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Suzie Costello was a member of Torchwood Three in the early 21st century up until late 2007 when she committed suicide. Although she wasn't alone in having used Torchwood-acquired technology to her own advantage, she had been the most destructive. Costello was present in the Hub on 26 March 2005 when it was temporarily frozen in a time bubble for a day by Torchwood One's Rajesh Singh so that director Yvonne Hartman could procure a Drahvin scanner from the Hub unhindered. The gauntlet worked particularly well on the victims of violent deaths, (TV: Everything Changes) and more so on injuries inflicted by the life knife.
Three months after her death, Max committed murders, marking corpses in blood with the word "Torchwood" to draw Torchwood's attention. A bomb planted inside Jack destroyed much of the Hub in 2009; it is not known if any of the cryo-chambers survived the blast. Despite the fact that much of Suzie's actions fell into her own failed grand plan, Harkness later stated that he felt responsible for her death. Following the destruction of the Hub, a piece of alien technology concealed within her body was activated, enabling Suzie to be resurrected for a third time.
Suzie was a very cold, selfish, strong-willed and pitiless woman, completely willing to let Gwen die when it meant she got to live. Suzie was shown to be self-loathing when she said to Jack that Gwen was a better second-in-command than she ever was, though this was likely just an attempt to make Jack feel sorry for her. In order to catch viewers unaware with the twist ending of Everything Changes, the first episode of Torchwood credited actress Indira Varma as a regular cast member.

In his book Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale, Russell T Davies reveals that he planned at one point to bring Suzie back for an episode of Series 2 of Torchwood.
Suzie, unlike her other teammates, had malicious ulterior motives and carried them out through secret gambits. After discovering her involvement with Pilgrim, Torchwood decided to revive Costello, ironically with the very resurrection gauntlet that Costello had killed for earlier. After murdering one young worker at the site, she fled the area, undertaking the alias Sue Costa.
She was highly manipulative, giving Max Tresilian retcon once a week over a two-year period in order to turn him into her "Trojan horse" for her plan. She was also shown to be a coward when facing death the second time, despite having died once before and by suicide, even going so far as to say that Jack couldn't kill her and that she was all that was left of Gwen. Gwen wielded the glove this time, but rather than reviving Costello for only a few minutes as usual, the glove revived her apparently permanently.
A series of brutal murders followed until Suzie was finally tracked down before then being enticed back to the hub. She developed a nihilist worldview from aliens such as Weevils coming through the Cardiff Rift and found murder as acceptable a means as any for achieving her goals, particularly to unlock the secrets of the resurrection gauntlet. However, Jack saw right through this and gunned her down, saying he didn't see one bit of Gwen in her.
However, Suzie's influence continued to cause bedlam after her death, through a plan to resurrect herself should she perish, which was eventually undone.

She placed triggers on Pilgrim member Max, using retcon that would lead to her resurrection with the resurrection gauntlet three months after her death.
Her attempt to kill Jack Harkness in her escape was thwarted when Jack's immortality was revealed.
This left Torchwood in a quandary since they now had a dead person who had come back to life, yet among other things still had a severe head injury caused by the suicide bullet.
She also showed a vengeful side, unplugging her father's life-support system in return for the abuse he gave her. She would be revived yet another time by alien technology, only to face a final death beyond any hope of return. Unknown to the team, Costello had foreseen this and through a mental link in the glove, Gwen was forced to transfer part of her essence, which Costello used to heal her injury, an action which slowly killed Gwen. Half an hour later the two were locked in each others arms before the explosion took both their lives. Costello's body was placed in the Torchwood cryo-chambers and her worldly possessions collected and placed into storage as was common practice for deceased Torchwood operatives.

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