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To understand the ways of the leopard we must first understand the ways of life of the vast majority of people living in the rural areas of India.
Alerted by recent reports of leopard attacks on cattle and people, not very far from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, authorities decided to go on a nightly vigil to ascertain leopard sightings and to instill a sense of security amongst the terror-stricken villagers. Much smaller than its cousins, the lions of Africa and the tigers of Asia, the leopard relies on its power and stealth.
If human beings wouldn,t share the Earth with other Earthlings then they wouldn,t survive either. I'm glad to see at least there are biologists studying them, and trying to help the Indians.
I can understand why Jim Corbett's skills would be needed back in the wild old days but a part of me still wants to see him dropped in the middle of the jungle with two broken legs and only one bullet in that gun he seemed to love.

And people find the deer and coyotes and raccoons, nuisances (or they can be worse); but hey, they too were here first. I sometimes forget that humour can get lost or misinterpreted when commenting so my apologies. Sixteen leopards have been caught in the last three months and the department decides to put cages in the fields to capture them.
I think if we wiped out all the other sh*tty specimens that are holding us up then we'd be one step closer to the God. And I often wonder when waking to find my cat licking my hand what exactly is going through his head. The mother and the girl were sleeping outside and the leopard just snatched the child from the mother's lap.

The leopard is on the endangered species list, granted international protection, but is it acceptable kids to be snatched from their playgrounds and villagers to be killed at night? De ingekleurde foto’s zijn veel indringender en de hele Tweede Wereldoorlog lijkt plots helemaal nog niet zo lang geleden te zijn gebeurd. The mother even tried to run after it shouting "come back" but the animal jumped away and disappeared into the dark. No explanations will ease their pain and no arguments will make them understand and accept.

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