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The Global Food Crisis: June 2009Stung by soaring food prices, angry Egyptians throng a kiosk selling government-subsidized bread near the Great Pyramid at Giza.
Kamchatka Salmon: August 2009Fattening up for winter, a brown bear waits to snatch salmon in Kuril Lake.
Although gondolas may be romantic, true Venetians speed around the city in vaporettos, or water buses.
Dubbed "Sodom by the Sea" back in the 19th century for its gambling houses and brothels, the Coney Island Boardwalk began a comeback in the 1980s. Ha Long Bay, or the Bay of the Descending Dragon, in northeastern Vietnam is scattered with some 3,000 precipitous, strangely sculpted limestone islands and outcrops, and dotted with small floating villages and deserted sandy beaches.
Start in Harlem, famous for its African-American culture, then it's on to Central Park and Fifth Avenue. This narrow, 17th-century highway linking Kyoto and Edo (modern Tokyo) was built along the route of an older trail. Lisbon's #28 tram crosses the city from east to west, climbing away from the center through the narrow cobbled streets and steep gradients of the Bairro Alto, Baixa, and Alfama districts. Described by hiking aficionados as the finest walk in the world, the track—from Glade Wharf on the northern shores of Lake Te Anu to Sandfly Point near Milford Sound on the west coast of the South Island—takes four days. Place-names such as Grand Avenue and Frozen Niagara give a notion of what's in the world's longest cave system.
Plunging from glacier-fed lakes in the high Andes of Patagonia, the limpid blue waters of the Futaleufu River offer superb rafting among mountain scenery of alpine grandeur. At 68 miles (109 kilometers), the Cape Argus ride isn't the world's longest open-ride race, but with some 35,000 participants, it may be the biggest. When you drive into Monument Valley, you feel as though you are stepping onto the set of a cowboy movie. Carved out of a hillside in the fifth century, the ecstatic faces and swaying bodies of Hindu deities in the temples of the Elephanta Caves seem to be listening to the drone of ancient Indian instruments. Photos of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom show a sea of people flooding the National Mall and enjoying the festive mood. Six ornate floats, each representing one of the city’s protective gods and decorated with lanterns, tapestries, and carvings, are hauled on ropes by hundreds of chanting devotees toward the city hall.
The world’s most famous Carnival is an extravagant four-day celebration finishing on Shrove Tuesday. Skill, speed, and stamina are the three s’s that mark the world’s best automobile race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A ride through this stunning part of Italy is a happy combination of idyllic Tuscan landscape seen from the backs of fine horses and a chance to study some of the world’s great art treasures in Florence and Siena. Whether your dream beach trip consists of spending a few pampered nights in a four-star resort or swimming among tropical fish some 80 feet (24 meters) underwater, the Maldives are the sort of islands where either—or both—can come true.
Imagine walking a spectacular coastal path with the Mediterranean on one side, mountains on the other, and Italian fishing villages just ahead. The famous French landscape designer Andre Le Notre laid out these gardens southwest of Paris in the 17th century at the behest of Louis XIV. Located in the heart of County Mayo in western Ireland, this luxurious castle, dating from the 12th century, is as romantic a place as one could desire.
The famous Blue Train makes the 994-mile (1,600-kilometer) run from Cape Town to Johannesburg (24 hours) three times a week in high season (summer) and once a week each way in the off-season.
The 51-mile (83-kilometer) stretch of the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo cities in China has inspired writers and artists for thousands of years. The Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich's resplendent, tree-lined exclusive shopping avenue, stretches a mile (1.4 kilometers). Our ten favorite European trains don’t necessarily offer the fastest journeys—just the most memorable.
