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Last month, Lionsgate and WWE Films announced that former WWE Champion Kane would be reprising his role of Jacob Goodnight from the 2006 film ‘See No Evil’ in a sequel. I thought that “See No Evil” was a decent film when I first saw it, I haven’t watched it again since the day I bought the DVD, but I know that it has gotten mixed reviews.
Harris and Isabelle are joined by Greyston Holt, Chelan Simmons, Kaj Eriksen, Lee Majdoub and WWE wrestler Kane. See how celebrities are honoring Prince after his deathStill reeling over the death of David Bowie just over three months ago, the music world was hit equally hard yesterday with the equally unexpected news of the death of another giant, Prince, at 57. Meghan Trainor set to embark on summer tourPop singer Meghan Trainor has just announced a 26-date summer tour set to begin on July 24.
Beginning the second the first film ended, SEE NO EVIL 2 almost immediately lets viewers know that this is, for better or worse, going to be a different ride. Since this IS a sequel to a slasher film, and it’s no surprise that Goodnight rises from the very finite death he suffered at the end of the first film, things eventually turn for the worse, as the gang is stalked and picked off one by one, by the now clear-masked killer. The change in tone and the success of the film lies in its ability to be more than the film it follows, largely due to the directorial team of Jen and Sylvia Soska. If SEE NO EVIL left somewhat of a sour taste in a lot of audience members’ mouths, SEE NO EVIL 2 will no doubt revitalize the excitement that fans of Kane, WWE horror films, the Soskas, and horror in general have been looking forward to catching again.
I remember Stephen King saying a long time ago that Filmmakers shouldn’t remake good pictures. Photos courtesy Robb Mariani Truck restoration means working with big parts to achieve big rewards, but can be a real piece of work in its own right if the truck is a one-off custom.
The material on this site may not reproduced, distributed, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of American City Business Journals. In a press release, they said that ‘See No Evil 2? will be written by Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby for identical twin horror directors Jen and Sylvia Soska.

Jason’ are the newest additions to the horror sequel that will see the psycho killer prey on some med students. Tellock has been watching, reading, creating, and experiencing the horror genre for over a decade. The first official trailer for Jen and Sylvia Soska’s See No Evil 2 has just appeared online and you can check it our below.
We are the international print & digital full colour magazine bringing you everything in the name of horror. It has its core fanbase, but for the most part, its place in the $5 Bluray bin says a lot about my feelings for the WWE slasher film, so when AMERICAN MARY directors Jen and Sylvia Soska were tapped to directed a sequel to that film, a good eight years later, I’d like to think that a good amount of people were left scratching their horror-loving heads. On the surface, SEE NO EVIL 2 could very well be lumped into the same exact type of film that the first movie fell into, but it’s different in a large number of ways. The twin sisters make it very clear that they’re more concerned with making a good movie, as opposed to just putting out a serviceable sequel.
I might not have been wanting a sequel to the first film, but I sure as hell hope that there’s one to this entertaining slasher ride. There were a bunch of us going to watch it, but we ended up going on alert and didn’t get there.
Since then, Michael Eklund from other WWE productions ‘The Call’ and ‘The Marine 3: Homefront’ has been added to the cast, but now, two more actresses with some horror movie experience have joined in on the fun. Hiring the directorial duo to helm the film is the smartest thing that WWE could have done, as what could have very easily been another forgettable film, ends up being a solid, well-executed genre entry, full of emotional range that is completely unexpected from a film like this. Once he’d bone-snapped his way into American folklore, Knievel first acquired a cabover Kenworth in 1971.
I’m glad we never made it because it was a miserable failure, and we saved some serious coin.

There’s no word on who exactly the pair of actresses will be playing, but I’d guess that they’d be among the med students getting picked off my the Big Red Machine’s cinematic persona. The film is released stateside On Demand this October 17th followed by Blu-ray & DVD on October 21st. Things just didn’t seem in favor of the talented twin directors, taking on a sequel to a pretty bad movie. When certain characters die, you feel bad, and the film has a decent supply of gut-punch moments that you simply won’t see coming.
Three years later in Texas, he soared his Harley-Davidson XR 750 successfully over 11 Macks; that marked a new partnership, and Mack provided him with what you see here, a 1974 FS786LST, a very long-wheelbase, West Coast-styled tractor. Sure, throwing a birthday party in a morgue on the night of a massive murdering spree might not seem like the best of ideas, but is it really ever a good idea?
It HAS them, but it’s more or a straight forward, character-driven horror film that just happens to fall into the slasher subgenre. Knievel fitted a huge dromedary box for an office and dressing room, and hitched up a drop-floor trailer for his bikes, ramps and drag-strip wheelie car. I think he knew it was not going to work and just went through with it anyway, by pulling the chute early he saved his life. The confinement of the hospital is somewhat reminiscent of HALLOWEEN II, and some have called the film dull for having such a confined area, but it’s just not the case, as it adds a level of dread and claustrophobia that helps reel you into the onslaught of carnage playing out in front of you.

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