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Emergency Management is a growing field in uncertain times of natural disasters and terrorism; in response to this, many institutions are offering online emergency management degree programs as a way to prepare professionals for careers in this field. Many schools are beginning to offer these Online Emergency Management Degree Programs for the convenience of people already working in the field that wish to step into an administrative role.
Executive Summary: This popular online university enrolls more than 36,000 students in 145 undergraduate and graduate specializations.
Unique Features: Undergrad courses cover communication strategies, juvenile justice, public safety statistics, history of violence, homeland security, and more. Executive Summary: This is a completion program that requires the student to have completed the 44 credit hour general education core courses elsewhere. Executive Summary: Designed for emergency services personnel, the degree at this popular online institution aims to increase administrative and management knowledge and safety awareness of its participants. Unique Features: The program examines technology, human resource management, and fiscal responsibility along with ethics, operations, and research methods.
Executive Summary: At Colorado State University’s Global Campus, undergraduate students may choose from many specializations, allowing the student to customize their degree.
Executive Summary: A for-profit university, Walden offers online degrees in a number of areas, including Education and Leadership, Management and Technology, Health Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Unique Features: Emphasizes learning how to develop long-term measure for reducing risk and preventing future disasters. Executive Summary: While not a full bachelor’s program, the certificate program at Drexel is intended to complement a bachelor’s degree and all of the certificate’s credits count toward bachelor’s degrees and are transferable from Drexel to other institutions. Executive Summary: This program from SUNY Canton is a technological approach to Emergency Management.
Executive Summary: The University of Central Missouri seeks to fill the need for qualified emergency management professionals created by recent advancements in the field. Unique Features: West Texas University is ranked #72 among western regional universities, and its online bachelor programs are ranked #17 in Student Services and Technology and #23 in Faculty Credentials and Training.
Executive Summary: Arkansas Tech University is one of the first universities to institute an entire department of emergency management.
Unique Features: The emergency management program at Arkansas Tech is the first to have received regional, national, and international accreditation. Executive Summary: The program offered by UA-Fairbanks is one focused on building on the technical skills of its students to prepare them to fulfill an administrative role in the emergency management field.
Unique Features: The Bachelor of Emergency Management degree from UA-Fairbanks is offered by UAF School of Management, an AACSB accredited business school.
Executive Summary: The program at NLC is designed for union members already working in the field of Fire Service, EMS, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Homeland Security and other related fields to provide training to those professionals in the intricacies of emergency management. Unique Features: National Labor College was founded to provide education in their field to union members across the country throughout the nation’s various unions and still serves that purpose today. The Ontario Incident Management System provides standardized organizational structures, functions, processes and terminology for use at all levels of emergency response in Ontario, and that this system was developed with input from more than 30 Ontario-based emergency response organizations and stakeholders, who form the IMS Steering Committee. The goal of the incident management system is to provide an efficacious, flexible, and consistent structure and process that is scalable to manage incidents by all levels of government, emergency response organizations, communities, ministries, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The collective input and guidance from emergency management partners has been, and will continue to be, vital to the development, effective implementation and utilization of the Incident Management System in Ontario. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Incident Management System (IMS) is hereby established as the system for incident management for [organization]. PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED this _____ day of ____________, year________, by the [position(s)] of [organization].

