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While searching online they get confused by the amount of information and offerings available. The average person doesn’t have the time, energy or expertise to test these solutions. The truth was, many of these programs did not meet basic criteria and a few were just bad copies of each other.
In order to understand how bad some of them were, I reviewed one called the Willis Generator on the Blog section of this website. Two solutions in particular contained feasible ways of powering your home with sufficient energy, and surprisingly, both of them implement similar free energy magnetic generator technology to do so.
After watching the presentation, it was immediately apparent that this program was genuine. I had actually heard good things about the Smith’s Generator already, and when I arrived at the product delivery page, I realized why. They supply you with detailed diagrams that you need to follow in order to build the Smith’s Magnetic Generator. That said, after 3 days of work on the magnetic generator, I managed to build a medium scale generator that produced a very good amount of electricity.
Here’s the link where you can further check it out and you can see my conclusions below.
The training program looked great and I also got detailed diagrams for each step of the work. I know that an average person will have no clue where to get the materials cheaply enough without breaking his saving account, so this information is crucial to get you started as quickly as possible. I immediately started to work on building the magnetic generator using the instructions, and the first thing that became apparent to me is that the placement of the magnets is totally different than I would expect it to be. I did not want to give up on this experiment, so I went ahead and changed the magnet placement on the magnetic generator, based on my knowledge.
Magnet4Energy does work, but you should read my conclusion below before deciding to implement it in your home.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. A thermoelectric generator uses the concept of difference in temperature between two materials to create electricity.
Buy two radiators at an IT store and apply thermal fan paste to facilitate sticking of the Peltier unit.

Depending upon the size of our generator you will be able to power more and more devices or gadgets in your home. The best thing about using thermoelectric generator is that it is a free and inexhaustible source of energy as long as one has simultaneous access to materials that have some temperature difference, which can be tapped to generate the required electric current.
Since it is so easy to assemble this kind of a generator, it would be great if more and more people put it to use and obtain free electricity simply by utilizing the impact of varying temperature of two near substances or objects- a common enough occurrence in most homes. While one can try and make a thermoelectric generator oneself following the above steps, it might not be a bad idea to watch a YouTube video or two for better clarity on the subject. Of course there are plenty of scam sites selling fake plans which you need to steer clear of. All of the magnetic generator plans that have ever been released all have one thing in common. The plans that are available at the moment are the most detailed and are identical to Tesla’s original design. They offer the best value and also contain the most detailed and easy to follow guides for assembling your generator.
Another great selling point of the Tesla Secret is that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee which makes it a risk free investment. This video shows a rough working model of the generator that  can be produced with the Tesla plans.
My results, however, were not quite what was claimed in the book – in fact, they were about 80% of what was predicted. This book contains great information that you can put into effect immediately to save on your energy bills. I also verified that the information about where to look for the materials for building the magnetic generator is correct. Don’t get me wrong, the Magnet4Energy DOES work but I can only recommend it if you plan to build this magnetic generator with the help of a certified electrician who can easily spot the magnet placement mistake. Peltier units are a thermoelectric material that help transform the difference in temperature into electricity. The longer that you do it, more will be the current that will flow out from your homemade thermoelectric generator. It is also a great idea to use these to power outdoor fans and lighting that are not connected to your home’s power grid. This could help augment what is supplied by the grid and if everybody did it, there would be a difference made in terms of less power drawn from the grid.

When you do get down to making your own thermoelectric generator the pleasure you will derive from first using it to run a fan or light up a small bulb will be unparalleled.
Currently there is only one set of magnetic generator plans available and there is no guarantee that the website selling them will be online for long! Not only will they sell you fake plans they will more than likely sell on your personal details to other companies. Note that this is just a rough version and you can get much better results with more time and effort. Plus, you even get information about where you can purchase the materials for building the magnetic generator online cheaply. The medium scale of magnet generator that I built, it produced 50% less than what the Smith’s Generator did. As a matter of fact one can quite easily, though the efficiency of such a generator is no going to be terribly high, it certainly can be put to practical use – Here is where you can buy small scale Thermoelectric Generator.
These are increasingly being used by the automobile industry to recover some of the heat lost by the engine and channel the power to the battery.
To avoid this make sure the payment provider who is processing your payment is a reputable online payment processor like Click2Sell. Some were more detailed than others and some were a lot more expensive but they were all basically the same.
Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge.
Such ideas would break the first law of thermodynamics, the second law of thermodynamics, or both.Nevertheless, there is always someone out there who claims they have achieved the impossible. Below are just a few.Earth4EnergyThe Solar energy movement is taking off throughout the world. There isn’t even a device here, it is just a glorified pyramid scheme based on bogus reviews.
You want cheap reliable solar energy, and then you will have to use hard science and have deep pockets.MagniWorkMagniwork does promise free energy.
You can store potential energy and get it back, but you cannot get more than what you put into it.

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