? and serves a population of almost 3,6 million.Central to its operations is the saving of lives and property.

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