This is an optional sample template that may be modified to suit your organization’s needs. Break down strategic approach, messages and tactics for specific audiences and over time (chart format works well). Based on your analysis of the information in the previous sections, what is your recommended approach to achieve your communications objective? Given what you know about your target audience(s), write a set of messages for each one, as needed.
Given what you know about your target audience(s), consider how best to reach them using communications channels they use regularly. Develop tactics that flow naturally out of your strategic approach, are specific to your target audiences that happen over time and are integrated across media. Don’t demonstrate that you got the story out, but that you influenced opinion or changed behaviour.
WHEN faced with an emergency – be it medical or accident – the team Joburg residents turn to is the City’s emergency management services (EMS). Headed by Tshepo Makola, the EMS aims to be “a leading, world-class, African emergency management service”. Operations is a core department, dealing with the saving of lives and property when disasters or accidents happen. Disaster management and pier (public information, education and relations) division deals with disaster planning and mitigation.
Corporate services and academy supports the EMS with a wide range of services, including training, fleet management, human resources, finance and administration.
Management support focuses on communications and marketing, quality assurance and research, transformation and employment equity, and special projects.
The EMS has its headquarters in the Johannesburg metropolitan police department building, at 195 Main Road, Martindale. For more information, the EMS’s media liaison officer, Nana Lindiwe Radebe can be contacted on 011 758 9546. S2's Magic Monitor is a dynamic digital canvas that allows users to publish video streams, dynamic text and more. Download the School turns to Mobile Duress Solution to Provide Emergency Silent, Wireless Panic Alert System, from RF Technologies.Download today.
There has been a 10-point drop in the percentage of respondents who say emergency preparedness is a top concern. All of these universities are regionally accredited and many are well respected, particularly in the field of emergency management. The university is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCA).
The program is offered online by Western Carolina University through the University of North Carolina Online website which collates all the programs available online from 16 North Carolina universities. Discounts may be available for active-duty military, military veteran, current military spouse, and international students. Thus, the Emergency Management Specialization can be a very attractive choice for students looking to serve in the emergency services and management fields, yet wish to have a broader bachelor’s degree to go with their specialized training. The goal of this certificate is to act as something more than a specialization or a minor, certifying the student as an emergency management specialist complementing any other degree the student chooses to earn. The program emphasises student education in the latest emergency management technology, and also in the actual development of exercises and drills. News and World Report ranks SUNY Canton’s online bachelor’s programs at #34 in Student Services and Technology.

The focus of the program trains students in the skills needed to fill roles in private and public positions whether it be that of business continuity planner, institutional emergency planner, industrial emergency responder, or jobs in the field of public safety. News and World Report and its online bachelor’s programs are ranked on the online education honor roll. The Online Emergency Management Degree program is designed to meet the needs of both full time and part-time students and the main focus of the program is on non-traditional students already working in the field of emergency management.
The goal of devoting an entire department to emergency management is to provide students and faculty with the support necessary for creating qualified professionals for this growing field and to make significant contributions to emergency management and emergency management education.
Arkansas Technical University’s online bachelor programs are ranked #52 in Student Services and Technology by U.S.
The goal is to provide a program primarily geared toward emergency management professionals that will increase their competitiveness in the field and increase their qualifications leading to promotions into administrative roles.
The college is a degree completion institution, so students must have 56 credits in order to matriculate into the offered programs, including the Online Emergency Management Degree program. Enter target audiences, training numbers, resource requirements and implementation dates, for specific IMS courses. The IMS Integration Plan is used to identify IMS integration strategies for specific plans, policies and procedures.
Among her successes at the helm of the organisation is an improvement in emergency response times and an increasing number of women in the service. It needs to ensure that every disaster is anticipated and that there are plans in place to deal with any eventuality.
It also has two customer information kiosks at Sandton central and at the Alexandra customer service centre, on the corner of Eighth Avenue and Roosevelt Street.
Whereas less than a third of respondents in 2011 indicated Clery compliance was a top concern, now nearly half (47%) of university respondents say this is one of their top issues. Today, 45% of respondents say this is one of their primary issues, compared to 55% in 2011. The program focuses on improving the student’s communication and analytic skills and preparing the student for advancement in career fields like Law Enforcement, Emergency Health Services and more. The program is mapped directly to FEMA’s emergency management system of preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation. Drexel’s online education methods are steeped in a tradition of devotion to cutting edge technology and the Online Emergency Management Degree program is no exception.
Training features virtual disaster simulations, simulated operation of an emergency ops center and an incident command center, as well as hazard modelling. The core of the curriculum revolves around training students in the procedures set forth by FEMA.
As always, we recommend contacting universities directly to verify their accreditation status. Please consult the EMO Course Catalogue, for the most up-to-date list of available IMS Courses. With 28 base stations, Joburg’s EMS is one of the biggest emergency services units in Africa. The Homeland Security minor covers emergency situations such as WMD threats, introductions to the topics of terrorism, transportation security and many other topics relevant in our time. It covers an area of 1 620km? and serves a population of almost 3,6 million.Central to its operations is the saving of lives and property.

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