Many members of tribes in southern Ethiopia have resisted the temptation to move to cities and abandon their cultural traditions. Sulfur, salt, and other minerals color the crater of Dallol, a volcano in the hottest place on Earth, Ethiopia's Danakil Depression. An Orthodox priest in Lalibela, in northern Ethiopia, displays the processional cross of his church—Bieta Masqal, or House of the Cross. The dietary traditions of Ethiopia's varied regions and cultures have created a unique cuisine. Gelada monkeys, the last surviving species of a once numerous genus of grazing primates, live only in the high mountain meadows of north-central Ethiopia. All Omo Valley tribes wear traditional attire and adornments, but the Hamar, like this woman, are by far the most elaborately turned out, often sporting multiple beaded necklaces, armfuls of metal bracelets, and elaborate, sculptured hairstyles. Disks of travertine, a calcium-rich deposit, ring a hot spring in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression. Pelicans fly above Lake Chamo, a shallow lake that, like its sister lake Abaya, is located within the Great Rift Valley in southwestern Ethiopia. The town of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia is renowned for 12 Christian churches that were hewed out of solid stone some 800 years ago. A man stands by the huts of his tribespeople near Yabelo, a town nearly on the border with Kenya. Among the Mursi tribeswomen of Ethiopia's Omo Valley, lip plates are a source of pride and a sign of strength.
Find an amazing beach retreat in Zanzibar, the Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Dominica, the Bahamas, and more.
Sustainable travel that really gives back in Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, and Tanzania. Search through 200 top-rated adventure travel companies, specializing in safaris, cruises, luxury adventure, and more. The Black Sheep Inn, perched at 10,500 feet in the Ecuadorian highlands south of Quito, has transparent roofs to let sunlight into the indoor flower gardens, with views of the Rio Toachi Canyon.
As China's first ecolodge, perhaps it's fitting that two-year-old Crosswaters is a celebration of bamboo—the country's common ultra-renewable building material—and feng shui principles. If entering El Monte Sagrado, in downtown Taos, immediately invokes a sense of calm, perhaps it's because New Agey spatial-energy workers advised on the placement of the adobe cottages (made from recycled materials). The Highland Center was built in 2003 as a showcase of green design, with triple-glazed energy-efficient windows, recycled steel, and a biomass- and wood-burning boiler. Golden, BC, lures skiers and mountain bikers to the steep slopes of Kicking Horse Resort year-round.
Local Cretans built Milia out of the ruins of their ancestors' rural stone village and reforested the farm-ravaged gorge in the early 1990s. The O'Reilly family first moved to the McPherson Range outside Brisbane in 1911 to dairy farm, but instead they developed a guesthouse that has become a model of sustainable practices.
Located outside the trekkers' capital of Pokhara, 125 miles from Kathmandu, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge resembles a typical Nepali hiker crash pad—with a plush eco-twist.
James Bond meets Conrad Anker in Whitepod's nine groovy, ultra-insulated geodesic domes, outfitted with cowskins, wood-burning stoves, and retro-chic furniture. Sipping a cup of sweet mint green tea and admiring North Africa's highest peak from a terrace at Kasbah du Toubkal, you'll be just as likely to meet a film star as a college-age backpacker. National Geographic Adventure is pleased to provide this opportunity for you to share your comments about this article. NGA e-NewsletterSign up to get our latest photos, trip sweepstakes, and videos in your email in-box.

Climb to the top of a life-size Tyrannosaurus rex for an up-close view of its teeth at this real-world Jurassic park. Circling a patch of lonesome prairie, 38 old cars painted gray form a replica of England’s Stonehenge. Seven sensational scrap metal sculptures line this 32-mile stretch of highway in southwest North Dakota, including artist Gary Greff’s massive “Geese in Flight,” listed in the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture.
America’s oldest example of zoomorphic architecture, this 130-year-old, 65-foot pachyderm is actually a building that once served as a summer cottage. America's most famous mythical lumberjack, capable of felling entire forests with his powerful ax, has a long reach. Even a Druid would feel at home at this stoic Stonehenge replica, set on a tufted hillside in the Shenandoah Valley.
