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There are a couple of camps that give your kids the chance to do a bit of Live Action Role-Playing (LARP), wrapping some traditional summer camp lessons in an unconventional way. Gardner said that she attended a LARP session on a whim, to see what it was all about, and thought that it looked like something that kids would really enjoy, too.
AMERICAN holidaymakers can now sign up to an apocalypse training camp — in case there is a zombie invasion.
At the camp, the first of its kind in the world, in Portland, Oregon, actors simulate a real-life zombie plague while attendees learn the best way to dispatch them. Inspired by US hit shows like the Walking Dead, the Trackers Earth Zombie First Responder survival training camp aims to combine fun with serious skills.
Instructors teach students combat skills such as how to throw an axe, cut with a samurai sword and run away from zombies as well outdoor fire building and finding shelter. One of the students, Nathan Smith, 24, described what it was like to take part in the zombie survival course.
Think with me a moment - a lot of what we have now was once some writer's sci-fi story (e.f.
So, some scientist somewhere is reading a zombie book, or watching a zombie movie, and thinking "We could do that!

Never liked that creature since childhood, my first encounter with Zombie were in Resident Evil 1 and the first cutscene of Zombie in that game were hilarious for a 10yrs kid.. And Dracula isn't better too, I hate how in those movies that creature act normal and nice in point but suddenly raging to bite your neck whatever it cost!
Quote: Originally Posted by Visual_Paradox It's so stupid that some people actually believe a zombie reckoning could ever happen.
I spoke with camp director Meghan Gardner about the summer camp options they offer, and it sounds like an amazing experience. So Guard Up started a summer camp, keeping their sword-fighting background but adding a storyline about fighting off beasts and learning skills. The two week summer camp brings in adults to play both trainers and monsters — the monsters get makeup and costumes and everything is coordinated with earbud communicators. Her description of it made me think of The Truman Show, where there’s somebody calling shots and feeding lines when necessary, and the actors can respond quickly to circumstances.

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