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When a summer storm causes your power to go out, will you know who to call to report the outage?
REPs and TDUs are just two of the different types of companies that operate in the Texas deregulated electricity marketplace. When the power goes out, call your TDU right away to ensure they’re aware of the outage. Free paper craft projects such as printables, templates, scrapbooking layouts, recipe cards and more.
This summer you can save energy around the office—and trim utility bills—by encouraging employees to take action. Professional movers may help get you to your new home faster even if it's not your first time packing up and moving to a new place. If time management just isn't your thing, professional movers provide a schedule for arrival, departure and all the details of moving. Representatives from a moving company typically aid in scheduling the entire process from start to finish.
Experienced, professional movers know how to handle the kinds of things that might be too much for you to manage, such as getting heavy, expensive furniture moved with care and precision. Professional movers may provide boxes and pads to pack your items, and they may label and arrange them for you.
A professional moving crew can often move things more quickly, even if you have the aid of family and friends.
Depending on your needs, professional movers can also provide warehousing and car carrier services.
In addition to using professional movers, you can make your journey in Texas a little easier by setting up your new home's electricity right before you move.

We also offer plans with guaranteed price protection, cash back loyalty rewards and renewable energy options that let you help the environment without giving up comfort and convenience. While your electricity bill comes from TXU Energy, you should always report power outages to the transmission and distribution utility (TDU) that services your area.
TDUs are responsible for the poles and wires that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. You can also find a list of TDUs that operate throughout our service area on the TXU Energy website.
Take steps to conserve water and keep food and your home cool for as long as possible, including keeping windows and doors closed and opening the refrigerator only when needed. You know your monthly electricity usage helps keep your business running, whether you operate a florist shop or a factory. In the old days of computer systems, businesses were told to leave computers on at night to avoid the time and energy it would take to power everything on in the morning. Your employees will have some ideas of their own about how your office can conserve energy. It’s not unusual for businesses to leave lights on in offices at night, assuming it will improve security.
Proper packing and labeling is an effective way of reducing the risk of loss or damage to your belongings.
They are used to the physical and mental stress of the moving process, and that prevents headaches as well as backaches – not to mention damage to your walls. When moving to Texas, you can benefit from electricity savings by signing up with TXU Energy, the #1 choice in for electricity. Learn about all of our benefits and find out why we're the #1 choice for electricity in Texas.

When a storm brings a power line down or an auto accident takes out a utility pole, your local TDU will dispatch crews to conduct repairs. While you have to pay for this essential operational tool, it also makes good business sense to minimize costs and conserve energy as much as possible, and your employees are your greatest asset in helping you reach your conservation goals.
But technology has advanced, and now you can power down PCs and other electronic devices at the end of the day. In fact, they probably take steps to reduce electricity use at home, and some of their home measures could be adapted to the workplace.
But if your building already has an alarm and a well-lit exterior, lighting up the interior probably won’t enhance security significantly. If your office isn’t already equipped with a programmable thermostat, have one installed and learn how to set it. Turning off lights and checking that the office temperature is set at the optimal setting when unoccupied can reduce your electricity consumption.  So establish a policy where the last person to leave the office each day should do a quick walk-through to ensure all lights are turned off and the temperature is adjusted. Power off your own devices at the end of the day, and never leave the lights on in your own office when you’re gone. Offer a reward for the best idea each week—lunch on the company, a gift card or even a few extra hours off come Friday.

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