Created in 1974 by a group of artists, this graffiti-spattered homage to American road travel breaks the dusty Texas horizon with the force of an 18-wheeler. Get inspired for your next epic American road trip with guides, tips, and more from National Geographic. This digital animation shows NASA astronauts performing spacewalks to repair a faulty cooling pump on the outside of the International Space Station.
Tensions are high as the astronauts aboard the International Space Station ready themselves to conduct a series of emergency spacewalks that start this weekend, ones intended to correct a critical cooling system failure.
Acting much like a car’s radiator, the malfunctioning cooling pump prevents overheating of electronics and science experiments aboard the ISS.
Astronauts constantly train for various emergency scenarios that may crop up during walks outside the International Space Station.
Micro-meteors or tiny shards of metal—even ones the size of a grain of sand—could cause a puncture and create a catastrophic leak in the spacesuit.
If an astronaut puts on a spacesuit too quickly and then heads outside the station, they may get the bends, or decompression sickness. Astronauts go through countless hours of training for spacewalks to familiarize themselves with the exact route they will take after leaving the airlock.
This frightening and unprecedented scenario played out during an aborted spacewalk in June, when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano’s helmet unexpectedly began filling with water. NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins will be suiting up and stepping outside to conduct the repairs, while  Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata will act as crane operator, at the helm of the Canadarm2 robotic arm during the spacewalk.
If necessary, a third spacewalk on Christmas Day will be done to finish the installation of the spare pump module.
Simultaneously, Russian crewmates are now preparing for their own spacewalk scheduled for December 27. We’re Moving!As of October 23, 2014, StarStruck will be hosted on National Geographic's main news site.
Across the globe, rising demand and flat supplies have rekindled the old debate over whether production can keep up with population.
The hard-earned sale brought this Lisu-minority villager about $150, two-thirds the average yearly income in rural Yunnan Province. Take a sightseeing or dinner cruise, or, better yet, stay in a houseboat hotel and make the canals your base.
The bus takes you down Broadway and through the theater district—show business mecca—passing Greenwich Village and Little Italy farther south. Running for 310 miles (500 kilometers) along the shores of Lake Biwa, across mountain ranges and down onto the Kanto plain around Edo, it was meant for horses and pedestrians—the Japanese did not use carts.
The small vintage trams navigate tight turns past markets, restaurants, and churches, and sometimes get caught in traffic jams. The 1,667-foot (508-meter), 101-story building—the tallest in the world—has 67 elevators, including two to the observation deck that are the world's fastest. Monument Valley was a favorite of director John Ford, who made many Westerns here, beginning with Stagecoach in 1939. More than 250,000 joined the rally between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, some having traveled up from the Deep South. Stalls selling snacks and rice wine line the crowded streets, and fireworks blast colors through the black skies.
Branches from the sacred lusekwane tree are woven into a bower for the king, and only when he eats the first fruit can his people partake of the harvest.
As you work your way over the narrow fairways, make sure you pause to drink in the outstanding views of the rocky shores that make up this part of California’s Pacific coast.
The race, organized by Automobile Club de L’Ouest, bridges past and present on the automotive circuit. Located on Tanzania’s northern border with Kenya, the mountain is made up of three extinct volcanoes, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. The renovated castle (Castello di Tocchi) where guests stay keeps the ancient charm while providing modern comfort.
Straddling the Equator southwest of Sri Lanka, the 1,102 islands that make up the Maldives form 26 atolls.
The Sun King wanted them to magnify the glory of his palace at Versailles, which was itself a monument to his absolute rule.
The train travels only at speeds up to 68 miles an hour (110 kilometers an hour); the slow, smooth ride allows you plenty of time to soak in the spectacular scenery. Here the Li River snakes through a fairy-tale landscape of conical limestone peaks, its smooth waters exquisitely mirroring the magical scenery.
