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One experience you will never forget is the feeling of cruising at top speed on an interstate and having a trailer tie blow. Don’t slow too quickly and become a dangerous obstacle on the freeway and try not to swerve into another lane.
If you haven’t packed the wheel bearings recently, or don’t know when they were last serviced, this would be a good time to do that. Not all trailers have brakes, but if yours does, you should really inspect them prior to taking a trip. If you get stuck on the side of the road, make sure you have warm clothes for everyone traveling with you. At Trailer Boss we want to give you a few tips to preparing for the hopefully, unlikely event you will have winter problems. Make sure the tire pressure of your spare tire is ready to use if something happens this winter.
You will probably want a blanket, some food, water, warm clothes, warm shoes, flashlight, jumper cables, ice scraper, toolkit, car jack, medication, and a first aid kit in your vehicle. If you have any concerns about your trailers or are looking for a new trailer, Trailer Boss will be there for you. There is really nothing is more comforting than the smell of fresh baked bread after a hard day on the job, popcorn in the theater, or chicken noodle soup when you are sick in bed. There are not many things more distressing than the smell of burnt rubber while you are driving down a mountain, the smell of sweet syrup when you’re a long way from home on an unfamiliar freeway, or rotten egg smell when you are a far way from home. Sweet Syrup: If you smell sweet syrup after you warm up your engine or after shutting it turns off, then a coolant leak is probably to blame. Hot Oil: If you are smelling hot oil, you might have a leak onto your engine or exhaust system. Burning Carpet:  If you sm mell burning carpet when you have been using your brakes a lot, you most likely have overheated brake pad.
If you are having any problems with you trailer or towing vehicle, stop in to one of our three Trailer Boss stores and we will get a technician to give you seasoned advice. Do you have something you need to move this Christmas?  At Trailer Boss we have great cargo trailers that will keep your items safe from the weather. Here is a great, customized cargo trailer that will keep your possessions out of the weather. For more information about this trailer click here or go to the Trailer Boss website for a list of all our trailers.
For more information about the Rochester, Washington Trailer Boss store click here or call (360) 273-7892. Come in to Trailer Boss and find the exact trailer that will fit your needs for the 2016 year. We have brand new trailers with warranty and full service shops staffed with the best technicians. We are from the northeast and we know umbrellas are only for tourist and staying inside because the sun isn’t shining is only for those who moved here from the sunny south. Sometimes being kind to yourself means getting a dump trailer which will streamline the unloading process. Sometimes being kind to yourself means being good to your equipment and protecting everything in a cargo trailer.

Maybe you have a business in Rochester, WA or Spokane, Washington and you uses your trailer every day—regardless of the weather. Maybe you are a homeowner in Everett, WA or Portland, OR that wants to have the freedom to haul when and what you want. Whatever the case, come see this season’s great bargains at all three of our Trailer Boss locations.
Regardless of how you’ll be using your new trailer, there’s no question that you need quality that won’t require a lot of maintenance.
For more information about the Rochester, Washington Trailer Boss store click here or call (360) 273-7892.
Last summer, gas prices were an average of 95 cents a gallon less than they were in previous years.
If you have spent any time at all towing a cargo trailer or any other type of trailer for that matter, you know that your gas mileage is not going to be as good as if you are cruising down the road without it. Many of our cargo trailers are designed aerodynamically to reduce resistance as they move down the road. Before adding a trailer to our line of trailers at Trailer Boss, we make sure the vehicle is of quality construction. There are, however, instances when we see trailers which are well-designed, valuable and perform flawlessly for the purpose they are intended. Always look for the best vehicle for the job whether that is a cargo trailer in Vancouver, BC or a utility trailer in Tacoma. If someone close to you is pulling around a rickety old trailer, you may want to surprise them with a really great Christmas gift. It might be hard to put it under the Christmas tree, but we’d love to help you get your Utility trailer in Seattle or you Cargo Trailer in Seattle right to your door. At Trailer Boss we have the most skilled trailer technicians in the industry - from wiring to welding to troubleshooting electrical problems.
Another thing we like to hear is, “Thanks for the service department.”  Our service department is the best in all of Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Rochester, Bellingham, Everett or any place in between. Always make sure that your brake lights, turn signals, running lights and other trailer parts are working properly. If you get flat tire, you must have a spare, or you will paying for a tow which can be very expensive. During the winter, moisture can form on the side of the gas tank and mix with the gas in your tank.
Consider seeking the help of a professional as soon as possible before your vehicle overheats,  leaving you on the side of the road.
If you are using a less-than-safe, less-than-efficient, or less-than-adequate trailer, now is the time to consider buying a new one. If you are looking to buy a trailer in Spokane, or Tacoma, or Seattle you should plan a trip to one of our stores. They can take care of any problems you have or make sure you are equipped with the right hitches. You prefer to haul during these beautiful fall days, but you’ve been known to load your trailer in the cruel heat of summer and the chill of a damp winter. They are safer on your back and any of those helping you.  There isn’t all the lifting and sliding which can cause injury.

Set up nicely with torsion suspension, radial tires, 10K front jack, full LED lighting and a treated floor. We always appreciate and respect ingenuity especially when this resourcefulness helps safely transport a load. We can work on your current trailer or help you select a shell and modify it to your requirements.
We strive not only to have the best prices in all of Washington, Oregon and Vancouver, British Colombia, but we also strive to have the most satisfied customers.
Not as in Bruce Springsteen, but as in the epitome of every terrible, shady, ruthless corporate boss that sank the economy.
If the moisture gets in the gas lines, it can freeze and block the flow of fuel to your engine. Trailer Boss has a variety of utility trailers you can use to spruce up your property and be ready for holiday guests. Sometimes that is a tilt trailer which will help you unload equipment without hauling out a bunch of bulky ramps.
If your pressure is too low on your utility or dump trailer, the friction with the road will be greater. You should have a trailer that is tailor-fit to your needs in order to achieve its top potential. We have ATV and UTV trailers, car haulers, cargo trailers, dump trailers, equipment trailers, landscape trailers, teardrop trailers, tilt trailers, utility trailers and tow dollies.
The “fit & finish” on this unit is without question the nicest of any trailer in this market. The more friction, the more drag and the more energy required to move down the road, meaning more fuel. This is why we believe you should be extremely skittish of obtaining a trailer someone threw together in their back yard. The family’s garbage service is a nice little jaunt from their home, so they built this ingenious transportation system for the weekly excursion. There are some promising moments in the trailer, because any movie that gives McCarthy the opportunity to spew comically aggressive, colorfully worded aggression is going to have some laughs.
If you are in the market for a utility trailer you need to check this one out before buying anything else. In the last two months the globally price crude oil went up in August before falling back in September. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America’s latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget.McCarthy is joined in The Boss by an all-star cast led by Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates.
Directed by Ben Falcone (Tammy), the comedy is based on an original character created by McCarthy and written by McCarthy and Falcone alongside their Groundlings collaborator, Steve Mallory. The film is produced by McCarthy and Falcone through their On the Day productions and Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy through their Gary Sanchez Productions.
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