You'll find some of Switzerland's top shopping along its length, from top clothing designers to high-end options for shoes, furs, accessories, china, and jewelry. But in the past few decades, deforestation, drought, and soil degradation have caused crop failures and famine. In the eastern part of the country, where camels are most prevalent, farmers use these hardy symbols of the desert for milk, meat, transport, and, as here, for plowing. Though somewhat protected by the remoteness of their location, they’re facing pressure from humans as hunters and farmers encroach. Afar tribeswomen extract water from this forbidding landscape by building small stone towers over the geothermal vents. Part of Nechisar National Park, Chamo is home to an abundance of wildlife, including large numbers of hippopotamuses and Nile crocodiles. The most stunning is Bieta Giyorgis, shown here, a massive monolith 40 feet (12 meters) tall, intricately carved and shaped like a cross.
Most Ethiopians reside in the country's western highlands, and its population is almost evenly split between Christians, living in the highlands, and Muslims inhabiting the lowlands. Everything else at this simple eight-room eco-retreat and bunkhouse follows in irrepressible green style.
Just a two-hour drive from Hong Kong, the lodge offers low-key activities like stargazing and hiking in the lush, towering bamboo forests. East of the cottages, a unique eco-friendly water-filtration system cleans brook water for the lodge's use. But most guests come to Crawford Notch, four miles from Bretton Woods, simply to hike the rugged White Mountains and for the free naturalist tours.
But even diehards often find themselves lingering at the Kicking Horse River Lodge, a geothermally heated log cabin and ski dorm. Now, staying in one of the 16 unique rooms, outfitted with wood-burning stoves, candles, and handwoven blankets, is akin to time travel.

Family-friendly activities abound in the surrounding rain forest of Lamington National Park, from glowworm walks to canopy zipline rides with local Yugembek guides. Staff members deliver organic coffee to the hand-cut stone bungalows in the morning, and private verandas offer views of three 8,000-meter peaks, including Annapurna. Situated high in the Swiss Alps, Whitepod is a train ride, a car ride, and a short walk from Paris or Geneva, so guests have the vistas, private ski lifts, and pistes almost all to themselves. The Kasbah's Berber hosts hope to offer access to the arid High Atlas Mountains to all walks of life, so the lodging, two hours from Marrakech, ranges from dorm beds to palatial apartments. Additional sculptures made from Detroit iron include “Ford Seasons,” representing seasonal changes to the landscape.
If the excavation, which removed 50,000 cubic feet of stone, doesn’t move you, take in the petting zoo.
Lumber up the spiral stairs to Lucy’s towering howdah for elephantine views of the Atlantic Ocean. Baffling perhaps, but the towering industrial foam blocks make for a mystical roadside diversion.
If you want some ice cream that’ll make you scream, head to this 40-foot-tall snack stand at the Boston Children’s Museum. The ten half-buried roadsters, slanted in a perfect row into an Amarillo cow pasture, have been featured in movies and referenced in songs. With one of two cooling pumps shut down, NASA has decided that a series of six-and-a-half-hour spacewalks must be performed to replace the faulty pump with a spare. Spacewalkers conduct regular examinations of their gloves and suit for leaks while on spacewalks. Ground controllers therefore monitor the astronauts’ vital signs to make sure they are breathing regularly and don’t overheat and pass out. Ground controllers became concerned that Parmitano could choke on the floating blobs of water, so the spacewalk was immediately halted. Parmitano was then assisted back to the airlock.
EST, when Mastracchio and Hopkins will remove the dead pump and replace it with a spare module. The last time a spacewalk took place on Christmas Day was in 1974 during the Skylab 4 mission.
Commander Oleg Kotov and Flight Engineer Sergey Ryazanskiy will install a foot restraint, install medium- and high-resolution cameras, and change out a pair of external experiments.
We'll continue to be your source for all things in the cosmos and what's coming up in your night sky. He exhales, making his body as flat as possible, slides a few inches on his back, stops, inhales, and repeats.
Called botos here in Brazil, they use high-frequency sonar clicks to build a 3-D echogram of their dark world. A vaporetto will take you into the city with stops at Murano and the Lido, Venice's beach, before dropping you off right in St. The competition is set on a nonpermanent track at Circuit de la Sarthe near the city of Le Mans on the Sarthe River. The hotel has two dining rooms and three bars; a very traditional afternoon tea is served in the drawing room. There are two kinds of accommodations on the train: the deluxe suites with a lounge and full-tub bathroom and the luxury suites with a private shower and toilet. The vistas are particularly enchanting when flowing mists weave themselves around the peaks, hiding them and then exposing them in moments of surprise. After hiking through remote Andean villages and canyons, feast on a vegetarian dinner from the organic garden, sit in the sauna, then cap it all off with a glass of Ecuadorian rum. But the 46 villas, spa, teahouse, and lotus and rice gardens tucked in China's southern Guangdong Province are really about accessing your Zen. On the quiet lawn of the Sacred Circle, guests do yoga after hiking, consult with local Native American healers, and lounge after treatments in the organic spa.
In the evenings, they gather for games by the fire before sharing a communal belly-warming meal with homemade bread. Amenities extend far beyond the standard apres options: Eco-themed films are screened, community theater events benefit local charities, and the collegial Bugaboo Cafe dishes up seven kinds of eggs benny. After hiking the surrounding peaks, guests dawdle over local wines and learn to cook dishes like grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs grown in the organic garden. The newest of the 48 villas, run by a third generation of O'Reillys, sit on stilts and have outdoor hot tubs with views over the forest. Hiking these Himalayan foothills is a must, but the lodge also provides rare luxuries like ayurvedic massage and private yoga sessions. Apres-ski, paraglide above the Alps or take a dogsledding tour, then gather around a campfire for aperitifs and fixed-menu dinners like cheese fondue. His trusty sidekick, Babe the Blue Ox, gets in on the action with colossal statues in Klamath, California, and Bemidji, Minnesota (pictured above). While not exactly a roadside attraction—it’s more a waterfront sight—the nearly 80-year-old icon has delighted lactose-loving families for ages.
Without it, rapid change in air pressure would cause nitrogen gas bubbles to expand in their blood vessels, causing severe pain, cramping, and even paralysis or death. However, if a spacesuit does somehow detach, there’s a way back in—NASA spacesuits all have mini-jet packs that allow the spacewalker to float back to the station. Once fellow crewmates removed his helmet, they noticed that it contained quite a bit of water—as much as two cups (half a liter). First they will disconnect cables to the faulty pump module and install jumper cables to act as temporary replacements. Meanwhile, Wakata will gingerly choreograph movements of the Canadarm 2 with Mastracchio riding on its end. NASA astronauts Gerald Carr and William Pogue stepped outside the Skylab space station to retrieve film from a telescope and photograph Comet Kohoutek. Roughly 46 cars start the race, in a series of classes that include prototype high-performance vehicles, dedicated race cars, and street cars. Footpaths cross the terraced slopes of the Riviera di Levante to hamlets with pastel-colored buildings and contrasting shutters and lead to brightly painted boats in small harbors. An interesting array of activities is offered outdoors; there are three running trails, two tennis courts, archery and falconry lessons, and a tour boat that docks at the castle's jetty twice a day to ferry guests across Lake Corrib. The mountains are vestiges of ancient eroded seabeds that support graceful bamboo groves and terraced rice paddies. Here a young herder outside the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, seeks shade in a tree while his cattle graze nearby. At the time Pamitano wrote about the incident on his ESA blog and shared his idea for one scary solution that thankfully he didn’t have to try. Walk past trattorias and a solitary abbey to a rocky promontory with the sea always in full view and a clear sky overhead. The winner is the car, driven by a team of three drivers, that covers the greatest distance in 24 hours. Then you’ll begin the trek across the Shira Plateau through the Grand Barranco Canyon and on to the top.

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